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Ian is my soon-to-be former boss. A real gentleman, fifteen years my senior, and completely and utterly out of my reach. There’s no way he’d be interested in little old me, right? It’s a good thing I’ve resigned and am leaving this job, and my unrequited passion for the boss behind forever.

But when we flirt at the office Christmas party marking my departure, I can’t help but wonder ‘what if’. Is it just a fling; a fantasy; a little taste that will make every future relationship pale in comparison? Or is this something real?


I’ve got a couple of hours before Emily will walk out of my life forever. As her superior, my obsession for her has been inappropriate, to say the least. But every time I look at her shapely curves, I can’t help but fantasise about everything I cannot have.

But I’m determined to behave myself and let the moment slip away. Until someone else makes a pass at her, and my protective instincts kick in with a vengeance. Emily and I share an intimate moment and the floodgates of my desire open wide. It’s too late to take it all back.

Tonight can only end one way: with me making her mine forever.

Note: this body positive Christmas-themed office romance features a curvy younger heroine and her older alpha male lover. 

Curvy Coffee Shop Girls Reading Order:

Mistletoe (#0)

Fireworks (#1)

Illicit (#2)

Beauty (#3)

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From the moment I bump into him at the coffee shop, I know I am in trouble. The way he looks at me - confident as though he's won me over already - tells me he's unlike any other guy.

Lawrence isn't a boy, he's a man. And he's pursuing me relentlessly.

During one whirlwind night together, he makes me feel things I never thought possible; shows me passion I've never known before. Could he be the one, or is our love doomed to fail like all the others who came before? You see, guys tend to run once they find out who I am...


Lauren is mine from the moment I first spotted her, she just doesn't know it yet. When I put my mind to something - whether in business or in my personal life- I'm the sort of guy who follows through, normally.

I vow to woo Lauren, to convince her she's the shining beacon that's been missing in my world, when an unforeseen revelation ruins everything. Once I find out her last name, it opens up a world of complications. I'm in business with her father and he isn't going to take kindly to our affair.

If I want a chance to claim her, just how much am I willing to give up - personally as well as professionally?

Note: this self-contained steamy holiday read may end up melting not just your Kindle, but your heart as well!

If you love steamy body positive romance stories featuring confident older men and a curvy younger women, L. Moone's Coffee Shop Girls series is going to tick all your boxes. Every book follows a different couple from the moment lightning first strikes all the way to their happily ever after. They can be read in any order, but for maximum enjoyment I suggest you start here, with some Fireworks.

Cath: Bloody typical. Day one at the new job, and I’m crushing so hard on my colleague I can’t think straight.

John isn’t your average romance novel hero. He doesn’t have a way with the ladies, neither does he have six pack abs. He’s just a regular guy with a bit of a dad bod, and he's shy and awkward rather than suave and charming. That’s cool, because I’m just a regular girl. One who’s already head over heels for him and he doesn’t even realise it.

There’s something eating away at him, a mystery I’m determined to solve as well as resolve, if only he’ll give me half a chance. And if I stop being so damn nervous every time he’s around.

John: Some people are made for love and happiness. Not me.

It was a let-down when she left, even if it wasn’t entirely out of the blue. Unexpected or not, it still hurts like hell. Then there’s the new girl at the office, who keeps looking at me funny. I’m supposed to be training her, but her presence is making me feel even worse. She's a constant reminder of everything I'll never have.

I’m not sure I’m ready to hope again. The disappointment would end up crushing me.

Will John get over his issues and give love a chance? Can Cath convince him that despite his flaws, he truly is the man of her dreams? Read on and find out. Who knew things could get this hot at the office?

This steamy, body-positive workplace romance features a plus sized hero, a woman who appreciates him just how he is, and plenty of colourful (British English) language.

Just Another Day at the Office was first published in 2013, but this new edition has been completely reworked and re-edited for your enjoyment.

The Undateables Series:

#1 Just Another Day at the Office

#2 The Rebound List

#3 Sally

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For almost two decades, I'd been celibate while mourning my wife's death. As a single dad with a business empire to run, I never had the time or will to start dating again. But from the moment I met Kayla, everything changed.

She's gorgeous, sharp and has a wicked sense of humour. The mere sight of her awakes something in me that had been dormant for years. We hit it off immediately, until I realise a difficult truth.

Kayla is one of my daughter's friends. And that's one boundary I'm unwilling to cross, no matter how much it pains me to let her go.


I spotted him as soon as I arrived at the party. Older, sophisticated, but with an edge to him which I couldn't place. I knew I had to solve the mystery that was Simon. Our conversation soon turns physical, and I'm hopelessly swept up in a passion I've never known before. Right up to the moment that we realise who we are to each other.

If there's one thing you don't do, it's make out with your friend's dad. No matter how charming and handsome he is.

The memory of that one kiss lingers long after the spell is broken. Can I really put it behind me? Can I ignore how he made me feel when I inevitably see him again? Or has our illicit encounter changed my heart forever?

Note: this self-contained steamy read may end up melting not just your Kindle, but your heart as well!

If you love steamy body positive romance stories featuring confident older men and a curvy younger women, this second book in L. Moone's Coffee Shop Girls series is going to tick all your boxes. Every installment follows a different couple from the moment lightning first strikes all the way to their happily ever after. They can be read in any order, but for maximum enjoyment I suggest you start with Book 1, Fireworks.

