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All sorts of things happened to Sarah in the past few months; she had been kidnapped by two vampires, she found herself in a clash between supernatural beings, she discovered she had an inexplicable attraction for the leader of the British werewolves, Harry Pierce, and she fell madly in love with Adrian, an eight hundred and fifty years old man who thoughts humans are useless, unless they are to become his “dinner.” It all sounds disastrous but, in truth, Adrian also had some positive qualities… especially between the sheets. Now that the fuss is over, Sarah can finally relax in the arms of her favourite nightmare, but….
But nothing is ever calm in Sarah Adams’ life.
A new puzzling occurrence will force her to reanalyse the situation between Adrian, Harry and herself. This time she’ll end up in the den of some very evil wolves.
The second chapter of the four-part series The Little Black Chronicles.
As I went up the stairs to the main floor of the house. I crossed all the rooms of Adrian’s home, which of late had become my own.
I didn’t see him anywhere, so I went to the bedroom.
I found him there, naked, with an unconscious and naked girl on top of him. When I walked in, Adrian lifted his head from the girl’s neck and greeted me with a wave. He licked her neck to close the wounds and slipped away from her.
‘She’s out cold,’ he explained, sitting down and rolling his shoulders to release the muscles in his neck. ‘Pure terror, as though she had never before seen a vampire movie.’
I looked at her; I was in a strange emotional situation, I oscillated between worried and irritated. She was young, about twenty-five years old, of clear Jamaican descent, she was definitely pretty. She seemed to breathing, just about.
‘I’ve already told you, she’s only fainted,’ said Adrian.
I watched him walk calmly to the bathroom. A few moments later he walked back with a clean face. He leant on the doorframe and mirrored my glare.
He was… well… he was… Adrian. Pure beauty. Tall, slim, with gorgeous features, bright green eyes and wide shoulders on his slender build. He was Adrian in every other sense as well. There was an unconscious girl on his bed and he couldn’t care less about it.
‘So… what did Harry say?’ he asked.
Sarah Adams had not been lucky in life. One night, two unsettling strangers with pale skin and sharp teeth kidnap her. She soon discovers a new world she had no idea existed. She’ll be trapped in a cruel and bloody world, in a never-ending war between supernatural beings, and in sensual and bloody games.
Chapter one of the four-part Little Black Chronicles Series.
I followed him into the bedroom. His bedroom, probably. When we entered, he turned on a few small side-table lamps, lighting up the surroundings.
The bed was large and round, perfectly in the centre of the room, which was also circular, with two open bay-windows that allowed the cold night air to enter. Adrian closed both of them and closed the curtains.
At the base of the walls there was a blue cupboard, which matched the furnishings. The floor was composed of old wooden beams, left raw, antique and covered in some places by different Persian rugs.
He told me to lie down on the bed. I did. Looking up I saw that the ceiling was one big mirror, like on the set of a porno movie.
I began untying my blouse, scared. Adrian took my left wrist and he took it to his mouth before I could even understand what he wanted to do. He quickly bit me and I felt the painful sting of blood being sucked out of me.
I began to shake.
‘It really is divine,’ he said, lifting up his mouth. ‘I couldn’t resist the temptation. Now calm yourself down. Today I don’t want to hurt you. Not even one bit. I shall be kind and proper and I want you to feel pleasure like you have never felt before, so you don’t need to fear anything.’
He bent over my wrist and licked it. There must have been some of his blood mixed with his saliva because slowly the bite marks disappeared.
He sat down and took off my shoe. He stroked my leg.
‘Undress, Sarah,’ he said.
I wasn’t at all calm and his little speech hadn’t convinced me, but knowing what my other options were, I decided to undress. I mean, he did just say he wasn’t going to hurt me. I believed that. It still could have been horrible and I was sure it would be, but at least I wouldn’t have suffered physically.
I took off my skirt, blouse and stockings. I unhooked my bra and slipped off my knickers. Naked, I lay on my side and I looked at him.
Adrian took off only his suit jacket, that’s it.
‘Let’s see…what do you enjoy?’ he smiled, coming closer to me. ‘What could this little pet with retreating nipples enjoy?’ he asked, whispering, beginning to kiss me right on the nipples. His tongue tickled me delicately, coaxing my nipples back out. He massaged my breasts with his hands, and then let them slide all over my body.
I relaxed a little. It wasn’t terrible.
‘Oh thank you,’ he laughed. ‘Very kind of you!’
It is said that if something is dead it might just be a good idea to leave it alone especially if it is evil. We all know that there is always someone that can't leave well enough alone. Luther was one of those that wasn't scared of nothing especially if it was dead and buried. Luther felt superior over something buried six feet underground because he knew he was safe if he danced on their grave or desiccated it in any way.

