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“So inviting you might find yourself tempted to give the experience a whirl and ride the Italian trains yourself, book in hand.”—Liesl Schillinger, New York Times Book Review Tim Parks’s books on Italy have been hailed as "so vivid, so packed with delectable details, [they] serve as a more than decent substitute for the real thing" (Los Angeles Times Book Review). Now, in his first Italian travelogue in a decade, he delivers a charming and funny portrait of Italian ways by riding its trains from Verona to Milan, Rome to Palermo, and right down to the heel of Italy.

Parks begins as any traveler might: "A train is a train is a train, isn’t it?" But soon he turns his novelist’s eye to the details, and as he journeys through majestic Milano Centrale station or on the newest high-speed rail line, he delivers a uniquely insightful portrait of Italy. Through memorable encounters with ordinary Italians—conductors and ticket collectors, priests and prostitutes, scholars and lovers, gypsies and immigrants—Parks captures what makes Italian life distinctive: an obsession with speed but an acceptance of slower, older ways; a blind eye toward brutal architecture amid grand monuments; and an undying love of a good argument and the perfect cappuccino.

Italian Ways also explores how trains helped build Italy and how their development reflects Italians’ sense of themselves from Garibaldi to Mussolini to Berlusconi and beyond. Most of all, Italian Ways is an entertaining attempt to capture the essence of modern Italy. As Parks writes, "To see the country by train is to consider the crux of the essential Italian dilemma: Is Italy part of the modern world, or not?"

 Welcome to RailPass RailMap Europe, Turkey and North Africa 2017 
Explore the whole European railway network with the bright full color and icon illustrated RailMap of Europe. New revised edition has additional detailed maps of central Belgium (including Brussels), central Paris, London detailing links to major airports, Central Roma, Central Madrid including metro stops connecting main line train stations and Central Switzerland and Southern Austria (including Zurich) and Central Berlin. 

Buyer Please Be Aware 

If you are looking to purchase a detailed railway map of Europe which displays all the station stops and are a professional railway enthusiast then please note that RailPass RailMap 2016 has been specifically designed with the Global RailPass holder in mind. You will be disappointed if you want a completely definitive network guide and aesthetically pleasing curvy line artwork. RailPass RailMap is all about enabling the reader to navigate around the network in an easy to read, easy to understand, easy to pack away format (i.e. can be folded in half) and full colour durable quality paper and laminated gloss cover (i.e. most large printed folding maps quickly suffer from tearing). 

RailPass RailMap 2016 is absolutely designed with the backpacker in mind. The large square paperback format enables large spreads which have the look and feel of a folded map with many duplications so you can easily follow the network across the spreads. 

All the top tourist destination, cities and major towns on the network are highlights in large bold printand RailMap is designed to provide a generalized and schematic representation of the Railway network so the reader can quickly locate the best routes to their chosen destinations. 

Included: - Easy to understand Index with Country flag and RailMap pages 
- Detailed explanation of RailMap legend and what to look out for on RailMap 
- Easily identified High speed routes (bright Orange). E.g. TVG, Eurostar, Thalys which always require additional supplements 
- Main railway lines (seat reservation is usually required) 
- Majority of local lines (where no reservation is required) 
- Bright green highlighted and easy to identify scenic routes for the whole network so you can choose the most interesting and awesome routes 
- Bus routes (pink lines) where the train network is in repair or is seasonal etc. 
- Popular Ski resorts and summer hiking destinations 
- Ports and popular ferry routes 
- Train stations with shower facilities 
- National parks and areas of outstanding beauty 
- Sandy beaches and stunning coastlines 
- Mountain ranges and major inland lakes 
- Major Budget Airports (with accompanying airport codes) 
All the major network connections, intersections and junctions are easy to follow to enable you to quickly get to your chosen destinations. 

RailPass Planning Apps 

Included in your purchase is access to the RailPass Planning PC App tool. This PC app is an essential aid to planning a RailPass and provides instant access to the complete Night Train network, interactive route planning and 100’s of pre-created routes to enable you to see just what is possible. The paperback RailMap is generated via this tool so you will instantly feel at home using the App. Also part of your purchase is the complete PDF of RailPass RailMap including the whole of Switzerland in detail. 

This is an indispensable travel guide designed by a backpacker for other backpackers who are going to be extensively using the entire railway of Europe, Turkey and North Africa and especially useful for Global Interrail and Eurail pass holders.
The Age of Railways was an era of extraordinary change which utterly transformed every aspect of British life – from trade and transportation to health and recreation.

