The Second Western Megapack presents a wide-ranging selection of western stories sure to get your pulse racing. Here are action tales of the old west by masters such as Zane Grey, Ed Earl Repp, Robert E. Howard, Clarence E. Mulford, Max Brand -- and many more. More than 2,000 pages of great reading!

Complete contents:

TOM’S MONEY, by Harriet Prescott Spofford
WHILE SMOKE ROLLED, by Robert E. Howard
THE OUTLAW PILOT, by Stephen Payne
READY FOR A COFFIN, by Gene Austin
DUST, by Marcet and Emanuel Haldeman-Julius
ABOVE THE LAW, by Max Brand
WITH GUTS, GUN, AND SCALPEL, by Archie Joscelyn
THE END OF THE TRAIL, by Clarence E. Mulford
THE HONK-HONK BREED, by Stewart Edward White
THE TEXAN SCOUTS, by Joseph A. Altsheler
THE ROAD TO BEAR CREEK, by Robert E. Howard
NO REPORT, by S. Omar Barke
MAN SIZE, by William MacLeod Raine

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This carefully crafted ebook: “ZANE GREY Ultimate Collection: Historical Novels, Western Classics, Adventure Tales & Baseball Stories (60+ Titles in One Volume)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Zane Grey (1872-1939) was an American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that were a basis for the Western genre in literature and the arts. With his veracity and emotional intensity, he connected with millions of readers worldwide, during peacetime and war, and inspired many Western writers who followed him. Table of Contents: Betty Zane The Spirit of the Border: A Romance of the Early Settlers in the Ohio Valley The Last of the Plainsmen The Last Trail The Short Stop The Heritage of the Desert The Young Forester The Young Pitcher The Young Lion Hunter Riders of the Purple Sage Ken Ward in the Jungle Desert Gold The Light of the Western Stars The Rustlers of Pecos County The Lone Star Ranger: A Romance of the Border Rainbow Trail The Border Legion Wildfire The UP Trail The Desert of Wheat Tales of Fishes The Man of the Forest The Redheaded Outfield, and Other Baseball Stories The Mysterious Rider To the Last Man The Day of the Beast Tales of Lonely Trails Wanderer of the Wasteland Tappan’s Burro The Call of the Canyon Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon The Thundering Herd The Vanishing American Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas Under the Tonto Rim Tales of the Angler’s Eldorado, New Zealand Forlorn River Tales of Swordfish and Tuna Nevada The Shepherd of Guadaloupe Sunset Pass Arizona Ames Robbers’ Roost The Drift Fence The Hash Knife Outfit The Code of the West Thunder Mountain The Trail Driver West of the Pecos An American Angler in Australia Raiders of Spanish Peaks Knights of the Range Thirty Thousand on the Hoof Twin Sombreros Majesty’s Rancho The Wilderness Trek Valley of Wild Horses Lost Pueblo Black Mesa Stranger from the Tonto The Fugitive Trail Arizona Clan
Western Historical Romance in a Rugged, Wild Land

This Collection of some of the best historical romance novels Includes:

*10 Books, Full, Unabridged Text, written by bestselling authors

 *Links to Four Free Full Length Audio Books of Books In This Collection

*Comes with a Clickable Linked Table of Contents for Easy Navigation

*Annotation Specially Created for this Collection, about the Daring Women, and the Rugged Men of the Western novel

Books Included in This Collection:

 "The Heart of the Desert" by Honore Willsie Morrow ("Kut-le of the Desert")

"A Voice in the Wilderness" by Grace Livingston Hill

"The Girl from Montana" by Grace Livingston Hill

"Her Prairie Knight" by B. M. Bower

"Riders of the Purple Sage" by Zane Grey

"The Rainbow Trail, A Romance (The Desert Crucible)" by Zane Grey

"The Border Legion" by Zane Grey

"Wildfire" by Zane Grey

"A Texas Ranger" by William MacLeod Raine

"Letters of a Woman Homesteader" by Elinore Pruitt Stewart

 Book Descriptions:

In "Heart of the Desert", Rhoda is drawn to Kut-Le (Charlie Cartwell), a Native American, after he carries her when she is stung by a scorpion. Can she recover her health and overcome her own fears about falling in forbidden love?

