This is a collection of short cinematic stories from forgotten history of India, that would send chills down the spine.

An Indian kid learns dangerously strange things in name of history in schools. A narrative that is shoved down their throats is that Hindus were ruled by Islamic invaders for 1000 years. Invasion of Islamic attackers has been termed as their rule and their tyrant regimes have been glorified as great examples of Hindu-Muslim composite culture. While the invaders are presented as saviours, the real heroes – the children of soil who fought the former out all along to regain freedom have been wiped off completely from history books.

Did you know

1. A Hindu queen made Muhammad Ghori ‘the conquerer’ run for his life till Multan, today’s Pakistan!

2. On Maharani Padmavati’s orders, a Rajput Commander single-handedly defeated mini-army of Sultan Aladdin Khilji before latter begged him naked for life!

3. Another Hindu queen defeated Sultan Shah Jahan repeatedly and sent the defeated Mughal armies back with cut-noses!

4. A Rajput escorted his Prince and queens to Jodhpur defeating Aurangzeb’s massive armies on his way back from Delhi putting 300 Spartans of ancient Greece to shame!

5. There was a Hindu commander whom Mughals feared as ghost who could win battles against Allah’s will!

6. There was a Rajput whom Mughals had to capture in lion’s cage because his built scared Mughals!

7. Whole Pathan army once surrendered to a Hindu Khalsa commander without even fighting!

8. A Hindu Khalsa commander won all territory dominated by invaders till Afghanistan in 19th century!

9. When British came, Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi and most of today’s Pakistan were under Hindu rule!

and lot more…

This book will restore the glory and self-esteem that you might have lost thanks to the wrong history taught in schools. Read these stories to your kids before they are programmed to believe themselves as slaves of centuries. Truth is shockingly different. Make them brave with true history before false school history makes them mental slaves.

This book is different from other books written on Yoga or self-help. It summarizes the principles of Yoga in contemporary language removing all complex terms and concepts.

This is the first book that answers all doubts that an educated modern era person has on Law of Karma.

This book is result of years of Sadhana on Vedas, Darshans, Upanishads and lots of texts. And experimenting in life to discover these laws. Then converting all this to modern jargon-free language.

The book brings you the wisdom of psychology, philosophy, business management, physical sciences and a huge number of other fields in most easy to assimilate format so that you can start unleashing the legend from this very moment. In fact, the book is designed in such a way that even passive reading starts unlocking your potentials for success. More you read the better. More actively you read the better. But even if you argue against it, it will still work!

How about this? We used these principles to bring dreaded terrorists to path of humanity. We broke barriers of gender discrimination in places considered monuments of misogyny and crime. We destroyed notions of social-inequality in regions considered worst offenders. We created an entire movement to provide safety to women in vulnerable parts of India. We made low-performers ace toughest competitions of world and become globally renowned scientists. We re-glued family relationships on verge of breakdown. We helped countless use power of mind to heal themselves.

The method starts working within minutes and starts performing miracles within no time!

If you ever felt confused or as if something is holding you back or less prepared to follow your inner voice, this book is the best thing. If you find spiritual texts too complex, and want a more intuitive understanding of Yoga, this book is recommended. If you ever felt depressed, this book will be a constant companion to keep depression away forever.

And this book is not dialogs. Agniveer is a living output of this book.

 For first time, complete refutation of every point a Jihadi thinks to justify his hate against non-believers. The only book of its kind to solve the problem of brainwashing and self-radicalization. 
Zakir Naik's rise has been significantly correlated with rise of terror-attacks across the globe. The terrorists involved in Dhaka siege, the ISIS Hyderabad Module Chief, Areeb Majeed who fled from India to join ISIS - all had one trait in common. Zakir Naik was their mentor. 

Anyone from Indian subcontinent who has been active on terror-related issue would have definitely come across hundreds of fanatic young Muslims who believe that Allah will grant them 72 virgins in Heaven if they convert non-Muslims and hate idol-worshipping Hindus. 

The vulnerable Muslim youth from Indian sub-continent, who does not know Arabic, relies on his interpretation of Quran and Hadiths as authentic Islam. Now his spread has reached weak minds in other countries as well. 

They quote verbatim from lectures and writings of Zakir Naik that are sure-shot recipe for breeding terrorists. These fanatics would turn violent if you counter-question. The situation is indeed terrifying. Unless we do something, vast number of terrorists are already breeding worldwide who would conduct another Florida attack or Dhaka killing - lone-wolf or planned - as a religious duty. 

The fanatic belief-set comprises following 
- Only Muslims will go to Heaven. All non-Muslims will burn forever in Hell. Even if she is Mother Teresa or Gandhi. 
- Among Muslims, only those who have converted non-Muslims will go to Heaven 
- Jihad against non-Muslims is gateway to Heaven 
- Osama Bin Laden was not a terrorist. America is a terrorist 
- Sharia Law must be implemented worldwide. 
- As per Sharia Law, those who leave Islam must be killed 
- In Muslim rule, non-muslims must not be allowed to preach. But Muslims must preach in non-Muslim countries 
- Those who worship graves - like Sufis - are worst of creatures 
- Hindus deserve to be called Kafirs - the worst of creatures 

Agniveer raised alarm against Zakir Naik 8 years ago and has been working relentlessly against radical Islam. Several youth who came back from clutches of Zakir Naik have narrated shocking details of his brainwashing cartel. 

