This erotica collection gathers five of Mina Shay's Unnatural Things stories into a single volume. 

Gargoyle (3,500 words) 

When a young woman applies a restorative chemical compound to a French cathedral gargoyle, the last thing she expects is for the gargoyle to break free from its stony imprisonment. The young woman is the first thing the beast sees, and after nine hundred years the gargoyle has only one driving instinct. 

Kraken (3,400 words) 

Something has been missing in the life of Lucy, a young woman constantly in search of adventure. Sailing on a private yacht in the Mediterranean Sea, adventure comes to her in the form of the massive Kraken. Much more than the sea monster it appears to be, the Kraken awakens Lucy to a life she never expected. 

The Tree (3,500 words) 

Trapped in a family reunion camping trip in the middle of nowhere, an introverted woman desperately needs some quiet alone time to daydream about her hot new boyfriend. She hikes out into the forest and finds a quiet place to be alone. However, the large tree she rests behind doesn’t plan on leaving her alone for very long. 

Sugar Kane (3,200 words) 

Tessa thinks her luck has finally turned around. After receiving a large inheritance, she’s purchased a small sugarcane plantation in Brazil for an amazingly good price. She soon learns that the good price comes at a cost: the sugarcane field is haunted by a strange creature. Will the creature drive her away, or drive her wild? 

The Trash King (3,000 words) 

Brandy has lost her most prized possession: a commemorative (and slightly bent) Tonya Harding hubcap. When she goes rooting around the city dump looking for it, she stumbles across a strange man-thing calling himself the Trash King. Brandy soon learns that the filthy Trash King has already claimed her prize possession. What lengths will she go to in order to get it back?

This boxed set contains five paranormal erotica stories. 

The Vampire’s House (3,700 words) 

Tania is convinced the old rich man on the hill is a vampire. She seduces the unlikely manservant Frankie into granting her access to the old man. Tania thinks she knows what to expect, but she can’t possibly imagine what is in store for her. Who will be the ally and who the enemy in the Vampire’s House? 

Werewolf in the Coat Closet (3,000 words) 

Amanda handles the coats of the city’s rich and powerful while working in the coat room of the Opera House. But when she finds out that the owner of the feral looking wolfpelt cloak is timid Dean Hollings, something just doesn’t add up. As he dons his cloak, his nature changes before her eyes. Will she regret learning the answers to her questions, or will she embrace his primal secret? 

Wicked Goblin (3,300 words) 

Even though Anne has just escaped her captors, she knows rushing through the South American rain forest isn’t going to keep her safe. She needs somewhere to hide, and she thinks she’s found it when she stumbles across a cave. But as she descends into the depths she discovers a monstrous little goblin. Will she take her chances with the kidnappers, or succumb to to the wicked goblin’s desires? 

In Her Head (3,000 words) 

Tilly desperately needs to ace this job interview. The monster in her head has gotten her fired from every job she’s had. And if he comes out to play now, he’ll cost her this job before she’s even gotten it. Will Tilly be able to control her monster, or will he be the one pulling her strings instead?

Tooth Fairy (3,500 words) 

Super shy and innocent Lily has always had an unnatural fear of the tooth fairy. She’s hoarded her baby teeth all these years, hiding them away to prevent the tooth fairy from visiting her. However, someone’s placed her entire collection of teeth under her pillow and the tooth fairy has finally been summoned to collect his due. 

When Lily discovers the real truth behind the myth of the tooth fairy, she has a choice to make. Will she finally release the inhibitions she’s clung to all these years?

This erotica collection gathers all of Mina Shay's Werewolf stories into a single volume. 

Cinderella Werewolf (3,200 words)
Ella’s stepsisters aren’t just evil, they’re werewolves. Ella attempts to gain some control over her life by secretly stealing their clothes to attend a costume party. At the party, she meets a mysterious stranger who is about to become a central figure in the dominance struggle of Ella’s life. What she doesn’t expect, however, is that sometimes the path to happiness is just a matter of being submissive to the right person. 

Werewolf Hunting (3,600 words)
Kelly suspects her boyfriend of two years has been hiding a dark secret and she’s tired of hearing his denials about it. If the only way she’ll get Marlon to admit he is a werewolf is to hunt him down during a full moon, then that’s exactly what she’s going to do. But when Kelly confirms the truth, she’s the one that becomes the hunted. Now that she’s unleashed Marlon’s inner wolf, will he be able to handle what happens next? 

Werewolf At Work (3,900 words)
Late one weekend night, Betty comes to the office to collect some Human Resources files for a position she is hiring for. She discovers the top three internal candidates are competing against one another for sales in one of the conference rooms. What Betty doesn’t realize is that they aren’t just competing to be the top dog in the office, they’re werewolves looking to replace the pack Alpha. Betty has just become a central figure in the dominance struggle, and she’s about to learn who is going to come out on top. 

Werewolf Pack (4,400 words)
Rebecca is one of the few human members of a werewolf pack. She occasionally joins the pack for a run through the forest. However, the time of the mating frenzy is closer than she realizes. Can she get one more nightly run in with the pack before the werewolves are overtaken by their primal desires? 

Werewolf (3,600 words)
Tracy wants to prove to her boyfriend that she can be independent and that she doesn’t need a man to take care of her. She plans an overnight camping trip out in the middle of the forest completely alone. Tracy soon learns that she’s not as alone, or as dominant, as she thinks.

