Fifteen minutes is a lot of time!  A lot can happen in fifteen minutes.  A day of twenty-four hours is ninety-six fifteen minute periods.  Those who manage the days most successfully divide the day into the ninety-six fifteen minute periods and labour to take care of each of those periods.  By so doing, they take care of hours, days, weeks and years.

Someone may not be able to find time to pray for one hour in a stretch in the morning, afternoon or evening.  For others if they found time, they might not know how to use it. Each of these groups of people can use the suggested programme for fifteen minute retreats that are in the following pages and find their prayer life transformed.

By having four fifteen minute retreats a day, one has actually spent one hour before God.  Many people will find that they accomplish far more in four retreats of fifteen minutes than in one retreat of one hour.  The advantage of fifteen minute retreats is that even people who cannot concentrate for long periods are able to concentrate for fifteen minutes and thereby pray effectively.  Also, the retreat is over before the person is bored.  The person thus looks forward to the next retreat.  There is the additional advantage that most believers have enough to talk to the Lord about in fifteen minutes.  This solves the problem of people who are confused about what to say to God for a long period of time.  Then, even the busiest people have time for this retreat, and children too.

It is hoped that the fifteen minute retreats will help the one who retreats to enjoy the Lord so much that he will find that the fifteen minute period is insufficient for his communion with the Lord and therefore he must go on longer retreats.  This is good.  It is excellent.

 Dr. Fomum has written many books to date. From his personal journey with the Lord, he speaks as one who daily experiences what he writes.Concerning fasting, he says: “At the height of a long fast ... between the twenty-fifth and the fortieth day, the things of this world become absolutely meaningless ... my looks, qualifications, job, money, clothes, property, the presence of human beings ... accomplishments ... On the other hand, God was near and thoughts of heaven possessed me. I was anxious to walk in perfect holiness.”
Many have written concerning fasting. Few have experi­enced extended fasts several times per year of from forty-eight hours per week and from twenty-one to forty days’ duration with such results as Dr. Fomum and believers in some of the Churches in Cameroon. “Each fasts according to his strength,” each fasts drinking water only.
The reader of The Ministry of Fasting is caught up in the reality of fasting unto the Lord on behalf of men leading tragic lives and nations facing tragic consequences of their sins or against the forces of evil in the world. As light is shed on the biblical teachings of The Ministry of Fasting, one is challenged with the evidence of the need to make an acceptable fast unto the Lord.
Along with Bible characters, the Church fathers from Savanarola, Martin Luther, Knox, Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, and mod­ern Church leaders, both living and dead, are cited as exemplary among those who valued fasting unto victory in Christ.
Dr. Fomum explores the aspects of fasting, interference of spirits, and the different reasons to fast: for deliverance, ministering unto the Lord, and mourning... He helps one with preparations for fasting, how to intercede while fasting, how to break a fast, what to do after a fast, and how to maintain the results of a fast.
The book is written, as the others of his books, in a teachable, expanded outline format. The earnest intercessor and serious spiritual warrior will want to read this book.
 The greatest need of the hour is that everyone who is saved from the lake of fire by the blood that was shed on the Cross by the Lord Jesus be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Lord’s perfect will is that each believer be filled with the Holy Spirit and filled with power. The Bible says, “Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. Do not get drunk with wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit” (Ephesians 5: 17-18).
The Lord wants to fill His children with the Holy Spirit and with His power. He is waiting anxiously to do this. Although He is anxious to do this, He can only fill those who are empty. Those who are filled with sin, self, the love of the world or the love of the things that are in the world cannot be filled with the Holy Spirit, because they are already filled with the wrong thing or with the wrong things.

Below are seven heart conditions. The shaded part of the heart represents things in the heart that must be removed before the Lord can fill the heart. Some have more things standing in the way of their being filled with the Holy Spirit, while others have less. However, the Lord can only fill a heart to overflowing with the Holy Spirit when all that already fills the heart has been removed.

