The most comprehensive book for freelancers ever written — Packed with proven freelance know-how, including exclusive advice provided by world-class experts David Allen, Adam Grant, Austin Kleon, and David H. Hansson.

“A unique book” — Steven Pressfield

Freelancing is by far the simplest approach to doing business on the free market. With very little capital, risk and equipment, you can turn gigs and side jobs into a successful business career, become your own boss and do meaningful, well-paid work.

Yet over time, freelancing may also prove to be quite a challenge for your self-management, for a freelancer is both an expert and a businessperson. Failing to recognize this leads many freelancers to a bitter end, so developing both your expertise and business skills is essential for attaining sustainable professional growth and better profits.

There’s just one more catch. You may soon find out that the rules for success written for companies and startups lack relevance for freelancers. Freelancing is so distinct, that what you need isn’t just any business strategy, but the freelance strategy. In other words, you need this book.

The Freelance Way is THE business book for independent professionals. It presents the best available and fully up-to-date freelance know-how, compiled from hundreds of quality sources, including surveys, the latest market data, advice from world-class experts, as well as real-life experiences and stories from hundreds of professionals in different fields and countries, which makes the book highly relevant to freelancers worldwide.

The contents of this volume cover all the basics and best practices for beginning freelancers, as well as advanced career strategies and tools for freelance veterans. There are practical tips for greater productivity, successful teamwork, smart pricing, powerful business negotiations, bulletproof personal finance, effective marketing, and much more. 

Regardless if you've been in business for 20 years, or are just starting out, this book will help you to grow, avoid countless mistakes and develop a successful personal business based on your expertise and good name, to live a free, independent, and fulfilled life.


— You are a freelancer.

— You are dealing with freelance problems that people around you don’t understand.

— You are considering quitting your job to freelance and are afraid to take risks.

— You are just starting out in small business.

— You have been freelancing for a long time and want to acquire new business skills.

— You are thinking about your career strategy and where will you be in ten or twenty years.

— You are doing gigs alongside your daily job or studies and it already resembles a business.

— You are self-employed, working for a single client and want to be more independent.

— You are running a company or agency founded by you and on your good name.

— You want to understand freelancers, freelancing and the gig economy in general.


“If you want to succeed as an independent professional, it is essential that you educate yourself about running a personal business. You can either learn this the hard way through trial and error, or read this unique book instead. It covers virtually everything you need to know as a freelancer on how to start, manage and grow your business — be it a local or a global one, working remotely. Robert's book is packed with proven advice, tools, stories and wisdom from people who have gone down this road before you. It will undoubtedly help you live and prosper, the freelance way.”

— Steven Pressfield, world-famous author of Gates of Fire, The War of Art, and The Legend of Bagger Vance

“As freelancers, we know why we should run our indie careers as a business, but how is often a challenge. This essential book delivers actionable advice and practical tips you can use to build a solid business foundation right now.”

— Melissa Joulwan, author of the best-selling Well Fed cookbook series

“Are you an experienced entrepreneur? Then this book will save your ass several times over. Are you a newbie freelancer starting out? It may even save your life! The Freelance Way is one of the most useful books that I have read on my journey to a free(lance) life.”

— Michelle Losekoot, freelance writer and digital storyteller with major brands like Puma, T-Mobile, and O2

“Just because you're a freelancer, you don't have to figure it all out on your own. There is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom out there from people who have succeeded on their own terms as independent professionals — and Robert Vlach puts it in your hands with The Freelance Way.”

— Mark McGuinness, creative coach and host of The 21st Century Creative Podcast

“Robert is passionate about creating and realising individual business stories, taking that inspirational spark and enthusiasm for an idea and making it real. To make it real you need to understand the details and dynamics of doing business. Robert’s book is a must read, full of practical and actionable advice, allowing you to discover the entrepreneur in you and to make that passionate idea come to life. I can’t recommend this book enough.”

— Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, three-time UK barista champion and entrepreneur at Colonna Coffee, author of The Coffee Dictionary

“There’s an estimate that freelancers will make up the majority of the workforce by 2027. Do you want to succeed in this new economy? By buying this book, you can make Robert your personal advisor. I don’t know anyone who could be a better guide for you on this journey.”

