Deep Seduction is the third short story collection from erotica author Shala Breece. This collection contains ten incredibly seductive F/F lesbian short stories. Shala Breece takes the reader to a variety of stimulating locations and sensual situations. Discover how fun it can be to discover an old box of toys in the back of the attic; travel to Fantasy Island, where two best friends discover that their relationship goes to the next level.

Her Moment Of Weakness
When Molly's husband goes out of town on business for the weekend again, she is convinced that he is having an affair. Left at home alone, she looks to her nanny, Tina, for help. But is Tina really interested in helping out, or is she just waiting for the right time to act on her secret desire to be with Molly?

Erotic Fruit Adventures
Liz is excited to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts until she realizes how far behind she is. Worried she won't be able to catch up, she seeks some extra tutoring from one of her instructors, Ms. Howard. Time finds Liz growing closer and closer to Ms. Howard, creating a simmering attraction between them.

Her Exotic Girl Toy
Afraid they are drifting apart, Carmen and Renee are looking for something to add a little excitement and spice to their sex life. A bag full of sex toys and sexy costumes introduces them to the world of role-playing, bondage, domination, and sadomasochism.

Seduced By A Bra
As Mel walks in on her roommate Ana exercising, her eyes are immediately drawn to the beautiful, red lace bra Ana is wearing. How long can Mel resist the temptation? When the enticement is too much, Mel gives in, and is amazed to find in Ana a lover and a friend.

Summer Nights On Fantasy Island
When Jen and Karla travel to Fantasy Island during their summer vacation, their only intention is to have some fun in the sun and relax on the beach with some tropical cocktails. Both are seeking some escape, and in each other’s arms they find comfort and security.

Her Personal Chef
Returning home unexpectedly one day she finds her assistant/lover in bed with a blonde, so she fires him and employs a female instead. Bella very quickly falls for Mary Alice's charms and starts to daydream about the two of them together in a steamy situation.

CEO For Lunch
When Ashley lands her dream job, she wonders how her first few days are going to go. However, she need not have worried, her boss, the sexy Laura Lee Fox, takes an immediate interest in her. She really has landed on her feet with this job. To help her settle in, Laura Lee takes her out to lunch, but it seems that Laura Lee has more than just business on her mind.

A Mardi Gras Affair
All the talk about traveling to New Orleans for Mardi Gras had Tina's head spinning. After much coaxing from her best friend Joanne, she finally decides to join her on the trip. Once there, in the city that almost never sleeps, the two friends engage in the most erotic and fun-filled adventure of their lives.

A Day In The Life Of A Porn Star
The glitz and glamour that my friend Macy has always seemed to enjoy had me a bit envious. "I want that life too," I finally begged her. She was not hesitant and took me to work the following day after a phone call to her boss. One can imagine my shock when we walked into the mansion that seemed so elegant outside but was filled with cameras and naked woman on the inside.

Seducing La Maestra
Senora Ramerz has always been an attractively funny woman. I could hardly wait for my last semester in college when I would be taking Calculus 210 with her. I want her, and there's no doubt about it. I finally come up with a plan as to how I'm going to get her.
Secret Sensations is the first set of short erotica stories from author Shala Breece.
Sexy Stories Collection Volume 10 follows ten tantalizing short stories
of erotic temptation, romance and desire. Secret Sensation contains
eight M/F stories of black erotica, and two F/M/M intense group sessions
in the black erotica genre. This collection will take you on an erotic
vacation as couples use island life and intimacy to work on
relationships. In addition, Secret Sensations uses workplace erotica as
well as rekindled romances. 

This erotica short story collection contains explicit content and is suitable for readers 18 and over.

Island Sensations

and her husband Danny decide to take a trip to the beautiful island of
Saint Lucia to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Their marriage had
had its difficulties; Marcia knows that her husband is having an affair.
Sitting at the pool crying, this gorgeous man emerges out of the water,
interrupting her thoughts.

Ring of Thorns

Lilly is
happily married with two beautiful children. However, she is devastated
when her husband becomes unfaithful. Lilly is unsure whether she will be
able to overcome Perry’s betrayal, or if she should run to Carl who may
have the answers to all her problems.

Her Secret Crush

had always been chubby, and she had a very hard time in school growing
up. When she goes off to college in New York and loses the weight, she
is soon the eye candy of most of the men that stay in her small
hometown. However, her secret childhood crush really captures her heart.

The Battle Within Him

Chad takes up a new job, he knows the he got it because of his good
looks. A beautiful young administrative assistant Monica, who seems to
be different from the rest of the women, captures his attention. After a
weekend of passion turns sour, Chad's connection with Monica is broken
with the interference from his over bearing manager Ms. Jackson.

The Cougar Killer

had heard about her, she preyed upon young African American college
boys in their early twenties. She would take them out, wine and dine
with them, give them money, sleep with them, then kill them. When Mark
Savy was assigned to the case he had no idea what he was up against.

Against the Code

up in Beverly Hills has not been easy for the wealthy heiress Mona
Chaplan. She is expected to live up to the high standards that her
parents have imposed. When she meets and falls in love with a rugged
looking taxi driver, she is forced to choose between the destinies that
her parents had planned for her, or the love of her life.

