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Sunny Sudenskaya is a mischievous eighteen year old, who has just emigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe - illegally. The nymph-like beauty has perfected her talent for oral gratification, exchanging blow-jobs for passage to her new life in the US. But she's looking for far more than oral sex to satisfy her carnal needs. Sunny has a penchant for masochism. Her desire? A modernized version of an ancient African tribal torture that employs a intricate means of suspension bondage. All she needs now is the right sadist to carry out her cherished fantasies for extreme submission. She seeks out Dr. Winthrop Samuels, a medical professional who's been known to enjoy bdsm as a recreational pursuit. While cautious in making any commitment to the girl, he can't resist her beguiling charm. He soon proceeds with the elaborate and most unique bondage apparatus that is required. In painstaking and methodical steps, he'll take the unsuspecting Sunny far further into the extreme bondage fantasy than she ever expected to go, as she becomes the doctor's hanging trinket.Dr. Winthrop Samuels returns to Pink Flamingo Publications, after the ‘Suspension Bondage’ affair, to once again care for a masochistic morsel of feminine flesh, plying his medical and engineering skills to abet the girl’s bizarre penchant for bondage and restraint.Male dominant, some female dominance, Dr. Samuels plies his craft with zeal, determined to assuage the needs of the Blacksmith’s Daughter, her deep inner quest for the gothic bondage of iron... black and crude... found to be unending.
In this sensual trilogy, three classic stories are each given an erotic adaptation. In The Awakening of Laura, an adult version of Sleeping Beauty, an attractive unhappily married woman Laura, trapped by her conventional life and religious beliefs, is drawn to Stephen, a spiritually conflicted man. In an attempt to convert Stephen back to her faith and hold onto her own, Laura visits Stephen at his place of work, an underground theater called the Adam and Eve Club. Like Sleeping Beauty mesmerized by the needle, Laura follows a bright light into the theater and witnesses on the stage a scene of sexual bondage. Phillipe Williamson, the handsome entrepreneur and owner of the club, watches Laura?s response in the dark. Rather than being pricked and falling into a deep sleep, the dormant sexual desire of Laura is awakened by the virility of Williamson. Despite her marriage, Laura willingly gives herself over to Williamson as his submissive. When her husband, a minister, returns from a trip and Laura revitalizes their sexual relationship, Laura becomes torn between the three men. After her true love is revealed, Laura reawakens from her dangerous and all-consuming sexual obsession. Bella Lisa and Her Beast, an erotic retelling of Beauty and the Beast, tells the story of Phillipe Williamson?s obsession and eventual seduction of a beautiful, much younger woman, Bella Lisa Mauricio. After Bella Lisa?s Father, an actor and speculator in the stock market, buys an oceanfront condo in the building Williamson owns, he loses all his money on a bad investment. Phillipe agrees to bail out her Father in exchange for a week alone with the woman he loves. Trapped against her will in his castle in the sky, Bella Lisa reluctantly agrees to become Williamson?s submissive, but for one week only. To her surprise, Bella Lisa grows sexually and emotionally attracted to Williamson after several highly charged sexual encounters. But when Bella Lisa breaks the rules of the house by entering the forbidden West Wing, the shocking and complex dark side of Williamson is revealed. Only through the depths of Bella Lisa?s love can the beast within Williamson be healed. In The Phantom Phillipe, a reimagining of Phantom of the Opera, Phillipe and Bella Lisa both realize the nature of their relationship is changing. Afraid of the growing bond between them and confused about entering into a deeper emotional commitment to Phillipe, Bella Lisa meets Raoul Martinez, a young social worker, at her new job. Sexually drawn to one another, they act upon their mutual attraction and Raoul falls deeply in love with her. Bella Lisa admits to her affair and Williamson fears Bella Lisa is lost to him forever. After Williamson acts to win Bella Lisa back, a terrible and traumatic accident burns his skin beyond repair. Phillipe covers his face with a mask, stops taking his anti-psychotic medication, and closes himself away in his condo to consider suicide. A close friend and adult movie star, Carlotta, comforts Phillipe in his pain. After Phillipe rescues Christine, a prostitute who was abused as a child, Phillipe discovers that Joseph Buquet, the sadistic foster father who inflicted the physical and psychological scars on both Phillipe and Christine 32 years ago, is still alive. Phillipe hears the Voice of the Beast once more, summoning him to action. With the help of Carlotta, Williamson retreats into the subterranean bowels of his theater, The Adam and Eve Club, and plots his revenge against the man he holds personally responsible for the tragedy involving Bella Lisa Mauricio that shattered his life.
Sarah is a barely legal high school student obsessed with football. Lusting after the team’s quarterback, Sarah soon lives her secret fantasy for a kinky round of sex in the school’s locker room. Forgetting to lock the door, Sarah gets caught by the school’s attractive coach. Offering a deal, Sarah can’t wait to be ravished by the older man. Sarah might even get the threesome she’s always wanted.

Sarah shook her head. "Nah, nothing for me to do there."

Brian smiled thinking of a few things he could do with her there. It made his cock get hard again showing wonderfully now through his thin shorts.

Sarah noticed Brian's obvious hard on and tried not to notice blushing. Her mouth went dry, but her pussy made up for it.

Brian tried to hide his cock turning to lock the storage locker. "Alright, I think that's the last of the equipment to lock up." He turned to face Sarah surprised to see her eyeing his hard on. "You must like what you see."

Sarah looked up at Brian blushing but not trying to deny it. "Yes, I've often wondered about it."

Brian laughed softly; Sarah had the good girl reputation no one could deny. Her blush was cute and he wanted to see more of it. "If you like it so much, come show me."

To Brian's surprise Sarah walked towards him. Sarah's good girl reputation was one of circumstance. She preferred older men, and it had never gotten around school that she would actually give it up. Now though, Brian was seeing her in a way he'd never expected to. His back was quickly placed against a locker while her lips pressed to his in a heated kiss. Brian was shocked but his cock became rock hard feeling her passionate kiss. He kissed her back sliding his tongue into her mouth expecting her to pull away any moment.

Filled with lust, Sarah wanted to see how far this hot quarterback would let her go. Her tongue battled his for dominance. Trying to slow down, her hands traveled down to his shorts. Pulling out his cock, her hands began feeling his hard on.
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