Then one day when some of his friends dared him to dance and desiccate the grave of a man that legend has it was a real werewolf located deep in the woods buried near a stream by an abandoned house. The werewolves wooden tombstone read whosoever disturbs my sleep when the moon is full will surely die by the hands of the werewolf.

Luther thought the legend was hogwash and what was an easy dare. Luther agreed to the dare and said "You guys are a bunch of fools. There are no such things as werewolves." "Luther, you can only go through with the dare if there's a full moon if not the dare is no good and you will be the laughing stock of all your friends," said Jason. "Don't you worry I won't let my friends down, said Luther." Luther waited until the moon was full and called Jason so he would have proof. Jason told Luther to video tape himself dancing on the werewolf’s grave and saying the words there are no such things as werewolves three times. 

Everything was going as planned. Luther danced on the werewolf's grave and right as Luther said "There are no such things as werewolves on the third time, the werewolf's hand came out of his grave and grabbed Luther's ankle. Luther fell to the ground looked at his ankle and couldn't free himself. Then the werewolf emerged from his grave. The werewolf howled and said "So, there are no such things as werewolves." 

Dr. Carvington worked countless hours down in his laboratory trying to perfect the greatest breakthrough in medical history. Most of his subjects were very unhealthy and barely made it through Dr. Carvington's experiments. Dr. Carvington wasn't about to give up his work on any poor useless specimen that meant absolutely nothing to him in a personal way. Dr. Carvington must have seen a half a dozen specimens before the right one came along. There stood at the doorway a dashing young man with blonde hair and blue eyes. Dr.Carvington's daughter Priscilla answered the door and was blown away at how handsome the young man was.

Priscilla said, "May I help you?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact you can. I'm here to see Dr. Carvington. I answered an ad in the local newspaper about needing an assistant in some of his experiments," said the young man.

"I didn't catch your name," said Priscilla.

"If you must know my name is Pierre."

"Well Pierre my name is Priscilla I'm Dr.Carvington's daughter."

"I didn't know the doctor had such a beautiful daughter," said Pierre.

"Thank you, kind sir. Now if you'll follow me, I'll take you to see my father," said Priscilla.

Pierre and Priscilla couldn't take their eyes off each other. As they were headed down the steps to the laboratory Priscilla held Pierre's hand and asked him if he had a girl friend.

Pierre said, "No, it's been a long time since I've been in any kind of relationship."

"I would like to be your girl friend if you like," said a blushing Priscilla.

"I would like that very much Priscilla," said a quiet spoken Pierre.

"Well here we are, this is my father's laboratory. What do you think?" said Priscilla.

"This is a nice set up you got here, Dr. Carvington," said Pierre.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself," said Pierre.

"My name is Pierre. I answered your ad in the newspaper about the need for an assistant."

"Nice to meet you Pierre when can you start?" said Dr. Carvington.

"I'm ready now," said Pierre.

"Priscilla you run along now Pierre and I have a lot of work to do."

"Okay, father, I'll fix you and Pierre a nice meal for tonight. Does 7:00pm sound ok?" said Priscilla.

"Yes, that sounds great." said Dr. Carvington.

"Pierre why did you apply to my ad in the newspaper?" said Dr. Carvington.

"Well Dr. Carvington my mother has been very ill and the doctor bills have been piling up and I've always dreamed of working for a great doctor such as yourself." said Pierre.

"I believe you'll like working with me because I'm working on a scientific breakthrough in the medical field. Does that sound exciting or not to you Pierre?" said Dr. Carvington.

"Sure does Dr. Carvington," said Pierre.

"Pierre there's going to be times when the experiment might fail. If anything should go wrong and the patient dies there is a cemetery about a hundred yards in back of my laboratory where they will be buried."

"Each patient has to sign a waiver form stating that Dr. Carvington will not be held responsible for anything that goes wrong, including death. I've already buried a half a dozen bodies in the cemetery behind my laboratory," said Dr. Carvington.

