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Modern life is very competitive and stressful; only a thoughtful few want to rid themselves of constant worries and find a way to live a life of real happiness. Teachings of Sri Sivabala Yogi contained in Laghu Guru Upanishad are especially relevant for such people. There are many grades of aspirants; some just want to lead a peaceful life, some want a lower type of salvation and a few blessed ones who desire total freedom by realising their true natures. Ultimate liberation is attained only if one knows the absolute Self (or Reality or God). No matter what ones goal is, the Gurus teaching given in Laghu Guru Upanishad, if practised sincerely, offers hope to everyone to attain ones desired end. The book is set out in question and answer format. The questions, asked by Gurprasad, have been framed from an aspirants point of view. Questions and doubts like these arise in the minds of all those who want to follow a spiritual path. The Guru has given answers that are suitable for ease of understanding by beginners as well as more advanced aspirants. In doing so, the Guru has adopted a rational approach suited to the modern generation and covers all well-known paths to realise the Truth. Sri Sivabala Yogis basic teaching deals with control of mind and it does not advocate any religious beliefs. Mind is the cause of ones suffering and unhappiness and it also has the power to get rid of them. Bookish knowledge is of no avail unless it is practised. Every reader of this book can attain his or her desired spiritual object, provided its teaching is put into effect through earnest effort.
Since the release of the authors first book, Questions, A Journal for Exploration of Oneness, Brian continues his pursuit of understanding lifes spiritual journey. Within the bond of family and friends, the author finds the need to express and acknowledge the feelings of peacefulness, the struggle of societys structure, the joy of togetherness, the pain of prejudice and the love of lifes uniqueness.In Touched By A Thought, the author offers a new collection of personal thoughts, created with the guidance of God and presented to you with the hope that you will be touched in a meaningful way. May your thoughts bring you enlightenment, happiness and an acceptance of the beauty of your spiritual journey. In all that is good or perceived to be not so good, there is always our ability to create, to choose our next step, to grasp our next lesson whether with enthusiasm or reluctance.In the silence of life listen to your heart, to your soul and to your God. Gods voice can be heard expressed in all that we do, in all that we wonder about and in all that we choose to happen throughout this endeavor known as human life. Appreciate the expression of your lives with the creativeness found throughout your eternal journey.The experiences in this life's journey for the author, Brian G. O'Rourke, have included two countries, twelve different schools, thirty plus residences and countless incredible creations he calls family, friends, and those who have touched and enriched his life, some for only the briefest moment. Brian is a product of determination, a desire for self-taught continuing education and the inward flame that life is beautiful, wonderful, playful and must be shared with all of God'speople. Brian has spent years earning a living, while like many, searching and challenging the questions of life and meaning.
Cosmic Accounting: A Journey to Enlightenment is a spiritual guide with nine key steps for a balanced lifestyle. The Life Balance Process for Inner Transformation shows you how to explore divinity so that you can experience true abundance, inner peace, and enlightenment. By combining accounting principles with universal truths and ancient wisdom, the cosmic journey will take you into the world of money, mysticism, and divine beings, like youve never seen before.

You can embrace a new awareness that we are interconnected, and spirit, wealth, and empowerment are part of the same cosmic energy. In a time when many of us are concerned about the state of our financial affairs, it provides a spiritual solution to our modern dilemma.

You can learn how to:

Integrate the wisdom of infinite intelligence in many areas of your life including your relationships, health, career, and finances Understand money from a spiritual perspective and create a flow of abundance Uncover the secrets of your true Self with a personal inventory Recognize the magical relationship between your work and becoming enlightened Transform suffering and challenges into the fuel for your enlightenment Rewrite your destiny in the accounting of your life Reclaim your divine birthright for financial freedom and live your souls purpose

Even though others might be able to point us in the right direction, no one can embark on the amazing journey of enlightenment for us. For the truth seeker, the answers can only come from within. Uncover the magic within these pages.

How to achieve a direct inner experience of your higher nature and the after-death state from which you originate and will return

• Provides techniques for listening to the primordial sound within

• Offers yoga and meditation techniques that are still little known in the West

This book--at once simple and powerful--stands as a monument to the lifelong spiritual struggles of Edward Salim Michael, struggles that he heroically surmounted on his path to enlightenment. Due to the circumstances of his birth, Michael had no education, no mother tongue, and no book learning when he was drafted at the age of 19 into the British Royal Air Force during World War II. After learning to read and write he became an accomplished classical composer in France. In 1949, after seeing a statue of a Buddha for the first time, he experienced a powerful awakening of his innate Buddha Nature, which inspired him to begin a sustained and extremely disciplined meditation practice. Michael abandoned his career as a composer and went to India, the home of his maternal grandmother, where he lived for seven years fully focused on his spiritual awakening.

Michael’s spiritual teachings reveal techniques of yoga and meditation that can open the door to one’s higher nature and to directly experience the after-death state. Nada yoga (meditation on the inner sound) is one of the core techniques for this realization. There is a vast luminous consciousness already within us, but it is obscured by the clouds of our incessant thoughts. With sincerity, moral integrity, and inner vigilance, which, when embodied, implies that we have internalized the basic tenets of the law of attention, we can move beyond the promptings of our lower nature and break through the clouds of our ordinary mind to realize our own divine nature. Emphasizing inner attention and an awareness of attitude, Michael’s practices can help aspirants make direct contact with the divine source each of us unknowingly carries deep within.
Sunrise (03/01/09) A lotus flower seed is rooted then grows from the darkness of the mud at the bottom of the lake. Simply through the power of it`s pure intention it reaches the surface of the lake then explodes into flower through the powerful blessings of the suns rays... Like unto a lotus you have the seed of enlightenment. Simply through the power of pure intention you will realise the way things really are, you will realise reality exploding within your own experience of silence within this moment...