God’s purposes in the New Covenant are tied to people who are filled with the Holy Spirit. To be filled with the Holy Spirit, a person must remove every other thing that fills his heart and life. We have thought about the things that often fill the hearts of people and so hinder them from being filled with the Holy Spirit. Below is such a list. Study the list carefully, going from one item to another. If you find anything on the list in your life, you have found what separates you from being filled with the Holy Spirit. Acknowledge its presence in your life. Ask and receive from the Lord the power to hate its illegal presence in your life. Uproot it from your heart and throw it away. Carry out the necessary restitution and never allow it to come back into your heart and life.

After you have uprooted all that should not be in your life, you will have a pure heart (diagram 7). You may have to fast and pray so as to soften your heart, so that some things that resist departure from the heart should effectively be pushed out of your heart and life.

You may ask me how long it will take to remove all the things that are listed and which should not be in your heart. The answer is that it depends on you. It could take 584 minutes or 584 hours or 584 days or 584 months, depending on how willing your heart is to let go all the things that do not please the Lord. Yes, it will depend on how urgently you want to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Those who are in a hurry to be filled with the Holy Spirit will be in a hurry to remove the obstacles that stand between them and the Spirit-filled life. Such people will take no rest and give God no rest until the obstacles are removed.

Immediately you present a pure heart to God, He will fill it with the Holy Spirit. He is eagerly waiting to fill you. Empty yourself without delay.
 There is a war in progress. This war is between the God of heaven and the devil, who is the prince of this world. Every believer is born in conflict; for the devil would love to have every human being lost, if he could. Every believer is also born into conflict. Every thought, word or action of his either advances the Kingdom of God or that of Satan. No thought, word or action is neutral. Second by second, minute by minute, and hour by hour, each person is contributing by all that he does to advance one of the two kingdoms.Satan wants to do all the harm that he can. He will attack all that he can attack; and when he attacks, he will destroy all that he can. The believer therefore needs to be alert, defend his territory and fight back the devil. He must do this, or suffer heavily; for the devil is on the offensive.
However, the believer does not need to worry and despair. He should confront the Enemy. He should confront the Enemy, not from a position of fear, but from one of victory. We know from the Word that the One who is in us is greater than the one who is in the world. Leonard Ravenhill aptly expresses this when he says,
“When Satan fell he drew a third of the heavenly host with him. Therefore opposing the Christian are the world, the flesh, and the devil, plus one-third of what was the heavenly host. For the Christian are the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, two-thirds of the heavenly host, plus the prayers of many friends and the boundless promises of the unchangeable and indestructible Word of the living God. The balance of power is greatly on the side of the saint. May we so arise from our juvenile Christianity that, armed with the panoply of God and plundering the devil’s area, his satanic majesty will have to say, ”Jesus l know, Paul l know, and Christians today are scaring me by discovering a lost secret of the early church - prayer, faith and blood-covered boldness.”
Although the balance is on the side of the saint, the passive saint will soon discover that God will answer his prayers, but will not pray in his place. All saints must rise and wage war against the Enemy, and fight right into the kingdom of darkness. They must not only fight defensive warfare. They must attack the Enemy and, if possible, carry the warfare right into hell.
l have been under very severe attack from Satan in the course of writing this book. It has been as if all of hell would not let me write the book. l have come close to dying as l was labouring to finish the book. My wife and children have been under attack throughout. It is only due to the grace of God and the application of the things written in this book that we have been able to come to this point in the writing. As you read, take cover under the blood of the Lamb.
There are areas of spiritual warfare that have deliberately not been touched. The reason for this is either because they have been treated in our books, “Deliverance From Demons”, and “The Way of Spiritual Warfare”, or because they will be treated in the series, “The Overthrow of Principalities and Powers.”
We send this book out with prayer that God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be glad to use it to bless some of His children. To Him be all the honour and glory !

