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This collection contains the following 8 sexy lesbian stories:
Chocolate Milk:
Kisha has been a very bad girl, and now finds herself in the county lock up to await trail. Inside, she encounters several big beautiful women who are craving some creamy delight. With her own incredible ample assets in deman, Kisha knows she will have no problem making friends.
Asian Affair:
Kim gives all the wonderful details of her trip to Malaysia where she sets out to accomplish one sensual thing: have fun with a sexy local girl. Of course, her trip wouldn't be nearly complete if she hadn't brought along a very special toy to add to the fun!
Deep Licks:
Sexy Fiona, who just found out her girlfriend has been cheating on her for months, decides to give the hot and curvy courier woman a sensual tip for her delivery services. But it turns out the courier woman happens to have an even bigger surprise to add to their enjoyment!
Girl On Girl:
Hot and curvy Amelia never thought reading at the library could be such a sensual activity until she meets Grace, the cute and sexy librarian. Grace happens to have a very special device which will help Amelia with her studies in more ways than one!
Hot and curvy Lucy, who recently divorced her life-partner, is in desperate need of a sensual distraction from her troubles. She finds it with sweet and sexy Mila, the lucky hitchhiker who also happens to have a very special toy in her backpack to add to their lickable fun!
Bad Girls:
Nora was finished with her deadbeat girlfriend, and what better way to celebrate this new found sexual freedom than with the first two women she encounters: her beautiful accountant and the sexy delivery lady. Things get even more exciting when a very special toy is added to spice up their sweaty encounter!
Slick Fingers:
Sophia was annoyed with her unappreciative life-partner, and what better revenge than to hook up with the beautiful new pool girl? But when the pool girl's sexy girlfriend suddenly joins in, Sophia discovers a sensual new way to feel appreciated!
Tongue Twisters:
The first day at sexy Mia's new job becomes more eventful than planned when the beautiful manager, with her busty assistant, team up to give her some proper training. And when they bring out a very special toy, Mia becomes more than willing to put in some extra overtime!
For adults only.
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Taste Me: Sexy Lesbian Stories is a steamy collection of 5 sexy sapphic stories of erotic lesbian love, boiling encounters, first-time experiences, dominant and submissive girl-on-girl experiences, and of new barriers broken, and new pleasures felt.


Contained in this novel-length collection of sizzling F/F erotic stories are the books:



The Charmed Waitress

After a bad divorce, Gabby’s libido was running wild, and she experimented, tried new things. But Gabby felt unfulfilled. Something was missing… something she found herself fantasizing about at night alone in bed.

She had never tried it with a woman before, and Gabby slowly realized that she desperately wanted to… and who better with than the pretty young waitress currently taking her order?



Learning Intimacy

I thought it would just be another relaxing night on the couch with my best friend. I never thought she would ask me to teach her what intimacy was like. I certainly never thought that I’d enjoy it…



First Class Eating

Janie was experiencing a lot of firsts today. Not only was she flying for the first time, but she was flying first class for the first time. She was also making friends with a stranger for the first time… Angelica.

But she never expected that she’d experience something else for the first time with the gorgeous, sexy Angelica...



What Happens In Amsterdam…

I’m a cliché and I know it. I’m in love with my best friend, but she’s not a lesbian. What’s new? Girls in my situation never get what they want.

Except this time, I did. And it was the hottest, sexiest, best friggin’ time of my life. This is my story.



Her Five Submissions

Clara works in her father’s hotel. It is an old building with just five floors. It couldn’t be more ordinary.

Until Clara meets a famous woman staying at the hotel… and falls in lust. 

And thus begins her first submission... with four more to follow.