Full Steam Ahead reveals how the world we live in today is entirely shaped by the rail network, charting the glorious evolution of rail transportation and how it left its mark on every aspect of life, landscape and culture. Peter Ginn and Ruth Goodman brilliantly bring this revolution to life in their trademark style which engages and captivates. They explore the everyday lives and the intangible ephemeral history that make up the stories of the people who built, worked and were affected by the railways. From the very first steam train to the infrastructure that is still used in part today, they look at the men, women and children who lived and sometimes died constructing Britain's railway heritage.

As they trace the emergence of the Industrial Revolution across the country, the authors discover a hidden layer of social history, using rail transportation as a backdrop to reveal Britain’s radical change in social attitudes and culture across the 19th and early 20th centuries, including the rise of the working class, women’s rights, industrial growth, economic decline, warfare and the birth of the great British holiday. They tell the stories of the historic characters whose lives were changed by this radical mode of transport.

Beautifully illustrated with photographs and artwork throughout, Full Steam Ahead is a passionate, charming and insightful look at Britain through the lens of one of its most momentous eras.

During the tumultuous year of 2008--when gas prices reached $4 a gallon, Amtrak set ridership records, and a commuter train collided with a freight train in California--journalist James McCommons spent a year on America's trains, talking to the people who ride and work the rails throughout much of the Amtrak system. Organized around these rail journeys, Waiting on a Train is equal parts travel narrative, personal memoir, and investigative journalism.

Readers meet the historians, railroad executives, transportation officials, politicians, government regulators, railroad lobbyists, and passenger-rail advocates who are rallying around a simple question: Why has the greatest railroad nation in the world turned its back on the very form of transportation that made modern life and mobility possible?

Distrust of railroads in the nineteenth century, overregulation in the twentieth, and heavy government subsidies for airports and roads have left the country with a skeletal intercity passenger-rail system. Amtrak has endured for decades, and yet failed to prosper owing to a lack of political and financial support and an uneasy relationship with the big, remaining railroads.

While riding the rails, McCommons explores how the country may move passenger rail forward in America--and what role government should play in creating and funding mass-transportation systems. Against the backdrop of the nation's stimulus program, he explores what it will take to build high-speed trains and transportation networks, and when the promise of rail will be realized in America.

“This comprehensive guide will assist the traveler in planning an excursion and executing it with minimum effort and maximum pleasure.” —Library Journal All Aboard—first published in 1995, and here completely revised and updated—is much more than just a mile-by-mile scenery guide for train travelers. It will make any trip smoother and more enjoyable with its insightful travel trips and information about how railroads operate. With trains attracting new riders in record numbers, the time is perfect for a new edition of All Aboard. All Aboard is more than an ordinary travel guide. The author tells us how and why the first railroads came about, describes the building of America’s trans-continental railroad, and explains how individual trains are operated. He also offers advice that can only come from a veteran traveler: booking trips, finding the lowest fares, avoiding pitfalls, packing for an overnight trip, what to do on board, whom to tip and how much. This new, fourth edition includes a new chapter about eight major railway stations, and is updated throughout with new information and photographs. It discusses Amtrak’s new locomotives and Viewliner sleeping cars, changes in rules regarding pets and bicycles on American trains, and much more. Jim Loomis writes frequently about train travel for Sunday newspaper travel sections and has ridden every one of Amtrak’s long-distance trains multiple times, logging nearly 200,000 miles. He is a member of the board of directors of the National Association of Railroad Passengers.
Riding the Rails with Paul Theroux

Three quintessential works from the legendary Paul Theroux are collected here for the first time.
Let the master take you by train through Asia in 1975’s The Great Railway Bazaar, then cross the Americas in 1979’s The Old Patagonian Express, and round out your journey through Eastern Europe in 2008’s Ghost Train to the Eastern Star.

The Great Railway Bazaar: By Train Through Asia

The Great Railway Bazaar, Theroux’s strange, unique, and hugely entertaining railway odyssey has become a modern classic of travel literature. Here he recounts his early adventures on an unusual grand tour. Asia’s fabled trains—the Orient Express, the Khyber Pass Local, the Frontier Mail, the Golden Arrow to Kuala Lumpur, the Mandalay Express, the Trans-Siberian Express—are the stars of a journey that takes him on a loop eastbound from London’s Victoria Station to Tokyo Central, then back from Japan on the Trans-Siberian Express. Brimming with Theroux’s signature humor and wry observations, this engrossing chronicle is essential reading for both the ardent adventurer and the armchair traveler.

