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Creed Marquette has always done what it takes to make sure he and his brothers come out on top. He’s seen despair and hunger in his life, but as a newly declared billionaire in Forbes magazine, he still doesn’t feel like this is it. There’s something missing, and the fact is, despite all his hard work, the past keeps rising to influence the present. He can’t deny himself.

To complicate matters, Creed’s brothers, the irresponsible men that they are, have purchased a restaurant in New Orleans, and they want Creed to join them. Leave the corporate world that got them where they are to go work a failing restaurant without experience? But this just might be what Creed’s been looking for.

Now, all he needs to do is hire the chef, a sexy beauty with a smart mouth who almost killed him by serving him peanuts in his food. Well, Shada Howard did save his life while he was completely naked. Maybe New Orleans won’t be so bad after all. Not if he can tame her and make her his!


Damen’s wife left him to raise his daughter alone. She said he was boring, and she wanted something more. Since then, he’s lived a carefree life without the ties of a relationship to hold him down. The only female that matters to him now is his little girl, and he’ll give her whatever she wants.

On impulse, Damen and his brother opened a restaurant called Marquette’s in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter, and they’re having amazing success. Everything feels right. There’s absolutely nothing more Damen could ask for, despite the nagging of his older brother, who says he’s not being true to himself. Then two things change Damen’s world—two people rather.

Heaven, an old lover, strolls into Marquette’s and applies for a job, and a mysterious young boy with a love for music stirs Damen’s protective instincts.


Stefan has a secret he hasn't shared with his family. Sometimes he disappears from the restaurant to visit a night club on the wrong side of town. He performs there, and it's where he met Talicia. Stefan would rather keep his worlds separate, but fate has other ideas.

Talicia loves Stefan, but she knows her rough edges would never work in his world. She just wants him in her life for however long it lasts. Talicia's poor decision puts Sefan in danger and brings her before the rest of the Marquettes, who love Stefan just as much as she does.

This isn't just any kind of family. Talicia might be in bigger trouble than she first thought.


Duke has always been the black sheep of the Marquette family. While his cousins were making billions, Duke was busy getting thrown out of the army and landing inside jail. He never cared too much about anyone else, least of all falling in love.

Then he started working at the famous Marquette's restaurant in New Orleans, his cousins' venture. Creed demanded responsibility, but the word wasn't in Duke's vocabulary. Not until he met Takiyah Silver.

At first Duke wanted her blond friend, but he couldn't get the sexy Kiyah out of his head. Kiyah was all about taking care of her teenage son and making a living. When her son gets into serious trouble that could destroy Kiyah's well-ordered life, Duke wants to step up. But how can a woman like her depend on a man who has nothing to offer?

** interracial romance, bwwm, multicultural romance, contemporary romance, erotic romance

Author’s Note: While there is lots of delicious tension between the hero and heroine, this work is CLEAN.


If you like gentle and sweet heroes who treat their heroines like a princess, Ezio is not for you. Ezio Sartori married Shakarri Watson for one reason—he needed an heir to his fortune. All the terms were laid out in the contract Ezio’s lawyer drew up. Shakarri agreed because she was desperate to get out from under a debt she couldn’t handle, one left to her by her scheming no good father. But the cost for taking on Ezio’s name might be too high for Shakarri to pay.


Ezio is used to everyone obeying his orders, and he expects Shakarri to do the same. The contract she signed specifically states her obligation to please Ezio. Shakarri’s husband wants her pregnant within three to six months, as if a woman can control her body to such a degree.


He’s got a lot of demands, chief being Shakarri’s obedience. She’s beginning to think she made a big mistake in marrying Ezio except for two problems. One, Ezio has taken over the payments for her debt, and he can just as easily give them back. Two, intimacy with her husband is far beyond Shakarri’s wildest imagination. There are even times she suspects there’s a heart beating behind the cold exterior. She’s starting to feel something for him.


Now she has to decide—does she stay and remain at his mercy for the rest of her life or as long as he has need of her? Or should she run while she still has control of her own heart?

** interracial romance, multicultural romance, contemporary romance


Stacia Hart thinks she’s finally found The One. All she has to do is bring him to Friday night dinner with her parents and siblings. Unfortunately, her man won’t introduce her to his family, and he won’t let her introduce him to hers. On days when she meets her lover for an afternoon quickie, she tries not to rock the boat. Her man loves her, and that should be enough. But in walks Bradley Shaw with her lover’s wife!


Stacia is devastated to learn The One belongs to another woman, and she’s been made a fool. The only way Stacia can make it through the worst day of her life is with the help of Bradley, her cheating lover’s uncle.


Bradley is twenty years Stacia’s senior, but he’s sexier and sweeter-natured than her previous lover. Stacia has no intention of getting involved with Bradley. He’s just a kind person, who cared that she was okay after the heartbreak. Loneliness makes them reach out to each other just for friendship, but friendship turns into much more.


When Bradley decides he won’t treat Stacia as a dirty secret, his decision backfires. No one believes Stacia knows her own heart or that Bradley could actually love her. Stacia’s family tries to destroy the relationship in the harshest way possible.


Stacia might be young, but she won’t let anyone stand in her way. She can plot as well as the next person. If Bradley truly is the man she’s dreamed of, then she’ll hatch a plan that will make him hers forever—even if it means standing alone.


** interracial romance, erotic romance, multicultural romance, contemporary romance, baby romance, pregnancy romance


City Wolf

Zandrea, Nita and Stacy are three girlfriends who are only interested in what club to pop into on Friday and Saturday nights. Zandrea's life is turned upside down when, on break from her shift at the hospital cafeteria, she meets a sexy man with a serious injury in the emergency room. Nita and Stacy refuse to believe the man who Zandrea says disappeared from the hospital is the same guy they meet later at the club. But who cares. He's hot and he's set his sights on Zandrea. Nothing else matters...until Zandrea finds out what he really is.

City Wolf 2

Nita is jealous of her friend Zandrea when she finds a man that is everything she could ever hope for, and nothing would make Nita happier than if she were to find someone of her own. When not one but two men begin to pursue her, she doesn't know what to do. The less intimidating of the two, the younger, mysterious man, Deandre, might be the better choice.  But Lucas will not take no for an answer when he spots the woman he wants in his bed.

Despite being warned by her friends that Lucas is not what he seems and is too much for a gentle woman like Nita, she can't seem to stay away from him. Still, Deandre has plans for the sweet Nita, and he will do whatever is necessary to make her give him what he wants.

City Wolf 3

Stacy’s girlfriends lucked out finding a man, and when Stacy learns that they are wolf shape-shifters, she’s even more impressed. She wants one of her own, and decides to shop around among Brant and Lucas’ wolf buddies. Every last one of them is hot as hell, especially Nash. Being the bold thing that she is, Stacy makes a move on Nash, but is floored when he tells her she should stick to human men.

Humiliated, hurt, and pissed off, Stacy turns to a new wolf shifter from out of town. Alphons is dangerous, wild, and sexy. Stacy is a little put off about him challenging Nash for the Alpha position, but what happens after the fight is even more shocking.

Nash didn’t want to have anything to do with a human woman, least of all one of Zandrea’s friends. He was happy for his brothers, but that route wasn’t for him, especially if he wanted to remain leader of his pack. After one kiss, Nash can’t get Stacy out of his mind, and yet, he wonders if he can trust her motives since she’s still too close with his rival, Alphons.


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