 Here is the first story in this explicit erotica anthology:


The Rich Girl's Crazy Lesbian Gangbang (Sometimes Being Spoiled Has Consequences)

A Rough and Reluctant Group Sex Erotica Story with First Anal Sex and Double Penetration

by Skyler French


Okay. I was a bitch.  Sure I was.  I was a trust fund girl, and I expected service to be exactly what I wanted. As far as I was concerned, it was unacceptable for the ladies at the salon to treat me with anything other than deference. Every one of them needed to learn her place. That was my opinion, anyway, and I expressed it pretty clearly to them.  They had an opinion, too.  Their opinion was that the way to deal with a rich, spoiled brat was to make her take on eight or nine girls, spank her brutally, and teach her that they didn’t need a man around to get rough enough to make sure she can’t sit down for a week and even after that she’ll be walking funny for a very long time. With the very rough first anal sex, very rough sex, and the double penetration, my trip to the salon was nothing like what I expected.


There are also four more, so what are you waiting for? Click to download and you can start reading in seconds!


Please do not download this book unless you are legally able to download and view explicit sexual content in your area. In addition, if explicit language and sexual situations offend you, this anthology is not for you.  It contains very clear and explicit descriptions of reluctant sex, first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, and more. 


The other four stories are listed below.


2. Welcome to College!

A Lesbian Threesome Erotica Story by Ericka Cole


It was my very first week in college, and I was on my way to a speech competition with two older girls.  We shared a hotel room, and I was amazed to wake up and see the two of them having sex!  That wasn’t it though.  When they saw I was awake, I got pulled into it!  It was my first lesbian sex experience, and it happened as a threesome!


3. Bath Time with Dylan (When My Friend Seduced Me)

A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Kitty Lee


We’d just gotten back from our run when Dylan kissed me.  I was shocked, of course.  I’d never been with a woman before and I didn’t know what the hell to do.  Dylan did.  She just kept kissing me and before long we were together in the bath and I was right in the middle of my first lesbian experience.



A Very Rough and Reluctant First Lesbian Sex Short by Veronica Halstead


Cheryl is tired of her roommate Jeanne letting everyone walk all over her, and one day it just boils to the top and she loses it.  She says a great many harsh things, and for the first time, Jeanne doesn’t react in her normal mousy way.  In fact, she’s downright aggressive, and before she knows it Cheryl is in the midst of a very, very rough and reluctant first lesbian sex encounter complete with oral sex, forced deepthroat with fingers, and face sitting!


5. My Lesbian Awakening with Hayden

An Erotic Romance by Barbara Vanaman


We’d been best friends forever, and I’d never really considered being with a woman before.  If I had, Hayden would have been the first person I told about it, but I never thought it would happen with her!  Caught up in the moment, though, we started something.  Once we started, there was no stopping.  It was my first lesbian experience with Hayden, but it wouldn’t be my last.


The Questions: When aliens land on earth, the world is sent into a panic, until they find out what they want. What do you do when you discover that an alien race doesn't want to conquer you, they just want to breed.
Future Escort: In a world that is used to seeing and dealing with aliens, Colleen finds a new career in the Escort business. Her adventures start on the planet Skort, where she's an escort to a prominent dignitary. She experiences her first interplanetary sexual encounter and things will never be the same again.

Future Escort 2:Colly has found a few more friends and is opening up a brand new Escort Agency on an alien planet. This could be the start of something big.

The Monster in my Closet 1 to 3: A story like no other, that involves monsters from another world, who are chasing after prophesy. These beings, although non-malignant, have a need to mate with human females. After finding the chosen one, a half-human child is born to rule over the land of Covel.

Three days of the Yeti: Mandy is so excited about her father taking her to the Himalayas, to climb part of Mount Everest that she forgets how dangerous it can be. When they suffer a fall and are separated, Mandy awakens to find she’s been rescued by what would appear to be a Yeti, at least on the surface. What she discovers from that point on is nothing short of amazing, even life changing.

Doctor Jekyll and Ms. Hyde: When the good Doctor Jekyll creates an elixir that he believes will stop abnormal behavior within humans, he makes a discovery that is both amazing and mind-bogglingly perverse. Will having the power to turn himself into a woman, change the world or throw it into chaos?