"Dr. Carvington what kind of experiments are you working on?" said Pierre.

"Pierre, What I'm about to tell you doesn't leave this room. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Dr. Carvington, I do understand. I won't tell a soul," said Pierre.

"Pierre, what I'm about to tell you, you're going to think I'm mad but I tell you this will be a breakthrough that will bring me the notoriety and the respect of the medical field," said Dr. Carvington.

Enter the dark world of a young woman in love with a vampire, who after becoming engulfed by this mortal must choose between either the possibility of a future with her or the life he once knew. Will their love prevail or lead them down a path of doom? A gripping book that will surely ignite your senses as it takes you through a whirlwind of bloodlust, passion, love and betrayal. Get addicted to The Virus Within.

Victor, an immortal of more than two hundred years from Europe has found himself on the shores of present day America. His presence in this new era is alien to the time of horse and carriage he was once accustomed to. He yearns for the taste of new blood however the bloodlust isnt his only vendetta here on new land. Harboring a dark secret since becoming a vampire, Victor has come in search of an intense hunt yet seeks refuge. He is conflicted yet confused by his own past, which haunts him every night. In lusting for the taste of a fresh kill, he ends up finding something he thought to be impossible and unattainablelove.

The Dead Can Too Love.

Charlotte is a young, independent, African-American girl who lives in downtown Philadelphia and works two jobs just to get by. She has abolished the thought of ever dating again after being hurt by a man she once loved. Though Charlotte seems bitter, her work at both the law firm in the day and a local bar at night, keeps her too busy to dwell on heartbreak. Until one night she meets the man of her dreams, Victor at the bar. He is handsome beyond sight, strikingly intelligent and has the sexiest Spanish accent that surpasses that of Antonio Banderas. After serving him only water that faithful night her life as she knows it takes a sweeping turn.

True Love Is Indeed Infectious.

The Virus Within is the debut, erotic, thriller about love, betrayal and immortality from author R.S. Lewis.
The woman he loves has come back from the dead—and unfortunately, this rose is all thorns.

Finally, after two years of mourning, Zac's brother has agreed to sell the house he all but abandoned after the death of his wife.

In the spirit of helping his brother move on, and of course the continuous harassment from his sister, Zac agrees to take a much-needed vacation from work and pack up what remains of Rose's belongings. What his family doesn't know—actually, no one knows—is that Zac never quite stopped being in love with Rose, not after they broke up in high school and certainly not after she married his brother.

Zac is well aware that a weekend spent packing up what's left of the only woman he's ever loved will be little more than torture...with a side of emotional hell (alcohol sold separately).

Upon arrival, he immediately notices how the house and the surrounding garden have fallen into disrepair. It isn't until nightfall that he truly starts to realise just how...disturbed the house really is. After a few doors slam and the phrase 'writing on the wall' comes to life before his very eyes, Zac is terrified enough to flee. But before he can make it to the door, he is confronted with the ghost of his sister-in-law, Rose.

However, the sultry seductress before him and his sweet, shy Rosie are two very different entities. And as much as he would like to believe otherwise, it seems this rose is all thorns.

Can he stop himself from touching her regardless?

Reader Advisory: This book contains rough sex, with a touch of dubious consent.

Billie Ridell liked to dabble in the occult mainly because he was an outcast with his classmates at school. Billie stood about four feet nine inches tall with jet black hair and a lisp when he would talk. Billie always dreamed about being Class President one day and even his ultimate dream was to be the President of the United States of America but that was stretching it a bit too far. Billie never stood up for himself . He would just suppress his feelings but we all know that's not healthy to bottle up your anger.

As Billie was finishing out his senior year at Ragsdale High School, Billie’s classmates invited him to a Graduation party at Darren's house as a peace offering for all the bad deeds that were done to him during his school years. Billie had no idea this wasn't a peace offering, it was just another trick that would cause Billie to want to get even with his classmates. His classmates didn't know they were about to unleash an evil force that would be their last trick that they would ever play on anyone again. 

Billie was so excited to go to the party and have a good time and put all the pranks behind him. Boy was he in for a big surprise. Billie showed up right on time dressed in his cap and gown and ready to party before graduation that would begin in about three hours. As Billie knocked on the door he could hear the laughter and music that was coming from inside the house, but the laughter was about the prank that the classmates would be playing on Billie.