In "A Voice in the Wilderness", Margaret mistakenly gets off a train at a water stop, and finds herself in the middle of desert in the dark.  She faces dangers of both man and beast, and meets the charming Lance.  A link to a free, full length audio book of this novel is included.

"The Girl from Montana": Alone in the mountains, Elizabeth runs from the man who may have shot her brother. He has Elizabeth in his sights-to be his woman.

"Her Prairie Knight": In this lighthearted romance, Beatrice must choose between an English nobleman or her handsome cowboy neighbor. It's a delightful read.

In "Riders of the Purple Sage" & the sequel "The Rainbow Trail" (aka "The Desert Crucible"), writer Zane Grey depicts gunman Lassiter, the role model for bold western characters.  He is a complex man, with a reputation that would scare a less insightful woman than Jane Withersteen. Links to free, full length audio books of these novels are included.

In "The Border Legion" by Zane Grey, Joan regrets her quarrel with Jim. and sets out alone in the wilderness to track Jim, before he makes a fatal error. But will Jack, the leader of the outlaws, be the one to claim Joan's heart?

In "Wildfire", an incident with bold Lucy stealing a rude man's clothes (while he swims) leads to an adventure with a wild horse, a vengeful spurned man, and finding love with a hero.

In "A Texas Ranger", the heroine, desperate to help her brother, tries to steal horses at gunpoint. She chooses a man who turns the tables on her and steals kisses.

In this real life "Letters from a Woman Homesteader", Elinore delivers colorful and sometimes humorous descriptions of people and real life incidents. A link to a free, full length audio book of this book is included. Widowed Elinore travels to Denver, and then Wyoming,  for work to support herself and her two-year-old daughter. She finds love and friends along the way. Elinore Pruitt Stewart's homestead is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Her letters became the basis for the movie, "Heartland" and showed the important role women homesteaders played in the West.

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From beloved author Zane Grey come four thrilling tales of the West. The very essence of the American West can be found in the stories of Zane Grey, an author whose popularity has not flagged since his first novel was published.

"Silvermane" is concerned with the efforts of two Mormon mustangers, brothers Lee and Cuth Stewart, to capture a wild stallion in the Sevier range country.

"Tappan's Burro," with the text restored from the author's handwritten manuscript, tells of the life of a desert prospector and his burro, Jenet. Tappan dreams of finding gold-and does. When he is pursued by claim jumpers, it is Jenet who guides him across the floor of Death Valley when it is beset by suffocating gales of nocturnal heat and gas.

"Canon Walls," also restored according to the author's holographic manuscript, is the story of outlaw Smoke Bellew, who enters a remote Mormon settlement only a jump ahead of a posse. Finding employment as a ranch hand working for a dowager Mormon, Smoke is able to make her ranch a financial success while simultaneously falling in love with her wanton daughter, Rebecca. But it is too good to last.

"From Missouri," its text restored as well, is a story about a schoolteacher from the East who is discouraged from coming to Arizona Territory by letters forged by three cowhands. But the mysterious Frank Owens' love letters convince her she must come anyway. When Jane Stacey does arrive, to the amazement of the three cowhands, she is not the middle-aged matron they had expected but a young and very attractive woman. However, the lecherous Beady Jones has his own idea of how the new schoolmarm should be introduced to the West.