The Old Patagonian Express: By Train Through the Americas

Starting with a rush-hour subway ride to South Station in Boston to catch the Lake Shore Limited to Chicago, Theroux winds up on the poky Old Patagonian Express steam engine (“a kind of demented samovar on wheels”), which comes to a halt among cracked hills and thorn bushes in the southern reaches of Argentina. 

But with Theroux the souls he meets along the way matter most, like the monologuing Mr. Thornberry in Costa Rica, the bogus priest of Cali, and the blind Jorge Luis Borges, who delights in having Theroux read Robert Louis Stevenson to him. 

Ghost Train to the Eastern Star: On the Tracks of the Great Railway Bazaar

Half a lifetime ago, Paul Theroux virtually invented the modern travel narrative by recounting his grand tour by train through Asia. In the decades since, the world he recorded in that book has undergone phenomenal change. The Soviet Union has collapsed and China has risen; India booms while Burma smothers under dictatorship; Vietnam flourishes in the aftermath of the havoc America was unleashing on it the last time Theroux passed through. And no one is better able to capture the texture, sights, smells, and sounds of that changing landscape than Theroux.

His odyssey takes him from eastern Europe, still hung-over from communism, through tense but thriving Turkey into the Caucasus, where Georgia limps back toward feudalism while its neighbor Azerbaijan revels in oil-fueled capitalism. Theroux travels as the locals do—by stifling train, rattletrap bus, illicit taxi, and mud-caked foot—encountering adventures only he could have: from the literary (sparring with the incisive Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk) to the dissolute (surviving a week-long bender on the Trans-Siberian Railroad). And wherever he goes, his omnivorous curiosity and unerring eye for detail never fail to inspire, enlighten, and entertain.
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A vivid, funny, and poignant memoir that celebrates the distinct lure of the camaraderie and community one finds drinking in bars.

Rosie Schaap has always loved bars: the wood and brass and jukeboxes, the knowing bartenders, and especially the sometimes surprising but always comforting company of regulars. Starting with her misspent youth in the bar car of a regional railroad, where at fifteen she told commuters’ fortunes in exchange for beer, and continuing today as she slings cocktails at a neighborhood joint in Brooklyn, Schaap has learned her way around both sides of a bar and come to realize how powerful the fellowship among regular patrons can be.

In Drinking with Men, Schaap shares her unending quest for the perfect local haunt, which takes her from a dive outside Los Angeles to a Dublin pub full of poets, and from small-town New England taverns to a character-filled bar in Manhattan’s TriBeCa. Drinking alongside artists and expats, ironworkers and soccer fanatics, she finds these places offer a safe haven, a respite, and a place to feel most like herself. In rich, colorful prose, Schaap brings to life these seedy, warm, and wonderful rooms. Drinking with Men is a love letter to the bars, pubs, and taverns that have been Schaap’s refuge, and a celebration of the uniquely civilizing source of community that is bar culture at its best.
 This 1947 operating manual includes 42 diagrams and illustrations, and is organized as follows: 

Crew Cooperation 
Cooperation in Firing the Locomotive 

Fireman’s Duties 
Fireman’s Duties on Arrival at Engine-House 
Fireman’s Duties After Assignment to Locomotive 
Fireman’s Duties on the Trip 
Fireman’s Duties at End of Trip 
Cab Curtains 

Bituminous Coal 
Carbon and Volatile Matter 
Inspecting the Coal in the Tender 
What to Look for in the Tender 
What to Look for in the Firebox 

Igniting Temperature 
Rate of Combustion 
Factors Affecting Good Combustion 
Condition of Coal, a Factor in Combustion 
Suggestions for Avoiding Clinkers 
General Firing Information 
Fuel Conservation “Don’ts” 

How to Prepare a Fire 
How to Care for the Fire While the Locomotive Is on the Ready Track 
Fireman’s Duty in Preparing Fire 

How to Inspect the Fire 
Procedure to Be Followed for Inspecting the Fire 
Before the Door Is Opened: 
Inspect the Whole Fire 
Correct Bad Conditions Revealed by Inspection 

