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Peg Conley has been an artist all her life but, like many of us, took a long detour into the working world where she was a "corporate sales queen" in Seattle with a lot of success and a happy, busy family. Art became the thing she did on vacations, weekends and when she could carve time out of her busy life. Something gnawed at her, a nagging feeling that life might hold something else for her in the midst of it all. Then came the big "aha" moment—Peg heard a still small voice inside: "Imagine the life you want to live, then live it. It's that simple!" Her family encouraged Peg to pursue her passion. Despite a great deal of fear, Peg Conley did the thing she thought she could not do and dropped her big job, big house and big life and moved to San Francisco to start a business based on her artisan stationery. From a handful of handpainted cards, calendars and posters, her company Words & Watercolors was born and has been inspiring people, winning awards and raking in the sales ever since. Peg's intention with her work is to inspire and her art and writing all speak to life's great truths and those aha moments for which we all need reminders. What do you “imagine” your Ideal Life to be? It may take some time for it to unveil itself. You will need to have an idea of what it is you are looking to create. Spend some time in contemplation. For some that means a quiet meditation where images might come to you. For others, you might write about something you’ve always had a longing to create, or a dream that seemed far away and not attainable yet it doesn’t go away. The dream nudges at you, asking you to pay attention. Where words work for some people, pictures work for others. You may want to create a vision board. Gather your old magazines and begin ripping out the pictures that appeal to you, or draw your own images. Your Ideal Life will come alive via the images that resonate with you. Don’t hesitate to pick up a pen, pencil or crayons even and fill the blank pages with doodles of any kind. Do you still think of becoming a nurse? Don’t be disheartened, go online and research classes you can take at your local college to start the process. As someone once said, if you don’t start now, 5 years from now you still will be where you are but if you begin with baby steps, in 5 years you could be in a completely different place! So ask yourself the question: “What does the life I long to live look like?” Imagine it! Draw it, write it, collage it and just plain dream it. Believe you can have it and then go about creating it as you take daily steps towards becoming an enhanced version of yourself! All successful people are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.
In Enchanted One, winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for best book in the category of Spirituality ( and Honorable Mention in Inspirational category at the Book Contest 2013 (, Sheila Applegate provides readers with a guide to embracing love in every moment. It gently reopens and reconnects readers’ hearts with their minds and encourages surrender as they delve more deeply into their heart center to explore emotions. The Enchanted One supports the highest expression as readers find themselves resting in Divine Love. In this space you will remember that you are a beautiful reflection of Divine Love on earth.

In her book, Applegate offers a message of love that weaves together channeled messages from the vibrations of Isis and Magdalene with her own personal experiences of embracing the full spectrum of emotions as a gateway to living in harmony with All That Is.

In Enchanted One, Applegate turns to the Divine Feminine, the essence of which has always been with us, for guidance. She channels the spirit of Magdalene and Isis with an open heart and weaves together teachings from these two beautiful and loving Goddesses.

Whether you are beginning your journey of exploring emotions and living in unconditional love, or you have journeyed deep within your soul and are on the verge of fully integrating Divine Love into every aspect of your life, this book will meet you where you are and gently guide you to the next level.

 Perhaps the most important section in Dan Millman's best-selling book, The Life You Were Born to Live was titled Laws that Change Lives.  These laws, as described, were key to overcoming the specific hurdles on a given individual's life path.  Different laws played critical roles for different paths.

But the author considers these laws so central to all our lives that they needed a book of their own, and a more universal treatment, since anyone could benefit from applying any of these laws.  As he writes: "Within the mystery of our existence, the universe operates according to spiritual laws as real as the law of gravity and as constant as the turning of the heavens. Aligning our lives to these laws can transform our relationships, careers, finances, and health. Simply put, they make life work better."

The Laws of Spirit, Dan Millman's "little book of big wisdom," offers a teaching tale in which he encounters an ageless woman sage while on a mountain hike. There, in the wilderness, she takes Dan and his readers through experiences and tests in the natural world that demonstrate the power of spiritual laws of balance, choice, process, presence, compassion, faith, action, patience, , surrender, and unity.

