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 Trust no one - not even family.

How much courage do you need to survive betrayal, war, and loss?

Adara and her friends infiltrate Agro headquarters ready to free the Meeks. With only a handful of allies by their side, Adara soon learns that these mysterious adversaries are more powerful and cruel than she ever imagined. Despite overwhelming odds, she has to summon up all of her strength and power to destroy the Agro army.

As filthy battles ensue and loved ones perish, Adara must sing The Song of Forgetfulness one last time if she is to save not only the Meeks, but all the folk of NotSoGreatBritAlbion, from a life of slavery and despair.

But there is a traitor trying to sabotage their mission. Someone who is in league with the enemy. Someone close to home. 

‘Exciting, fun, unique, and creative. The author is truly a gifted writer to be able to whip up something like this. Easily a must-read for dystopian adventure lovers out there.’

It’s a sickly wind that blows. Ash black and full of menace. Agros. Lots of them

Feet pounding, shaking the earth, drawing closer.

An unseen enemy equipped with tech we know nowt about.

All I have is my voice and the power of friendship.

I must act now before the Agro menace snuffs us out for good.

If you enjoy reading books that are different, have a strong storyline with offbeat characters, and quirky language, then you will love A Silence Heard. It is a great addition to the dystopian/Sci-fi/cli-fi tradition of authors such as, Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, Bella Forest, Patrick Ness, Ursula K. Le Guin and Margaret Atwood.

A timely and uncanny portrait of a world in the wake of fake news, diminished privacy, and a total shutdown of the Internet

BEFORE: In Bristol’s center lies the Croft, a digital no-man’s-land cut off from the surveillance, Big Data dependence, and corporate-sponsored, globally hegemonic aspirations that have overrun the rest of the world. Ten years in, it’s become a center of creative counterculture. But it’s fraying at the edges, radicalizing from inside. How will it fare when its chief architect, Rushdi Mannan, takes off to meet his boyfriend in New York City—now the apotheosis of the new techno-utopian global metropolis?

AFTER: An act of anonymous cyberterrorism has permanently switched off the Internet. Global trade, travel, and communication have collapsed. The luxuries that characterized modern life are scarce. In the Croft, Mary—who has visions of people presumed dead—is sought out by grieving families seeking connections to lost ones. But does Mary have a gift or is she just hustling to stay alive? Like Grids, who runs the Croft’s black market like personal turf. Or like Tyrone, who hoards music (culled from cassettes, the only medium to survive the crash) and tattered sneakers like treasure.

The world of Infinite Detail is a small step shy of our own: utterly dependent on technology, constantly brokering autonomy and privacy for comfort and convenience. With Infinite Detail, Tim Maughan makes the hitherto-unimaginable come true: the End of the Internet, the End of the World as We Know It.

In the future, no crime will go unpunished

After a major financial collapse, a zero tolerance policy results in the death penalty for all crimes. Society is organised around a gruesome ritual of punishment.

When a judge is kidnapped, and a ransom note demands the release of all prisoners awaiting execution, Detective Kate Swanson is put on the case.

But soon her boss also disappears. Unrest, bombings and revolutionary activity is growing. Under increasing pressure Swanson must race to find a man whose murdered wife and daughter link the missing men.

Is it too late?

A terrifying dystopia and gripping mystery, Zero is unputdownable and atmospheric. The first in a powerful new series from Matt Brolly for fans of Minority Report and Blade Runner.

Praise for Matt Brolly

‘I would never have guessed that this is a debut novel... Dead Eyed is such an enjoyable read. Tense, dark and with quite a grip, I can’t wait for the next.’ For Winter Nights – A Bookish Blog

‘Action packed, dramatic and addictive... an unputdownable read.’ Portybelle

‘One word for this – riveting. Fast paced, full of twisty goodness, a well-drawn and intriguing main protagonist and a well-constructed and horrifically addictive storyline.’ Liz Loves Books

‘An extraordinary fast-paced, tense thriller, taking the reader on an suspense filled journey with so many twist and turns it is a stupendous, emotional roller coaster ride!’ SplashesIntoBooks

‘A must read for all lovers of crime books’ CrimeBookLover

‘One of my books of the year... I was blown away by Mr Brolly’s plotting and gripping writing style.’ Elaine

Three slightly different versions of the same man inhabit three radically different versions of our world in this novel by a Nebula Award winner.