How to Fire Different Kinds of Coal 
Standard Firing Practices 
Standard Firing Procedure to Be Followed at All Times 
Suggestions for Firing Wet Coal 
Suggestions for Firing Clinkering Coal 
Suggestions for Firing High Slack (Fine Coal) 
Changes in Kind of Coal 
Improper Jet Setting 
Improper Supply of Coal to Firebox 
Cut-Off and Throttle Changes 
Fire Works Ahead on the Grate 
Slipping of the Locomotive Driving Wheels 

How to Correct Bad Fire Conditions 
How to Correct Banks in the Back of the Firebox 
How to Correct Banks in the Front of the Firebox 
How to Correct a Plugged Arch 
How to Correct Light Spots Under the Distributing Table (HT Stoker) 
How to Correct Light Spots on the Back Grates 
How to Correct Fire Depth—Fire Too Deep 
How to Correct a Clinkered Fire 
Suggestions on Firing to Avoid Damage to the Firebox and Tubes 

The Stoker 
General Description 
The Stoker Engine 
The Tender Conveyor Unit 
The Intermediate Unit 
The Elevator Unit 
The Distributing Table 
Operating the Stoker 

Grates and Their Functions 
Use of the Grates 
Care of the Grates 

How to Shake the Grates 
Procedure for Operating the Grates 
Operating the Grate to Remove Normal Ash Accumulation 
Operating the Grates When the Fire Is Thin in the Back or Has “Worked Ahead” 
Operating the Grates to Eliminate Banks or High Spots 
Operating the Grates to Remove Clinkers 

The Locomotive Boiler 
The Boiler 
The Firebox 
Syphons and Arch Tubes 
Causes of Leaking Flues 
Fire Doors 
The Steam Dome 
Safety Valves 
The Smoke Box 

Locomotive Water Systems 
Water Level Indicating Devices 
Feedwater Devices 
Cold Weather Precautions 
How to Pump a Boiler 
Care of Water Systems 
Testing the Feed Water Pump 
Testing the Injector Before Leaving the Terminal 
Pumping the Boiler While Locomotive Is Under Way 
Pumping of the Boiler Is Essential to Good Firing 

Smoke Control and Draft Control 
Description of the Blower 
Uses of the Blower 
When to Use the Blower 
Preventing Smoke When Preparing the Fire Before Starting 
Preventing Smoke When the Locomotive Is Under Way 
Always Observe These Rules 

The Superheater
European railways are characterized by a huge and contrasting range of locomotives, liveries, rolling stock, stations and infrastructure. In addition, the network incorporates standard, narrow and broad gauges, private and nationalized railways, high-speed corridors, single-track branch lines and rack systems. If that was not appealing enough for the railway modeller, these fascinating railways are also located in dramatically diverse landscapes ranging from the industrial Ruhr to the majestic Alps. If you wish to explore the new and exciting railway modelling opportunities that Europe has to offer, if you need a helping hand and information about where to go, what to read and what to buy, then this is the book for you.It considers how to carry out research across the Channel, and is written by an enthusiastic railway modeller who has been modelling European railways for twenty-five years and who passionately believes that railway modelling should be fun. It contains information about the modelling tools required, the products that are available and the companies that manufacture them and demonstrates in detail how to install catenary. It also describes, step-by-step, many of the techniques that can be used to create different types of scenery in several European locations. With top tips and advice throughout and including many interesting 'modelling interludes' describing and illustrating models of various railway subjects, this lavishly illustrated book, with over 440 beautiful colour photographs, will appeal to anyone plannning to model European railways.
'Monisha Rajesh has chosen one of the best ways of seeing the world. Never too fast, never too slow, her journey does what trains do best. Getting to the heart of things. Prepare for a very fine ride' Michael Palin

When Monisha Rajesh announced plans to circumnavigate the globe in eighty train journeys, she was met with wide-eyed disbelief. But it wasn't long before she was carefully plotting a route that would cover 45,000 miles – almost twice the circumference of the earth – coasting along the world's most remarkable railways; from the cloud-skimming heights of Tibet's Qinghai railway to silk-sheeted splendour on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

Packing up her rucksack – and her fiancé, Jem – Monisha embarks on an unforgettable adventure that will take her from London's St Pancras station to the vast expanses of Russia and Mongolia, North Korea, Canada, Kazakhstan and beyond. The ensuing journey is one of constant movement and mayhem, as the pair strike up friendships and swap stories with the hilarious, irksome and ultimately endearing travellers they meet on board, all while taking in some of the earth's most breathtaking views.