As the sage relates, "These laws belong to all of us. They rest within our hearts and at the heart of every religion and spiritual tradition." As you make your own journey through the pages of this book, you will find universal solutions to the varied challenges of our lives, leading to perspective and wisdom about the meaning and purpose of our lives here, and our connection with all of creation 

It begins with a single step: Open the first page of a book you will refer to again and again for inspiration and guidance on life’s journey, up the mountain path.

Miracles are a natural part of daily life – we just don’t notice. According to your wants and needs life is trying to unfold in your best interest. But circumstances, thoughts, doubts, fears, emotions and many other things get in the way. Not all you hear, see, feel or know is beneficial… What possibilities would await if you could navigate the life you live more effectively, staying one step ahead of others and of change? What if you always had a solution for the challenges you face – to ease your journey? Do you want the best from what love, family, friendships, home, work and finance have to offer? Life is not always as it seems. Underlying issues, perception, cause and effect, karma, intention and soul purpose simultaneously play out together on unseen levels. For the seemingly miraculous to happen, for life to function properly, all aspects and all facets must work in sync – including us. Life is not against you – it’s working with you, providing daily what you ask for and what you need – though you may not realise... This is always the driving factor that drives life. Deep within your psyche, within your own survival system, a higher sense of ‘being’ is creeping forward – you’re part of something major going on – it’s why you’re here... Your own soul is ascending, a new world order is birthing through, you are evolving. Divine Guidance is written to help you recognise where you are within your journey and life agenda – so you can harness your personal power and regain control – regardless of what’s unfolding in your now. Every time you use this book you’ll get precisely what you need – without exception. Divine Guidance has the power to make a difference in your life, are you ready to use it...
Joyful Soul: A Promise Worthy of Trust will take you through a series of workable strategies to help you live a balanced, joyful life. Learn how to develop a strong spiritual core, enhance intimate relationships, improve your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers, and find joy in your work.

Spirituality, mental and emotional well-being, physical health, relationships, career, giving to others, rest and relaxation and keeping it all organized: these are the Areas of Focus (AOFs) in our lives. If you knew you could feel balanced and joyful in all of these areas, what would it mean for you? Would you then consider yourself a Joyful Soul?

Joyful Soul: A Promise Worthy of Trust synthesizes what has been written on the topic of holistic living, giving you workable strategies for achieving psychological and spiritual health in each vital facet of your life. The combination of these approaches in multiple life-areas is groundbreaking. Becoming joyful and balanced may virtually eliminate the harmful effects of too much stress in your life, while enabling you to attain a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

You will learn how to follow your dreams while at the same time living holistically, because we are all more than our accomplishments and successes, and our lives are more than just the work that we do. You will learn to set goals in order to get the greatest satisfaction from every vital area of your life, with an emphasis on a strong spiritual core and psychological well-being. Start living a balanced, joyful life now!

What would it be like to transcend the limitations on planet earth? How intriguing would it be to experience life through a higher mind, with significantly broader experiences than you ever imagined? Journey Beyond Linear Time reveals that heaven is neither up there nor out there somewhere. Instead, it is right here where we stand. The author has walked on this earth in pure spirit multiple times in this incarnation. He has seen inside others and recognized their scars, their pain, and the troubles they bore. He has had divine experiences right here on earth, which most would consider out of this world. And he has been inside the massive and expansive energy field we refer to as God. He states that it exists, it is substantive, and it is where we come from. The author of Journey Beyond Linear Time, Raphael Jara, was born spiritually awake and is now sharing some of his own extraordinary experiences here on earth. He takes the reader on a journey through our earthly indulgence in simple mind and opens the pathway for us to realize who we truly are. And that realization will bring us to the truth of our existence and the reason for which we take this journey to the denseness of planet earth. He states, A profound truth is that we are multidimensional beings having a human experience with the ability to transform ourselves from our limiting human capacity into our divine essence, with capabilities beyond the imagined. And with this higher level of consciousness, we can then live our lives through truth, and not through the unconsciousness that appeases the simple mind. Our capability far transcends our human limitations, for we are the expressions of the universal self.
“Don’t wait for miracles to happen—make them happen. In Joanna Garzilli’s new book, she offers step-by-step tools for activating your genius, cultivating brilliant ideas, and—ultimately—living the life of your dreams.”—Jack Canfield, #1 New York Times bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul®

Experience the power of actively transforming your life with spiritual success coach Joanna Garzilli’s revolutionary 11 Spiritual Rules for creating Big Miracles, a lifechanging program to manifest everyday miracles, create radical prosperity, and live a life filled with purpose.