To fight this rise of terror, Agniveer created detailed rebuttals to Zakir's speeches and articles that saved vast number of youths from adopting the path of hatred. It exposed the workings of Islamic Research Foundation formed by Zakir Naik that funded and promoted people who instigated genocide and war against India. 

Many of these exposes had to be withdrawn because government underestimated the threat Zakir posed to world peace and instead Agniveer had to face security threats. 

In this book, we bring together all those writings that establish the threat that Zakir Naik poses. And soundly thrashes his every radical argument. 

Not just Zakir Naik, the book soundly answers every radical argument of every fanatic who instigates people to adopt hate as religion. 

This book can save the world if translated in major languages and circulated among vulnerable youth. And will equip non-Muslims to not fall trap to his promise of false Heaven by hating non-Muslims. It has already saved thousands and prevented many terror attacks. 

The only way to counter self-redicalization is to destroy the source - those fanatics who breed hatred against non-Muslims in name of Islam that means Peace. 

Funds from the book will be used to fight terrorism and prevent the next attacks.
Are you frustrated with life without a purpose?

Want to make your stay worthwhile in this universe, but don’t know how?

Want to live life with peerless state of joy and bliss?

Want to avoid being a victim of self-destructive “instinct and habits” and become a staunch follower of your “inner voice”?

Then this book is an ultimate guide for you. Once the pearl of knowledge and wisdom contained in this book is understood, the rest of your life would then be an exhilarating journey to maximize the state of bliss.

“The Science of Blissful Living,” the first book under “Vedic Self-Help” series, satisfactory answers the most fundamental questions regarding the essence of life and living and our role in this universe.  

 The book has three sections. With the datum of ‘truth and bliss are two sides of the coin’ in its foundation, the first section provides the complete understanding of how toolkit for acquiring and enhancing ‘true’ knowledge works.

The second section gives tips on how we can practically apply that ‘true’ knowledge to make our stay worthwhile in this universe. It also warns us of the consequences we would face if we kill our inner voice for temporary worldly pleasures.   

The third section inspires us to tap the unlimited power that lies within all of us to strengthen our will power so that we can follow the inner voice for blissful life.

The learning from this book would be a paradigm shift in your thought patterns, and an absolute guarantee that regardless of the situations, pressures, and compulsions of life, you will still be able to enjoy and live life to fullest.

Master the intuitive mechanism of everlasting and bliss and success. NOW!  

Yoga is the perhaps the most glamorous word in Hindu lexicon. It’s the in-thing. Be it USA or India; Yoga is cool everywhere. We even have a Yoga Day now.

Yoga is also one of the most confusing subjects. A lot of misconceptions are floating around. Many classify Yoga as Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga etc.

Such classifications are artificial and defeat the purpose of Yoga - Union. Real Yoga is all about discovering your true self and uniting it with the Source. As humans, we have certain tools to achieve this. Like our mind, our body, and our society. Yoga is the framework to use all these tools in harmony to achieve the Union.

Since the Source is all-powerful, this Union must bring you more power. Since the Source is all-intelligent, this Union must bring you more intelligence. Since the Source is optimal, this Union must bring an optimal way of living in you. Since the Source is always in action - keeping everything dynamic - this Union must make you action-oriented.

You can immediately see that certain "types" of Yoga are thus not Yoga in the first place. Anything that weakens, anything that wastes your time in purposeless pursuits, anything that makes your maintenance efforts supersedes your actual actions. These are not Yoga. These are anti-Yoga.

Spending hours in Hatha Yoga practice is not Yoga. Doing sexual acts in the name of Tantra is not Yoga. Beer Yoga, Couple Yoga, Hot Yoga, and every other fad are not Yoga.

This book is for serious practitioners of Yoga. It answers a large number of topics and questions Sadhaks have asked on different aspects of Yoga. Both beginners and advanced practitioners can benefit immensely from this book that answers several questions not answered anywhere. You will also be surprised to find unexpected answers of many questions.

The source of these answers is - Vedas, Gita, Yog Sutras - the sources that current Yogic schools have currently forgotten. These are the sources from which entire framework of Yoga has been developed. Vedas are the primary source and rest form elaboration of certain aspects of Yoga. The language of these texts is cryptic and requires Samadhi and Karma to decrypt. This is not an easy process and hence ignored in the modern era. Yet, the fact remains that any attempt to understand Yoga without this foundation is bound to lead to anti-Yoga instead.

The collection of questions and answers in this book is not theoretical in nature. Yoga is a practical science, and so is the content of this book. The goal is to provide straight answers without beating around the bush in flowery language so that you can utilise the time for actual Sadhana. Life is short. Every second must be valued.