From the author of Around India in 80 Trains comes another witty and irreverent look at the world and a celebration of the glory of train travel. Rajesh offers a wonderfully vivid account of life, history and culture in a book that will make you laugh out loud – and reflect on what it means to be a global citizen – as you whirl around the world in its pages.
There are a lot of high speed railway rolling stock. We represent all of these vehicles and technical specifications.

For Example; this book includes specification and photos of these type of high speed railway vehicles;

From Germany

•  DB AG 401 (ICE1) 

•  DB AG 402 (ICE2)

•  DB AG 403 (ICE3)

•  DB AG, NS 406 (ICE3M)

•  DB AG 406 (ICE3MF)

•  DB AG 407 (ICE3)

•  411 (ICE-T) DB AG

•  4011 (ICE-T) ÖBB

•  DB AG 411 (ICE-T2)

•  DB AG 415 (ICE-TD)

•  DB AG ICx (7-vagon)    

•  DB AG ICx (10-vagon)


From USA 

•  Amtrak – Acela

From Chech Republic

•  CD 680

From China










•  CR CRH380A

•  CR CRH380AL

•  CR CRH380B

•  CR CRH380BL

•  CR CRH380D

•  CR CRH380CL

•  CR CRH380DL

•  CR CIT001

•  CR CIT400A

•  CR CIT400B

•  THRSC 700T


From Morocco

•  ONCF – TGV Duplex

From Finland

•  VR Sm3

From France

•  Eurostar 373 TGV-TSMT

•  Eurostar  e320

•  Thalys PBA

•  Thalys PBKA


•  SNCF TGV PSE (bic.)

•  SNCF TGV PSE (tric.)

•  SNCF TGV Postal

•  SNCF TGV Atlantique

•  SNCF TGV Réseau (bic.)

•  SNCF TGV Réseau (tric.)

•  SNCF TGV Duplex

•  SNCF TGV Réseau Duplex


•  SNCF TGV Duplex Dasye

•  SNCF TGV Duplex

•  RGV2N2 (tric & bic)

•  SNCF IRIS 320

•  Thalys PBKA

From Netherland 

•  NS Hispeed, SNCB– Epsilon V250

From Norway 

•  NSB BM73

From Portugal

•  CP CPA40000

From Spain 

•  Renfe Operadora, S100 

•  Renfe Operadora, S101

•  Renfe Operadora, S102

•  Renfe Operadora, S103

•  Renfe Operadora, S104 

•  Renfe Operadora, S112 

•  Renfe Operadora, S114 

•  Renfe Operadora, S120 

•  Renfe Operadora, S121 

•  Renfe Operadora, S130

•  Renfe Operadora, S730 

•  Renfe Operadora, S490 

•  ADIF, A330

From Other European Countries 

•  SJ, X2 (X2000)

•  SJ, X40

•  Arlanda Express, X3

•  SBB, RABDe500 (ICN)

•  Polonya Demiryolları

•  PKP Intercity, Pendolino

From England 


•  East Coast IC225

•  EC, GC, HT, NR IC180

•  Cross Country 220

•  Cross Country, Virgin 221

•  East Midlands 222

•  Virgin 390

•  Southeastern 395

•  İtalya Demiryolları

•  Trenitalia ETR450

•  Trenitalia ETR460

•  Trenitalia ETR470

•  Trenitalia ETR480

•  Trenitalia ETR500

•  Trenitalia ETR600

•  Trenitalia, SBB ETR610

•  Trenitalia ETR1000


•  RFI – Epsilon

 From Japan

•  JRW - 0

•  JRW - 100

•  JRE - 200

•  JRC- 300/ JRW 300-3000

•  JRE - 400

•  JRW - 500

•  JRW – 500 / 7000

•  JRW 700-7000

•  JRC- JRW N700, N700-3000, N700A

•  JRC- JRW N700, N700-3000, N700A

•  JRW- JRK N700-7000, N700-8000

•  JRK 800

•  RK 800-1000, 800-2000 

•  JRE E1

•  JRE E2

•  JRE E2, E2-100

•  JRE E3

•  JRE E3-1000

•  JRE E3-2000

•  JRE E4

•  JRE E5

•  JRE E6

•  JRC 923, JRW 923-3000

•  JRC E926


From Korea 

•  Korail KTX

•  Korail KTX II


From Russia, Finland and Slovenia 

•  Karelian Railways, Sm6

•  RZD, ER200

•  RZD, Sapsan B1

•  RZD, Sapsan B2

From Turkey

•  TCDD YHT65000


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