Imagine creating miracles every day. The power is in your hands with Big Miracles. Spiritual success coach Joanna Garzilli has helped countless clients, from executives to celebrities, make over their lives and find ultimate fulfillment. Now, she invites you to experience the power of her practical, prescriptive 11-step system to manifest miracles that lead to big breakthroughs in your life.

The 11 Spiritual Rules of Big Miracles will teach you exactly how to make huge positive changes in your life and replace anxiety with tranquility, self-doubt with self-acceptance, and insecurity with certainty about your life purpose—how to achieve your dreams and actively create miracles. Each chapter shows you, with encouragement and grace, both how to live its lessons and how doing so will create your miracle. Laying the foundation with the first rule, “Align with Spirit,” Garzilli illustrates how to build from there to:

Be a Spiritual VehicleCommit to Your BreakthroughForgive MistakesLive Without EgoBelieve in Your AbilityAccept ResponsibilityAim HighTake the Right ActionBe of ServiceGet Outside Your Comfort Zone

With Big Miracles, you will discover how to nurture your connection to Spirit to move forward with momentum and create the outcomes you desire. Filled with deep wisdom, empowering meditations and journaling exercises, and concrete strategies for achieving the life of your dreams, Big Miracles is your own personal guide to creating the miracles you never thought possible.

The Lost Art of Being is a little book about doing less and being more. Capturing the wisdom of ancient sages on how to be happy and roll with the Universe, it applies these sacred secrets to our busy modern lives. Offering direct teachings illustrated by remarkable personal insights from the author’s own experiences, it encourages the reader to discover the immense power of slowing down, letting heart rule head, and remembering how just to be. It is based on the premise that as human beings, it is only when we look after both aspects of ourselves - human and being - that we can fully relax into our lives. It teaches us how to over-ride the mind to get in touch with our being and receive greater guidance from the universe. The author Jacqui Macdonald explains: “Most of us are ruled by a voice in our head that tells us we need to strive for bigger, better and more. When we believe this story, we lose sight of the fact that we already have a magical connection to the Universe that will provide everything we need for happiness and success. We become all human, no being. This is the source of all stress.” The book encourages us to release the need for incessant - choosing instead to pause long enough to realise that our thoughts are not real. This allows us to tune into Universal guidance and let our lives unfold far beyond the barriers of convention. The Lost Art of Being combines a short mythical story, inspirational teachings, a selection of Q&A’s and a practical lifestyle guide. It is funny, full of wisdom and easy to read - a powerful antidote to 21st century stress, recalling ancient secrets about how to ease into the flow of life, relinquishing the need for all effort.
As a writer, I know that words are important at the beginning of any creative process; they become the tools used to convey ideas—to paint a picture that holds relevance and meaning to the reader and hopefully finds a home in their heart. Between the covers of this book are many words which are intended to offer you encouragement, irrespective of who you are or where you are on this sometimes challenging, sometimes confusing, sometimes exhilarating journey we call life.
My personal vision is “Guiding People to Purpose.” It is my belief that we each have a purpose for being on this planet or we would not be here; we all matter. In this book you will find a compilation of articles I have been privileged to write for Science of Mind magazine, as well as a number of essays I have written as blogs over the years. As you read these articles and essays, may you be open to receiving the love and respect intended in each one. The content of this book is innately spiritual, and meant to be so, because that is what you are—a spiritual being having a human experience. When it is time for you to return to the place of your spiritual origin you will be asked two questions: Did you learn to love well . . . and, is the planet a better place today than it was the day you arrived because you were there? As you read this book, may the answer to these questions become a litmus test for the balance of your life that encourages you to live an exquisite, fulfilling life. Know that who you are and—equally important—what you do with who you are, matter.
As Earth continues to grow and evolve, there is a strong urgency to become empowered as a spiritual being. Angelic Intervention reveals detailed methods you can use to personally master your negative beliefs, remove your fears, and resolve the emotions that have kept you from actualizing your goals and potential.