The questions are roughly categorised in different subjects, but that categorisation is not accurate. Yoga is all about rising above categorisations. Yet, it is a practical requirement to help you locate answers quicker.

There is no particular order in which you must read the book. You can jump in randomly as per need. However, I do recommend that you read the entire book at least once.

I wrote this book because I find lots of talented lives wasted away in pursuit of fake Yogas floating around. They end up being shells of insignificance instead of being change-agents. I could find no book that brings true Yoga in simple language for modern people. Yoga is the soul of entire wisdom of East and even wisdom of West. This book is an attempt to preserve the soul in the era of manipulations.

Yoga is all about being a magician. Not the one who creates illusion effects but the one who can change the realities in the real world. I hope this book helps you improve your realities. In the process, help you be more successful, more happy, more healthy, more intelligent, more efficient, more fast, and more purposeful.

The book follows no particular order. It contains a variety of content - answers to questions, pages from diary, confessions - to trigger the right Sanskars (instincts) to activate the Yogi inside you. The content has been roughly classified into different sections to ease reading. But the classification is not water-tight. The goal of Yoga is to see unity across all classifications.

A large number of topics are covered. I recommend beginners to read everything at least once to get the complete picture. And bookmark those contents that appear more useful today.

Life is temporary. This book is temporary. Memory is temporary. Yet, Sanskars are permanent loyal friends of the soul. I hope this book remains permanently with you through these Sanskars.

Happy Moksha! 

Tasmaat Yogi Bhavaarjuna! (Gita verse)

Be a Yogi, right now!

ఒకరు నాకు చిన్నప్పుడు పాలిచ్చారు.  ఆమె నా తల్లి. మరొకరు జీవితాంతం పాలిచ్చారు. ఇప్పుడు ఆ గోమాతను గొంతు కోస్తున్నారు!

ప్రజలు ఆమెను చంపేశారు. నైతికత ఆమెను చంపేసింది. మతాలు ఓడిపోయాయి. అమ్మలకే అమ్మ ఈరోజున అసహాయ స్థితిలో వధశాల నేల పై పడి ఉంది.  తెగిన గొంతుక నుంచి రక్తం పొంగింది. చర్మం వలిచేశారు. కళ్ళ వెంబడి కన్నీళ్ళు ఎండిపోయాయి, చివరకు స్పృహ కూడా. మనుష జాతి యొక్క జీవం, పౌష్టికాహారం, కూడు, ప్రేమలకి మూల కారణం అయిన గోమాత ఈనాడు చచ్చిపోతోంది. ఓ ప్రపంచమా బతికే ఉన్నావా?

ఈ పుస్తకం  తన తల్లి కోసం ఒక మనిషి చేస్తోన్న పోరాటం.   గోమాత.  ఈ పుస్తకం  కసాయి మనుషుల అబద్దాలను, గోమాంస ప్రియుల హింసాత్మక మూలాలను నాశనం చేస్తుంది. ఈ పుస్తకం మాంసాహారం పౌష్టికమనే అపోహలను తొలగిస్తుంది. హిందూ మతంలో గోమాంస భక్షణ ఉండేదన్న అభాంఢాలను వందల కొలది వేద మంత్రాలతో, ధర్మ శ్లోకాలతో మరియు తిరుగులేని తర్క సూత్రాలతో ఇది తుడిచేస్తుంది.

ఈ పుస్తకం గోమాంసం తినొద్దనే వారికి అర్జీ కాదు. పైగా గోమాంసం తినేవారు ఈ పుస్తకం చదివాక మళ్ళి తినగలరా అని ఛాలెంజ్ చేసే పుస్తకం.

* ఈ పుస్తకం ఉక్కు గోడల్లాంటి కబేళా గదులు దాటి బయటకు రాలేని మూగ జీవాల గొంతుక.
* ఈ పుస్తకం ఆత్మను వెతికే వారి గుండే పిండేసే పుస్తకం.
* ఈ పుస్తకం జంతు ప్రేమికుల ఆయుధం.
* ఈ పుస్తకం గోమాతను ప్రేమించే వారి సమస్యల పరిష్కరిణి.

ఈ పుస్తకం చదివాక మీరు, మీ ప్రియమైన పిల్లలు, వారి పరివారం హాయిగా, ఆరోగ్యంగా, కలకాలం బతకాలంటే ఏమి చేయాలో తెలుస్తుంది. రక్తపు మరకల చరిత్రతో, మూగ జీవల ఆక్రందనలతో మరణానంతరం జీవితం మరియు మరు జన్మకి ఇలా వెళ్ళడం మంచిదా, కాదా అన్నది తెలుస్తుంది. మీరు మానవత్వాన్ని, కసాయితనం పై నిర్ణయాత్మకంగా, అధికారికంగా ఎలా గెలిపించగలరో తెలుస్తుంది.

– ఉక్కు చేతితో, తరుక్కు పోయే గుండె తో, ఓ గోమాత ప్రేమికుడు.

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