This second novel in the Emerald Eyes Trilogy starts on the non-magical Earth. It is Christmas and Cindy and Sylvia from Emerald Eyes Destiny are skating on a lake in Washington State. A strange mist swirls in and a little bird arrives with a message on his leg asking for help. They travel through a magical void to another world and find Muftin, the bird, can speak. Gikre a dwarf is with Tulco, a girl with emerald eyes like their own. She is caught in a bear trap set by human invaders trying to catch them. 

After freeing Tulco from the trap Cindy and Sylvia help her to escape from the humans. However, they must cope with strange mists called vapin that appear to come in two forms; a white one helps them but a red one is a terrible enemy.

After being attacked by the red vapin the white vapin comes to their assistance and communicates with them with thoughts. They are told to head to White Sword Peninsular, far away up the coast


Xentrix the dragon provides transport for this perilous journey. There they meet a strange community isolated on a small peninsular. For some reason these humanoids cannot leave the peninsular. Why is this so and what is the dark secret held by these people? What of the strange mists? Are they just a force or something alive?

In this adventure all these problems must be solved including the one about Tulco, herself. It appears that Cindy loses her magical powers as Tulco gains them. The youngster matures at a phenomenal rate to become a woman the same age as Cindy and Sylvia. Why is this so? How does this new Emerald Eye Wizard use her special powers to solve the problems in this magical world?

If you've read Emerald Eyes Destiny you'll love being with Cindy and Sylvia again. This novel, though, is a complete story in itself that can be enjoyed in its own right.



Now a successful principal of a city school in Wellington, New Zealand, Karla  Spicer is called in to help as a Change Principal at Tuckett Area School in a remote South Island district. This small school takes pupils from Year I to 13 but has a falling roll in the high school section, an apathetic principal, Don Trow and a divided board of trustees. The Ministry of Education is considering closing the high school section and downgrading the school to take just primary pupils (Year 1 - 8) pupils.

Karla and her husband Ryan move south and begin to cure the school's problems. Ryan is a computer programmer who finds that the school is heavily in debt because Don Trow is faking online accounts and is betting on an Russian casino. He has run up huge debts and they want their money. By running down the PTA account he has paid off most of these debts but had not taken into account huge interest rates, nor the fact that the casino is run by an international terrorist organisation named Haqq Nar meaning True Fire in English. They want more than their money and are about to make an example of Trow.

When Karla tells Trow she has knowledge of his illegal activities, he reluctantly agrees to cooperate in her efforts to help the school. Programmes are changed, slack teachers made to improve and the school gradually the pupils become one co-operative unit rather than two mini-schools on one site. Ryan also takes on a part time position as school bus driver with his tiny bus travelling through the remote hinterland north of the school. Karla is also asked by the Ministry of Education to help at two other small schools in the area with teacher or board of trustees problems.

Karla is curious when two businessmen arrive in town by helicopter and head for Trow's office. She intervenes just as Trow is about to be shot but is herself wounded. The would-be assassins escape but do not abandon their bid to make an example of Tuckett Area School.

Ryan is near the end of his school bus route when his bus is hijacked. Five children and himself are flown by helicopter to a remote mountain hut but the kidnappers have no intention of letting  the children and himself survive. Ryan and the children are just pawns in a sinister plot to get a Haqq Nar cell established in New Zealand.

How do Ryan and the students survive? Can Karla cope when she realises that not only the police but the secret service and military are involved in rescue attempts? Have all her efforts in helping Tuckett Area School been in vain because of this crisis?

A tragedy changes Karla's professional life not only in the present but for the future as a progressive school principal. All will be revealed in this sequel to Wisps of Cloud, Ross's first novel about Karla and her family.



In this third novel about Karla Spicer and her teaching career, we find her in charge of a thousand student Joseph Ward Junior High School in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city.

This is more than a story of Karla’s career but covers her personal life with her husband Ryan and also life of the teachers and students at Joseph Ward Junior High.

After arriving at her new school Karla finds that Deputy Principal Michael White has been selecting more sporty pupils for his own syndicate. Karla stops this but finds the competition between the four school syndicates is at the expense of co-operation. It is as if there are four mini-schools all going their own way. Her hands on approach in melding the school into one identity is a distinct contrast from the previous principal who appeared to be more interested in being socially accepted in the business community.

