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Carly had seen Will whacking off before the barn before, but this time she’d been fascinated enough to try it herself…and wow! It had really felt good! So she figured that maybe they should try it together sometime, and see if sharing sex was even more fun than doing it alone… (Book 5 of “The Hazard Chronicles”)

~~~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~~~

He was horny.

Hell, he was always horny. Why should today be any different?

Will heaved a reluctant sigh, and wrapped his big hand around his rigid shaft. He’d been masturbating ever since his live-in girlfriend of nearly twelve years had gotten sick of living on a farm, and headed for the big city.

She thought she could be an actress, and Carly and he would only slow her down. So she’d packed up and left one day, without a single word of warning or apology, while Carly was at school and he was out working in the fields.

That had been almost six years ago. And he hadn’t heard a single word from her since then. Maybe she’d made it big—he hoped so, for her sake, because acting had been her passion ever since they’d been kids. She probably would have headed for Hollywood right out of school, if she hadn’t accidentally gotten pregnant by some guy back in high school. Looking back on it, he was actually surprised that she’d stayed as long as she had.

Didn’t change the fact, though, that he hadn’t gotten laid even once since she’d left. And he was sick and tired of having to beat off every single time he got horny…which was most of the time.

Just for once, what he wouldn’t give to feel a woman’s hot, wet mouth…

Cassandra couldn't figure out why Hollywood superstar Aristotle Gardan seemed to find her so fascinating...but she wasn't going to question her good fortune! Little did she know that Ari burned to be her first lover, and teach her about the amazing joys of sex outside by his big moonlit swimming pool!


Cass tried very hard to purge the image of Ari clad in nothing but skintight swimming trunks from her vivid imagination. But how could she, when he was standing so close that she could feel the heat of his long, lean body right through her flimsy blouse? She’d watched every movie he’d ever made, and every scene where he’d been half-naked was permanently engraved in her photographic memory.

Her fingers curled into helpless fists as flames burned right through her belly, spreading tingles across her skin in quick, rippling bursts. Her breath wanted to emerge in quick pants, and it took every ounce of willpower she possessed to keep from moaning with mingled fear and burgeoning lust.

Cass was fighting the urge to touch him; Ari was too experienced with women to miss the little telltale signs. And her pulse was hammering--he could feel it thrumming beneath her skin when he deliberately slid his hand down her slender back.

A blistering jolt of anticipation rioted through his veins. She was such an unexpected mix of contradictions, bold and sassy one moment, yet virginally wary and innocent the next!

Innocence had always spurred his need to protect...but at a deeper level, it inflamed his hormones to unbearable heights. And there was something about her shy blush that kindled his desire like a forest fire blazing out of control. Fierce need began to hammer in his veins like a quick drum tattoo when he felt the quick shiver that rippled down her spine.

Of their own accord, his hands rose to cup her slender hips and draw her back against his chest. He felt, more than heard, her quick gasp of surprise. Tiny flames seemed to sparkle against his palms, so that his fingers moved restlessly, caressing through the fine material of her wraparound skirt.

“Cass.” He breathed in the fragrant scent of her long, curling hair, and felt hunger rise in him, hot and hard, straining for release. His muscular thighs grazed against hers, and the roaring of his blood swelled like thunder, blocking out any soft sound she might have made. 

Hazard, Montana, looks like such a wholesome little town! But there are wicked secrets hiding in the shadows. Forbidden temptations, wicked lusts, and evil desires are tempting one family after another. Join the carnal fun in Hazard...if you dare!

1) Runaway - Hawke had been living alone for so many years that he'd almost forgotten how incredible sex could be. Now he wasn't alone anymore--not since he'd found a ragged little runaway hiding in his barn, and realized that she was an outrageously sexy teenage girl! Having sex really was like riding a bike. No matter how long it had been, your body remembered. And his was coming alive again with a vengeance! How long could he manage to keep his hands off her, before hot lust tore him apart?

2) A Long Time Coming - Brad hadn't gotten laid in weeks, and now he was so horny that he was about to burst! In his wildest dreams, he'd never imagined that Deanna thought he was totally hot, and had always wanted to bang him! But he was about to find out!

3) Homecoming - Byron and Carly were blissfully happy, until she got word that her grandfather had suffered a heart attack. She insisted on going to care for him. But before she left, she invited Samantha over to keep him company! Samantha could hardly wait to climb back into Byron’s big, comfortable bed, and bang the daylights out of him!

4) Emergency - Carly hated to fly, especially now that she was pregnant. But Will thought that pregnant women were sexy...and he knew just how to distract her!

5) Something In The Water - Cameron had always known that Maya was sexy...but he'd never realized that she thought he was, too! And when she caught him masturbating in the shower...well, what was a horny girl to do? Having forbidden sex with Cam was a temptation she just couldn't resist!

6) Spring Retreat - Pastor Quetzel had been looking forward to the annual spring retreat, until he learned that the ultra-sexy campground manager, Marita, was out of town. Now he was so horny that he could barely stand it! But he was surrounded by pretty teen girls who might welcome the attention of an experienced man...and he could hardly wait to pick one to share his bed!

7) Three Men And A Babe - Chelsea had been looking forward to spending the entire week banging Pastor Quetzel--but when she arrived at the so-called religious retreat, she found him banging one of the pretty teens!  Now she was horny, frustrated, and drunk. That was a bad combination...unless she could entice three of the other horny, frustrated, and drunk counselors to bang the living daylights out of her!

8) Ranger’s Lookout - The annual spring retreat was in full swing. Brad's and Matt's real goals were to find some sexy girls and get laid, but so far they hadn't been having any luck. But their luck changed when the sexy local ranger took them up to her cozy lookout...then offered to bang both of them!

9) Double Your Pleasure - When Peter and Joyce had snuck away from camp to find a private place to bang each other, they'd stumbled across three horny counselors gangbanging sexy Chelsea Keegan. Now they were even hornier than before! And they never expected to interrupt Jerry and Jenny down by the lake! They'd wanted to trade partners with Jerry and Jenny for a long time...and now they had the perfect chance! But would the other teens want to trade partners, too?

 Preacher had been searching for his perfect "Chosen One" for years. One by one, he had rejected all the other girls in his secret commune, until only Eve was left. Would she be his special consort, the only one who was fully capable of serving all his intense sexual needs?


She didn’t want Preacher to touch her. The look in his eyes made her feel jumpy inside, and a little she was a little mouse, and he was the cat just waiting to pounce on her and eat her up. She’d only once dared to say so to Sheba, one of the older girls who’d shared her sleeping room until her baby girl was born. Sheba had giggled, and said she was right, that Preacher would eat her all up. But then she’d promised that Eve would like it a lot.

It was all very strange.

He was watching her again. And Eve felt the fear churn in her stomach as he slowly stood up, and walked over to where she was kneeling on her pad. Maybe if she prayed really, really hard...

The light touch on her shoulder nearly made her scream with terror. But when she nervously peered up, Preacher was smiling down at her. And suddenly she didn’t feel so scared anymore.

“It’s your turn, Eve.” No one else seemed to hear him speak, but she did, crystal clear in her mind. “Come with me now, there’s a good girl. You’re my Chosen today. It’s a great honor.”

Yes, it was a great honor. She knew that. Being Chosen made her special.

Obediently Eve stood up, and shook the wrinkles from her long gray skirt, and followed Preacher into his secret room behind the praying area. She was almost as tall as Preacher--when had that happened?

“You’re a very good girl.” He was still smiling as he closed the door and locked it. “I’m very pleased with you. I know you’ll do just what I tell you. Won’t you, Eve?”

A little trickle of fear began to intrude again, but Eve nodded. She’d do whatever Preacher wanted. That’s what girls were for, to please him. She’d been taught that right from birth.

“I want you to take off your clothes.”
Rusty was in for a shock when he rounded the barn corner, and found his boss’s pretty daughter trying to smoke a cigarette! Why hadn’t he realized how much she’d grown up? And she looked outrageously sexy in that skimpy vest and shorts!

Suddenly he ached to cool the fire in his blood by plunging deep into her hot little body. And he’d figured out the perfect way to get away with it!


~~~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~~~


He was treating her like a little kid again! Damn, she hated that!

“Fine!” she retorted, throwing her shoulders back in a rebellious gesture. “Name something, anything at all! I’ll do it for you without complaining, just you wait and see!”