The Elevator: Alex is about to meet someone who is very different from the usual girls he's seen in the past. This woman is going to leave an impression, but it will make you wonder what he'd say if he knew her little secret? 

Aerial's Last Mission: Aerial is on earth, her mission is to find out everything she can about a certain human activity known as sex.

Mind Reader: An experimental drug received after an accident leaves Kirsty with the ability to read minds. Lustful thoughts of friends, co-workers and complete strangers bombard her from all sides, and when her powers escalate to the ability to move things with her mind, she decides to pleasure herself and those around her. 

**These tales are sexually graphic and are meant for adults only" 

All characters depicted are 18 or older. Enjoy
 ** Enjoy all four of the Roommate Romance stories in one volume! This collection of erotic novellas are for adults only and contain sexually explicit scenes. ** 

(NOTE: This boxed set does not include the most recent Roommate Romance book, Promise You.)

- Heart You - 

** Heart You is roughly 7200 words and contains a hot sexual triad between two female roommates and their Valentine's Day boy toy. ** 

Have you ever wanted something you know you shouldn't? That forbidden fruit. A temptation that will surely lead you down the path of illicit indulgence, and ultimately, pleasure beyond your wildest imaginations. 

That was the daily torture Samantha put herself through when she thought of her roommate, Kara. Sitting alone on Valentine's Day, Sam found comfort in sharing her innermost secrets with her trusty journal while lusting over the brown-eyed goddess. At least until Kara comes home with a sizzling hot man and a night full of naughty games that would even make cupid blush. 

- Bind Me - 

** Bind Me is roughly 6600 words and contains light BDSM scenes between a curious woman and her very dominant male roommate. ** 

Lily had a suspicion her new roommate was the type to always take control, no matter what the situation. It wasn’t until she accidentally peeked in on Chaz dominating another woman, that her suspicions were realized. Lily watched with amazement as Chaz masterfully played the female like a sensual instrument, bringing her the most intense gratification Lily had ever witnessed. 

After witnessing his sexual expertise from a distance and noticing the careful attention he gives to his lovers, Lily wanted nothing more than to have his hands sculpt every inch of her body. Unable to forget the incredibly erotic scene Chaz so skillfully played out, Lily sought to make her desires known by casually submitting to him throughout their daily lives. 

To her excitement, Chaz invites Lily to his prestigious art show opening at a local gallery. All it takes is a slinky dress, a pair of kitten heels, and a tiny scrap of lace to drive Chaz wild, causing some very heated moments. 

- Share You - 

** Share You is roughly 12,000 words and contains a hot sexual ménage à trois between a young couple and their smexy new tenant. ** 

If Kelli has learned one thing over the years, it would be that desires rule your life—aversion has no place if you truly want to be happy. And she was all about getting what she wanted. 

It all started on a rather hot, summer day when her husband, Nick, decided they needed to rent a room out in their house in order to make ends meet. Kel knew it was the only way they could continue to afford their lovely home. Still, deep down, she'd always hated the idea—at least until Ava walked through their door. 

After several grueling tenant interviews, they finally rented the room to the sexy, long-legged blonde, causing Kelli to reassess what she really wanted. 

- Flatter Me - 

** Flatter Me is roughly 17,000 words and contains sexual situations between a female barista and three hot Australian men. ** 

Laney knows her life is boring, and now that it’s a new year, she’s looking forward to letting go and giving in to some of life’s simple pleasures. When three men with sexy Australian accents walk into her coffee shop, spouting cheesy one-liners in some desperate form of flattery, her New Year’s resolution is put to the test. 

It figures that, through several amusing come-ons, she finally finds Trevor—a perfect man who just so happens to be unattainable due to his temporary status in the states. Laney’s days turn into a mixture of carefree desires and tough decisions, causing her to question what she truly wants from life. 

Will her passionate heart be able to handle the likes of Trevor and his mates? Maybe. How about when she knows there’s the promise of something more to come? Now that’s more like it.
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