The door opened and Billie stepped inside ready to party. Everyone was so nice to Billie and telling him how nice he looked and congratulating him on graduating in the top ten of his class. Darren the main prankster of the whole bunch took Billie over to get some punch and cake to eat. The punch that Billie was about to drink was laced with enough sleeping pills to knock him out for a solid hour so the classmates could carry on the prank. 

Have you ever wondered in the back of your mind, what if you could make a wish and it came true. That's exactly what happened to Dr. Murray when he went on an expedition with a group of archaeologists to the Aztec ruins. Dr. Murray was a big dreamer with an over active imagination. So even if Dr. Murray were to tell someone that he made a wish and it came true, no one would believe him. Dr. Murray is what you would call the little boy who cried wolf. Dr. Murray was one of seven young archaeologists eager to make a name for himself. The expedition was planned around May. Not too hot and not too cold. The archaeologists that were going on the Aztec expedition were Dr. Murray, Dr. Morley, Dr. Webber, Dr. Sanchez, Dr. Seymour, Dr. Roberts and Dr. Bell.

The skies were blue that day their flight took off for the Aztec Ruins expedition. Dr. Murray sat next to Dr. Bell on the plane. Dr. Murray's over active imagination was already kicking in. Dr. Murray's mouth wouldn't shut up during the flight. Dr. Murray was telling stories about his great uncle Henry who was an arcaheologist. Henry was part of the first archaeologist's that made significant discoveries at the Aztec Ruins. Of course Dr. Bell knew that was a lie because Dr. Bell knew Dr. Murray's uncle Henry was a drunk and the only thing remotely close to him being an archaeologist was digging up bones in his back yard. Dr. Bell finally heard enough of Dr. Murray's far fetched stories and put his headphones on and turned up the music to drown out Dr. Murray's motor mouth.

Dr. Murray said, "I guess I'll just read a magazine."

Dr. Bell just closed his eyes and slept as the music poured through his headphones drowning out any background noise, including

Dr. Murray. The small twin engine plane carrying the seven archaeologists finally landed at their destination, the Aztec ruins. The seven archaeologists got their luggage and were transported to their hotel where they would be staying during the expedition. The archaeologists got something to eat, then got dressed and gathered their equipment for the expedition. The seven archaeologists piled in the van with their equipment and headed to the Aztec ruins to start the expedition. The archaeologists weren't even on the road five minutes when Dr. Murray's stories started flying out of his mouth. The drive to the dig site was about an hour away. The other archaeologist’s weren't interested in Dr. Murray's stories. So they talked amongst each other and talked over Dr. Murray trying to drown out his conversation.

"At last were here," said Dr. Bell.

Dr. Bell was in charge of the Aztec expedition. Dr. Bell and the other six archaeologist's were led to the Aztec ruins by a guide to get them familiar with the ruins. Dr. Murray didn't like playing second fiddle to no one and wasn't really interested in the ruins. Dr. Murray had his eyes set on something much bigger. The something much bigger was three crystal skulls. 

Love At First BITE

At 37, Were Bear Parker Holmes is all grown up. But even a powerful leader with his own territory has to go home when his mommy calls. On his way back to Grayslake he runs into curvy little Michelle Delacourt. When his bear starts roaring MINE he knows there’s no turning back. Too bad the woman refuses to make it easy on him! When his sister gives a shout out to all the single shifters in the area he learns that now he’ll have to compete for his mate in the first ever Shifter Bachelorette. Can’t a poor bear catch a break?

After witnessing a violent crime starring some wicked looking tiger shifters, 100% human Michelle is forced to leave everything behind her and hop a bus to the middle of nowhere, AKA Grayslake, Georgia. So what if her life before wasn’t all that great, at least it was hers! Bad luck prevails when she encounters the bossy, insufferable, domineering, and far too gorgeous for his own good... Parker. From the moment they meet the man can’t seem to keep his hands off her or stop telling her what to do with her life. Even as her traitorous body is screaming “Yes” she pushes him away. But will she be able to hold out and keep her single Facebook status? Or will he take the one thing she’s never given anyone before… her heart? All she knows for sure is that the man is unBEARable!

Welcome to the exciting world of Grayslake. Please try not to wake up the bear shifters… it makes them grumpy.

***This More Than Mated Worlds story was inspired by Celia Kyle’s Grayslake More Than Mated Series and is a novella.

Scroll up and get your copy today!

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