Rusty took a step in her direction, then stopped. “Anything?” he echoed, clenching his big fists. “Anything at all, if I don’t tell your father I caught you smoking behind the barn?”

Holly defiantly lifted her chin. “Anything!” she insisted. “I don’t care how dirty or disgusting it is, I’m going to prove to you once and for all that I’m not a baby anymore!”

Rusty’s eyes narrowed. “Oh, you’ve already managed that, darlin’,” he assured her in a low, intense voice. “God only knows why I didn’t see it before now!”

Something was going on that she didn’t understand...but Holly had issued the challenge, so she had to live up to it, no matter what the consequences might be. She boldly walked across the room and planted herself right in front of him, so that they were practically nose to nose.

“Well, what’s it going to be, Rusty?” she demanded, jamming her small fists on her hips. “Mucking out the stables for a month? Fixing the old harvester again? What?”

An odd smile curved Rusty’s lips as he stared down at her. Holly suddenly had the unnerving sensation that he was secretly laughing at her...and his next words confirmed her suspicions. “Is that the very worst that you can think of, little one?” he mocked, brushing back a wayward curl from her face. “I can think of much worse punishments!”

Holly’s pulse began to hammer in triple-time. What could possibly be worse than getting all grimy and greasy inside the big harvester engine?

“Anything, you said,” Rusty slowly repeated, tilting his head to one side. “Holly darlin,’ I’m gonna teach you to never disobey again!”

The girl’s face paled, and she had to fight another urge to spin on her heel and run away. “What—what do you want me to do?” she whispered, and hated the way her voice shook.

Rusty hesitated for several long seconds, and the silence seemed to stretch out into eternity. Then he smiled, and shivers began to chase up and down her spine again. “I want you to kiss me,” he ordered.

Cool relief washed over her, and she released a thankful laugh. “Is that all?” she exclaimed. “That’s easy!”

She quickly leaned up and pressed her lips to his tanned cheek...then jumped back again in surprise. Her lips felt like they were on fire!

“Oh, no, Holly!” Rusty warned, catching her wrist. “You want to be a grown up, you’re going to start acting like one! Kiss me the right way—the way a woman kisses a man!”

Icy terror surged through Holly’s small frame. Kiss him...really kiss him?

She’d wanted to forever, but...

“But I don’t know how!” she stammered, flushing in the dim light. “Rusty, I’ve never kissed anyone before! Not like that!”

“Then it’s about time you learned, isn’t it?” he countered, pulling her closer. “I’ll show you what to do...and you’re going to do exactly what I say, aren’t you? Or I’m going to tell your father everything!”

Luke was furious when he found a pretty girl stowed away in his truck! But Grace was a fascinating enigma…and the more he learned about the creepy religious commune where she’d lived, until she’d managed to escape, the more he ached to be her first lover! (erotica, hardcore, runaway, virgin, older man, preacher, trucker, masturbation, religious commune)

~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~

“I’m not going to hurt you.” Luke sounded a little annoyed, then apologetically shook his head. “Look, I’m sorry if I scared you back there. I didn’t mean to. But you caught me off-guard when you pulled your clothes off like that.”

Another baffling contradiction. “But you told me to!” Grace protested, then cringed as if she expected to get slapped for her impertinence.

“Well, yeah, but…”

Sudden awareness prickled down Luke’s spine. “You had to obey Preacher no matter what he ordered? If he told you to strip down right in front of everyone, you’d do it?”

“Of course.” Strict obedience had been drilled into her from birth. “Preacher is always obeyed.”

His soft expletive echoed through the cabin for several long moments. “So when he told you it was your breeding time…”

Grace shivered a little. “I tried to obey him. I did!” Her small hands twisted together in renewed distress. “But it felt so wrong when he touched me that I panicked!”

He could see it all too clearly—the crazed old man, the frightened young girl. The manic expression on his face, the stark terror on hers. His eager panting gasps, her tearful whimpers.

The hot lust that slammed into Luke, and hardened him to flashpoint intensity, was shameful—and uncontrollable. Fierce shudders racked his lean body as he sucked in one raspy breath, then another.

“Grace…oh, God!” he groaned, clutching the big steering wheel with frenzied strength. Sweat began to bead his tanned forehead as he fought the primal urge to erupt in a hot orgasmic gush. “I swear I won’t touch you. But if I don’t beat off fast, I could wreck the truck, and kill us both! I have to…I have to!”

Grace gaped at him with wide, frightened eyes as he urgently wrestled with his belt and zipper, then yanked his rigid eight-inch shaft free. The relief, as cool air wafted over it, was enormous! His eyes nearly crossed with giddy pleasure.

It was just like before, when she’d listened to him vigorously masturbating…only this time he was doing it right in front of her! She stared in fascination as his hand whipped up and down, and the heady scent of his rising excitement enveloped her.

Preacher had done this dozens of times every day, as he’d watched the girls praying or doing their chores. Why had he repulsed her, when every swift move of Luke’s big hand was driving her crazy with a fiery lust that matched his stroke for stroke? 
Randi had thought that Lex might be her first lover…but now they’d broken up, and she was so frustrated and horny! She wanted to get laid more than anything else in the world…but she’d never dreamed that Ben yearned to seduce her!

~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~

Ben shifted behind her, and his big hands covered hers, soothing them. His deep voice echoed, low and hypnotic, in her ear as he bent close enough to whisper, “Tell me what Lex was doing to you.”

“Why? So you can go beat him up?” Not that he didn’t deserve it, but…

Ben softly chuckled. “No. So I can finish what he started. If you want me to.”

Randi sucked in a startled breath. “You’d… You would? But why?”

For answer, he moved a little closer. Heat was pumping from his muscular body. But it was the big bulge jutting out from his tight jeans that made her gasp in surprise.

He arched his hips, just a little, and let his swollen shaft graze back and forth against her sensitive thigh. “Because you’re young, and beautiful, and sexy, and I get rock-hard every time I look at you.”

Randi gulped. “You do?”

Suddenly she couldn’t breathe. The air seemed to have turned to thick soup.

“And tonight, you’re ready to take your first lover…and you’re very wet, aren’t you? And very aching and empty inside.”

Very, very slowly, he splayed his fingers so that they slid past her clenched hands…and began to caress her quivering skin. “You need to be filled, don’t you? Long and slow and hard, until the aching emptiness is filled, and the entire universe explodes into brilliant colors around you.”

She gasped again, because it felt so good! Why hadn’t it felt that good when Lex had fondled her?

“I’ll stop if you want me to, and we’ll never mention it again. But if you want to finish what you started this afternoon, I’m yours. I’ll fill that empty ache inside you. And I won’t stop until I give you what you want…and need.”

He really wanted her? It was like a dream come true!

“Please…” She could barely even gasp out the word.