Avery Francis, a first year teacher at JWJHS is attacked and stabbed by an intruder late one afternoon but it is not a random attack for she knows her attacker, a prisoner escapee from her family’s past. New security systems brought in, help in getting Avery to hospital quickly. However, there are repercussions that affect Karla later in the year.

Year 10 student Gwen Young, reports to Karla that she is scared for her friend Jasmine who is skipping school to meet a boy she only met on the internet at Auckland International Airport. Karla with police help steps in and stops an abduction by a middle-aged paedophile. With her husband, Ryan and his computer firm she traces the incident to a whole paedophile ring on the internet. Ryan is contracted by the police to help trace students’ pages in a Petal Life  social site that is popular with teenagers.

Other girls have been attacked and Savannah an undercover detective with Ryan’s help sets up a webpage and pretends to be a fourteen-year-old junior high girl. A similar meeting with a fake high school boy similar to Jasmine’s encounter is all set up but are the safeguards  sufficient to stop a tragedy?

With an expanding roll and the popularity of JWJHS, a conflict with Westview Intermediate School to the south over the boundary between the schools’ zones escalates. Problems with the principal there, Peter Niles surface and is the reason for parents wanting to enrol at Karla’s school. The Ministry of Education steps after the Westview Board of Trustees resigns and a government commissionaire is appointed to run the school. Karla is also asked to help out as an Executive principal, a position she held before arriving at JWJHS. 


When the zoning issues are solved, Karla’s school needs extra classrooms to cope in the following year but how can they be built in time? Jon, their Board of Trustees chairperson, suggests they buy a modular block direct from China. Is this feasible?

Throughout her first year Karla moulds her school into one to be proud of but there are always problems with personalities and actions of staff and students. There is also another personal situation for early in the year she becomes pregnant with her family’s second child. Can Karla cope with the huge responsibility of running a large school and that of becoming a mother again?

All will be revealed in this final novel of the Wisps Trilogy.


A young woman arrives at an intersection in downtown Auckland, New Zealand with no memory of who she is or where she came from. Her only contact is via a mobile phone where a mysterious male voice, Dion gives her a name of Cora Watts and guides her to a bank across the intersection where she is expected and has a bank account in her new name. There is also an apartment for her where everything is provided including a new car.

Late that night another young woman finds herself at a suburban bus stop. Her only memory is that she is known as 92765.4 and a text message directs her to an apartment across town where 92765.2 lives. However, it is after midnight and the last bus has gone. She accepts a ride from a couple of youths who attack her. She finds she has powers that electrocutes them before escaping and finds her way to the apartment.

Cora awakens in early morning hours to a knock. She finds the distressed woman and helps to bathe her wounds. The new woman talks about Batch 92765 with her name being just an added digit of .4. Apparently, Cora is .2 from the same batch of five women, all called an even digit after the batch number. 92765.4 becomes Bree Watts.

The mystery deepens when Cora and Bree have simultaneous dreams about being on a spaceship with a line of women. They are taken into a room with three other women from the batch 92765 to have their DNA and personalities saved for future generations. An explosion occurs and they both awaken. Apparently they are hatchlings, humans born as adults with artificial memories of an earlier life.

Cora realises that like Bree she may forget the dream and other facts so the pair begin handwritten notes to record everything they have learned. Her theory that computer records could be altered or deleted appears to be true.

Later, Cora's mobile rings and a female voice says she needs help. It is .8 who becomes Kate. She is lost in bush country with only a mobile and an emergency survival kit in her hands. Dion calls on the mobile and directs Cora and Bree to a remote bush area west of the city. They rescue Kate who becomes part of their family and with the help from the strange Dion, the three begin their lives together.

Meanwhile, Doctor Westley Lindwood at a secret satellite station five hundred kilometres south of Auckland, uses new equipment to trace a spacecraft coming from outside the solar system. He knows that an alien ship has arrived but decides to follow up his findings personally rather than reporting it to his superiors. This decision directly involves the lives of Cora, Bree and Kate's and his own in more ways than one, with dangerous outcomes.

Cora, Bree and Kate with help from Westley try to find out about their ancestors and the reasons they were brought to life as hatchlings. Also where are the other two from their batch?

Their findings lead them through a time-space continuum on a voyage of discovery. Are there other worlds of humans out there or are they are the only survivors from a destroyed civilisation?