This boxed set contains five paranormal erotica stories. 

Dragon (4,700 words) 

Georgia may be innocent, but she’s not naïve. She’s sure that her longtime acquaintance, the recluse Derek, is secretly behind the large grant allowing her studies to continue. When Georgia finally confronts Derek, he confesses his heavily guarded secret. However, it’s not the secret she was expecting. Will his hidden nature cause Georgia to lose her long held secret feelings for him, or will she lose something else entirely?

Vampire (3,300 words)

Alice and Darin have been planning this special night for a very long time. Everything would have been perfect, too, if Darin hadn’t been unexpectedly called away earlier in the evening. Once he does arrive, Alice realizes that he’s now something more than the man she once knew. Will she lose control and give Darin everything he desperately desires?

Werewolf (3,800 words) 

This was Jenny’s first time camping in real woods. All of her other friends seemed to know what they were doing, especially the loner Jason who had somehow become the leader of their group. Jenny couldn’t even answer the call of nature without finding herself surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves. Now its up to Jason to show her how to handle herself in the woods. Is she ready to learn what she’s never known before?

Merman (3,800 words) 

Innocent Stephanie needs some worldly experience, and her best friend thinks a Caribbean cruise is the perfect way to get it. Stephanie meets a gorgeous man but can’t help thinking that something’s a little fishy about his strange habits. That last thing she expects is to find herself accidentally overboard and that he’s the one coming to her rescue. When she discovers his secret, will she lose her interest or will she lose something else instead?

Abominable Snowman (4,000 words) 

Janice is taking a two week skating retreat to a remote Alaskan cabin, seeking to reconnect with the sport she’s practiced her whole life. When she discovers an abominable snowman, she makes a different kind of connection for the very first time.

This erotica collection gathers all of the Bigfoot stories into a single volume. 

Bigfoot (3,300 words)
A practical joke has gone horribly wrong and has resulted in the most extreme case of mistaken identity. Now a woman has been abducted by the legendary Bigfoot and carried off to his cave deep in the forest. What will happen when Bigfoot realizes she’s a human woman and not the female mate he thought she was? 

Big Night With Bigfoot (3,600 words)
Rachel knows the camping trip is just an elaborate excuse for her friend to fix her up with a hot new guy. She plays along, hoping for some naughty outdoor fun. 

Rachel knows that snipes don’t exist. She also doesn’t think Bigfoot exists either, but when the snipe hunt takes an unexpected turn she soon learns that some legends really do go bump in the night. 

Yeti (4,700 words)
A college student is attempting to find herself at a Tibetan retreat but it’s not going well. Frustrated by her lack of success, she goes on long hikes in the Himalayas. What she finds instead is a strange, hairy creature she can only think of as a Yeti. Will the Yeti’s primal ways unlock her unrealized desires and show her a new way to live? 

Sasquatch (3,800 words)
Carrie is starting her life over and moving to the Pacific Northwest. When her car breaks down in the middle of a forest she gets to experience the local wildlife first hand. What she’s not expecting is to discover the legendary monster Sasquatch. 

Is the creature actually gentle and misunderstood? Or does it only respond to its own primal instincts? Carrie is about to find out for herself. 

Make Me a Sasquatch (3,200 words)
This was meant to be a very special picnic of firsts between Heather and Allen. At the first sound of a scary noise, however, her useless boyfriend demonstrates that he's all talk and nothing like the dominant male he pretends to be. 

Heather finds herself alone in the wilderness when the source of the noise makes itself apparent, a Sasquatch has found her picnic spot. He's doesn't just want a sandwich, either. The dominant alpha male has a deep hunger for something else that only Heather satisfy.

This boxed set contains five paranormal erotica stories.

Alien Insertion (3,900 words)
Joanna is one of the few humans to know about the nearly complete secret alien invasion of Earth. Joanna has learned of one potential way to guarantee her survival. But if she’s going to save herself, she will need to find one of the alien occupation cells and prove her worth to the aliens.

Alien Frenzy (3,500 words)
When a woman lets her lack of impulse control get the best of her, she finds herself in a life-threatening situation. A rescue comes in a very unexpected and alien form. She quickly learns that there’s a price for her rescue, and that price requires releasing her sexual control.

Alien Addiction (3,300 words)
Haley is desperate to uncover the mystery of the gaps in her memories. She only has vague recollections of a location out in the desert. She drives out to the remote spot, hoping to jog her memory. When an alien brings her onboard his ship, Haley discovers a great deal more than just the mystery of her missing memories. 

Alien Ride (3,600 words)
Shelley has a plan: hitchhike across the stars to Vega and become a Holovid Star. Getting there is going to be a problem, however. When the alien captain turns down her first offer of payment, she’s got to come up with a different plan. Turns out the captain already has an idea firmly in mind. 

Alien In Her Space Suit (3,500 words)
Captain Milana Kavor is on a spacewalk when her crew discovers the tentacled life form they’ve brought up from the planet for study has gone missing. When her suit’s systems start to fail and she notices an odd pressure on her thigh, Milana realizes she’s not alone in the suit. The alien is intent on making First Contact directly with the captain in a very intimate manner. Will she find a way to communicate with it?

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