Rory was in for a surprise when he came home early from a business trip—the sexy girl he’d asked to mind his house was splashing around in his hot tub, and watching a really hot porn movie on his big ceiling TV. She was so embarrassed when he caught her at it…but she was so horny that he was sure he could entice her into spreading her pretty legs, and letting him be her first lover!


~~~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~~~


Very slowly, Rory let his hand drift from Devon’s silky hair to her glistening shoulder. Tiny bubbles popped under his fingers. “Would you like to have fun with me, Devon?”

Again her rapt gaze was drawn up to the TV screen, just in time to see Trixie snuggling up against Butch with a delighted smile on her face. “They really are having fun?”

“Oh, yeah!” And his long shaft was rigid and hot just from thinking about it!

“No.” Suddenly she backpedaled, and drew away from him. “I’d get in lots of trouble with my folks.”

“Only if you tell them.” He wiggled his eyebrows teasingly. “I won’t tell them if you won’t.”


“I’m your friend,” he repeated, and wondered if he’d ever been this innocent and shy. Probably not...he’d discovered the miraculous wonder of pretty naked girls a long time ago.

“You know what,” he added as inspiration suddenly struck, “you missed most of the movie since I came in and startled you. Why don’t you watch it again, and I’ll scrub your back. And if that feels good, then maybe we can play together a little more.”

“Well...” The bubbles sure felt good against her bare skin! And even though it was totally wicked, she really did want to watch the whole that she was sure he wasn’t mad at her. “I guess that would be okay.”

Rory’s shaft hardened even more. If he played his cards right, would he be able to seduce her here, tonight? First in his huge bathtub, and later in his big luxurious bed?

Jerry’s always been popular with the local girls, but he never even considered having sex with pretty Jenny—until he caught her skinny-dipping in the pond, and she enticed him into a ball-busting blowjob! Now, even though he knows it was wrong, he simply can’t think of anything else…

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

People change gradually, and sometimes you don’t notice the changes until something forces you to pay attention.

Like Jenny’s skimpy little bikini, the one she liked to wear down by the pond.

I’d seen it a thousand times without really noticing it...and then suddenly I realized that I had noticed it...because she was standing at the edge of the water, and she wasn’t wearing it anymore.

I also realized, at that same moment, that I was hornier than I’d ever been in my entire life.

I was so shocked that I nearly went limp again.

Then Jenny turned to grin at me, and her soft laugh was so full of mischief that I couldn’t help grinning back.

“How long has it been since we’ve gone skinny-dipping together, Jerry?” she asked as she dipped a toe in the water and swirled it around.

My blood began to boil even hotter than before. I tried to ignore it, and focus on her question. It had to have been...oh, six or seven years, at least...

Sunlight was glistening off her luscious tanned skin, making it hard for me to concentrate. “We’re too old for that kind of thing now.”

Jenny laughed again. “Since when?” she teased, splashing water at me with one foot. I tried not to flinch as it sprayed across my bare legs and chest.

“C’mon, Jen,” I pleaded, trying to look anywhere else. “Get your suit back on!”

Jenny only laughed, and waded deeper into the water. “You aren’t scared to join me, are you?” she taunted. “C’mon, Jerry, the water’s great!”


Cara loved pulling pranks on Kean…and this April Fool’s Day prank was going to be the best one yet! But her wicked plot backfired when she crept into his room to tease him awake, and discovered that he was already horny and desperate for sex.

Suddenly the tables were turned, and she found herself helplessly enthralled by the stunning pleasure in his clever hands and muscular body. Could she stop him from going too far and taking her innocence? Did she even want to?

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

She’d taken care with her plans, griping incessantly about her bedroom door’s faint squeaking until Kean’s father had finally gone through the entire house with a can of WD-40. That faint creak had always protected her from Kean’s mischievous retaliation…but this would be worth losing her early-warning system.

His door didn’t squeak anymore, either.

And since it was a weekday, his folks would be gone for hours. It just couldn’t get any better!

He was probably dreaming about Wendy right now, and she wondered, a little jealously, how far they’d gone. Had the sultry blonde spread her legs yet and let Kean have sex with her? Or was she still just teasing him…the way Cara was about to do?

Excitement began to tingle through her limber body when she tiptoed into the hall, and carefully twisted his bedroom knob. His door glided open without a sound.

Kean was sprawled across the mattress, bare-naked except for the thin sheet tangled around his lean waist. Cara eyed him with devilish delight. He’d grown strong and muscular over the years, and had matured into a really handsome young man!

Then her jaw dropped when she realized that the sheet was jutting straight up, and rising and falling in an incredibly erotic rhythm.

He must be having a really amazing dream if he was that horny!

Well, better and better! Instead of having to do all kinds of kinky things to arouse him, then shimmy away again with a wicked laugh, it would only take a few seconds to drive him half-crazy!

Cautiously she padded over to his wide bed, and rested a bare knee on the mattress. He didn’t stir. Gaining courage, she eased over his long body and straddled him, then settled down just a little.

She’d positioned herself better than she realized…


In one panicked second, their long-awaited mountain hiking trip turned to disaster.  But for Jace, dragging Kathy from the icy river was the easy part.  He’d adored Kat all his life, and would risk anything to protect her and keep her safe.  Could he protect her from himself when they were forced to share a single sleeping bag on the cold snow-covered mountain?  (erotica, hardcore, older woman, younger man, outdoor sex, the promise papers) 

~~~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~~~

“Kat.” Jace’s voice seemed to echo from a tremendous distance as he bent over her. “Can you hear me? I’m getting you out of these wet clothes, okay? Don’t fight me.”

His long fingers flew over her icy zipper and frost-coated buttons. Layer by layer, he peeled away river-soaked fabric. It took a while. She’d dressed sensibly, bundling coat over sweater over flannel shirt over long-johns over…

Spirits above, who’d have guessed that she wore such incredibly sexy lingerie under all those bulky clothes? Jace gasped for air like a drowning man, and fought to keep his hands from shaking as he spread one of his own shirts across her pearly naked breasts, then fumbled clumsily with her sodden jeans.

Oh, God. Not only the sexiest lace bra he’d ever seen, but her panties were so sheer that he could see every dark curl beneath them. Heat slammed into his groin so hard and fast that he groaned in agony.

His teeth sank into his bottom lip as he hooked trembling fingers into the cobweb-fine elastic threads riding high over her slender hips. He yanked them down in one swift move, then threw the sleeping bag across her naked body before his hands could return, of their own volition, to stroke and caress and explore.

Covering her didn’t help. His vivid mind’s eye could still see every mysterious shadow and crevice, and his blood began to boil even hotter as her musky scent rose to wrap seductive tendrils around his reeling brain…


Danni was extremely pregnant—and unbearably horny! Nothing she’d tried had helped to quench the fire in her blood. So when Hunter wanted to feel the baby move...and curiosity became hot forbidden lust...she couldn’t turn him away!

But there was more to Hunter than met the eye, and Danni was about to learn that they'd been given the most precious of all gifts...another chance for true love!

~~~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~~~

Hunter’s mouth went desert-dry as he stared at Danni’s rounded body. The girls at school had nothing on this! Why hadn’t he ever realized how incredibly arousing lush fertility could be? Was there anything in the world sexier than a gorgeous woman nurturing life itself?

His eager shaft jolted erect so abruptly that he felt dizzy...and thanked his lucky stars that he was wearing tight jeans, so that she couldn’t see. She’d be so shocked!

“I don’t know why Robert thinks you look bad,” he whispered, and swallowed hard. “You’re beautiful!”

Danni was so shocked that she couldn’t quite choke back a scornful laugh. “Yeah, for someone who’s pushing the near side of forty, dripping wet, and looks like she swallowed a hippo.”

Slowly Hunter shook his head. “You’re beautiful,” he repeated, a little more forcefully this time. “You glow. And you don’t look fat.” His fingers twitched with the sudden longing to run his hands over the terrifying, mysterious, wonderful mound of her belly. “You!”

The reverent look in his eyes stunned her. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yeah!” He swallowed again, and curled his hands into fists to keep from reaching for her. “Will you... Would it be okay if I touched you? To feel the baby move, I mean?”

She hadn’t expected him to be curious. But sure, why not? “Okay, but let me get dressed first.”

“No.” He spoke quickly, then flushed with embarrassment. “I mean, why? It’s just you and me. Clothes would just...I dunno...take away from it somehow.”

For the first time since she’d met him, she felt uncertain around him. “Hunt, I appreciate that, but…”

“Please.” There was a quiet desperation in his single word.

Danni blinked a few times, then lifted her shoulders in a reluctant shrug. “Well, okay. I don’t guess it could hurt anything.”

She slid past him, and sat down on the bed. Her stomach bulged like a watermelon, and the towel slipped to one side. Quickly she covered her soft pubic curls with the hand not clutching the towel, and hoped he hadn’t seen that quick flash of skin. Horny she might be, but cruel she wasn’t. And nothing, in her opinion, was more cruel than teasing a virile young man with something he couldn’t have.

Odd that she’d never thought of him as virile before, she mused as he followed her, and knelt on the carpet in front of her. But he was. Seemingly overnight, he’d transformed from a playful little boy into a strong, handsome young man. His shoulders were broad, and his hips were lean...

And she was so damned horny that she’d have banged the devil himself if he’d appeared in a flash of brimstone!

It was supposed to be a harmless psychology project. Pretend to be a prison inmate for the weekend, and observe how the real inmates coped. But when pretty Bobbi Williams found herself accidentally assigned to the men's wing, her definition of "hands-on training" took on a whole new meaning!


I should have been paying more attention to my surroundings, instead of withdrawing into my own pensive thoughts. If I had, the entire weekend--and probably the rest of my life--might have turned out differently. But I was concentrating so hard on maintaining the proper subservient attitude as I followed my jailor that I didn’t even look into the adjoining cells...until the door slammed, and it was too late.

"Hey, wait a minute!" I protested, bolting forward. "I’m not supposed to be here, you’ve made a mistake!"

But the guard was already gone. And instinct warned me that he wasn’t going to return anytime soon.

"Oh, hell," I muttered under my breath. "Now what?"

Obviously I was here for the duration. I stared around my tiny cell in dismay. Narrow cot with a single scratchy blanket. Dirty looking toilet and sink, but no mirror.

No privacy whatsoever.

And all around me...cells that would very shortly be filled with men!

I was supposed to have been in the women’s wing! Why had they stuck me at the opposite end of the prison?

I was in the very last cell, the one that abutted a thick cement wall. Well, that gave me something solid to pound my head on, for not paying more attention. Stupid girl! I berated myself. And stupid guard, for not noticing that there was a woman under these grubby old clothes!

I kept my mouth firmly shut when the other inmates trudged back in, and the doors slammed loudly behind them. So far, only a few had even realized that I was there, and none of them knew that I was a woman. I wanted to keep it that way!
Not all the stories about a high school teacher getting banged by her sexy student are urban legend. But a woman’s point of view is radically different from a man’s. And when both sides tell their story about what really happened in the high school auditorium, the differences are hilarious! Which part do you believe--what he said, or what she said?