Ernest Weinraub, Ernst Weinraub, Ernst Weintraub—three slightly different versions of the same name, the same man. Each incarnation of Weintraub/Weinraub inhabits a different version of our world: Ernest Weinraub lives in a maddeningly overcrowded New York, a hellish near-future world where sanity and life are imperiled by a nightmare of pollution, overpopulation and manic power games played by the six despotic men who rule Earth; Ernst Weinraub is a poet and an intellectual who lives in a decadent world in which America has never been colonized, Europe and Asia are crumbling, and Africa has only one populated city, a world where drink, drugs and sex reduce human being to little more than animals and a man feels himself being sucked under with all the others; Ernst Weintraub, an idealistic revolutionary, lives in a world in which the Allies lost the First World War to “Jermany” and people are forced into a terror-ridden underground existence as tyranny rides roughshod over man and civilization.

The single factor uniting these startlingly different worlds is Weinraub/Weintraub. But even he is molded and distorted, it would appear, by the various environments and societies, and his problems seem entirely different in each of the three worlds. Yet, as the book progresses, both he and the reader learn that neither time nor place matters—every person must sooner or later make certain basic decisions.

Relatives is a novel about personality and about duty, chiefly one’s duty to the state. The Weinraub/Weintraub variations are carefully orchestrated so that each tells the same story while presenting vastly varying reasons for a single outcome. Once having experienced these three powerful visions of an individual’s interaction with society, one is compelled to consider, and reconsider, the foundations of moral and social responsibility. 
We map the universe with five senses 
Interpret reality with our mind 
We rely on this body 
What a poor vessel it is 

Jamie wants to be a halfskin. 

Her life has become dull and pointless. If she had more biomites—synthetic stem cells that promise hope—she could take control of her life. But Jamie’s body is already 49.9% biomites. The rest is clay—her God-given organic cells. Any more biomites and she becomes a halfskin. And halfskins are shutdown. 

But there is a way. 

Black market biomites, called nixes, can’t be detected by the government’s halfskin hunter, M0ther. Jamie would have to sacrifice her clay to get the nixes, but they would make her halfskin without anyone knowing. Including M0ther. But first she has to find them. 

Nix Richards can help. He’s the first halfskin to escape M0ther and Jamie has something he wants. He’ll need her to help him find a fabricator. He’ll betray anyone to get it, even those closest to him. 

This psychological thriller will keep Nix and Jamie second-guessing every move while they elude M0ther and Marcus Anderson, the man that wants to rid the world of biomites. But in the end, they’ll all discover just how deep the betrayal goes. 



Science fiction, dystopia, technothriller and, to some extent, young adult. I do have a series of novellas in the vampire genre. Yeah, I know. Doesn’t fit. That character, Drayton, came out of nowhere when I was at a community theatre production of Dracula. I figured that an immortal vampire would more likely become compassionate and wise as he grew older. The technothriller Halfskin is similar to vampires in that technology promises immortality and complete control of our bodies. But then what?


Organic life is too nilly-willy. We’re limited by our DNA. Give it to the scientists to perfect this vehicle that carries us around because it is a vehicle. If we no longer have organic bodies, if every one of our cells is replaced by something manmade all the way down to the neurons and synapses, then what are we? What if our world is just a computerized environment, ala The Matrix? Would we know the difference? Look, we’re printing organs today. I’m not, but someone is. Some genius has figured out how to push play and heart or liver or kidney comes down the chute. Halfskin takes the idea into the distant future and explores whether this leads to more happiness or just more of the same. Because more money, more problems.


Day job, I’m a college horticulture teacher. Writing is a passion. No plans to change it. 




Omnipresent supergalactic oneness.


Ketchup, the miracle condiment.



I offer white bread and the toaster gives back crunchy, brown bread. Never doubt a true miracle. 

They thought they were safe. They were wrong.

CONTAIN (BUNKER 12 series pilot)

Three years. That's how long Finnian Bolles has been hiding inside the impregnable walls of the hydroelectric complex known as Bunker 8. Three years, with enough resources to last him and the other thirty survivors three more.