— Peter Fabor, founder of Surf Office’s international network of company retreat venues

“I had the privilege to work with Robert many years before he wrote this book. He is the best business advisor I’ve ever had and he played a significant role in my career move from the corporate world to freelancing. The Freelance Way is a must-read for anyone leaving the corporate bubble and taking back control of their professional identity and destiny.”

— Eva Skornickova, leading data privacy and GDPR advisor, former diplomat to Canada and top executive in Fortune 500 companies

“The Freelance Way is a book you will be returning to…for years, over and over again. It is written for both beginners and established professionals, so as you grow, it will give you new insights each time you read it. This book is a must for every freelancer, regardless of their profession.”

— Michael Petrus, illustrator and art director, founder of the comic book app Nanits

“Robert’s upbeat book about freelancing ends on a fascinating and unexpected twist. Even seasoned freelancers will find this work a great opportunity to go back to their roots and recalibrate their freelance business.”

— Jan de Graaf, senior business developer and expert on EU exports to China

“The Freelance Way is a comprehensive and well-structured masterpiece on freelancing, and rightfully the main go-to resource for independent professionals, entrepreneurs and creators alike. The book sums up years of experience and tons of advice and research, yet it is super pleasant to read. Robert presents a complete roadmap with hundreds of real-world examples on how to seriously upgrade your freelancing toolbox. Going freelance is a lot of fun, but it also brings a lot of challenges. Reading this book will surely allow you to enjoy more of the former and put you in control of the latter.”

— Petr Klymec, EMEA Expansion Manager at WeWork

“Robert Vlach is one in a million. Friendly, hard-working, fully engaged, but most of all a true professional, who walks the talk. His book is precisely like that. Before I opened it, I wasn't really aware that I was half-freelance myself. I was awestruck by the sheer number of things I could improve on. Ever since, the book has been my go-to business guide. It has helped me a great deal and I am sure it will help anyone who reads it as well.”

— Daniel Gladis, investor and founder of the EU-based Vltava Fund, best-selling writer

“The Freelance Way took my business to the moon and back. A very readable and enjoyable book that taught me how to professionalize my work.”

— Eliska Vyhnankova, senior social media consultant with major brands like Bayer and Johnson & Johnson

“A breathtaking business guide that will take your freelancing to the top. The Freelance Way leads you safely through valleys of failure, financial risks and tough business decisions. While climbing higher, Robert teaches you to avoid pitfalls and master the survivor’s toolkit to fix problems. Together you cross challenging spots like negotiations, pricing, and marketing to reach the peak of success, a good reputation and clients who appreciate you and your work. Standing there, up on the top, as an accomplished freelancer, you look back and know in your heart: It was worth it.”

— Imre Jernei, world-class brand designer, founder of the Ziijn studio

“I could have saved myself countless blind alleys and wasted hours; miscalculated budgets for my services; neglected self-presentation; trials of useless tools; accounting and tax-filing errors, if only Robert had written this book 10 years ago, when I left my corporate job and went freelance. The Freelance Way is a must-read for all of you, who are just starting to take their lives back.”

— Radek Hrachovec, a leading loyalty marketing expert, The Loyalty Magazine Awards judge

“For Robert, freelancing is not a fancy hashtag. For Robert, freelance means business. His truly eye-opening book is here to help you in setting the right prices, keeping your inbox sane and preventing the most common deadly mistakes.”