~~~~~ Excerpt #1  ~~~~~

We’d all been preparing for the Christmas concert, and officially the school was closed. I didn’t even hear the stage door open behind me as I balanced on a rickety ladder to hang one last string of lights. So Monty’s deep voice startled me from a wistful daydream...and I fell.

Before I could protest, he expertly stripped off my sneaker and sock, and started to massage my aching foot. I don’t even know how much time passed as Monty held me close, stroking my arms and hair with gentle fingers. His strong hands, his muscular chest, even his subtle musky scent was striking sparks through my bloodstream that I’d never anticipated!

Sweet heavens, I was so incredibly horny!

~~~~~~~ Excerpt #2 ~~~~~~~

We’d spent the entire day hanging decorations all around the auditorium, and everyone else had already gone home. But I stuck around, hoping that Cheryl might think she was alone, and treat me to an extra dance rehearsal!

I tried to be gentle as I massaged her twisted ankle…but really fast, I realized that I was in big trouble! She was finally in my arms, where I’d been wanting her for months.

Oh, man! If I hadn’t been horny before, I sure was now! 

Luke wasn't very happy about having to wash cars for the high school fundraiser—until sexy Alicia lured him away for a mind-blowing afternoon treat!

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

I was hot and tired and getting frustrated by all the hard work...and the long line of cars still parked in the bank’s big parking lot. So I wasn’t really being careful as I lugged another heavy pail of sudsy water over to the girls’ side of the lot.

Icy water sloshed all over my jeans as I stumbled a little, and I gasped in protest. Even without an active hard-on, really cold water can hurt! But I hadn’t spilled the bucket, so I kept going, and thumped it down next to the nearest car.

That’s when I looked up...and forgot all about the ice-water frosting me.

Alicia was standing on the back bumper of this little car, scrubbing the back window and roof. Soapy water was glistening down her long legs, and her tight cut-offs were all wet. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing any panties beneath them.

Instant hard-on!

And to really compound the situation, Alicia chose that moment to glance down and smile at me in that innocent way of hers that’s so incredibly sexy!

“Whatcha got for me, Luke?” she smiled, absently running her tongue across her bottom lip.

I wanted to feel her hot little tongue running across my bottom lip! But I couldn’t say so, of course, because there were too many people around who might overhear.

Then her gaze dropped lower, and fastened on the soap suds still clinging to my jeans. “That’s gotta hurt!” she teased, tossing me a sly wink.
Clara and her friends didn’t mean to spy on Paula and Thomas having sex…but being voyeurs that night changed their whole lives. They made a sacred pact to each lose their virginity while they were babysitting, and fantasized all night about how their ‘first time’ would be.

Josh was mad when his girlfriend stood him up…until he came home early and overheard Clara telling her best friend how much she wanted to have sex. What was a horny young man to do but oblige her? But neither of them expected his younger brother to walk in on them, and want to join the party!  ~ Book 1 of “Babysitter’s Pact” ~~

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

“…but I’m just sure he knew we were watching him have sex with Paula, Randi! Didn’t you see the way he looked over his shoulder and grinned at us?”

Clara’s excited voice echoed all the way from the Wallace’s big living room out into their darkened entryway. Josh, who’d just stalked in from the pounding thunderstorm, stopped short and blinked in surprise. He’d known his folks were gone for the evening, and Clara was supposed to be babysitting his mischievous baby brother…but she’d never invited a friend to the house before. Who was she talking to?

“I know, right? And the sounds they made! It was totally awesome!”

Very carefully he closed the door behind him, and listened more intently.

“I was so horny when they finally…you know. The way he stiffened, and started thrusting even faster…”

What the hell?

“And then when he pulled it out, and she took it in her mouth! Do you think it really tastes good?”

What the double hell!

“Well, I’m not sure I could do it. Or the other thing, when he pushed it into her the kinky way…well, yeah, I know, and she did seem to like it a lot. But seriously, Randi, who does that kind of thing?”

Oh yeah, that was Clara, all right. He recognized that delighted giggle!

But the sultry moan that followed it was totally unexpected…as unexpected as the provocative phone conversation he was overhearing. Despite the fact that he was six years older than her, he felt a hot shiver of excitement rocket through his hardening shaft.

“Okay, yeah…if he was cute, and really wanted it, I’d let him try it just once. Aw, man, Randi, it’s just not fair! He’s so hot! I’d give anything if he could be my first. I know he’d make it really, really good…yeah, even better than what we did last night.”

Her second giggle made Josh’s shaft jolt up so fast that he nearly groaned. He had to be hallucinating, because there was absolutely no way he’d just heard shy, innocent little Clara admit she’d had sex with another girl!

“Honestly, I never had any idea it could feel so good! But I’m glad you didn’t push your fingers all the way inside me. I want to do it ‘the right way.’ I wonder if it really does hurt the way my mother said, or if she was just trying to scare me so I’d wait. But I don’t want to wait any longer, Randi! I want to be the first of us to ‘do it.’ Only I don’t have a boyfriend, so I know I won’t be!”

Another low moan made Josh’s blood boil with rising excitement. He’d thought his entire evening was wasted when Bonnie had stood him up. But here was pretty Clara, the quintessential ‘little girl next door,’ waiting for him in his own living room!

His younger brother would be gone until nearly midnight, and his folks probably wouldn’t get back until two a.m. He’d hated being forced to move back home when he’d lost his job due to economic downsizing…but he’d been raised to look for silver linings. If an eager, panting virgin on his living room couch wasn’t a silver lining, he didn’t know what was!

Who needed Bonnie, anyway? She was a frustrating little tease, always promising more than she was willing to give out. He’d bet any amount of money Clara would be as honest and giving in bed as she was out of it!

And anyway, absolutely nothing was as exciting as popping a pretty girl’s sweet virgin cherry!

He’d caught her red-handed on his property, and could have turned her over to the police as a trespasser. But pretty little Gracie was an irresistible challenge—and Dominic had never been able to walk away from a challenge.

So he gave her a choice. She could either let him prove that having sex with a man was fantastic…or he’d have her tossed in jail, and make sure that Sheriff Delzecki threw away the key.

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

“I’m not going to have sex with you.”

“You seem awfully sure of yourself.” Dom’s voice was a deep Barry White rumble that, for reasons he’d never entirely understood but had never regretted, was amazingly effective with the ladies.

Gracie spared him another derisive look, then shook her head. Fiery ringlets bounced around her slender shoulders, and grazed against her lush breasts. “I don’t do men.”

That made his eyebrows rise. “On the all-girl team, are you? Have you ever tried it with a man?”

She favored him with a delicate grimace. “Thank you, no.”

“Then how would you know if you’ll like it or not?” His grin widened, revealing white teeth that gleamed against his golden-tanned skin.

She had the audacity to lick her lips in distaste before turning away. “Not interested.”

Maybe not, but he definitely was. “Okay, I’ll make you a deal. You give me one hour to prove you wrong. And if I can’t manage to pique your interest by then, you’re free to go. No cops, no hassles. I’ll even feed you a good meal, and take you to the county line myself.”

“And if I refuse?” She stared at him with suspicion clearly visible in her pretty little eyes.

“Then I tie you up and haul you to the sheriff’s office right now,” he said with a wicked grin. “And I guarantee you won’t get out of there anytime soon—not on a Friday night, and not when the bail bondsman is away on vacation for the next two weeks.” 
Sunny and her husband wanted lots of children—but there was one little problem. Clay couldn’t have kids. So every time Sunny was ready to get pregnant again, she had to go searching for a lusty man who would be an excellent father for her babies. 

Sexy Murphy Rawlings, who taught history classes at the local college, had no idea what she had planned when she invited him over to appraise her great-great-grandfather’s antique farm equipment…

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

She studied him for a moment, then lithely jumped to her feet. “You know what I think, Murphy? I think you need to relax more often.” Cheerfully she bounced into the tool-filled stall and caught his big hand in hers. “Come on. Mama Sunny’s going to make sure you take a little R&R. Trust me, you’ll feel better for it!”

He followed her like a mindless robot...until she settled cross-legged on the blanket again, and tugged at his hand to pull him down beside her. Then his foggy brain snapped back alive in a panicked rush.

“No, I shouldn’t do that. You, ah, you asked me here to study your antiques.”

Sunny smiled up at him, and tugged a little harder. “We have all day. Didn’t you tell me that no one’s expecting you back at the school until tomorrow?”

“Well, yeah, but...”

“Then where’s the harm in playing a little hooky, professor?”

Her teasing grin destroyed him. Or maybe it was the way she called him ‘professor,’ as if she was a naughty student trying to entice him into something wicked.

His knees folded, and he sank down onto the blanket beside her. Later he’d swear that he hadn’t reached for her—but suddenly his hands were...

 Lance had been a sheep herder in the Australian outback for so long that he'd nearly forgotten what a woman looked like...or so he thought, until he investigated a nearby plane crash, and discovered that he'd just rescued one of the hottest porn stars of all time!


Any moment now, she was gonna notice that her blouse was gone, and her skimpy little bra was falling off...and then all hell was gonna break loose...

But until then, I sure wasn't going to say anything that might ruin my perfect view! "I'm Lance," I offered, pumping her hand up and down. I just couldn't stop staring at her tits--they were magnificent! And not just because it'd been so long since I'd seen a naked woman--she was beautiful all over! Those long, slender legs only accentuated her tiny waist and perky little nipples that kept tempting me, teasing, urging me to reach out and stroke them...taste them...bury my face in their softness...

Her slow, sultry smile was nearly my undoing. It seemed to promise everything I wanted...and right now the only thing I wanted was her!

This is whatcha get for turning into a hermit, Lance, I chided myself as she stretched again, and her bra slid even further down her breasts. First sight of a woman, and you turn into a panting lecher!

Damned if she wasn't a sight for sore eyes, though! I could almost see her bending into my lap, stroking me with her tongue and then wrapping her legs around my waist as I plunged deep into her hot little body...

She still hadn't seemed to notice that she was sitting half-naked with a virtual stranger in the outback wilderness! And that's when I started to understand everything she hadn't told me! Against all the odds, I'd just rescued one of the hottest little nymphs in the entire adult film industry! No wonder she had such an incredible body and such gorgeous wonder her broken suitcase had been filled with a veritable rainbow of sexy lingerie!

A hot surge of desire raced through my body as she leaned back on one elbow and met my eyes with a deep, penetrating look. The dancing firelight seemed to cast mysterious shadows across her full breasts, highlighting her taut nipples and the soft sparkle woven into her lacy bra. Teasing, tempting...begging me to reach out and touch...

"Sorry you rescued me now?"
Alan was incredibly horny—and when he glimpsed pretty Mercy stripping down in her bedroom and ogling a raunchy skin magazine, he absolutely had to have her!

Little did he know that he was the first-time lover she’d been dreaming about!

