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Naked, bound and aroused beyond their wildest imaginations, the women in these three stories prove how delicious complete surrender is. . .

The Captain's Courtesan Melissa MacNeal

A seafaring adventure turns wickedly sinful when stowaway Sophia Martine is caught and confined to the captain's quarters. What privateer Damon Delacroix doesn't know is how much Sophia longs to be dominated. But soon it is Damon who is enslaved as he gives up all control and embarks on a wild journey of carnal pleasure. . .

Ties That Bind Donna Grant

Queen Jarina never imagined that the foul play which brought her to the enemy kingdom of Pereth would also make her a willing love slave, eager to fulfill her master's every desire. Now Jarina's only wish is to satisfy her master's insatiable appetite. . .

In His Bed Annalise Russell

In exchange for safe passage on his ship, Chessa strikes a daring bargain with Bodin--a dangerously handsome Viking--to become his sex slave and see to his needs. But she soon learns that to live under Bodin's command is to submit to the most sensual, skilled lovemaking she's always dreamed of. . .

Annalise Russell is a true romantic, right down to her toes. She's been an avid reader of romance novels since she started sneaking them out of her mother's closet as a teenager. Writing, in one form or another, has been a way of life since high school thanks to the encouragement of teachers and professors along the way. A social psychologist by degree, she's a member of a behavioral sciences research team and loves to people watch when in public. She lives in the gorgeous state of Idaho with her husband, two kids, and two neurotic dogs.
Cate, a caregiver, learns a very new definition of taking care of a patient. One that she has to balance with the moral obligations that she has as a married woman.

Slowly but steadily she reaches the point of no return. How will her husband respond once he finds out what she's been doing on the job?

The conclusion of a tale where romance and lust are intertwined.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Suddenly her heart started pounding in her chest, a wave of shame flooded her just as only moments ago her orgasm had, and she hurriedly left the bathroom. Leaving Abel behind as he called out to her, ignoring him completely as she fled to the safety of the privacy of his bedroom. Alone! I have to be alone, a little voice inside her head screamed.

Slamming the door of the bedroom shut with a bang, she rested her back against it for a moment as she tried to calm herself down, tears of shame running down her cheeks. After a few minutes, she finally found the strength to open her eyes. Still crying, she moved in front of the mirror. God, how could I have been so stupid, she thought as she observed her appearance in the mirror. Like a bitch in heat she had allowed her hormones to take the lead, and look where it had got her! What had she been thinking when she thought it was a good idea to put on that thong and parade it in front of a client!! A client!

Exhausted and ashamed, Cate sat down at the end of the bed and covered her face with her hands. No one could ever know and she would have to stop working for Abel. Pull yourself together woman, she sternly told herself as she forced herself to sit up straight. Taking several deep breaths, she harnessed herself emotionally to face Abel, tell him of her decision, and offer him her sincere apology for her wanton behavior!

With a fair degree of self-disgust she stripped herself with her back to the mirror, and put on her clothes; she much preferred to get them wet as she helped Abel out of the shower than to show herself off in that outfit for another moment. Just before opening the bedroom door, she took another deep breath to summon her courage and then opened the door. Her head hung low in shame, she went straight to the bathroom, even though her heart would have preferred to make a run for the front door.

There is nothing in common between the king of Frances brutal suppression of the Knights Templar Order in 1307 and a small, backward, closely knit community of serfs living in the rural island of Malta who are dominated by religion and superstition. Until Jacques, a Templar knight who manages to escape the wrath of the French king, sails away from France to seek refuge in Sicily but got lost in a storm and lands his battered boat on the shore near the serfs hamlet. For centuries, the serfs sexual deprivations and close association with their farm animals has driven them to practice unnatural sexual intercourse with their animals and with members of their families, and even with the local priest, perversions of bestiality and incest which, however, they manage to keep as a close secret within the confines of their community. This ancient way of life suddenly faces the unthinkable hazard of exposure when Jacques becomes fascinated with Maria, a young, beautiful, and unblemished goatherd, and inevitably they both fall in passionate love with each other. This attracts the envy of the rest of the hypocrite inhabitants, especially the females, who fail to recognise the chasm that exists between their sexual perversions and the normal sensual attraction between a man and a woman in love. Maria and Jacques are persecuted and forced to flee, and they sail to the safety of Palermo, in nearby Sicily where they marry. While Maria vows to return someday to avenge herself on her compatriots, would she, a simple goatherd, succeed in coping with the vastly different town life in cosmopolitan and fashionable Palermo? A compelling novel about love, hate, war, sex, and revenge in a medieval society.
Esther, Queen of Persia, commonly finds herself an object of men’s desire. Until now, she has never found someone seductive enough to tempt her. With passion building, fantasies reeling, and her pulse quickening, Esther finds herself given into the passion once forbidden to her. An adult retelling of the biblical story of Esther, 'Esther’s Seduction' is sure to leave the reader breathless.