— Michal Kasparek, writer and editor-in-chief at FINMAG.cz

>> „Od doby, kdy jsem si Na volné noze přečetl, je kniha mým referenčním zdrojem, ke kterému se znovu a znovu vracím. Tento průvodce podnikáním profesionálů mi hodně pomohl a stejné pocity bude mít určitě každý čtenář, který na volné noze podniká nebo se na to chystá.“
— Daniel Gladiš, přední český investor a podnikatel, Vltava Fund <<

>> Podnikáte na sebe? Anebo s tím chcete teprve začít? Nechejte si poradit od nejpovolanějšího. Robert Vlach, známý podnikatel a konzultant vám ve své 760stránkové knize o podnikání nezávislých profesionálů na volné noze (tzv. freelancerů) poskytne přesně ty informace a zkušenosti, které potřebujete pro svůj úspěch a růst. <<

## O knize

Kniha těží ze zkušeností stovek profesionálů z desítek oborů a nabízí osvědčené know-how pro podnikání na volné noze – základy pro prvopodnikatele, nejlepší praktiky a kariérní strategie, ale také pokročilé nástroje, které ocení i profíci s desetiletou praxí. Kniha tak pokrývá celé dlouhé období rozvoje podnikání, od zkusmých krůčků a začátečnických chyb, přes náročné první roky, až po plně zavedený osobní byznys postavený na odbornosti a dobrém jméně.

Nečekejte však žádný recept na rychlý úspěch. Robert Vlach je na volné noze dlouhých 17 let a jako zakladatel úspěšného portálu navolnenoze.cz vyslechl nespočet podnikatelských příběhů s dobrým i špatným koncem, z nichž mnohé uvádí jako příklady. Ukazuje klady i zápory podnikání a doporučuje bezpečné, pomalé strategie úspěchu pro lidi, kteří jdou se svým jménem poctivě na trh a chtějí se vyhnout chybám i slepým uličkám.

## V knize se mimo jiné dozvíte

- V čem se práce na volné noze zásadně liší od všech jiných přístupů k podnikání.
- Proč je reputace to nejcennější, co profesionál má, jak o ni pečovat a jak ji neztratit.
- Jak důležitá je odbornost a které vlastnosti rozhodují o úspěšnosti freelancerů.
- Co by měl obsáhnout podnikatelský záměr, jak začít a dále rozvíjet kariérní strategii.
- Jak se vyhnout nejčastějším chybám, které dělají i zavedení odborníci s letitou praxí.
- Jak zvyšovat svou produktivitu pro lepší výdělek, spolupráci týmu i spokojenost klientů.
- Co očekávají klienti (i když to přímo neřeknou) a jak o ně pečovat, aby vás milovali.
- Jak nastavit a postupně zvyšovat cenu odborné práce a vyjednávat o zakázkách.
- Proč se v marketingu obejdete i bez placené reklamy a jak používat sítě, blog či web.
- Jak předcházet rizikům, výkyvům příjmu a proč potřebujete lepší finanční sebeřízení.

## Tato kniha je pro vás, pokud:

- Jste na volné noze.
- Jako freelancer řešíte problémy, kterým nerozumí nikdo ve vašem okolí.
- Uvažujete o svém prvním podnikání či právě začínáte podnikat.
- Pracujete na volné noze již dlouho a chcete si osvojit nové dovednosti.
- Máte firmu, která stojí hlavně na vás a na vašem dobrém jméně.
- Přemýšlíte o své kariérní strategii, a kde budete za deset, dvacet let.
- Zvažujete odchod ze zaměstnání na volnou nohu a bojíte se riskovat.
- Studujete a nevíte, že freelancer je na tom obvykle lépe než brigádník.
- Děláte bokovky při zaměstnání či studiu a začíná to připomínat podnikání.
- Máte živnost, jednoho velkého klienta a touhu více se osamostatnit.
- Spolupracujete často s freelancery a chcete jim lépe rozumět.
- Zajímá vás podnikání na volné noze obecně, jako trend na trhu práce.
- Chcete pracovat odkudkoli a mít větší nezávislost, volnost, svobodu.

## O autorovi

Robert Vlach (* 1978) působí jako podnikatel a podnikatelský poradce se zkušenostmi z desítek projektů a z více než 300 poradenských případů. Od roku 2005 se v Česku jako vůbec první publicista, konzultant a lektor věnuje systematické podpoře a popularizaci podnikání na volné noze prostřednictvím internetového portálu navolnenoze.cz. Je držitelem prestižního ocenění Živnostník roku Moravskoslezského kraje a zakladatelem 1. evropského think-tanku pro nezávislé profesionály.

# Více o knize
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