~~~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~~~

 Alan stood outside Mercy’s window, and watched with bated breath as she stripped down to her sexy white lace bra and panties, then sprawled back on the bed to stare at a colorful magazine that he recognized very clearly.

 Well, well, well! So pretty little Mercy was finally getting curious about sex! He’d wondered how long that would take. And he felt a sharp stab of jealousy at the thought of another man, any other man, touching her lovely body.

 He hadn’t intended to peek in her window...but what was a healthy red-blooded male to do when he walked by an open window that had the shades pulled carelessly back, and he saw a gorgeous young woman undressing right in front of him?

 Not much you can do about it, old boy, he thought with a troubled frown. It’s not like you can seduce her yourself.

 But hard on the heels of that thought, his devil’s advocate slyly whispered, Why not?

 Alan sucked in a startled breath. Why not, indeed? Mercy was sweet, and sexy, and...

 Glory be, the big camper was gone. Her folks had gone to The Games without her!

 She was alone!

 Heat began to pulse through his lean body as he considered the intriguing possibilities.

 If Mercy really was developing an avid interest in sex, maybe he could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, by teaching her everything she wanted to know...and relieve his own fierce sexual tension at the same time!

 Dampness began to spurt from his rigid shaft. Oh yeah, he wanted her, all right! Had there been a single day, right from the very first moment they’d met, when he hadn’t?

 His feet began to move across the big yard. But he couldn’t resist hesitating just before she passed out of sight, and looking back into her room. She was bending closer to the magazine, with a rapt look of fascination lighting her pretty face, and she was starting to breathe faster.

 Oh yeah, she was interested, all right!

 Adam needs sex so bad that he’s going absolutely crazy. But Brenna is about to have her first baby, so they had to stop having sex weeks ago. And after the baby is born, it will be another two whole months before they can start up again.

