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The Handbuilt Home: 34 Simple Stylish and Budget-Friendly Woodworking Projects for Every Room

Ana White
Create a Beautiful, Modern Home with One-of-a-Kind DIY FurnitureBeds, organizers, Adirondack chairs, a play table, and more! It's easy to build inexpensive, quality furnishings with this indispens

Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

Danny Proulx
Build your own kitchen cabinets! You don't need a showroom full of equipment or expertise in calculus to build your own kitchen cabinets. In fact, Danny Proulx's concise, easy-to-follow instruction

Workbenches: From Design And Theory To Construction And Use

Christopher Schwarz
Two Centuries of Workbench Wisdom in One Book!With this book, your very first workbench will do everything you need it to do—possibly for the rest of your woodworking career!Encompassing yea

I Can Do That! Woodworking Projects: 17 quality furniture projects that require minimal tools and experience

David Thiel
You can do that, quickly, easily and save money! Beginning woodworkers (or experienced woodworkers that are in a hurry) can build these top-quality projects quickly and efficiently. Each p

The Woodworker's Bible: A Complete Guide to Woodworking

Percy Blandford
Woodworking is TimelessThings change, to be sure, and woodworking is no exception. New tools come on the market, older tools are upgraded and a number of new, finely made hand tools are now availab

The New Traditional Woodworker: From Tool Set to Skill Set to Mind Set

Jim Tolpin
Working Wood, Not Machining It If you're more interested in working with wood rather than machining it, you will be relieved to learn that expensive powered machinery isn't required to build furnit

Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Cabinets & Countertops: How to Customize Your Home with Cabinetry

Editors of Cool Springs Press
  DIVA skillbuilding and confidence-creating introduction to working with cabinets and countertops, The Complete Guide to Cabinets & Countertops contains comprehensive informatio

Simply-Built Furniture

Danny Proulx
Keep it simple, keep it basic, keep it fun! Simply-Built Furniture is part of Danny Proulx's legacy to the woodworking world. He showed us that furniture doesn't have to be ornate or highly

The Weekend Woodworker's Project Collection: 40 Projects for the Time-Challenged Craftsman

Editors of Popular Woodworking
Pick a Project, Finish It in a WeekendDo you have time only during weekends to immerse yourself in your woodworking? If so, then The Weekend Woodworker's Project Collection is for you. This

The Workbench Design Book: The Art & Philosophy of Building Better Benches

Christopher Schwarz
The follow-up book to Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & UseComplete plans, expert instruction and rationale for building nine workbench formsInstruction on improving

Joinery Tips & Techniques

Editors of Popular Woodworking
From Dados to Dovetails - It's All Here!From the lowly butt joint to the vaunted dovetail, joinery makes a woodworking project stronger, attractive and durable. Learn how to make the most common wo

Wood Finishing 101: The Step-by-Step Guide

Bob Flexner
Wood finishing doesn't have to be complicated or confusing. It can be "boiled down" to simple step-by-step instructions. And that's what this book offers; no science, no art, just easily-to-follow

Measure Twice, Cut Once: Simple Steps to Measure, Scale, Draw and Make the Perfect Cut-Every Time.

Jim Tolpin
The First Book a Woodworker Needs! Professional woodworker Jim Tolpin offers solid instruction on the principles of measurement and proportion, walking you through every step of the woodworking proces

I Can Do That! Woodworking Projects - Updated and Expanded

Editors of Popular Woodworking
Updated and Expanded!Beginning woodworkers are constantly stymied by the apparent need for thousands of pounds worth of tools to start their hobby. Once they have the tool, they face a learning cur

Easy-to-Build Outdoor Projects: 29 Projects for Your Yard and Garden

Editors of Popular Woodworking Magazine
Build Your Own Backyard Getaway! From Adirondack chairs and porch swings, to birdhouses and potting benches, Easy-to-Build Outdoor Projects is filled with the types of practical and attracti

The Woodworker's Guide to Pricing Your Work

Dan Ramsey
You're thinking about selling your woodworking projects, but what should you charge for them? How can you set a price that's too good to pass up without selling your work short? Dan Ramsey answers the

The Perfect Edge: The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers

Ron Hock
Sharp Tools Work Better! If you've never experienced the pleasure of using a really sharp tool, you're missing one of the real pleasures of woodworking. In The Perfect Edge, the mystery of t

Danny Proulx's 50 Shop-Made Jigs & Fixtures: Jigs & Fixtures For Every Tool in Your Shop

Danny Proulx
Any savvy woodworker knows that the right jigs and fixtures can greatly expand your capabilities and creativity in the shop. In fact, they'll allow you to perform many tasks that a basic table saw, ro

The Table Book: 35 Classic to Contemporary Projects

Editors of Popular Woodworking
Build a table of any style for any occasion Need a table? The Table Book is just what you need. It contains 35 projects to choose from, each with complete plans, cutting lists and detailed s

The Backyard Lumberjack: The Ultimate Guide to Felling, Bucking, Splitting & Stacking

