His hand extended, palm upturned, he wiggled his fingers, and she settled hers in it, rising at his tug. He didn’t bother to close the car door, but walked her into the light of his headlamps and drew her into his arms. Swaying, he sang a tune from his younger years, but what had been done on a stage in a cloud of cigarette smoke in front of people who didn’t care about the words held a new meaning spoken to her.

She gazed at him briefly, then dropped her cheek to his chest, and something happened in his heart that he couldn’t stop. She burnt a place there, a hollow shaped exactly like her, and he determined to somehow make it stay.


Though she grew up with her hippy mom on the west coast, Pepper Dupree has always been close to her billionaire dad, which made moving home to nurse him through a horrible illness an easy choice. But from the start, something isn’t normal. He’s uneasy, unsettled.

A late night drive to scope out a possible multimillion-dollar sale lands real-estate mogul, Bryon Spelding, at Pepper’s door, and instantly, there are sparks. Yet, she’s the first woman to interest him since he straightened up his life, and he’s not sure how to behave. Especially given the secret he’s kept from everyone.

A secret that takes on new weight when Pepper’s dad gives her his entire estate. It’s money she would have inherited anyway, so why now? The truth will rock the Billionaire Boys Club and force Bryon’s hidden life to the forefront where the woman he’s fallen for might not like what she sees.

Book 6 of 7 in the BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB by best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS.

He wanted marriage, had sent for a wife. According to what she remembered of his letters, he'd asked the woman to come in time for Christmas, yet he appeared not ready to make a full commitment. That made her long for it all the more.

She saw no wrongness in the longing. If God had brought them together, if she truly believed she'd been saved from death for him, then having a wish for union was as it should be … and a prayer God would answer. God would grant them love out of this, and they'd no longer be strangers, but friends, confidants, one in mind and flesh.


Unable to face Christmas alone, Lafayette Faulkenberg advertised for a bride, one of plain countenance, able to cook, clean, and sew. But his wish for a woman to tend his house did not come with plans to share his heart. She was simply there to relieve his loneliness and thereby help him forget his inner pain.

Pigeon Burgess was headed west to marry an older man at her parent's behest when a tragic ferry accident took the life of a woman she'd met on the train. Taking the woman's name as hers, she easily switched places. Better to marry the man the woman had raved about than be locked into something she knew she'd hate.

Yet, ex-minister, Lafayette has a tragic secret in his recent past, one that eats at him night and day, and

his self-hatred, combined with her ever-expanding lie, soon prove to be a volatile mix. Unless the gift of Christmas and the grace of a loving God turns their hearts toward the forgiving power of love.

A mail-order bride story by best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS. 23,000 words.

An allegorical look at the gospels and the book of Acts.

What reviewers are saying: "I actually learned more things about God than I already knew." – "Wow this was such a powerful novel! There were so many spiritual truths washing over me as I read it! No way could I deny how touched I was by these truths written and how they can be applied to my own life." – "This was an amazing book. I started reading it last night…and couldn't put it down!" – "Not the typical teenage love story or an angel love story." – "I highly recommend this book!" – "Suzanne is a terrific writer who is very gifted with wisdom."


If I take the wings of the morning…even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me. (Psalm 139:9-10)

Called from birth to carry the Light of God into a world filled with Darkness, seventeen-year-old Sara Benedict finds the mission this time has changed. This city, this school, is more about her growth. No longer will she function alone, but she needs Angus Finlay to fulfill the prophecies.

Yet there's something deeper going on behind the scenes, and the harder she tries, the greater the danger seems. Her work of rescue must continue, but this task just might shut off the Light inside her once and for all.


But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth (Acts 1:8).

Three years ago, Angus Finlay had his life all planned out. He had a beautiful girlfriend, Sara Benedict, the Light of the Creator in his heart, and a call to spread the Truth. He saw glorious things in the heavens and in the lives of his friends.

But now, at age twenty, those three years have plunged him into Darkness. His relationship broken, he's put miles between himself and that place, and begun an intimate relationship with a new girl. He's not who he was and must learn to accept it.

Then his mom is killed by his hated stepdad, and the demons he left behind send him spiraling back toward Sara and one fateful moment of life and death.

She was, in everyday terms, a gold digger, but she liked to think she had a good heart. Maybe she didn’t though. Maybe in latching onto the idea she could become more than stupid Parker Rousch, the thought she could be in the stories Martina had told about her brother, maybe at that moment she’d lost what heart she had. Because fairytales didn’t happen in real life and girls that daydreamed about falling in love with Prince Charming via entertainment magazines were sure to be disappointed.


Twenty-two year old cartoonist Parker Rousch dropped out of college and moved to Florida to chase an impossible dream – to meet billionaire Robin Spelding. She’s spent hours, days, daydreaming about living the rich life, devouring everything there is to know about him. Landing a nearby job at a well-known editorial newspaper came as a huge break. Never mind, it’s the competition, the owner with a beef against her fantasy man.