This carefully crafted ebook: “The Ohio River Trilogy + The Purple Sage Saga + The Lone Star Ranger + The Border Legion (7 Western Classics in One Volume)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Spirit of the Border is a historical novel. It is based on events occurring in the Ohio River Valley in the late eighteenth century. It features the exploits of Lewis Wetzel, a historical personage who had dedicated his life to the destruction of Native Americans and to the protection of nascent white settlements in that region. Riders of the Purple Sage is a Western Classic. Considered by many critics to have played a significant role in shaping the formula of the popular Western genre, the novel has been called "the most popular western novel of all time.” The Rainbow Trail, also known as The Desert Crucible, is a sequel to Riders of the Purple Sage. The novel takes place ten years after events of Riders of the Purple Sage. The Lone Star Ranger is a Western novel that takes place in Texas, the Lone Star State, and several main characters are Texas Rangers, a famous band of highly capable law enforcement officers. It follows the life of Buck Duane, a man who becomes an outlaw and then redeems himself in the eyes of the law. The Border Legion tells the story of a cold hearted man named Jack Kells who falls in love with Miss Joan Randle, a girl his legion has taken captive near the Idaho border. Zane Grey (1872-1939) was an American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that were a basis for the Western genre in literature and the arts. With his veracity and emotional intensity, he connected with millions of readers worldwide, during peacetime and war, and inspired many Western writers who followed him. Table of Contents: Betty Zane The Spirit Of The Border The Last Trail Riders Of The Purple Sage The Rainbow Trail The Lone Star Ranger The Border Legion
This carefully edited ebook is a hand-picked collection of world’s most admired Westerns in one volume: Riders of the Purple Sage (Zane Grey) The Rainbow Trail The Spirit of the Border The Untamed (Max Brand) The Night Horseman The Seventh Man The Virginian (Owen Wister) The Last of the Mohicans (James F. Cooper) The Prairie Chip, of the Flying U (B. M. Bower) The Flying U Ranch The Flying U's Last Stand Cabin Fever Rimrock Trail (J. Allan Dunn) The 'Breckinridge Elkins’ Series (Robert E. Howard) The Last of the Plainsmen (Zane Grey) The Outcasts of Poker Flat (Bret Harte) The Wolf Hunters (James Oliver Curwood) The Gold Hunters The Border Legion The Country Beyond (Curwood) The Lone Star Ranger (Grey) Riders of the Silences (Brand) The Call of the Wild (Jack London) Heart of the West (O. Henry) White Fang (London) The Lure of the Dim Trails (Bower) The Luck of Roaring Camp (Harte) The Rustlers of Pecos County (Grey) O Pioneers! (Willa Cather) My Ántonia Roughing It (Mark Twain) The Log of a Cowboy (Andy Adams) The Two-Gun Man (Charles Alden Seltzer) The Law of the Land (Emerson Hough) The Short Cut (Jackson Gregory) Astoria (Washington Irving) The Valley of Silent Men (James Oliver Curwood) “Drag” Harlan (Charles Alden Seltzer) Whispering Smith (Frank H. Spearman) The Outlet (Andy Adams) Reed Anthony, Cowman A Texas Cow Boy (Charles Siringo) The Boss of the Lazy Y (Charles Alden Seltzer) The Golden Dream (R.M. Ballantyne) The Blue Hotel (Stephen Crane) The Long Shadow (B. M. Bower) The Girl from Montana (Grace Livingston Hill) The Hidden Children (Robert W. Chambers) The Way of an Indian (Frederic Remington) The Bridge of the Gods (Frederic Homer Balch) Where the Trail Divides (Will Lillibridge) The Desert Trail (Dane Coolidge) The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky (Stephen Crane) That Girl Montana (Marah Ellis Ryan) The Long Dim Trail (Forrestine C. Hooker) Hidden Water (Dane Coolidge) A Voice in the Wilderness (Grace Livingston Hill) The Story of the Cowboy (Emerson Hough) The Story of the Outlaw
