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Super heroine in peril fiction at its finest!

Grimme City's super heroines are young, hot, and descended of the legendary Viking Valkyrie.

The city's criminal population isn't the least bit respectful of their demi-divinity, and only dream of getting their hands on those goodie two shoe busybodies. Now an evil scientist, calling himself Dr. Lobotomizer, has found a way to strip away the intelligence of the city's most powerful, must intelligent women, turning them into mindless bimbos. He would like nothing more than reduce Grimme City's premier super heroine to a super bimbo and end her crime fighting career forever.

Warning: This super heroine in peril, urban fantasy story has explicit violence and sex. It gets down and dirty, showing the dark side of costumed vigilantism. For adults 18 years old and above who are not easily offended.

This is a story of approximately 11,300 words.

“Surrender, or I’ll kill her,” he said. “I’ll blow her brains out. So remove the power belt and kneel with your hands behind your head.”

“No, you won’t kill her,” Ms Patriot said confidently as she assumed a classic super heroine stance. “You’re not a murderer. You are a white slaver. You don’t want to kill women, you want to humiliate and degrade them. Besides, without her as a hostage you are toast. She’s all that is saving you right now.”

He looked a bit nervous now. Obviously, he thought that scam would work with her. So he tried a different tactic. Forcing Tami before him, he moved straight at Ms Patriot. She eyed him warily, wondering what he was up to.

About the Author:
Don has been hooked on sexy super heroines since the day he watched Frau Fausta Grables chloroform and capture Wonder Woman on TV. It was a simple step from there into super heroines in peril stories. Now he writes his own characters, and it having the time of his life doing so.

As Jill and I were ready to go to college and start a new chapter in our lives, I can tell you this about how Jill and I were raised by our parents. Understanding that the first job of a parent is to protect their children and teach their children to be responsible adults, what could I say? Our parents did the best job that a parent could do. Both Jill and I are the most loving and obedient and smart and responsible kids anyone could ever want. We did not drink, gamble, sniff glue, smoke, take dope, or get pregnant. We both got great marks in school. Over the past five years, of the hairbrush era, Jill was spanked only 6 times. That was not a lot over 5 years. Jill turned out to be such a confident and responsible young lady. I was even impressed with her. Mom taught her well and Jill learned well. Over that same five years, I was spanked 13 times and I was caned that last time to total 14 times I was punished. However, that was only three times per year. I never was punished when I did not deserve to be punished, so I earned every one of those Spankings. However, I turned out to be the most respectful and loving and nice son anyone could ask for. Yes, and obedient too. But, never once did I ever think that my Mon was mean to me or too hard on me. My Mom did what she had to do to get me though those growing years that were so much trouble for many of my friends. Looking back on all the pain and embarrassment and humiliation, I appreciated my Mom for caring enough to be my Mom and not my friend when I needed a Mom. Mom was my friend the rest of the time. Jill and I get along better than any other siblings we know. Jill and I truly care about one another and understand our perspective roles in our growing up process together. As a result, Jill got me a room in the same house she and a few friend rented as their own personal college dorm. How great is that going to be, me and five girls in the same house, I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!
Discover #1 New York Times-bestselling Patrick Rothfuss’ epic fantasy series, The Kingkiller Chronicle.
“I just love the world of Patrick Rothfuss.” —Lin-Manuel Miranda • “He’s bloody good, this Rothfuss guy.” —George R. R. Martin • “Rothfuss has real talent.” —Terry Brooks
My name is Kvothe.
I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow kings. I burned down the town of Trebon. I have spent the night with Felurian and left with both my sanity and my life. I was expelled from the University at a younger age than most people are allowed in. I tread paths by moonlight that others fear to speak of during day. I have talked to Gods, loved women, and written songs that make the minstrels weep.
You may have heard of me.
So begins a tale unequaled in fantasy literature—the story of a hero told in his own voice. It is a tale of sorrow, a tale of survival, a tale of one man’s search for meaning in his universe, and how that search, and the indomitable will that drove it, gave birth to a legend.  