“You looked so lonely in the garden, Highness. Would you, a Jewish girl, let an Agagite warm your soul?” Esther’s eyes grew wide at his words; as they spoke volumes to her. “Y-you know?” Smiling Haman’s hands began running across the thin fabric of Esther’s gown, making her whimper. “Yes, I know. I want you all the same…perhaps our God will forgive us both.” Overcome, Esther reached up, pulling Haman into a kiss. Their arms wrapped around each other, as if they hadn’t been close enough. Such a thing could never be forgiven by Esther’s culture, but perhaps God could. To Esther’s surprise, Haman reached for her hands, and laced his fingers within her own. “Such a delicate woman…the star of all Persia…and only I know your secret.”

Esther felt her hands pinned above her at his words, and she reached to kiss him again. In her position however, she couldn’t reach him. Haman had intentionally positioned himself, just out of Esther’s reach. The separation was maddening, but he knew what it would give him in return. “Do you truly want this?” Pinned down, there was little Esther could do but nod, and reveal the slight hint of her mouth going dry. Aching, she felt herself break the rule she’d fought for so long. “Yes…I want you…I desire you…” Hearing those words, Haman removed the belt of Esther’s gown, and then looked down at her. “If you trust me, give me your wrists once more.”

Thinking herself made with desire, Esther found herself putting forward her wrists. She eyed them, even as Haman gently took hold of them. Changing to the surprisingly gentle way in which he grabbed her, Esther no longer knew which way he’d treat her. The book of Haman’s taste had led her to believe he would be rough, outright brutal, and suddenly he was gentle. Even as he was filled with the same lust that possessed her, he took his time. “This belt is actually quite pretty...It would look pretty tied around your wrists…” The implications of his words were deep, and Esther found herself suddenly unable to look at him. Having turned her head, Haman understood the depths to which his Queen would go with him.

“Will you say it? The blush on your face is enough to know it, but I would have you say it.” Hesitancy gripped Esther, who up until then, been quite sure of herself. With her face flushed from the embarrassment of her want, she found the words she thought she could not. “I-I would have you tie them…my wrists…” Smiling, Haman pulled her hands up to his chest, leaving Esther no choice but to gently touch him. “And the ramifications of it would you accept all it means?” Thinking she could blush no more, Esther was left to nod. To Haman’s surprise, Esther began to get on her knees, her head bowed submissively in front of him.
Randi had thought that Lex might be her first lover…but now they’d broken up, and she was so frustrated and horny! She wanted to get laid more than anything else in the world…but she’d never dreamed that Ben yearned to seduce her!

~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~

Ben shifted behind her, and his big hands covered hers, soothing them. His deep voice echoed, low and hypnotic, in her ear as he bent close enough to whisper, “Tell me what Lex was doing to you.”

“Why? So you can go beat him up?” Not that he didn’t deserve it, but…

Ben softly chuckled. “No. So I can finish what he started. If you want me to.”

Randi sucked in a startled breath. “You’d… You would? But why?”

For answer, he moved a little closer. Heat was pumping from his muscular body. But it was the big bulge jutting out from his tight jeans that made her gasp in surprise.

He arched his hips, just a little, and let his swollen shaft graze back and forth against her sensitive thigh. “Because you’re young, and beautiful, and sexy, and I get rock-hard every time I look at you.”

Randi gulped. “You do?”

Suddenly she couldn’t breathe. The air seemed to have turned to thick soup.

“And tonight, you’re ready to take your first lover…and you’re very wet, aren’t you? And very aching and empty inside.”

Very, very slowly, he splayed his fingers so that they slid past her clenched hands…and began to caress her quivering skin. “You need to be filled, don’t you? Long and slow and hard, until the aching emptiness is filled, and the entire universe explodes into brilliant colors around you.”

She gasped again, because it felt so good! Why hadn’t it felt that good when Lex had fondled her?

“I’ll stop if you want me to, and we’ll never mention it again. But if you want to finish what you started this afternoon, I’m yours. I’ll fill that empty ache inside you. And I won’t stop until I give you what you want…and need.”

He really wanted her? It was like a dream come true!

“Please…” She could barely even gasp out the word.



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