Critics have labelled this series of books as "grim", "whimsical", "quirky" and "bittersweet".
A 5 star book rating by Readers' Favorite:
"This book is appealing to all age groups. The simplicity and originality of the theme is endearing. It is the kind of story that everyone will enjoy reading. Middling City, Haee, and the beautiful illustrations make the book exciting to readers. Those who have already read the first and the second parts will definitely love this book. The black and white sketches are beautiful, thought provoking, and original, and they give a personality to the characters mentioned in the story."

A 5 star book rating by IndieReader:
"HAEE’S QUEST FOR THE GREATER PRAIRIE is a beautifully-illustrated book with an engaging main character and storyline.  While the story can be understood by readers of all ages, given its depressing subtext, this book is more suitable for teens and adults. Nothing is what it seems to be in Middling City, including the hope for a better tomorrow. The illustrations are poignant, while spartan text accentuate the overarching theme of this memorable narrative."

"This book goes beyond that of children's picture book.  There are kids that it will appeal to. There are more adults who will find their fancy tickled by middlings and Haee. The illustrations carry as much of the tale as the words. Page 16 was a happy surprise with homage to Van Gogh's Starry Night.
The lessons in the little books abound. Haee learns about self-reliance, mutual dependence, exploring the great world, recognizing impossible situation and the value of home.  These three little volumes would be conversation starters in any home or gathering." - 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

Unable to find a reason to stay on, Haee leaves Whie and his banal life at Green Alley. Lost and nowhere to go, he lingers in Middling City and ventures into the back alleys in the city. 

Desperate for a home, he finds himself drifting in and out of places he can never fit in. 

Finally, he decides to return to a familiar place, Tom and Jane’s home – a place where he once found comfort and solace. But is this where he will truly be warm, happy and safe? 

R.S. Vern’s simple and lucid tale is not so poetic, perhaps less intense, but likely to last following the likes of Edward Gorey and Shel Silverstein. 

Watch #booktrailer at https://youtu.be/KocLs1twAU4 

An excellent follow up on "Haee The cat with a crooked tail", winner of IndieReader Discovery Award 2013

An unconventional read on what it takes to be functioning, living, breathing in a middling city through the eyes of a cat!

"This unconventional life of Haee seems to defy categorization as it captures the imagination with its creativity." - Judge 83, 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

"Like the first book, The Unconventional Life of Haee features appealing illustrations which are whimsical but tempered with a dash of quirky, Edward Gorey-style grimness." - ilovebooks.com

"The story made me keep turning the pages till the very end, as the writing generates beauty through its simplicity. The plot bears features of an allegory, as it contains several levels of understanding. This book can be read and enjoyed as a simple tale woven around an alley-cat, although it has a deeper layer of ideas inter-twined in it. The themes are presented just as parts of the world it describes ..... the writing denotes wit, subtle humor and even cynicism towards the absurdities found in the human world. The story is strewn with illustrations which contribute considerably to the artistic value of this piece of writing." - A 5 star rating by Readers' Favorite

Restless with the material comforts at home, Haee ventures out and meets a middling cat, Whie, in the back alley. 

Fascinated by Whie’s way of life and driven by a need to establish some form of discipline, Haee creates a new set of rules for all the middling cats living in the alley. The alley becomes known as “Green Alley”.

Over time, some begin to break the rules. While “playing police”, Haee starts to question the soundness of his rules and the need for these rules.

Scathing, but fair, cat Haee is as ordinary, average and conventional as it gets. But he represents the insecure and noncommittal persona present in many of us today. 

Watch #booktrailer at https://youtu.be/Cvh5_4Fwr8c

Winner of IndieReader Discovery Awards 2013 (Kid's category)

5 stars rating by Readers' Favorite

"This is an interesting book, focusing on the ideas of need versus want, what is self-fulfillment and exploring our motivations.....I suspect it is one of those books that you can turn to again and again and find different things, dependent upon your mood." - Kindle Book Review

"Bittersweet and seemingly simple, this story embodies the ambivalence the author feels about an average, middle-class existence - possibly mundane, yes, but reassuring in its certainties and not without its own joys." - ilovebooks.com

"HAEE is a beautifully illustrated and thought-provoking modern-day allegory suitable for older children and grown-ups alike." - 5 star by IndieReader

“The book should resonate with those of us in mundane humdrum middling lives.” – Judge 83, 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

Middling Industries offer its most acclaimed series “Haee and the other middlings”, taking a meaningful jab at the middle class of the 21st century. Created by R.S. Vern, one of today’s most serious social bloggers, this series provides a delightful read at what it means to be functioning, breathing and living as we are today. 

The story is about a middling cat, Haee, who leads a comfortable and sheltered life since young. Curious and fearless, he decides to venture out one day. 

As he dives into his adventures, Haee meets two other middlings, Tom and Jane. He begins a new life in a very much-contained world that is oddly structured. At first, he has trouble living with the rules set by Jane. But he gets used to the system very soon. 

Armed with curiosity and a thirst to seek out the extraordinary, Haee becomes known as the non-attached cat – one who rejects the discipline of the home and yet desires some form of security.

#winner of IndieReader Discovery Award 2013 under kid's category

#Watch book trailer at https://youtu.be/H7hfWS0A-RY

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