But then a series of disturbing events culminates in the sudden appearance of a stranger at their door. Before he too falls victim to the mysterious sickness known as the Flense, he warns them of a fate more horrific than the one they've been avoiding. But to prevent it, they must leave and seek a place many insist doesn't exist, a mythical twelfth bunker.


Requiring no more than the slightest skin-to-skin contact, the Flense spreads with ruthless speed and stealth, decimating mankind before it's even aware of it. The infected are turned into soulless creatures, Wraiths, which wreak destruction upon anyone and anything in their path.

Secure inside ten isolated bunkers are Humanity's tattered remains, each working tirelessly to unravel the mystery of the scourge. But the bunkers were never meant to protect forever. In fact, they were never meant to protect at all.

CONTAIN is the first book in the new thriller cyberpunk series BUNKER 12.

Future installments scheduled for Nov '15, May '16, and Nov '16

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(BUNKER 12 companion series)

Hundreds die in a fiery train crash in northern China. A cargo ship smuggling refugees is lost to calm seas off Libya. Entire villages in Ghana are abandoned overnight.

Contracted by a prepper group to investigate a series of seemingly disconnected global tragedies, a young freelance reporter, Angelique d'Enfantine, uncovers a disturbing pattern: each event is preceded by the sudden spread of a mysterious ailment and is followed by the appearance of a man dressed in black and silver who witnesses claim is the devil himself.

Each event is more grisly than the last. As the risk to her life grows, Angel begins to doubt that the tragedies are harbingers of an impending biblical catastrophe, but rather practice runs conducted by a fanatical organization bent on global annihilation. Could her sponsors be using her to advance their own paranoid agenda?

THE FLENSE consists of 12 installments scheduled for release beginning Jul '15

From the creator of the highly acclaimed epic cyberpunk series GAMELAND


Built in the middle of Long Island’s abandoned industrial wasteland is a hundred-square-mile virtual reality arcade where the rich and privileged compete in a high-stakes game and the undead are their real-life avatars. There are only two ways to get into this horrifying yet wildly addictive game. The first is by paid invitation. The second is by volunteering to become an Undead Player.

After finding themselves trapped inside a massive gaming arcade in the middle of Long Island's abandoned wasteland, a group of young computer hackers must figure out how to escape while staying out of the clutches of its undead inhabitants and their living controllers.

Episode One: Deep Into the Game

A reckless end-of-summer prank sends six hackers trespassing onto abandoned Long Island hoping for a glimpse of the victims of the decade-old outbreak. But if they find breaking was easy, they'll soon learn that getting back out is a killer.

Get the first two GAMELAND books for free while you still can!

keywords/search terms: prepper, apocalypse, post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, dystopian, conspiracy, young adult, survival, action and adventure, thriller, suspense, medical, urban, horror

The day Dolls and Rose are tossed from Palantine, nothing could have prepared them for the dangers of the Deadlands, a place their home maintains does not exist. With their cyber-connections to Palantine severed, and on their own for the first time in their lives, the two are forced to navigate a wasteland in search of a home no one believes in.

When Dolls goes missing, Rose's search for her lands her in a ruthless world ruled by a Leap Zealot named Deacon and his twin sons, wall executioners known as the Twin Totems. Deacon's sons might be twins, but they couldn't be more different. Omad is dark, dangerous, and unpredictable while Omar is light, strong, and maybe even trustworthy.

It's only when Rose learns of Deacon's part in Dolls' disappearance, and after a failed rescue attempt, that Rose realizes how dangerous this new world truly is. Now Rose is on the run. Deacon wants her dead, and his sons are determined to hunt her down.

While on the run, trying to stay free from Deacon's evil intentions, Rose can't help but wonder if there isn't more to why she and Dolls were thrown out of Palantine with the trash. The two may look human, but they are more than what their looks suggest--they are what comes after a global catastrophe, the next step in bio-engineered evolution, and by default, are feared by wasteland locals.

Learning to accept who they are and for what purpose they exist takes trust but trust is a commodity few can afford, and out on the wastes, who Rose chooses to trust could cost her life...and her heart.

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