This collection of world’s greatest western novels and stories include rip roarin’ cowboy adventures, tales of the famous outcasts, the heroes of the Wild West, conniving villains and intriguing sagas: Introduction Story of the Cowboy Story of the Outlaw Novels & Stories Riders of the Purple Sage Saga (Zane Grey) Ohio River Trilogy Dan Barry Series (Max Brand) The Virginian (Owen Wister) Lin McLean Leatherstocking Series (James F. Cooper) Flying U Series (B. M. Bower) Cabin Fever Rimrock Trail (J. Allan Dunn) Breckinridge Elkins Series (Robert E. Howard) In a Hollow of the Hills (Bret Harte) Roughing It (Mark Twain) Outcasts of Poker Flat Call of the Wild (Jack London) Heart of the West (O. Henry) White Fang Wolf Hunters (James Oliver Curwood) Gold Hunters Last of the Plainsmen Border Legion Smoke Bellew Country Beyond Lone Star Ranger Ronicky Doone Trilogy Riders of the Silences Three Partners Man of the Forest Lure of the Dim Trails Tennessee’s Partner Covered Wagon (Emerson Hough) Luck of Roaring Camp Rustlers of Pecos County Pike Bearfield Series O Pioneers! (Willa Cather) My Ántonia Log of a Cowboy (Andy Adams) Two-Gun Man (Charles Alden Seltzer) Short Cut (Jackson Gregory) Astoria (Washington Irving) Ungava (R.M. Ballantyne) Valley of Silent Men Black Jack Whispering Smith (Frank H. Spearman) A Texas Cow Boy (Charles Siringo) Trail Horde Golden Dream (Ballantyne) Blue Hotel (Stephen Crane) Long Shadow Girl from Montana (Grace Livingston Hill) Hidden Children (Robert W. Chambers) Where the Trail Divides Desert Trail (Dane Coolidge) Bride Comes to Yellow Sky Hidden Water…
“Where I was raised a woman’s word was law. I ain’t quite outgrowed that yet.”
? Zane Grey, Riders of the Purple Sage
Zane Grey’s Riders of the Purple Sage has been called “the most popular western novel of all time” (Fred Stenson, 2004). Critic Russell Nye wrote that it “combined adventure, action, violence, crisis, conflict, sentimentalism, and sex in an extremely shrewd mixture,” and it played a critical role in shaping the formula for the Western novel.
First published by Harper & Brothers in 1912, it tells the story of Jane Withersteen, a sincere and faithful young Mormon woman who is persecuted by members of her own Mormon fundamentalist church. Left in an unusual situation for a Mormon woman of her time, the as yet unmarried Jane Withersteen had inherited a large and rich piece of property from her father. Elder Tull, a church leader, wants her to marry him, but she does not want to, a refusal he does not brook well.
Withersteen is beset by troubles, but throughout much of the novel she struggles with her “blindness” and inability to fully grasp the nature of her church and its leaders. A number of friends, including Bern Venters and Lassiter, a famous gunman and killer of Mormons, do their best to help her, but her strong adherence to her creed compel her to prevent Venters and Lassiter from killing the adversaries who are slowly ruining her.
Told by a master storyteller, Zane Grey’s “popularity was neither accidental nor undeserved,” wrote Nye. “Few popular novelists have possessed such a grasp of what the public wanted and few have developed Grey’s skill at supplying it.”
Now, for the first time in a century, Zane Grey's best-known novel is presented in its original form exactly as he wrote it. When in the early 1900s Zane Grey took his manuscript to two publishing companies, they rejected it because of the theme of Mormon polygamy, fearing it would offend their readers and subscribers. Then Grey made a special plea to Frederick Duneka, who was vice-president of Harper & Bros. and who had been Mark Twain's editor at that company. Duneka and his wife read the novel and liked it but feared it would offend some readers. Harper & Bros. agreed to publish a changed version of the novel and purchased both the book and magazine-serial rights. Given the task of executing the necessary editorial changes, a senior editor of the company made changes in tone, diction, and style as well as content. The novel first appeared in nineteen installments in the monthly magazine Field & Stream from January 1912 to July 1913. Blackstone Audio here presents the original, uncensored, unabridged novel Riders of the Purple Sage, obtained through the Golden West Literary Agency with the cooperation of Zane Grey's son, Loren Grey, and the Ohio State Historical Society. In Cottonwoods, Utah, in 1871, a woman stands accused and a man is sentenced to whipping. Into this travesty of small-town justice rides the one man whom the town elders fear. His name is Lassiter, and he is a notorious gunman who's come to avenge his sister's death. It doesn't take Lassiter long to see that this once peaceful Mormon community is controlled by the corrupt Deacon Tull, a powerful elder who's trying to take the woman's land by forcing her to marry him, branding her foreman as a dangerous 'outsider.' Lassiter vows to help them. But when the ranch is attacked by horse thieves, cattle rustlers, and a mysterious masked rider, he realizes that they're up against something bigger, and more brutal, than the land itself.
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