Frank Philbrick
"The Philbricks offer buying advice based on the quantity of wood to be cut and the amount of time to be spent on the job. Diagrams of chainsaw parts, functions, and maintenance requirements; tables a

Box by Box: 21 Projects for Developing Your Woodworking Skills

Jim Stack
Hone Your Woodworking Skills One Box at a Time When it comes to great woodworking projects, it's hard to beat boxes. Using a minimal amount of materials, you can craft wonderful gifts or items for

Puzzle Boxes: Fun and Intriguing Bandsaw Projects

Jeff Vollmer
Unlocking the Secrets of the Puzzle Box Have you ever thought inside the box? These band-sawn boxes could be the most intriguing and fun projects you've ever made. Author Jeff Voll

PlyDesign: 73 Distinctive DIY Projects in Plywood (and other sheet goods)

Philip Schmidt
PlyDesign presents 73 ideas for sleek, smart home furnishings that you can make from off-the-shelf sheet materials using only basic hand and power tools. With designs contributed by more than 5

Hand Tool Essentials: Refine Your Power Tool Projects with Hand Tool Techniques

Popular Woodworking Editors
Hand and Power Tools Work Best Together In today's world of more-power-is-better, it's easy to overlook the value of hand tools. What most woodworker's don't realize is that combining both hand and

How To Build Shaker Furniture: The Complete Updated & Improved Classic

Tom Moser
The Shakers produced many incredible furniture objects that we continue to venerate today. For the woodworker the fascination is often rooted in the essential simplicity of the work. Interest in Sh

Bill Hylton's Frame & Panel Magic

Bill Hylton
Build Cabinets That Exceed Every ExpectationWhether you're a first-time woodworker or a seasoned pro, Bill Hylton's Frame & Panel Magic will immediately (and magically) transform the way you

Building Doors and Drawers: A Complete Guide to Design and Construction - Dovetailed Drawers, Utility Drawers, Cabinet Doors, Special Doors, Hardware

Andy Rae
No matter what kind of cabinet you're building, it's the doors that get most of the attention.Everyone can see the doors -- so you want them to be attractive. And everyone will interact with

A Gathering of Spoons: The Design Gallery of the World's Most Stunning Wooden Art Spoons

Norman D. Stevens
"Featuring over 200 hand-carved art spoons, "A Gathering of Spoons" is the definitive photographic record of the world's most brilliant and beautiful examples of art spoon design. Spoonmaking has been

Building Cabinets, Bookcases & Shelves: 29 Step-by-Step Projects to Beautify Your Home

Editors of Popular Woodworking
A Place for Everything...Whether you need storage for books, DVDs, games or clothes, you'll find attractive, custom options in this book. Open shelving? An enclosed cabinet? A classic bookcase? The

Simply Beautiful Boxes

Doug Stowe
Doug Stowe's boxes are more than functional; they're inspired objects of beauty. Now you can recreate the same elegance in your own workshop with these 15 gorgeous boxes.Featuring a wide range of s

The Pocket Hole Drilling Jig Project Book

Danny Proulx
Building gorgeous furniture is easier than ever with the pocket hole jigThe pocket hole jig has revolutionized how joints are made. Not only does this innovative tool produce a strong, durable join

How to Design and Build Your Ideal Woodshop

Bill Stankus
Turn your vision of the perfect woodshop into reality!Picture your ideal woodshop: tools neatly stored within the reach, plenty of space for lumber and materials, ample ventilation, lighting

Woodshop Storage Solutions: 16 Projects for Maximizing Your Workspace

Ralph Laughton
Projects for reinventing your woodshopAre you constantly looking for better and more efficient ways of storing and using your tools? By the time you've collected your tools, gathered materia

Woodworking FAQ: The Workshop Companion: Build Your Skills and Know-How for Making Great Projects

Spike Carlsen
Do you have questions about woodworking? Spike Carlsen has the answers! Woodworking FAQ has everything you want to know, whether you're a beginner planning your first project or an experienced

Flexner on Finishing: Finally - Answers to Your Wood Finishing Fears & Frustrations

Bob Flexner
Everything You Need to Finish Your Woodworking Projects Like a Pro No more mystery. No more hype. Told as it is. Take control of finishing by learning how to use the many finishes available--and what

The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Tree House: For Parents and Adults Who Are Kids at Heart

Charles Wesley Orton
As children, many people dreamed of having a tree house, a place where they could get away to play and relax. Today, more and more people are making this dream a reality for their children, especia

Crown Molding and Trim: Install It Like a Pro!