This book is about “The Way of Christian Service.” Serving the Lord is something that is best begun in His immediate presence. When a person has served Him in His immediate presence and satisfied His heart, He may send such a one to go and serve on His behalf. Serving the Lord in His immediate presence consists essentially in worshipping Him. Of the leaders of the church in Antioch it was said,
“While they were worshipping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, ‘Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.’ Then after fasting and praying, they laid their hands on them and sent them off” (Acts 13:2-3).
Barnabas and Saul were sent out to serve from the presence of the Lord to the work to which God had called them. They were ministering in His presence when He sent them away to minister on His behalf. All service of the Lord ought to begin that way.
Serving the Lord is invariably tied to resurrection life. No one can truly serve the Lord without that He, the Lord of all glory, has taken the initiative to bring that one into His service. This is so because those who serve Him must know death with Christ and resurrection with Him. Service is the flow of the life of God, and without resurrection life, there can be no flow.
People can do many things in the Lord’s name, but only that which flows from life will last, and to have the flow of life there must, first of all, be death. A person will minister in proportion to the extent to which he has died and risen with Christ. Those who spare themselves the hard demands of the cross will find that they have also spared themselves the ministry of life. The extent to which a person surrenders himself to death to the world and the flesh, is the extent to which that one will know resurrection life and resurrection ministry.
There can be a work in might and power that is not fully of the Holy Spirit. Samson ministered in power, although he was out of vital fellowship with the Holy God. God demands holiness from all who would serve Him to His satisfaction.
Finally, we want to say that Christian work is acceptable in His sight and satisfies His heart only to the extent to which it is in harmony with His will and under His direction. Every work that is outside His will and direction is not only useless; it is an abomination to Him.
Too many believers today are doing nothing for the Lord. They are shy and withdrawn and lack boldness and a clear sense of direction. Where are those who would dare to step out at His command and take entire villages, towns, provinces, nations, and continents for Him? Where are those who would seek great things for Him?
My prayer is that the Lord of the harvest should use these messages to raise servants and slaves unto His glorious Son, and that such will start in His presence and, as He directs, end in the uttermost parts of the world.
Lord Jesus, ignore the weaknesses and shortcomings both of these messages and of the human messenger, and use them, Lord, for Your glory.

This book by Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum is about the making of disciples. The Making of Disciples is an attempt to respond to the call of the Lord in Mat 28: 19-20 to make disciples who will in turn make disciples, who will make disciples, etc.

In the early Church, only disciples were known. Those who belonged to the Lord Jesus were called “Disciples”


The Lord Jesus intended that everyone who is led to Him, and who therefore knows Him personally and is dynamically related to Him, should enroll in the school of a Disciple Maker who will make him into a Disciple, which means somebody committed not only to be like Christ, but also to bring others to be like Christ.

This call of the Lord Jesus has not been taken seriously by the Church, and what is practiced today is a counterfeit of what the Lord intended. It is obvious that the evangelisation of the world, and the condition of each believer would have been totally different if disciples were made, and if the process had continued.

This book is then the fruit of a burden. It is born out of the desire to see the Church of the Lord return to the task of making disciples who will in turn make disciples.

In this profound manual, Professor Fomum addresses topics like:

The conditions to become and remain a discipleTransforming a young convert into a mature discipleTransforming a mature disciple into a disciple makerEtc.

The Lord Jesus made disciples. He has commanded to go and make disciples who will in turn make disciples.

This book will help you to obey this command.

The parable of the sower was the first recorded parable that the Lord spoke. It must have been on His heart in a special way. Three of the gospel writers - Matthew, Mark and Luke - recorded it in detail. I think that its message was one that the Lord very much wanted to communicate to those who came after Him, and also to us today.

The parable talks of a sower who went out to sow. The sower was one person. In fact, the Sower is God. The seed is the gospel. We can at once see that the Sower did not vary and the seed did not vary. Only one thing varied, and that was the type of soil that received the perfect seed that was sown by the Lord.

Because there is one Sower and He sowed the same seed on all the four grounds, all differences as to what happened to the seed that was sown must be attributed to one thing only, and that one thing is the condition of the soil that received the Word.

The different soils represent different conditions of the heart. There are therefore, four conditions of the heart among the sons of men. These are:

The wayside heart,

The stony heart,

The thorny heart,

The good heart.