Her Week in Heaven

and Marcus have the kind of love that will last forever and ever the
only thing greater than their love is their passion for each other. A
twist of fate forces Kandi to discover that nothing can kill their love
for each other.

Secrets of an Exotic Dancer

Johnson decided that she could get anything she wants, and she was not
afraid to trade her body for it. She makes more money in one night than
most people make in a week. After she gives a private session to
handsome, mysterious guy, she is left wanting more.

Kelly Wild-Fire

Wildey aka Kelly Wild-fire was well known in her small hometown for her
loud mouth and her partying. Ben, her boyfriend, tries to remain
patient but he is growing weary of her constant drama and her
infidelity. When Ben gets a promotion and has to move to Miami, he is
forced to choose between Kelly and his dream job.

Home Invasion Sensations

Lisa Spearman heard her husband come home, she went out to greet him as
she normally always did. The scene that greeted her in return caused
fear. How did this intruder get in, and why was he holding her and her
husband at gunpoint?

Hard Desires is the fourth short story collection from erotica author Shala Breece. This collection features three tantilizing M/F stories of black, interracial and paranormal erotica. Following a break-up with her cheating boyfriend, Kesha meets a delicious new man who can satisfy her every desire; Laura takes a new job with an incredibly attractive boss, and must decide whether to keep her feelings for him a secret; and finally, Julian the vampire has a unique touch with every woman he has sex with, but this is not necessarily a good thing. Hard Desire’s three unique stories contain plenty of sexy action to satisfy everyone’s carnal desires.

The Man With The Chocolate Rod
After a heart-wrenching break up with her boyfriend, Kesha decides to go clubbing as part of the first step on her journey to find herself. She meets the handsome Damian Rod, who keeps the drink flowing at the club. They soon find themselves back up against the wall in the club grinding to the music while he explores her entire body inside and out. Kesha, fueled by her sensations of his touch, invites him back to her house and indulges in his big dark chocolate rod. Soon enough she finds herself unable to stay away from Damian and his goodies. When her ex-boyfriend comes back to her on his knees with a beautiful diamond ring and keys to her dream car, Kesha must choose between her new lover and their erotic adventures or her old love with whom she can presumably settle down and start a family.

His Personal Sexetary
A new job with one of New York's most affluent attorneys is Laura's dream come true. However, she soon realizes that working with Chris Satin means long nights at the office, late night dinners with his clients, and a battle to conceal her attraction to him. When he invites her to his condo one night during a snow storm, they quickly find themselves giving in to suppressed desires. Laura is left lightheaded from the experience. But when his estranged wife returns with news of a baby on the way, Laura's dreams of being with Chris are crushed. But is Chris’s ex-wife trying one of the oldest tricks in the book just to win her man back?

Torn: Sacrifices Of A Vampire Prince
As the heir to the Melosy Clan, Julian has his work cut out for him. Julian Devon is a vampire, but not an ordinary vampire. The Melosy Clan had developed a resistance to the effects of sunlight; they could move about in the daylight with little ill effect. Julian moves around in the daytime, satisfying his lust for beautiful women. But there's just one problem. These women all seem to be having a negative reaction to his vampire touch. He is forced to decide whether he will allow these possessed women to roam the streets, killing any and everyone in their path, or whether he can destroy the women he loves.

Seductive Delights is the second short story collection from erotica author Shala Breece. Featuring a mix of black and interracial erotica, this ten story collection features eight M/F pairings and two multi-partner stories. Watch as Olivia is saved by a handsome stranger in a back alley; discover how fun reconnecting with old college friends can be.

Three's Great Company
Chris, Samantha and Monica are three former college friends who have a chance to reconnect on New Years eve. The women are the perfect for each other and seem to be as eager to hook up as Chris is. Together, the three of them discover that their private party is the best way to ring in the New Year.

As Olivia made her way through the narrow alley behind the restaurant where she worked one night after work, she could not help but feel like she was being followed. It happened too fast for her to track. But lucky for Olivia, a good Samaritan is nearby to help.

Her Love Spell
Sarah Hunter had her dream job, her dream car, and her dream house. The only thing missing was a man, not just any man. Sarah had her eye set on Brandon. Sarah was desperate and found herself seeking a solution online - purchasing a love spell called Simply Irresistible.

Erotic Adventures Of The Team
When football player Mason scores the winning touchdown of a game all he can think about is a cocky promise made by one of the women, Jenna, before the game. When Mason gets to the after party, he gets more than he expected – Jenna and two of her friends ready to get down with the football team.

Seductively Dangerous
Kenny had always had a hidden crush on his longtime friend Mya, but her dangerous boyfriend Salvatore had always stood between them. When Salvatore is arrested, Kenny sees an opportunity to make his move. But when he arrives, Mya has a surprise for him.

His Sensational Workouts
Peter is an attractive, African American man who finds himself spending more and more time alone after his girlfriend, Debbie, gets a promotion at work. He joins a gym, figuring it will keep him busy and out of trouble when Debbie is working. But trouble seems to follow him, as Peter finds himself fantasizing about his personal trainer, Jennifer.
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