Praise for The Kingkiller Chronicle:
“The best epic fantasy I read last year.... He’s bloody good, this Rothfuss guy.”
—George R. R. Martin, New York Times-bestselling author of A Song of Ice and Fire
“Rothfuss has real talent, and his tale of Kvothe is deep and intricate and wondrous.” 
—Terry Brooks, New York Times-bestselling author of Shannara
"It is a rare and great pleasure to find a fantasist writing...with true music in the words."
—Ursula K. Le Guin, award-winning author of Earthsea
"The characters are real and the magic is true.” 
—Robin Hobb, New York Times-bestselling author of Assassin’s Apprentice
"Masterful.... There is a beauty to Pat's writing that defies description." 
—Brandon Sanderson, New York Times-bestselling author of Mistborn
On the Verge of manhood, Raven's rampage continuesAs he begins the difficult path to Acceptance by his fellow Olympians. Out to prove he's as good, if not better than, any of them he bests the Trials set before him by Hades and Poseidon. This isn't enough for him, in his quest to prove to his Father, Ares, that he is an Olympian Raven preys upon the Mortals below Olympus in a time of great weakness. Settling for nothing less than Chaos, he enlists the aid of his Uncle Apollo and pushes the Mortals to pure anarchy when a global financial crisis leaves the entire world destitute, in ruins, and at each other's throats. Ready to conquer his Trials, take his place at the Counsel Table, and bring Ares the glory Cernunnos once prophesized, only one thing stands in his way; the night his Mother fell down the stairs.Alena, her body asleep in Ares' bed for four long years, is lost deep in the clutches of a never-ending dream induced by Morpheus. After years of living an illusion and becoming Morpheus Wife, Alena discovers his deception and struggles to escape her prison. Morpheus has no intentions of ever letting her go. He'll fight to the death to keep her.Apollo, ever the Man Behind the Curtain, pulls Raven's strings like a true puppet master. It's far too late when Raven realizes all he's done to please his Father actually makes Ares look guilty of destroying the Mortal World. A little Chaos and a little Anarchy aren't enough for the Golden God, in his on-going quest to destroy Ares, Apollo sets a plague loose upon the Earth. A bio-chemical weapon stolen from the United States Government at Area 51, known commonly as Major Falls. By the time the Olympians discover what's going on twenty million people are dead with the number multiplying exponentially every day.
Scorching hot and sexy stories set in science fiction and paranormal worlds that come alive in your hands. Her stories are unapologetic happily-ever-afters. They are also full of alpha heroes, heroines with a brain, action, adventure, and humor.  Don't miss out on stories that readers say they can't get enough of! 


Sometimes the only way to survive is to let insanity take over…


Edge remembers little of his capture but all of what has happened since. Sold to the Waxians, he resists their efforts to gain information on the Trivator military and weapons systems. He can feel his mind splinter from their repeated tortures, but a soft voice in the darkness urges him to resist—and fight back.


Lina Daniels is used to fighting fire with fire. She isn’t afraid of death, but she is terrified of being captured. As a resistance fighter on Earth, she knew the dangers. Those threats seem minuscule compared to those on the alien world she was taken to.


Determined to return home, her plan is simple—free the Trivator warrior she discovered and force him to take her and the other women that are with her back to Earth. That plan turns out just as hazardous as being a fugitive on an alien world! The last thing Lina expects is for the Trivator to have an intense protectiveness of her or his stubborn determination in believing she is his Amate! 


The soft sound of Lina’s voice is the only thing that prevents Edge’s mind from completely shattering. With the Waxian and Drethulan forces on their tail, it will take more than a few daring moves to escape to freedom. Can a tortured warrior and his rebellious rescuer escape the forces chasing them or will the threat of losing the last thing holding him together hurl Edge over the precipice and into insanity?

Lords of the Abyss Books 1-3 Box Set 

Welcome to the underwater world of Atlantes! A paranormal merman (mermaid) romance by NYT Bestselling Author Michelle M. Pillow

In this set:
The Mighty Hunter
Commanding the Tides
Captive of the Deep

Book One: The Mighty Hunter

Caderyn is the sexiest--and perhaps craziest--man Bridget has ever laid eyes on. He may have rescued her from death, but who’s going to rescue her from him? With all the right moves, the man is a walking seduction that’s too hard to resist. Sparks fly. Desires heat. But there’s one small problem. He claims they’re trapped in the lost city of Atlantes, living on a cursed island deep within the ocean. 

Book Two: Commanding the Tides

Iason doesn’t understand why the woman he’s trying to rescue seems insistent he save anyone but her. Duty bound to save whoever he can, he takes her to Atlantes, his home beneath the waves. But a watery grave isn't the only thing threatening his new charge’s life. To try and save her from a mortal illness would mean possible disgrace and being banned from ever swimming in the ocean again. But what else can he do? From the first moment he saw her, she had command over his heart.

Book Three: Captive of the Deep

Rigel has prayed for an end to his people's curse. Living in the lost city of Atlantes, women are rare and immortality has come with a high price--loneliness. When a beautiful female is thrown into the ocean, her fate is in his hands, and this sexy mortal is more than this hard up warrior can resist.

Lords of the Abyss series
Paranormal Merman Mermaid Shapeshifter Atlantis Fantasy Romance

Lords of the Abyss series (Box set only has the first 3 books)

The Mighty Hunter

Commanding the Tides

Captive of the Deep

Surrender to the Sea

Making Waves

The Merman King

Genres: Paranormal Romance, Merman, Mermaid, Shapeshifter Romance, Shifter, Atlantis, Underwater, Fantasy, Alpha Male, Romance, paranormal, fated mates, nobility, royalty, action and adventure, romantic comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Thriller & Suspense

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