But Brenna has other ideas. She wants sex one last time before she goes into labor. She wants it now. And she isn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer!


~~~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~~~


“If I climax inside you, the hormones in my sperm could make you start labor early.” He’d told her that before, but he didn’t think she’d really believed it. “And I’d hurt you.” That was something he wasn’t willing to risk. “The baby’s dropped so much in the last few days that you don’t have room down there anymore.”

“I don’t care.” Her eyes began to glitter with frustration. “I’ve been going crazy these last six weeks, and you have, too! You know it’s true!” Her gaze dropped to his worn slacks, which were jutting up in a huge hard-on tent just below his belt. “You’re horny right now! Why won’t you have sex with me?”

He was tempted...oh, how he was tempted! But he’d been so horny for so long that he wasn’t sure whether he could be gentle. And right now, when she was so close to delivering, he didn’t dare be anything but gentle!

“At least touch me,” she sighed, and helplessly closed her eyes. “And I’ll give you a blowjob. That way we can both feel good. Please, Adam?”

Why hadn’t he ever thought of that before? Impending fatherhood was definitely messing up his thinking.

“Okay. That I can do. But if anything hurts you, I want you to tell me right away.”

Excitement began to ripple through Brenna’s swollen body. “You won’t. You never do, even when we do it hard and fast.”

He wanted to do it hard and fast right now! But he wasn’t going to risk anything that could harm Brenna and his unborn daughter.

Swiftly he stripped his clothes off, and tossed them aside. Brenna was naked under the single sheet. He slid it away, then simply stared at her in awed wonder...
 It was sheer chance that made Holly turn into the local bar to enter their dance contest--but the real dancing was in the back room! And when a gorgeous hunk started coming on to her, she got a whole lot more than she'd bargained for!

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

The music and flashing lights hit her like a fist when she stalked inside. Startled, she hovered in the doorway while her eyes slowly focused. Gradually she sorted out shape and sound from the confusion. Twenty or so men and women were gyrating wildly up on the stage, while a few hundred more were packed together on the floor, drinking and shouting encouragement. Necking, too, she noticed, and groping each other like the world was about to end.

Someone bumped into her, hard enough to make her stumble, and laughingly shouted an apology in her ear. Then someone else shoved a glass in her hand, and urged her to drink up. Daringly she chugged the entire glass, and felt it burn a path all the way from her throat to her stomach, where it pooled in a fiery glow that quickly spread through her entire body.

Her hand was grabbed, and she was pulled into the mass of people by someone who danced a few quick steps with her, then vanished as someone else took his place. In short order, she was sure she’d danced with every man in the place--and probably half the women, too. She didn’t care. She was feeling rebellious and giddy from all the noise and excitement.

A big hand closed over her right breast. She gasped in surprise, but didn’t jerk away. Here, in this noisy chaotic place, it seemed right and natural to flirt with her eyes and hands and body.

Turning, she stared up into a magnetic pair of blue eyes. He was tall, and muscular, with coal-black hair and the chiseled features you might find on a Greek god. And a wicked grin with white teeth that flashed in the dim light. "Dance for me, Legs?" he taunted, rotating his lean hips as his other hand rose to cup her left breast.

She was already moving energetically to the music. Now she flung her long red hair wide, and brazenly leaned into his grip. "Show me the steps!" she shouted back with a laugh.

What's a girl to do when her boyfriend's out of town? Fantasize! If you enjoy a good steamy fantasy, join me for one of my favorites: Young innocent exchange student is enticed into banging the entire football team to earn her sorority letter. Oooh, I can hardly wait!

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

Tonight’s heroine is an innocent exchange student from Switzerland. (Where do they think up these things? And how can anyone over the age of fifteen still be a virgin, anyway? Especially in a place where the nights are so damned cold!) Okay, so we throw our reality-check to the winds, and indulge in a nice sexy pretend-world. What can I say, I do love these virgin encounters!

She has a gorgeous body. That’s a given. Slender waist, narrow hips, legs that just won’t quit. Luscious tits that don’t quite make Dolly Parton jealous...but plenty big enough to turn any male in a 50-yard radius into a drooling mouth-breather. And she’s blonde. I mean, how could she not be? Long waving golden-blonde hair, big blue eyes. Plenty smart, despite the stereotypes. But so, so innocent! No clue what’s in store for her tonight.

Celebration time after the cheerleader tryout results are announced, and she knows she’s made the team. The jocks are cheering, too. They love watching her tits jiggle like an exotic dancer’s. She’s flushed with triumph, and naively gulps down the drink offered by the head cheerleader.

Suddenly she feels dizzy. But she thinks it’s just the wine, she doesn’t realize that she’s being set up.

The football captain asks her to dance, and they gyrate to the music. She’s never danced this way before, and she likes it...
Paris, the high school vice-principal, was in for a double surprise when she caught Troy whacking off in the high school attic. Not only was he magnificently built, but the girls he’d been lusting for were the cute cheerleaders down on the football field! She hadn’t had sex in weeks, and just the sight of his gorgeous body kicked her hormones into high gear. Could she turn his interest in a safer direction…and enjoy a sizzling romp in the process?

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~ 

The poor kid was embarrassed as hell…and who could blame him? She’d caught him red-handed, with his pants gaping wide open and a blissful expression on his flushed face.

Now he was deathly pale, and he’d gone limp as a wet noodle…which really was a shame, Paris decided, since he obviously had plenty to be proud of.

For one brief instant she was tempted to let him go. She was damned sure that he wouldn’t ever dare try to cut class again. And what the hell, graduation was only a few short days away. Troy had aced all his classes with effortless ease; she’d hate to put a black mark on his scholastic record now.

Then she glanced out the window behind him, and her eyebrows rose. No surprise that he’d been lusting over the cute freshmen cheerleaders down on the football field. A six-month-dead corpse would get a rise out of those girls. Even she, who’d never played on the all-girls team, felt the quick tingle of hot sexual arousal whenever she watched them bounce and prance through their energetic practice routines. They were agile, athletic, and unbearably alluring.

Well, rank had its privileges, and she’d long-ago learned never to turn down an opportunity to eat, sleep, or indulge in red-hot sex. Besides, she had a special affinity for muscular high school seniors with long, thick curving poles. And since her own voluptuous body was well-toned, her legs were long and slender, and her tits were high and firm, none of them ever turned her down.

Yeah, it was good to be the vice-principal of this sleepy little small-town high school.

She hadn’t gotten laid in weeks; hadn’t she just been sighing over that a few hours ago, as she’d watched Troy and his classmates jog energetically around the football field? And the odds that another student, or any of the teachers, would sneak up into the attic were slim-to-none.

It looked like her luck was about to change!

Chrissy was pretty annoyed when her dishwasher stopped working...until Steve, the repairman, arrived to fix it. He was seriously well-built, and good with his hands. Would he be just as good between the sheets? Or maybe...even better?


“I’m going to make some coffee,” she said, leading the way into the kitchen. “You want a cup?”

She could feel his eyes traveling over her slender back as he followed close behind. It wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling; she enjoyed it when an attractive man looked at her appreciatively. The thin silk robe cut off just above her knees, offering him a fine view of her long tanned legs. And it was just translucent enough to tease without promising, to hint at the secrets hidden beneath without actually revealing them. It was a flimsy wisp of cobweb designed to drive men mad.

The rich scent of coffee filled the kitchen as she sat at the table and watched him. His movements were quick, competent. She found that she enjoyed watching him tinker with wrench and screwdriver. His shoulders were broad and his hips were narrow. She began to wonder, as she sipped her coffee and the sleepy haze cleared from her brain, whether he was as good in bed as he was at his job.

It wasn’t an entirely unexpected thought. Chrissy liked men, and she liked sex. Her last boyfriend had called her a shameless tramp because she liked anything and everything. Didn’t matter where, or when, or how. Or who, she thought, taking a closer look at the man kneeling on her kitchen floor. Making it with a stranger could be even more exciting than doing it with a long-time lover.

Right now he was trying to concentrate on the dishwasher, but she knew that he was vibrantly aware of her. He kept finding excuses to turn back around. She could feel his furtive glances at her long legs, at the lacy hem of her robe, at the deep vee between her breasts where her satiny robe parted.

Maybe that stupid dishwasher was going to be good for something, after all. She especially loved having sex in the morning, when she was still feeling lazy and rumpled from sleep. Morning sex with a horny stranger was the most exciting combination she could imagine. Especially if he was decently built. 
Nick had dreaded coming home from college for the summer--until he caught a glimpse of Tori Phillips, his next door neighbor. When had the bratty little tomboy he remembered transformed into such a sexy vixen? He couldn't wait to get his hands on her, and hear her scream with delight!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Somehow he answered Tori’s curious questions, barely even conscious of his own words. His hands itched to touch her, caress her...

“You need some more oil,” he suddenly heard himself saying. His voice sounded strange even in his own ears, tight with barely-suppressed desire.

“Oh, would you mind?” Delighted by his spontaneous offer, Tori rolled over and languidly stretched out beside him.

The sun-warmed oil was hot and slippery between his palms. And her skin felt soft, smooth as satin. A muted sound, almost like a contented purring, escaped her as he tentatively stroked her back and shoulders.

“That feels so good!” she murmured. She arched against his hands, lazily rotating her shoulders as his fingers kneaded her sleek muscles. “I’m so glad you’re home again, Nick!”

Of their own volition, his long fingers slid under the narrow strap crossing her back, then down her sides. “I’m glad to be home!” he confessed, bending closer.

Actually, until yesterday, he’d dreaded returning for the summer. Now everything was different! He’d had women by the dozen out on could he not have noticed this little beauty waiting for him, literally in his own back yard?
Father Andrew hadn’t meant to break his sacred vow of celibacy with pretty Sara Gardner…and he was trying really hard to keep from straying into temptation again. But Sara’s father believed that he’d be a good influence on her, and had thoughtlessly thrown them together for the afternoon.

How could they keep from getting burned when the passionate sparks started to fly?


~~~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~~~


Sooner than he would have preferred, Father Andrew was tugging on his sturdy leather jacket, and climbing up behind Sara on the big motorcycle. He was careful to curl his hands around her waist, safely halfway between her lush breasts and her curving hips. The powerful motor rumbled, then began to vibrate between his legs. Instantly he felt heat sweep through his body, and his slacks tightened painfully.

Sara waved a cheerful goodbye, then rocketed up the bumpy gravel drive. It was a testament to her skill that she missed every single rut without tipping them over.

“Hang on tighter!” she urged over her shoulder.

Her silky golden hair was streaming back, tickling and caressing his face. The rising heat became an uncontrollable pulsing thud. “Sara...” His answering shout was urgent with rising panic. “This isn’t a smart idea!”

“Hey, it wasn’t mine!” she retorted, and slid back a little until they were tightly nestled together. The bike wobbled as she felt his rigid flesh jutting up against her sensitive skin. “Ohmigod!”

Her strangled moan nearly drove him over the edge. “Sara, stop the bike!”

She didn’t have to be told twice! Panting, she spun it into a dusky skid, and then rocketed off along a practically invisible path through the thick trees.

How they tumbled off the bike without tipping it over would remain a mystery forever. But one moment they were sliding to a dizzy stop in a grassy clearing, and then next moment they were frantically rolling with each other on the ground...