 Blossoms in the Wind is a romantic thriller centred around two families, the Suttons and the Knights who are linked when two senior high school students, Jeff Sutton and Ava Knight meet and are attracted to each other after Jeff transfers to a liberal co-educational high school rather than having his final year back at a conservative single sex school. Through them, their parents, Chloe Sutton and Adrian Knight meet.

Chloe is a victim of a dominating husband with the ongoing violence finally stopped when Jeff steps in after years of seeing his mother suffer. One evening he retaliates rather than continuing to ignore the latest outburst by his father when his fear of the older man turns to anger. David Sutton suddenly finds he is the victim rather than the perpetrator of a thrashing and is thrown out of the family home.

Adrian Knight is a widower after his wife died of cancer and has two children, seventeen-year-old Ava and son Logan who is twelve. When he meets Chloe she is separated from her husband and their friendship becomes more serious.

David Sutton's true character begins to show when he perpetuates his violent streak against his latest mistress, Nicole Wilks while he seeks revenge against Chloe and Jeff. 

Deanne, her date Ryan and Fluer, three of Ava and Jeff's friends, find a party after an Easter school dance is more than just a get together when alcohol and drugs are brought to the Blue Waves Motel. Ava is awoken in the early hours of the morning after the dance by a distressed Deanne and with Adrian's help, picks her up on a deserted road after she fled the motel. Meanwhile at the motel, a distressed Fluer seeks Ryan's help to get her home. He can't find Deanne so agrees to do that. Repercussions back at school follow the situation but the trio avoid punishment as they had already left after a police raid on the premises.

Chloe's love for Adrian is complicated by her becoming pregnant. This affects Ava and Jeff's relationship and the future of both families as they try to solve the situation. Will this drive the pair apart?

David Sutton goes missing and a police investigation find that he had numerous extramarital affairs and violence towards his partners as well as shady business deals with the city's criminals. A beachcomber on a remote beach discovers his body and a murder investigation is begun.

More problems complicate their lives with Nicole and Terri, two of David's mistresses involved. One is befriended by Ava and Jeff who help her through a stressful situation. 


How do the lives of the two generations of the Sutton and Knight families pan out? Also, what is the conclusion made about David Suttons's death. Was he murdered or killed in self-defence by one of the women he violated. Only a court case against the woman who killed him will solve the final outcome.

This and other happenings over two years of the character's lives are told in this exciting drama. Like blossoms in the wind, Ava, Jeff, their families and friends are blown around but pull together to challenge life to the fullest.

When Greg awakes in , a nuclear submarine K264's decompression chamber, he finds himself alone. All the crew are just piles of ash. Also, the computer produces a hologram of a young woman called Nedda. More sinister is that the air on the surface has become poisoned, there is no contact with anyone and it seems that he is alone in the world .

Shontel is stranded in a deep cave on Vancouver Island. On finding her way out she discovers that everyone is dead and encircling thunderclouds never go away. Contact is made with her and she is rescued, just before the clouds disperse and acid air surrounds her.

Nedda admits that she is more than just a computer hologram but an advanced life-form who can metamorphose into human form from her natural amoeba state. She arrived on the submarine to help Greg but was followed aboard by another of her species, a terrorist who believed that humans were a sub-species who should be exterminated. It attacks her but Greg and Shontel save her. She becomes a trusted friend as they travel through the ocean trying to find other human survivors and surface air that is not poisonous.

Later, they surface in the eye of a hurricane-type storm where the air is breathable and find a massive computer controlled tower but nothing alive. An elevator is discovered and they travel down to a vast underground cave of stalagmites.Here, they are met by a pony and small dog who led them to a wounded human named Lilad. He comes from an underground village of Cavair.  A breakaway group, The Moss had attempted to kill him. Lilad tells them that is the youngest person in Cavair for no women have given birth for a generation. The Moss find their way to the surface and attempt to destroy the base. Their computer warns them and they escape in K264 before the base is blown up.

There are similar islands with access to Lilad's world. One has modern facilities that are not available in pre-industrial Cavair. Why is this so? There are two main buildings but one has been destroyed.  Under it, they find  an undamaged basement that contains a master computer that provides the fresh water and air to Cavair. However, the desalinised plant that feds in fresh water also has a sinister additive, a birth control chemical, hence the reason for no births for a generation.  There are no records about who built the structure nor any reasons why births were being prevented but they disconnect it, anyway.