Payne channels the sages of Chinese, Japanese and Indian lore in preaching meditation for a new generation of spiritual seekers.

Paynes book seems to advertise a radical, new, edgy, anti-establishment project. Yet in some ways, thats far from the truth, since Payne peddles religious ideas whose roots stretch back thousands of years. For nearly a decade and a half, Payne has practiced the ancient art of meditation, which he now sees as a path toward peace and fulfillment. Thus, in around 60 short sketchessome poetry, some prosehe sets out to explain some of the many lessons hes learned while on his spiritual journey. As Payne notes, many of the lessons echo those taught by the great saints of Asian religion: Buddha, Lao Tsu, Shantideva and Bodhidharma. Payne teaches that attachment to things of this world is frustrating because those things are mere images that may change and pass away. Our grasping for these images is fruitless and pointless. Even the self is an illusion; In reality I does not exist, Payne writes, I, me and mine are wordless words. In the end, our misconceptions bring us pain. Yet meditation, which puts us in touch with reality, is a methodical forgetting of all this falseness: Meditation is a simple process of unlearning everything you have been forced to learn by others. The great value of Paynes slim volume is that he expresses such old lessons in sleek, punchy, modern prose. Those intimidated by classic Buddhist texts such as the Lotus Sutra might find Paynes contemporary message refreshing and enlightening. Perhaps the only drawback here is that in trying to express paradoxical truths, Payne sometimes falls back on stilted idioms: The world has become a business with its [sic] own board of directors acting like gods within the balance of things, only it is the minds of those within the world that are in the balance. Metaphors can only hold so much water.

Ancient teachings helpfully repackaged for a modern audience.

- Kirkus Book Review

Satoyama self help non fiction , inner guide to meditation inner being to witness consciousness to universal consciousness to nothingness emptiness gate less gate to non being body incorporeal where time space , forms ,duality of mind completely annihilate into formless relation less unfocused awareness that is just an i am ness infinite light infinite relaxation into the core and source of the mystery of the universal body and of life and death and of all duality of mind eternity itself, that means no begin no end huger bigger , above beyond transcendental then the universal body itself , eternity actually the ultimate canvas reality where the universal body is paint display , and an organic unity a human being in essence is eternity itself immortal resurrected enlightened one in mystical union oneness with eternity itself , Satoyama a master piece that goes through the high topics of mysticism many methodology of meditation are revealed in Satoyama a great book for seeker on the path of meditation ,Satoyama means living in harmony with the nature , living in harmony with your inner being witness consciousness , awareness , into the law of eternity , that what means into this book living in harmony with the nature , been one in mystical union oneness with your inner being witness consciousness , and the organism of the universal body inner consciousness awareness one in mystical union intrinsic to eternity itself , in Satoyama the way the path to this inner harmony is describe clear a beautiful book for the seeker on the path of meditation that help to be conscious aware awake from unconscious asleep awake from various hypnosis ... welcome Angelo Aulisa
When the anxiety of materialistic excess overcomes your soul, and you hear a cry from deep within, what do you do?

Author Mark Kacik traveled the remote back roads of Asia in search of a peaceful mind, a deep understanding of self, and an alternative to his hectic and materialistic American lifestyle.

Probing remote footpaths and following the breeze of his soul, Kacik serendipitously encounters Buddhist masters in out-of-the-way temples and monasteries, where he is given deep meditative exercises and lessons in awareness, consciousness, and mindful living.

Follow Kacik’s spiritual odyssey as he travels through the timeless deserts of India, the frigid Himalayas of Nepal, scorching Vietnamese jungles, and the culturally rich Korean mountains and has surprising and sometimes terrifying adventures. Meet the incredible people he comes face-to-face with who lead lives so amazingly different from his own.

Caves, Huts, and Monasteries is more than a travelogue: The vibrant descriptions of faraway jungles, mountains, and deserts, along with jewels of advice gifted from masters of various Buddhist traditions, speak to the heart of spiritual seekers of any faith tradition. Kacik shares the teachings that affected him most deeply; those that helped evolve his perception of self, and taught him that peace can settle in the wailing soul that remains open and still. Because all of us get stuck; all of us sometimes want to scream; all of us have heard our deeper self crying for more substance in our lives.
The New York Times bestselling author and trusted spiritual adviser offers a follow-up to his classic Care of the Soul. 
Something essential is missing from modern life. Many who’ve turned away from religious institutions—and others who have lived wholly without religion—hunger for more than what contemporary secular life has to offer but are reluctant to follow organized religion’s strict and often inflexible path to spirituality. In A Religion of One’s Own, bestselling author and former monk Thomas Moore explores the myriad possibilities of creating a personal spiritual style, either inside or outside formal religion.
Two decades ago, Moore’s Care of the Soul touched a chord with millions of readers yearning to integrate spirituality into their everyday lives. In A Religion of One’s Own, Moore expands on the topics he first explored shortly after leaving the monastery. He recounts the benefits of contemplative living that he learned during his twelve years as a monk but also the more original and imaginative spirituality that he later developed and embraced in his secular life. Here, he shares stories of others who are creating their own path: a former football player now on a spiritual quest with the Pueblo Indians, a friend who makes a meditative practice of floral arrangements, and a well-known classical pianist whose audiences sometimes describe having a mystical experience while listening to her performances. Moore weaves their experiences with the wisdom of philosophers, writers, and artists who have rejected materialism and infused their secular lives with transcendence.
At a time when so many feel disillusioned with or detached from organized religion yet long for a way to move beyond an exclusively materialistic, rational lifestyle, A Religion of One’s Own points the way to creating an amplified inner life and a world of greater purpose, meaning, and reflection.
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