Wayne Drake
This unique book (printed in full color) contains all the information needed to cut and install crown molding and trim. Cathedral/vaulted ceilings are rarely attempted because of the many diverse comp

Building the Perfect Tool Chest

Jim Stack
Build the tool chest of your dreams! Why spend money on prepackaged tool boxes when you can make something better from scratch - a tool box tailored to your specific needs? In Building the Perfect Too

Popular Woodworking's Arts & Crafts Furniture: 25 Projects For Every Room In Your Home

Popular Woodworking Editors
Timeless Style and Simplicity Simple and beautiful, Arts & Crafts furniture designs offer an excellent learning medium for furniture building. The Arts & Crafts style allows the craftsman to build

Building Woodshop Workstations

Danny Proulx
Transform your woodshop to suit your needs! Whether you want more workspace or just a more efficient setup, here are all the designs you need to build the workshop of your dreams. Danny Proulx provide

Arts & Crafts Furniture Anyone Can Make

David Thiel
Good Looking and Simple Furniture doesn't have to be complicated to be good looking. By reducing classic Arts & Crafts furniture designs to their basics, then adding simple, screw-together joinery,

Popular Woodworking Practical Shop Math

Tom Begnal
Multiply your woodworking talentsThere's no getting around it: woodworking involves math. If you don't know how to do basic calculations, you'll be at somewhat of a disadvantage as a woodwor

David Thiel's Power Tool Maintenance: Peak Performance and Safety for Life

David Thiel
Get a Lifetime of Peak Performance from Your Woodworking Power Tools Taking care of your tools is important. You want them to work and you want them to last. Both financially and emotionally, woodw

The Everything Woodworking Book: A Beginner's Guide To Creating Great Projects From Start To Finish

Jim Stack
The Everything Woodworking Book is an essential guide for tapping into the exciting world of woodcraft. Popular Woodworking's Jim Stack packs tons of practical information-from learning how to

Chairmaking Simplified: 24 Projects Using Shop-Made Jigs

Kerry Pierce
The fear of chairmaking is gone! Worried that you don't have what it takes to create stunning and comfortable chairs? From getting the perfect angle to making sure the size is just right and that e

Precision Trim Carpentry

Rick Williams
Do it yourself - and do it right! This invaluable book provides all the instruction you need to craft professional-level precision trim carpentry. Inside you'll find start-to-finish guidelines and ste

Quick & Easy Jigs and Fixtures

Kerry Pierce
Simple, Astonishingly Effective Jigs You've Never Seen Anywhere Else Add speed, accuracy and ease to almost every operation in your shop with this book of 16 ingenious jigs, clever workshop

Bill Hylton's Ultimate Guide to the Router Table

Bill Hylton
The first operator's manual for the router table If you don't have a router table in your shop yet, you should! The router table opens up a whole new world of using the router that simply can't be

Whittlin' Whistles: How to Make Music with Your Pocket Knife

Rick Wiebe
One of the signature projects whittlers enjoy working on is the whistle, and this book addresses each and every detail of successful whistle making. With a pocket knife and some readily available mate

Cutting-Edge Table Saw Tips & Tricks

Kenneth Burton
Get more out of your table saw! The table saw is the most versatile power tool in your shop. Unfortunately, many woodworkers don't realize it! Cutting-Edge Table Saw Tips & Tricks will make woodworkin

The Village Carpenter: The Classic Memoir of the Life of a Victorian Craftsman

Walter Rose
First published in 1937, this woodworking classic reveals a fascinating look into the social structure of a 19th-century English town and a carpenter's place in it. Encapsulating a time prior to power

Acoustics of Wood

Voichita Bucur
The book 'Acoustics of Wood' is devoted to those aspects related to the development of acoustic methods as an effective means for examining physical properties of wood through an interdisciplinary app

Primary Wood Processing: Principles and Practice

J. C. F. Walker
This book is primarily a general text covering the whole sweep of the forest industries. The over-riding emphasis is on a clear, simple interpretation of the underlying science, demonstrating how such

Danny Proulx's Toolboxes & Workbenches: 13 Fast & Easy Projects

Danny Proulx
Build toolboxes and workbenches tailored to suit your needs!Why spend countless hours and valuable dollars searching for storage solutions to fit your unique space, needs and wants? Now you

Making Wooden Mechanical Models: 15 Designs with Visible Wheels, Cranks, Pistons, Cogs, and Cams

Alan Bridgewater
There's something intriguing about a machine with well-crafted wooden parts . . . cogs and cams that fit together "just so" to perform a task. There's also precise challenge in building such a wood

Simply Built Cabinets

Danny Proulx
Yes, cabinets are those things that make up the storage in a kitchen. And they are the built-in storage spaces in your bathroom, den and other rooms. But cabinets are also free-standing storage units

Building Real Furniture for Everyday Life

Chris Gleason
Functional, fashionable, fun-to-build furniture! Break down the barriers that stop you from building the furniture you need. Even if you're short on tools, time or money, you can make practical, sturd

The Best of Danny Proulx's Storage and Shelving

Danny Proulx
Build useful storage projects for every room in your home including the basement and garage! Who doesn't need more storage? With The Best of Danny Proulx's Storage and Shelving you will have the least

Wood Structure and Environment

Fritz Hans Schweingruber
Dendrochronology and wood anatomy developed for decades as two independent scientific fields. It was only in the last decade that it was made clear that the dimension of time is the fourth dimension f

Building Simple Furniture: Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin A-06

Cathy Baker
                EASY-TO-BUILD PROJECTS FOR THE WEEKEND WOODWORKER! Look over the variety of simple wood-working projects in the bulletin and you’ll quickly find something that deserves a pla