Molly was so down-and-out that she was willing to try anything to pay the bills! So when Teena, a Latino hooker, invited her to a special Christmas party where she'd make lots of money just by attending, she jumped at the chance. But Teena didn't warn her about the secret auction after the party ended...or that all the handsome millionaires would be bidding for her!

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

One man, in particular, caught my eye because of his broad shoulders, rugged sculpted face, and wavy blonde hair. Everyone else seemed small and insignificant beside him, and I watched him whenever I wasn’t dancing or flirting with one of the other millionaires.

I also watched Teena as she threw herself at him, outrageously stroking his arm or chest, rubbing her huge breasts and lush hips against him, whenever she could. I might never have dared to try it myself, but I could certainly recognize the brazen way she was trying to seduce him with her body! And for the very first time, I began to feel an unfamiliar tingling deep inside my belly whenever he glanced in my direction!

Maybe it was the champagne. Or it could be that someone had spiked the punch. All I knew was that I’d never felt so shivery inside before, or so light-headed and breathless, when he finally asked me to dance.

The room went swimmy after that, and I vaguely remember someone carrying me into the next room, where a long couch was laid out in the center of the floor. I think it was the rugged oil baron who laid me down on the velvety couch, then took his place with the other men and women ringing the small room. The ballroom doors closed with a quiet thud, and the sound of heavy breathing was suddenly very loud in my ringing ears.

I wanted to sit up, to take my place in one of the comfortable chairs along the outer wall, but my sluggish body wouldn’t respond. Then Amaldo stepped into the center of the room, and smiled down at me. “How do you feel, Molly?” he asked with a knowing leer.

I tried to mumble something, and his smile widened. A strange tickling sensation made me gasp, and I blearily realized that his blunt fingers were groping inside my dress. Only hours ago, I would have screamed in outrage, and struggled to escape his lewd attentions. Now sweet, seductive pleasure was flowing through my veins like warm honey, and a low moan of excitement echoed in my throat… 
Steve wanted to get into Bess’s tight shorts and make her scream with delight so badly that he was going absolutely crazy…until he learned that she’d been brutally raped several months ago. Suddenly he found himself wanting her even more! But now a quick lusty afternoon affair wasn’t going to be enough. He ached to seduce her, teach her that making love really was an incredible experience, and bring her terrified body and soul back to life. Was it only pity that made him want her even more now…or was it true love?

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

Dampness began to stain his shorts as her seductive scent wrapped all around him and made his blood pound.

She’s not a kid anymore. She’s a woman. And she’s obviously not still a virgin. So what could it hurt, between two consenting adults...?

What the hell, the worst she could do was turn him down...and then he’d head back behind the shed again, and whack off some more, until the ground was thoroughly soaked. “There’s only one good solution to a problem like this,” he countered with a sly grin.

The trace of hostility chilled to outright contempt. “Turning into your father, Steve?”

Her cool insult made his shaft shrivel. “Never. When I take a lover, I don’t stray until we both decide to call it quits!”

The quiet fury in his low voice sounded sincere. Bess eyed him for a moment longer, then inclined her head in reluctant apology. “You’ll have to forgive me,” she murmured. “I’ve only had one partner—and it wasn’t of my choosing.”

Someone had forced her? Icy dread pooled in Steve’s stomach. “Jesus, Bess, I didn’t know...”

“Of course not.” She tossed her long black hair over one shoulder, and laid back on the blanket again. “I don’t go around advertising it. God only knows why I told you. I don’t even like you.”

“Maybe that’s why you did.” To warn him away. And, in some strange way, maybe because not liking him made him a safe shoulder to cry on.

“Do you want to talk about it?”


Well, that was blunt enough. “Okay.”

“And I don’t want you hovering over me, either.”

That annoyed him. “Hey, I’m just following orders. You don’t like it, take it up with my mother.”

Like that would do any good. Aunt Cammie knew what had happened to her—and she was one of the few who knew who’d done it. Had guilt prompted her to invite Bess to spend this summer on the family farm?

“How well did you know your father?”

Bess’s sudden question surprised him. Steve thought a moment before answering. “Too well in some ways...and in other ways, not at all,” he finally decided. “Enough to know that I’m never going to be like him.”

“Good for you.”

There was no sarcastic malice in her voice this time, he noted.

“You hated him, didn’t you?”

“More than you could possibly believe.”

There was another long silence, broken only by a soft breeze whistling through the tall grass in the next pasture. A lark flitted by, trilling like an opera singer. Somewhere far away, one cow mooed, and another answered.

“He raped me, you know.”

It was so unexpected that Steve could only gape at her in stunned confusion. “Who?”

“Your father! And I hope the vicious bastard rots in hell!”

 It was Brad’s idea to hike around the lake until they found some cute girls to bang...but they got more than they’d bargained for when the sexy local ranger took them up to her cozy lookout...then offered to bang both of them!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Koko wasn’t upset by Brad’s and Matt’s bold compliments. She worked hard every day to stay in top form, and it was flattering to overhear two teenage boys lusting over a woman ten years their senior. Amusing, too. What would they do if she suddenly whipped off her shirt and offered herself to them?

She had to admit that it was a tempting idea. She wasn’t ordinarily a cradle-robber; normally she took a short vacation every few months, and visited a good friend of hers who lived over in Hazard Valley. But he’d gotten married recently, and while she wished him the very best, it had left her feeling...itchy, she supposed.

Okay, horny as hell.

As a matter of fact, before she’d realized that her two refugees were only in their late teens, she’d entertained an extremely erotic fantasy about bringing them up here and seducing the pair of them. She’d never tried it with two men at once, and the notion was incredibly arousing.

Thoughtfully she pursed her lips. Why not? She was horny, they were horny. They wanted to get laid, and so did she. They might be part of the religious retreat, and polite enough to be model Boy Scouts, but their religious beliefs obviously didn’t forbid illicit sex.

Yeah, the more she considered it, the more delightful the idea became!

“When are they expecting you back?” she asked.

The teens gulped hard, and cast another swift glance at each other. She pretended to ignore it, and the way their breathing quickened slightly, as she leaned back in her chair so that her tits jutted out just a little more.

Maybe she was feeling wicked...okay, she was definitely feeling wicked! But she didn’t think they’d turn her down. Matter of fact, with the slightest encouragement, they might just make her afternoon worthwhile!
Bran and Lily don’t remember having been kidnapped as children; their only real memories are of growing up half-wild in the murky Louisiana bayou. But now their captors are both gone, leaving them to fend for themselves. Will fiery passion flare between them as they struggle to survive in the treacherous southern swamps?

~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~

Bran thought back to the times he and Lily had spied on Caleb and Roz having sex. They hadn’t made any efforts to hide their activities; in fact, he’d gotten the distinct feeling that Caleb, especially, had enjoyed flaunting himself in front of them. He’d made a real show of bouncing up and down on Roz when he’d known they were awake and watching from their end of the trailer, and his husky grunts had been a lot louder and lustier, too.

Bran cast an appraising glance at Lily. She was taller than Roz had been, and her breasts were larger. They rose and fell in an intriguing rhythm as she panted for breath.

He’d watched Roz and Caleb kissing often enough, but he’d never tried it himself. What if Lily didn’t like it?

Cautiously he leaned closer, then pressed his mouth against hers. It felt...nice. Not crazy-wild, but definitely nice. And when she moved a little, and her lips glided softly against his, it felt even better. Eager passion began to harden him again.

“Let me take your shirt off.” He whispered it against her mouth, and moved his hands a little faster. Her soft whimper of delight aroused him even more, and the bone-deep ache in his belly kicked up another notch. “You have such pretty bumps, Lily. Lots prettier than Roz’s. Let me touch them!”

Swiftly, before she could protest, he curled both hands around the tattered hem of her t-shirt, and pulled it over her head. Her full breasts bounced free, and swayed enticingly in the cool moonlight...
Peter was going so crazy from listening to his horny neighbors having sex that he was just about ready to explode! But he never expected pretty Joyce to catch him beating off in the hallway…or to be so horny herself that she’d let him have sex with her!

~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~

Joyce’s long hair was satin-soft under his fingers. And then her mouth slanted across his in a sweet, hesitant kiss that drove him absolutely mad with sheer raging lust.

He had to have her!

“We can’t stay here. If we can hear Danni and Damian having sex, they’ll be able to hear us, too.”

But where could they go that they wouldn’t be discovered?