Problems are encountered in the cave when, on their way to Cavair they encounter a curtain of complete darkness where all light is neutralised.  Apart from not being able to see,  their progress through is not hindered. On the far side they make checks before heading out. This caution proves a lifesaver for they find themselves looking through a line of a hundred or more humans, including parents and children who are surrounded by a group of hostile men.

How is it that they arrive in exactly the right place and time to rescue these humans who are from Lilad's village? After rescuing the group, they are told that it is two years, not just weeks since Lilad disappeared. They had moved ahead in time! With the birth controlled water turned off, nearly all the women of child bearing years in the village are now pregnant or have children.

Opposing forces are striving to help or hinder them. Nedda suggests it is her kind responsible but since metamorphoses she has forgotten everything since meeting Greg.

In a final twist, they discover Nedda and Lilad's relation is the only person who can get them back to twenty-first century Earth but how is this possible?

 In 1530 AD Spanish Time, Meztli and Cualli are saved from an Inca human sacrificial site where virgins are left to die to appease their gods because conquistadors invaded their lands.  Zolin, Meztli's childhood friend has been sent by Hermit Tupac to rescue them, which he does.

They must now follow a perilous journey along ancient Inca trails through the mountains to interior lands and the safety of free Inca towns.

Etalpalli, one of the seven priests who brought the virgins to the sacrificial site has an agenda with loyalty to nobody but himself. He murders the six other priests who accompanied him to the site and on learning that two of the three virgins are still alive, attempts to find them.

Conquistador Capitán Buena Giraldo, commander of the sector of the Inca Empire where Meztli and her friends live has more interest than just converting locals from their heathen ways. He wants to find a rumoured lost gold mine in the area. He teams up with Etalpalli who lies about his knowledge of where the mine is when really his aim is to find Meztli to enslave.

On their way to the east, Meztli and her two friends are met at a junction in the trail by Urco from Cualli's village. He has been sent by Tupac to tell them that all the lands have been conquered by the conquistadors and there is no safe haven through the mountains. Instead they must follow the strings and knots that Incas use to communicate instead of a written language, to a secret cave that goes under the mountains to a hidden valley and golden pyramid. There they will be safe.

But are they?

A far greater threat catches up with them. It is smallpox, a plague brought by the conquistadors that is devastating the local population. Only a few adults survive. For some unknown reason the conquistadors are immune and Inca children also have a high survival rate.

After travelling through the cave, Meztli and her friends arrive in the secret valley of Ehuraythak and golden pyramid to find that the entire population of adults have died from the plague and only children have survived. These are led by two twelve-year-olds, Palia and Ekko who soon welcome the four adults and the tiny community becomes self-sufficient.

Meanwhile, Tupac learns that a new order of fanatical priests have arrived to replace the original ones in the local temple who died with the plague. Their solution is to sacrifice all the children and the few remaining mothers at the next full moon. Tupac is too old to be able to stop this latest sacrifice himself so sets out to find Zolin, Urco and the maidens to ask them to return to the sacrificial site and rescue the latest victims.

On the way he is attacked, not by the conquistadors but by rogue priests including Etalpalli. His llama is killed and he is shot by a musket that the conquistadors have brought to their land but manages to fight them off by using his slingshot. His one thought now is to get to the pyramid but with a musket ball in his shoulder he is weak and knows that if the ball is not removed he will die. Only sheer willpower keeps him going through the cave.

Back at Ehuraythak, Palia and Ekko notice someone coming down the trail. They alert Meztli and Tupac is rescued. Though extremely weak he survives and tells the four that they must return to the sacrificial site to rescue the mothers and children before the next full moon due to rise in only two weeks.

Meztli and her friends begin a new journey back in a race against time through hostile territory controlled by the conquistadors and rogue priests. Their success depends on the help of others and sometimes the enemy become almost friends. The cost though, is gold and a lost gold mine that Capitán Giraldo believes is still in the area.

Does this mean that the pyramid at Ehuraythak must be surrendered or is there another gold mine somewhere?

Do they reach the forty children and adults about to be sacrificed in time?

All will be revealed in this latest Ancient Ancestors novel.

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