Whether a person’s heart is wayside, stony, thorny or good, is not decided by the Lord but by each one. God has given each one a heart that can be good, if the person so desires. However, if people prefer to have the other conditions of the heart, God, in His sovereignty, gives them the right to self-determination. God, in His love for man, has decided that He will let man exercise his sovereign right as a morally responsible being, to choose the type of heart that he wants. This is one of the greatest manifestations of God’s love for man; for true love can never impose or force an undesired thing on the object of love.

As we study the different heart conditions, bear in mind that your heart is what it is because you have made it so. However, you can alter it. You can make your heart into a condition that is different from what it is today. If the condition of your heart is what you do not want it to be, do something about it today and things will be different!

God bless you!

This book was born out of prayer. The Lord called a few of us aside to pray. Each night, we wrestled in prayer between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. This went on for many weeks. We came to find ourselves blessed, challenged, and purified. We came to see the Lord in a new way and to understand the purpose of our being in a totally new light.
This book was also born out of an experience – an experience of obedience. Some of us were led to obey an obvious command of the Lord, which is clearly written in the Bible and which we had not yet obeyed. That obedience nearly cost us our lives. God honoured that obedience and caused it to lead to the ministries now associated with Christian Literature Centre, Yaounde. It also led to the birth of some assemblies which have, by God's grace, grown into praying communities.
The truths charted in this book are coloured by what that local assembly has learnt as it tried, step by step, to follow the praying Lord in the School of Prayer. We have a commitment to prayer, fasting, and evangelism. We are learning and we are growing. Pray for us. Pray with us.
We have come to discover that all things are possible to the praying saint and to the praying body of believers. By God's grace, we are determined to wipe out the word "impossible" from the life experience of the members of the assembly.
Our hearts' desire is that all those who know the Lord Jesus will truly become people of prayer. So we send this book out with prayer that it will help some individuals and some local assemblies to make progress with the Lord in the "School of Prayer".
To the Lord Jesus, the praying, supplicating and interceding Head of the Church be untold honour, glory, and majesty forever and ever.

Spiritual power is needed today. This power is needed to be like Christ in character and in deed. It is the power of God - The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Lord meant that the church as His body, and the believer as a member of His Body, would manifest spiritual power in character and service.
The church is, generally speaking, powerless. The lives of many believers are a tragic contradiction of the gospel they talk about. In the face of diseases, demons, and the like, many believers stand totally powerless. There is a growing confidence in human skills, human techniques, human methods, and human organisations. On the whole, many live and act as if God were absent. This ought not to be so. This must not continue to be so.
In the life of the church and in the life of each believer, there must be power that cannot be accounted for on any grounds. People looking must be able to say, "This is God at work" and nothing else.
The power of the Lord is made available to all who come to Him. His power is manifested in full measure through channels that are fully opened to Him and that give Him the freedom to do His work His way, and in His time.
Although spiritual power can be manifested without holiness and obedience, those who are open to and co-operate with the Lord through prayer, the Word, holiness, a surrendered life, Christian character, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and so on, will begin to experience spiritual power, and as they continue to seek the Lord and His might, they will grow in the knowledge of Him and His might.
We send out this book with prayer that it should be used by the Lord to stir hunger after the Lord and the power of His might.

Time is one of the most precious gifts that the Lord has given man. In giving people the gift of time, the Lord has ensured that no one may consider himself specially favoured or disfavoured. In His wondrous love, God has given the President of a populous nation and a simple street sweeper in that nation, the same number of hours per day : twenty-four. The President has not been given a forty-eight hour day while the street sweeper has been given a twenty-four hour day. God expects the President to faithfully use the twenty-four hour day given to him, to discharge his presidential duties. He also expects the street sweeper to use the twenty-four hour day given to him, to faithfully discharge his duties as a street sweeper.

If God has given people the same length of each passing day, then how do we account for the fact that some people seem to accomplish so much and others so little?

The difference comes in the way people use the twenty-four hours of each day that the Lord has given them. Some sleep for four hours and then carefully invest the remaining twenty hours on the priority issues of their lives, and thus make impact on the world. Others sleep for eight hours everyday, then spend another eight hours doing nothing, because they are plagued with indecision, and the last eight hours are invested in non-essentials. These two groups of people, with twenty-four hour days, are investing them differently and will, consequently, reap different products from their lives.