“There’s that broken-down old cabin behind the Catholic church.” Joyce was panting so rapidly that he could barely even understand her. “We could bring a blanket…”

“Come on.” He grabbed her arm, and dragged her to her feet. “Can’t go like this…” He was almost naked, and she wasn’t wearing much more than he was. “Shirt. Pants.” He shoved open her closet door, and grabbed two garments at random. “Hurry!”

She pulled them on over her nightie, and shoved the hem of it into her jeans. “Now you.”

Danni’s ecstatic scream echoed faintly through the long hallway. Peter moaned, and staggered into his own room. There was no way he could get a zipper closed over his raging hard-on. Breathlessly he yanked a long t-shirt from its hanger, and trusted it to hide the wide gap in his jeans.

At the last second, he remembered to grab his plush navy blanket, and a handful of the lubed condoms he kept hidden in his bedside table…just in case.

He’d never had the chance to use them, but he’d tested one in the secrecy of his closet, so he could do it right if the opportunity ever arose.

Would he get to use some tonight with Joyce? Oh man, what a thought that was!
Honey had known she was going to like living in California...but when she met her uncle's sexy poolboy, Ryan, and caught a glimpse of the enormous bulge in his tight swimsuit, she knew that her horniest fantasies were about to come true!

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

A soft clattering nearby roused Honey from her drowsy somnolence. The cat must be prowling around the pool, chasing a sparrow or something. Better shoo it away before it knocked something over...

She forced her eyes open and shaded them with one small hand. No sign of Uncle Sean's mischievous tabby-striped kitten, but some strange man was standing in the bathhouse doorway, staring at her...

Honey's crystal-blue eyes widened in shock as full awareness suddenly crashed back in on her. Holy shit, someone was standing in the shadows, gaping at her in blank disbelief! Who was he...and how had he gotten into the patio?

Oh, Christ, her uncle had mentioned something about a pool cleaner! Some college student who worked around the neighborhood, cleaning pools and doing odd jobs. Ryan something, wasn't it?

Only she hadn't realized that he was coming by today...

Or that he'd be so incredibly cute!

Now she knew why Uncle Sean had laughed and said they'd get along well together! Ryan was absolutely gorgeous! Wide, muscular shoulders tapering down to narrow hips, deep luscious tan, a trace of dark hair beneath the vee of his ivory polo shirt...and she loved the way he filled out that navy swimsuit!

Well, there was no point in panicking because he'd startled her--she'd known the risks of stripping down in the open! And as for snatching her robe and trying to hide behind it...hell, who knew how long he'd been staring at her before she'd woken up? Nothing left to hide, was there?

Besides, she was proud of her voluptuous body...and she'd never been particularly modest. Let him stare, if he wanted! He'd never dare to hurt her, not when Uncle Sean and the police were only a phone call away.

And to be perfectly honest, didn't she enjoy showing off a little sometimes?
Alaina had never expected to win an exotic two-week Caribbean cruise...and her handsome, horny room steward, Patrick, was about to teach her a whole new meaning of the phrase 'room service!'


The couple in the next cabin were on their honeymoon. And they weren’t being quiet about it, either. Listening to them moaning and squealing, hour after hour, was driving her crazy!

She needed was a cold shower. Or maybe she could exhaust herself running around the huge deck several thousand times.

Her ivory silk blouse felt cool and somehow sensual against her bare nipples. She knotted it across her waist and left the buttons open, revealing the deep cleavage between her full breasts. A quick twist around her hips, and her colorful sarong flowed in gentle waves around her bare thighs.

And she was feeling daring enough to leave a wide slit open along one slender leg...just in case anyone was interested enough to look.

Someone was rapping on her door! Alaina felt her heart leap with sudden excitement. Patrick?

She didn’t need to see how the light was casting shadows between her pearly breasts--the stunned look in his eyes, and the sudden rising bulge in his loose trousers, were proof enough of that!

A tingling wave of heat instantly flooded through her veins. Even if he hadn’t noticed her before, he certainly was taking a closer look now!

"You’re up awfully late," she teased, leaning against the door frame. Her skirt billowed out around her, allowing him a tantalizing glimpse of bare thigh.
All the girls on the cheerleading team whispered about Alex, and the sexy photos he took down in his basement. If half the rumors were true, he'd seduced more girls than the entire football team combined!

He'd been taking ordinary modeling photos of Ariel for six months, and she didn't know what to believe...until the day he finally convinced her to model in the nude!

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

He wasn’t a sex fiend like the other girls claimed. She should know, they were together every single afternoon, even some weekends, and he’d never tried anything at all. And not because he wasn’t interested...she’d seen the big bulge in his pants when he was taking her pictures.

It was nice to feel so safe. But deep down inside, where she could barely even admit it, didn’t she want to feel just a little excitement? How much fun it would be to tease him a little, and see how he reacted!

“Let me change into my cheerleading uniform,” she suggested, and headed for the bathroom. A few moments later she emerged, clutching the skimpy dress around her neck. “Can you zip me, Alex?” she asked over one shoulder. “I never can get it all the way up.”

Alex slowly obliged her, and felt his hard shaft strain against his own zipper. He was all the way up, too bad she never seemed to notice! “You look stunning,” he muttered as she waltzed over to the couch and nimbly sat down. “Okay, now cross your legs, good...”

It took him a monumental effort to concentrate on his camera, but finally he managed it. Until the moment he’d been waiting for, the moment when he’d start leading her down a most delightful path.

“Okay, now lay down,” he instructed. “Bend your outside leg--no, the other one. Slide this one a little toward me...” Slowly he moved around, until he was staring right up her frilly skirt. “Oh, that’s perfect. Hold it...”

Click, click, click. Zoom in, so close that he could see tiny pink flowers on her soft silky panties. Then back again, very slowly, encompassing her slender legs, her lush breasts, her lovely face.

Alex gulped. This was always the hardest part of his work, staying focused when his body was hammering with raw lust and his pulse was racing faster and faster…
Serena might not have been the smartest girl in her class--but it didn't take her long to learn how to dance naked with sexy Damon at her best friend's wedding!


Logan stepped in front of her, a brimming wineglass in each hand. “Come dance with me, ‘Rina!”

She wasn’t supposed to drink wine. Oooh, she’d be grounded for the rest of her life if she got caught! But all the grownups had already left. It was only Lydia’s and Johnny’s friends now. And Logan was standing there, looking so sexy and grown-up, and handing her a glass just like she was a grown-up, too.

The first sip made her nose wrinkle. It tasted a lot more sour than she’d expected. But she wasn’t going to lose face in front of Logan, so she daringly took a bigger gulp. And then another, as he tilted his own glass.

The room blurred suddenly, and she blinked like an owl. “I feel funny.” Her voice lisped a little, just like it did whenever she got excited about something. “Like I’m floating.”

“That’s why they call it getting high.” Logan reached for the bottle, and filled her glass again. “Drink up, baby. It’s time for you to learn to dance like Johnny and Lydia do!”

Fuzzy excitement whipped through her veins, and she moved eagerly into his arms. His skin was so hot beneath his fine shirt, and his arms were so strong! Serena nuzzled against his chest, and felt another hot stab of pleasure as he scooped her up. Just like a new bride. And wasn’t that just so exciting?

“Where are we going?” She didn’t care, though. Not as long as he was carrying her. “I don’t know how to dance, not really. Papa won’t let me go to dances with the other kids. He says I’m not smart enough, and they might take advan...advan...uh, do something naughty to me. Will you show me how to dance, Logan?”

Something almost frightening gleamed in his dark eyes. “Oh, I intend to. Trust me.”

She did trust him, and so she wasn’t scared. “Where are you taking me?”

“To paradise, baby girl.” And then he pushed through the faded chapel curtains, into the cozy little prayer room where she and Lydia always had to try and study their boring old catechisms during summer vacation.

“We can’t dance in here. We’ll get caught!” she giggled. “Father O’Reilly will make me say a dozen Hail Mary’s if he catches me!”

Again that devilish gleam lit his dark eyes. “Father O’Reilly left with Johnny’s mother. He won’t be back for hours and hours. I’ll bet they’re dancing right now, too. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?”

His hands slid down her arms as he laid her on the bench, and knelt down in front of her. “You have too many clothes on, ‘Rina,” he complained, and began to pull off her sheer knee-length stockings. “The best way to dance is without any clothes at all.” 
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