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Franklin Pierce was president of the United States in 1855, the Mexican War had just ended, the horrors of the American Civil War had not yet begun. The last of the free spirits known as the Mountain Men were securing their place in the legends of the frontier. Among these fierce adventurers was a man who called himself Highpockets.
Into the harsh wilderness Highpockets had come to escape the soot of the cities and the terrible memories of war; with nothing but the strength of his heart sand hands he had carved out a life of freedom in the nearly inaccessible high places of the Rocky Mountains.
In the autumn of his days Highpockets stumbled across a half-frozen, half-dead immigrant boy who had wandered in the snow and ice—terrified after having been separated from the wagon train carrying his Eastern European family across the vast new world.
Highpockets called the boy Cub and took him to the wilderness domain the old man called My Mountain. There, for one long winter, they lived together; the young boy learned a new language and a way of life that he’d never even imagined existed. By the end of the winter, the old man knew that Cub had learned everything he needed to know to survive in a land as dangerous as it was awesomely beautiful.
It would have to be enough and more than enough . . . for at the end of that winter Highpockets had agreed to face the council of his old enemy, Painted Elk, to atone for the murder of the chief’s son.
Both Cub and Highpockets would be judged by the council of Elders . . . and both would learn that justice in the high places was both fair . . . and deadly.
 The murder of fourteen-year-old Willie Nickel caused an uproar in southern Wyoming and the public demanded finding the culprit and appropriate punishment. About seven months later Tom Horn, a cattle detective hired by the big ranchers, was arrested and charged with this crime. His lawyer, John W. Lacey and a solitary reporter from Denver, are convinced that Horn is innocent and they try their best to prove that the whole trial is actually a conspiracy by small ranchers, mostly rustlers, to silence Horn once for all. However, in spite of the fact that defense refuted most of the prosecution’s arguments and testimonies, the jury found him guilty and recommended the capital punishment by hanging. The story is based loosely on historical facts and legal documents and it is also supplemented by “Chatting with the Chief of Indian Scouts” to provide some insight in Horn’s background. The Shots at Iron Mountain illustrates the conflict between an individual and rapid societal changes which he cannot or perhaps does not want to accept. The story also highlights politicization and abuses within the judicial system which favor certain special interest groups - a phenomenon too frequent in modern history.

Western author Jiri Cernik’s The Shots at Iron Mountain: A Story of Two Men - Tom Horn and Geronimo is an action-packed Western novel that brings voice to many of the West’s best-known characters, whose violent lives ended on the battlefield, in prison or at the end of a hangman’s noose.

                - Stuart Rosebrook, Ph.D., Senior Editor, True West magazine

By the summer of 1866, America was a changed nation. The Civil War has ended, and the West was calling as a place where the fresh wounds of a nation divided could heal. Many set out to heed that call and explore the land that the terrible war had not touched. Amid the beauty of the region, they found its native inhabitants-and a bloody collision of two cultures.

To the Lakota people, the white man-the wasichus-appeared first as a curiosity but soon turned into a plague. Frustrated and powerless, the proud Lakota Sioux war leader Red Cloud watched helplessly as the wasichus became as plentiful as the grass on the fields, draining the land of its resources, and introducing metal guns and knives, along with the water that makes men crazy. Red Cloud knows that if something is not done soon, there will be no land for his infant son to call his own.

To some he was controversial, to others he was charismatic, but in an unprecedented act, Red Cloud unites the Sioux with the Cheyenne, Arapho and Crow, assembling over three-thousand warriors in what will go down in history as "Red Clouds War." It was an act that would never be equaled, as the Indians defeat the white man in battle after battle, finally bring the U.S. government to the bargaining table, where they sue for peace.

Told with stunning humanity, Fred Chiaventone makes these historical figures, on both sides, living, real people. Combining vivid historical panorama with gritty and realistic drama. He has created a major narrative about a critical period and the pivotal figures on a frontier that won't know peace for decades.

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A special 2-book edition in the Colt Family saga.


The Colt saga blazes to a new high when two great guns come together


Chris Colt, Chief of Scouts, didn't know he had a sister until he heard tales of the gunfighter blazing a vengeance trail westward on a manhunt for her husband's killers. Her first name was Charlotte, but Charley was the tag she went by when she strapped her holsters on her hips. Chris and his comrade, the Nez Perce warrior Man Killer, journeyed out to see for themselves what this firebrand of female fury was like, and whether she had the right to claim the Colt heritage and back up the Colt credo of frontier justice with her guts and her guns. What they found was a heart as brave, a draw as fast, and an aim as true as any man's...a woman whose courage and skill Chris Colt did not try to beat but just to match....


A new Colt family legend is born….


Chief-of-scouts Chris Colt and his half-brother, Joshua, are finally reunited with their sister, Charley, while avenging the death of her husband. But their newfound happiness is shattered when the trio returns to the Silver Cliff Ranch and find Chris's wife murdered and the children missing. It's a kidnapping gone wrong and now the young Colt children are running for their lives, alone in the mountains, with a brutal gang of cutthroats in hot pursuit. With one mad-as-hell Chris Colt trailing them, and his slippery son eluding them at every pass, the gang turns tail. But Colts don't stop until the job is done. Chris rides off, planning to hunt down the killers one by one, setting up the ultimate showdown between the orneriest and quickest gunslingers in the West—and the Colt family posse.
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