In addition to gaining the awareness of how to reconnect to your divine spark, you'll learn how to use the Seven Universal Resources that are unique to you, connect to unconditional love, remove unwanted emotions, change old beliefs, and many more beneficial techniques.

You will be introduced to 19 different angels that are here to help you heal mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual problems that you might be facing. These angels all hold a different color and vibration. The vibrational color enables you to change your vibration to a positive level. By working with these wonderful angels and their energy, you will be able to move negative energy out of your body. This will enable you to move to your natural state of well-being.

For anyone wanting to become empowered, Judy details learnable techniques that can enable you to see your true life's purpose. Earth continues to grow and evolve, there is a strong urgency to become empowered as a spiritual being. Angelic Intervention reveals detailed methods you can use to personally master your negative beliefs, remove your fears, and resolve the emotions that have kept you from actualizing your goals and potential.

For anyone wanting to become empowered, Judy details learnable techniques that can enable you to see your true life's purpose.

“Luminous and magical.”
—Dr. David Treadway, Author of
Intimacy, Change, and Other Therapeutic Mysteries

“Anna Huckabee Tull is simply one of the great wisdom teachers of our time. Her first book will leave you hungry for the next one.”
—Erica Ariel Fox, New York Times Bestselling Author of
Winning From Within

—Keith Hampton, CEO of Standing Forward and Founder of Brave Records

“A stunning contribution to the field of self-awareness.
A life-changing, transformational read.”
—Wendy Capland, CEO of Vision Quest Consulting and author of
Your Next Bold Move for Women

“T H E T R U T H I S . . .
The truth is, you are strong enough.
The truth is, you are ready now for more.
The truth is, your inner light is resonant and healing.
The truth is, you are loved, surrounded by love, filled with love.
The truth is, all of your life challenges have been
leading you somewhere clearer, finer, and truer.
The truth is, you are capable of allowing your burdens to transform.
The truth is, you are beautiful, full of life and light.
The truth of you is inside you, ready to flow outward,
touching you deeply and radiating out beyond you
to anyone who is ready to experience it with you.”

Living the Deeper YES is a journey you are ready for. You were born with the power to lovingly attend to those smaller, tighter voices within—the ones that can leave you feeling pinched, agitated, and frozen. And you have everything you need to dialogue—playfully, spiritedly—with the Finest, Truest Place Within You. The invitation is extended, your guide is on hand, and the opportunity to shine from deep within is here the moment you begin, on a whole new level, to simply say ... YES.

The Six Spiritual Practices are a new formulation of a very old set of teachings and disciplines. If you apply them regularly, you will have more energy and vitality, more focus, more compassion, more clarity, and more joy. And these effects will ripple outward into your marriage and family, your parenting, your workplace, your friendships, your neighborhood and city. These practices will change your life and transform your community. They will connect you and the people around you to Purpose, the experience of belonging to something infinitely greater than ourselves.


Nautilus Book Award 2017 Silver Winner in the category "personal growth"


"Schroeder, formerly a Greek Orthodox priest, takes inspiration from 'the great spiritual masters of the Egyptian desert' in this cheery formulation of a simple method for compassionate living... Never veering into egotism, this gentle, grateful, and relatable book will serve any readers looking for practical steps toward spiritual fulfillment."
--Publishers Weekly

"Schroeder offers a guide to a spiritually vibrant existence...[His] writing is clear, tight, and comprehensive... An engaging and valuable book about living a more loving and purposeful life."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Here is a book that provides practices that will awaken your heart and help us all to ventilate the world with tenderness."
--Gregory Boyle, Founder of Homeboy Industries, bestselling author of Tattoos on the Heart: the Power of Boundless Compassion

"The Six Spiritual Practices offer simple, practical tools for people who want to make a positive impact in their neighborhoods and cities."
--Dan O'Neill, Founder of Mercy Corps International, bestselling author of Signatures: the Story of John Michael Talbot

"I found Paul's insights refreshing and thought-provoking, and would recommend this book to people in all walks of life."
--Chris Dussin, Chairman of OSF International
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