I had the privilege of being brought up by a father who knew the importance of time and, consequently, used it wisely. When I handed the master key of my life to the Lord Jesus on 1st October 1966, the Word of God came alive in me and the godly principles in which I had been brought up (including the use of time) came alive in me and the Lord has helped me to begin to learn how to use time. At the moment, I am investing an average of 16 hours a day into the service of the Lord and as a University teacher. My goal is that one day, I shall render 18 hours of full service to God and man. I am, consequently, only a student in the School of Using Time. Some of the principles shared with you in this book have been applied and are being applied in my life for profit. My prayer is that they should be a source of blessing to you.

In writing this book, I have endeavoured not just to give you some formulae or some techniques to apply in your life. Time is a gift from the Lord and its correct use cannot be separated from a deep and increasing knowledge of Him.

The extent to which this book helps you to draw near to the Lord, know Him and use time to accomplish His will, will be the extent to which I consider that writing it has served the Father's interest, and that, to me, is wonderful.

God bless you exceedingly!

"BROKENNESS" by Professor Fomum, is a real classic for walking the Christian life with total abandonment to the Lord.

After the new birth, a man's spirituality is not measured by his capacity to preach great sermons, to cast out demons, or to heal the sick. Such capacities could be the manifestation of spiritual gifts, which are received from God, regardless of who the person is. Such a person may

be totally unrecognizable at the slightest provocation,be selfish and self-centred,love sin,hide or blame others for his mistakes and failures,get worried when faced with the least problem, and act before he has prayed about it,etc.

This talks of an unbroken life in which, unfortunately, most believers who truly confess the name of the Lord, find themselves several years after conversion.

The purpose of God in the new creation is to produce people who attain spiritual maturity, by quickly attaining the stature of broken men and women. God does it through the cross, to break and destroy the natural man and, by the work of the Holy Spirit, to build the character of Christ in the believer. Brokenness therefore depends on the degree to which a person has allowed the cross and the Holy Spirit to work in him.

Taking Jacob's life as a basis, the author shows how one can go from the state of the natural man (unconverted) to that of a carnal believer (unbroken), then to that of a spiritual believer (broken); that is, a life in which the believer belongs totally to the Lord,

allows free access to God in the minutest details of his life, no longer presents any obstacle to God.

Listen to this book. It will challenge you and help you to make progress on the pathway of brokenness, to such an extent that you will soon be able to confess with apostle Paul, "It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me."

The contents of this book are fundamental. God calls all who are his to a sanctified life. The life of a believer in which sin reigns is subnormal. However, many believers find themselves bound by sin. They are like Lazarus walking out of the tomb with life, but in bondage.

In this book, we have attempted to show as clearly as we can, the way to deliverance from sin. We do not believe that anyone can be as sinless as the Lord Jesus was while in this body of flesh, but this state is already accomplished in the Lord Jesus and therefore, we can be delivered once and for all from the bondage of sin. We also see that this deliverance, though entered into as a crisis, must be maintained daily by a very close walk with the Lord, in full co-operation with him, by the use of the sanctified mind.

The Psalmist asked, “How can a young man keep his way pure?” He provided the answer as follows, “By guarding it according to thy word. With my whole heart I seek thee, let me not wander from thy commandment! I have laid up thy word in my heart, that I might not sin against thee. Blessed be thou, O Lord; teach me thy statutes! With my lips I declare all the ordinances of thy mouth. In the way of thy testimonies I delight as much as in all riches. I will meditate on thy precepts, and fix my eyes on thy ways. I will delight in thy statutes; I will not forget thy word” (Psalm 119:9-16).

We believe with him that daily Bible study and prayer (The Quiet Time) is indispensable in maintaining the sanctified life which is first entered into by faith in the finished work of Christ.

Holiness is not just the absence of sin. It includes conformity to God. Sanctification is an aspect of holiness. Our prayer is that the Lord will use this book to work out sanctification in many lives and that many will attain unto “the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.”

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