Robin Spelding went from a boy walking to school, picked on by bullies, to the man he is today through determination and hard work. Running one of the largest security companies in the nation, having clients like Atlas Bellamy, has put him on the map. He is somebody now with the power to have anything he wants, including a taste for married women.

But when cute, perky Parker drops into his life, his secret trysts prove to be far more public than he knew and the man he’s become, ugly and sordid. Changing his public reputation is possible with her by his side, though, and maybe sharing a piece of his heart as well. Unless the danger that brought them together, an overheard threat at her place of employment, snuffs out their promising future.

Book 5 of 7 in the BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB series by best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS. 23,000 words.

★★★★★ Readers Reviews: "Sweet. Endearing. Passionate. Loved it!" | "James Bond on the fast track." | "A joy to read." | "Full of suspense and thrills" | "Steamy who-don-it" | "Humor, romance, suspense, and even some surprises along the way"


Abe Beckett's family pedigree pushed him toward joining the police force years ago, then, ultimately, pushed him away. He didn't want to be like "dear old dad".

Yet, confronted by an armed robber at the Austrian food truck in the city park, his instincts kick back in. His new profession as a male midwife doesn't seem to stop his cop brain from working.

The presence of the curvaceous blonde, Vienna Stumpf, who runs the truck, does. But what begins as an argument soon holds possibilities of way more, until her family's missing jewelry and the suspicious behavior of a man he's trusted threaten to tear it all apart.


The biggest serial killer in town history walked out the precinct doors, and Detective Irina Faussett has his attorney, her father, to thank. What she needs is a night out on the town to blow off some steam.

But a handsome unknown male and a lot of body heat generate a fateful decision, which, six weeks later, brings huge consequences. Her life has just become much more complicated, even more so when her one-night stand, attorney, Brady Cheswick, walks back into her life in spectacular fashion.

Caught up in a love affair she isn't sure she wants to end, chasing a serial killer now making death threats, one final, horrible secret then turns her already disorganized world upside down.


Justin Cahill's first case as a homicide detective walked into the middle of his promotion celebration wearing a very short, polka-dotted skirt and an amazing set of red heels.

Olivia Dircks. She said she'd found a body and wanted the police to know.

But when the body goes missing and she turns out to be the Commissioner's niece as well as a professional art thief, everything changes. This case is deeper and more far-reaching than anything he expected.

Deep enough to alter the most valuable thing of all – his heart.

Leonard. His name repeated in her head. She needed a cowboy to top things off. One who painted himself hard on the outside but was actually soft and warm and kind … everything a woman could want to hang onto. If she’d make up her mind and do it.


Leonard Swan grew up as the average kid in an average Texas home in the suburbs. His career as a cowboy came along late in his teens. He’s taken to the lifestyle well enough, but still has doubts about how he measures up. After all, he has the real thing around him every day in men like Jared Flint and Tyson Pyke.

Brigid O’Neal is at the Double R Ranch to write an article about the modern cowboy. Being there, however, is the result of the animosity of her boss. With what she knows about him, he can’t afford to fire her, but he can make life hard.

Meeting Leonard on day one is a pleasant surprise. They have fun together and an undeniable attraction, despite their huge lifestyle differences. And her usual need to stay uncommitted. He’s the perfect guide to show her the ropes, and a gentleman with a kind heart and a sexy smile. For the first time in her life, she might have met a man worth hanging onto.

Yet the unexpected arrival of a hated former beau, combined with the secret she holds, pressure her to make a disastrous choice. One that, without God’s help and forgiveness, might destroy the promising relationship with her cowboy for good.

Book 3 in the COWBOYS OF THE DOUBLE R series by author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS. 34,000 words.

*Can be read as a stand alone.*

One hand in the center of her chest, she tried to capture her breath. This went way beyond friendship. They’d had years of that. He knew her as well as she knew him, likes and dislikes, funny habits. The part they didn’t know, what they hadn’t experienced now begged for attention. But was it only because of forced togetherness? If they were in a posh hotel in Miami, facing sunny days and open air, would any of this have happened?

Would they regret it tomorrow? That was the biggest question of all. After whatever came of this night, would they walk out of here better or worse?


Packard Barrows has been friends with Trinity Wilkins since high school. All though college and into their adult years, they’ve lived close to each other and done things together. But never with any serious intent. In fact, he’s all but engaged to another woman now.

Trinity regretted accepting her boyfriend’s proposal from almost the moment he made it. Prodded by her friends to reconsider her life, for the first time in her twenty-seven years, she sees her best friend, Packard, in a new light. What if the love she’s been looking for has been staring her in the face all this time?

Yet, a warm weekend together in Miami, mid-winter, ordinarily an innocent trip, tests both their old friendship and their, as yet, unstated new feelings. It could be their relationship isn’t strong enough for love. It could be by trying to change what they have, they’ll destroy it for good.

Book 4 of 4 in the BARROW BROS. SERIES by popular author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS.

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