As a born again believer it is time that you get your spiritual understanding to a level, which is worthy of your calling, appointment, and purpose.

Too often Christians become subject to the world, including worldly thinking. But God has called you out of the world and into His Kingdom here on earth.

Yes your natural body lives in the world, but your residence is of royalty in Heaven. For the Word of God tell us that it is the believer’s responsibility to bring God’s Will from Heaven to earth.

As a child and heir to the Kingdom of God, you have access to supernatural powers, which operate on earth. See, the average Christian cannot receive this message because they are not at the level of acceptable spiritual understanding to receive it, i.e. of spiritual maturity.

As Dr. Bill Winston says, your salvation comes with something, “Bread comes with this”. This means that when you got born again, healing came with your salvation, deliverance came with your salvation, wealth came with your salvation, businesses came with your salvation, and homes, cars, and possessions came with your salvation. The Word of God reminds us that if you seek the Kingdom of God first and His Righteousness all things will be added unto you.

Now it is known that somewhere down the line born again believers have conformed to the world and the world’s way of thinking-- including the concept behind work. The world has taught you that you must work hard for success and this is how you become successful.

It is my purpose and responsibility to let you know today that the devil is a liar and that you must not be deceived. As a born again believer, works of the law and flesh are canceled by the blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the cross so that through Him by faith you may receive your inheritance in Heaven and earth-- paid for in full!

In relation, it is known in the Word of God that faith without works is dead. However, you must understand that the works God is referring to is not natural works but spiritual works, which unlocks access to God’s Grace, i.e. God’s Unmerited Favor.

The Word of God makes it very clear that you are not saved by works or deeds, but by grace, to prevent all boasting of man/woman. As a result, God does not want you to work for anything, because you will think of yourself more highly that you should, which usually results in excessive pride and forgetting about the one who made a way and brought you through-- God!

Finally, a higher spiritual understanding teaches us that faith is the key to accessing all of God’s Power, Grace, Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Favor. God does not take money; you cannot buy your way into Heaven. God does not take work; you cannot work your way into Heaven. God does not take good deeds; you cannot manipulate your way into Heaven. If God does not take them in Heaven, He does not take them on earth.

I am trying to get your mind renewed to see that the only working element that you have to get you into Heaven (both spiritually and naturally) is by faith. You must labor in faith, not in works or deeds.

By the end of this book, not only will you get your bread, but you will get the entire loaf.

Following Jesus in the 21st Century is not a Christian Book, it is a book for Believers-- people who believe in God and His Son, which is Jesus Christ. This is not a book for religious hypocrites. This is a book for spiritual creations who are having a worldly experience.

To begin, we are living in a time where Christians have become modern day Pharisees and Sadducees. Who with their religious beliefs and politics of man have disconnected themselves from God and from His Principles.

Furthermore, these hypocrites (Christians/Religious People) do not move with God. In fact, they move against God. By spreading hatred, judgment, and the condemning of people. These hypocrites turn their noses up to the less fortunate and create religious “clicks” that distances themselves from people who are different from them. Additionally, these hypocrites use the teachings of man to control the masses and to be worshiped by man. These hypocrites curse sinners and their enemies, while forgetting about their own sins and transgressions.

God is in no way shape or form connected to any of theses people because their actions and heart is not Godly but religious. And God has never been for religion. He has always been for relationship.

Moreover, Christians have conformed to the world and the world’s way of thinking. From work to wealth, from politics to authority, from education to skill, from decisions to circumstances, and from relationships to community. Christians have indeed lost their way.

Therefore, I wrote this book so the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross would not be in vain. I wrote this book for people, not Christians, but for people who truly want to follow Jesus. For people who want to walk with Jesus and not against Him. For people who have the Mind of Christ. For people who have a heart for God and for God’s People. For people who want to receive every promise God gave to them (directly or indirectly). From the blessing to dominion, power, and authority over the world.

This book, authorized by your Manufacturer (God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit), is the Owner’s Manual for Today’s Believers, i.e. Followers of Jesus. And so with this manual in combination with the Bible is your way of escape from religious views, politics of man, systematic oppression, cycles, and generational curses.

Finally, in this manual you will obtain wisdom, knowledge, and understanding about everything you have inside of you in order to Follow Jesus in the 21st Century. Topics include, Connecting to God, Relationships with God and People, Discerning of Spirits, Spiritual and Natural Battles, The Word of God, The Blessing, The Holy Spirit, Faith, Work, Purpose, Money, Rest, Prophecy, Healing, Ministry, Prayer, Worship, Heaven, Angels, Demons, and more.

It is time to get back to your original working order. It is time for a Jesus Reset,

Sylvester Veal Jr.

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