Tessa macFindlaech meets three witches on a Scottish hillside as she leaves her home to join the household of her uncle, Thane Macbeth. The weird women make predictions for her future, but Tessa sees no likelihood of truth in them. After all, the first crone claims Tessa is on her way to England, which is in the opposite direction.
Surprises await that make her reconsider the prophecies. When Tessa discovers that Jeffrey Brixton, a guest in her uncle's castle, is a spy, he captures her and takes her to his home in England. There she must face the fact that her only asset is her beauty, her only friend the woman she believes to be Jeffrey's mistress.
After a year in England, Tessa is married but not a wife, which the witches predicted. When Jeffrey is reported dead, she returns to Scotland. Her uncle's life has taken several ironic turns: he gained the throne he wanted so badly but lost everything he loves. Tessa does what she can for him, but by now Macbeth is his own worst enemy.
Chased by murderous outlaws, trapped in a loveless marriage with a man who will not give her up, and alone except for an elderly but faithful servant, Tessa meets the witches once more and this time finds hope in their message. Now her quest is to find love, but love is not always wise. Does the man she loves return her affection, or will he plunge her into danger again, as he has done before?
Set against the backdrop of Macbeth's rise and fall from power in Scotland, this historical novel provides both romance and adventure. Like her famous uncle, Macbeth's niece Tessa refuses to settle for an ordinary life, no matter how difficult the extraordinary becomes.
When Dead Detective Seamus is asked to investigate the death of wealthy businessman William Dunbar, he is more than willing. Seamus finds the Afterlife pleasant but a little boring, and he looks forward to chances to return to Life and find out for murder victims why they died and who is responsible. This time there's an additional request: Will he take a detective-in-training along? Reluctantly he agrees to meet Mildred, who seems charming if a little headstrong. They agree to work the case together, with Seamus in full command.
Suspects for Dunbar's possible murder include the man's family and staff, notably his beloved grandson Bud, who was with him when he fell from a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. There's chemistry between Bud and Scarlet, an employee in the household, and Seamus wonders why they work so hard to keep it hidden. To Seamus' disgust, Mildred insists she must stop investigating and concentrate on Dunbar's adopted granddaughter. Brodie, a problem child devastated by the death of her beloved "Gramps," feels that no one on earth cares about her now, and Mildred insists her support is required to convince Brodie to go on. Seamus is disgusted, both with Millie's disregard for the rules of non-interference with the living and with himself for ignoring his instincts about her. If his disembodied spirit had the capability, he'd kick himself for agreeing to bring her along.
Despite Mildred's shenanigans, which create both humor and trouble, Seamus continues the investigation. Events soon spin out of control. A kidnapping leads to a desperate chase toward the Straits of Mackinac, where Brody and Bud find themselves in peril on the Mackinac Bridge.
Will Mildred become a lost soul? Will Brodie find the will to survive? Can Seamus help his host defeat the killer, or does his presence make things worse? Nothing is certain except the dire possibility that more innocent people will end up Dead for the Money.
Scotland's King Macbeth has been dead for a decade, yet his legacy changes forever the lives of his twin nieces, Jenna and Jessie macFindlaech. Viking raiders on a blood feud come to their home in the Cairngorm Mountains, intending to kill all males of Macbeth's line. Finding only female descendants in the clan-hold, the Vikings declare they will seek out the older sister, who has two sons. Knowing she must somehow warn Tessa, Jenna escapes the marauders. To her horror, the Vikings take Jessie with them as a hostage.
The girls must learn to live without each other, outside the world they've always known. It's especially hard for kind-hearted Jessie, whose lameness makes her doubt her own worth. Jenna's anger keeps her going, rage at the Vikings who ruined her peaceful life and, she fears, have killed her beloved twin. She refuses to believe any Northman has the tiniest spark of good: not the deformed vitki fortune teller called Aldis, and definitely not Lukas the Tracker, whose merest touch makes her feel weak in the knees.
Jenna's path takes her to England and then France, where she meets William of Normandy just before he leaves to conquer England. Jessie stays in Scotland, pursued by Viking Bjorn Bear-Slayer and protected by a kind man who sees her as a burden laid upon him by a benevolent priest.
As each sister copes in her own way, love interferes with their intentions. In both cases it's love that cannot be expressed, love that's too irrational to ever be returned. Each girl struggles to put her emotions aside, but their hearts don't know how. The attempt only leads to Double Toil and Trouble.
Secretive Men, ancient spies, the location of a huge cache of treasure, and, most amazing of all, secrets concerning England's greatest playwright await readers in SHAKESPEARE'S BLOOD.

While vacationing in Britain, Mercedes Maxwell discovers a woman stabbed to death in an old castle. Soon afterward her traveling companion is murdered, and Mercedes is horrified to learn the police suspect her of the murder.

An old journal she discovers in her luggage that might connect the two crimes, but her theory is dismissed by the inspector in charge. Once her tour goes on without her, Mercedes is determined to figure out the book's secrets. Within hours she's spun into a world of terror. Desperate to get the journal, the killer chases her across Britain, leaving corpses posed as Shakespearean characters in his wake.

By chance--or perhaps not--Mercedes meets Colm, a handsome actor who seems determined to protect her. As they follow the book's clues to Scotland, she gets the feeling Colm knows things he isn't telling her. Eventually Mercedes strikes out on her own, leaving him behind.

Not that she's alone in her search. There's an odd-looking man following her, and a woman who was probably once Colm's lover shows interest in journal. A young policeman says he wants to keep her safe but seems unwilling to step outside the law to do so.

In Salisbury Mercedes finds David, an elderly scholar who knows a lot about events connected to the journal. He wants to solve the journal's mysteries--at least that's what he says, but Mercedes has to ask herself, Who can be trusted when Spanish gold is involved?

After all, it isn't only Shakespeare's Blood she has to be concerned about. Her own blood is at stake too.

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