 " . . . dark, provocative, and glaringly honest . . ." H. Turley, Reader

Emily Vargas has been taken captive. As part of his conditioning methods, her captor refuses to speak to her, knowing how much she craves human contact. He's far too beautiful to be a monster. Combined with his lack of violence toward her, this has her walking a fine line at the edge of sanity. Told in the first person from Emily's perspective, Comfort Food is a tale of erotic surrender that explores what happens when all expectations of pleasure and pain are turned upside down, as whips become comfort and chicken soup becomes punishment.


This book explores mature themes and is not suitable for those who can't handle them or minors. The author does not condone the behaviors carried out by her characters.

What Readers are Saying About Comfort Food:

"If you enjoy reading romance lightly drizzled with some vanilla sex and a dusting of fairy tale fantasies wrapped up in a happy ending, then this is probably NOT the book for you. If you want to expand your mind while reading a steamy hot BDSM psychological thriller with an mind blowing ending, then go ahead and give this a try. I dare you." - Wendy G

"This is a very unusual and good story that explores themes of power, control, dominance and enforced submission and the psychology of captivity, isolation and reliance, but as it turns out the story is told from the perspective of both the Dominant Master as well as Emily and her journey into submission." -Carocaro

"Kitty Thomas took me on a psychologically revealing roller coaster of a ride in Comfort Food. It's a story that explores dominance & control, forced captivity, sensory deprivation, non-con BDSM, & eventual forced submission..."  - Angela Wallace

"Comfort Food is crazy. Emily Vargas is crazy. Her captor is definitely crazy. And, after reading this book, I think I might be a little crazy. Can a book give you Stockholm syndrome by proxy? Because it definitely feels that way." -Letitia

"The exploration of Stockholm syndrome was insightful. To see conditioning techniques successfully applied was fascinating. This is a memorable tale; I certainly have never read a story like it. I read it in a few hours. The erotica was dark BDSM / master-slave."  - Sinfunni

" I wonder if perhaps I've read so much dark erotica that it's lost some of it's shock value for me. I know that the only acceptable feeling to have towards Mr. Tall dark and nameless is disgust yet I never quite made it there. I'm choosing not to look to far into what that says about me as a woman, but hey, its fiction. That makes it ok. Right?"  - Amazon Customer

"First let me start out by saying, this is DARK erotica. If you do not like this kind of book, don't read it...i get tired of reading reviews dissing the dark erotica/ dubious consent, stating it was "sooo uncomfortable" well don't read these titles, duh! Now for me, I love it. Dark Erotica is unpredictable, unconventional and most of all a whirl wind of emotions.
Furthermore, saying that you could not form an attachment to Emily and Master is like saying you didn't read the book, it was about nothing but Emily and Master. I guess if one is unable to get past the kind of twisted relationship they had, then it would be hard to form attachment." - Amanda Rae

"`Comfort Food' is dark erotica. Kitty Thomas is writing extreme BDSM erotic fiction - master/slave masochism without the simulated `tie me up, tie me down' sex games... The Wasabi of Erotica"  - Dee18

"I had read novels about bdsm and Stockholm syndrome but not like this. This one ruined many other books for me in that genre, lol, because it was that good (this is the one to beat). Comfort food crossed this little fine line between reality and fantasy . the majority of the books on the capture/kipnap/slavery theme you can view them like fantasy but Ms Kitty Thomas push the envelope taking it to a more realistic and plausible scenario. The severe case of Stockholm syndrome that Emily had towards Master is shocking, and let you wonder when does Stockholm syndrome grows into obsession or love."  - Jay Benitez

"My first dive into Dark Erotica and Kitty Thomas leaves me begging for more. As disturbing as Comfort Food is, it was also riveting. Emily Vargas has been taken captive, and in order for her captor to break her to his will, he removes the one thing she craves most--human contact. He tortures her with silence and offers comfort with chicken soup. And all too soon, Emily learns what it will take to get her abductor to give her what she craves."  - Love, Lust, Books

"riveting, sadistic, erotic in its own sense, and just plain excellent." -Kindle Customer

"You pretty much can't look up dark erotica without finding Comfort Food at the top of the recommendations, and I'm so glad I took the time to read it. As soon as I started I couldn't stop, and I don't say this lightly, but it was perfect. It was more about the mental stimulation than the sex, though there was sex. It wasn't as heavily detailed or the entire focus of the relationship, however. It was far more about the process of breaking someone, of making them something new, and Kitty Thomas managed this wonderfully." - Michelle

"While I have read some dark erotica, this book is the first of its kind. The BDSM world is pretty unknown to me. Aside from the fairly vanilla stuff we see on TVs or movies, this book does not pull any punches and pushes the audience into it." - acid_raine_burns

"My exposure to erotica has not been favorable. Enough is enough; and the graphic descriptions of conquests gets boring and overdone quickly. Therefore, I usually avoid it totally.

This work on the other hand, was very well done. The psychology of the captive/captor was very well presented. The material was well written and the erotica well placed in the story. The erotica was there but did not dominate or overwhelm the story. This is without a doubt the product of a talented author. I doubt if I will read more erotica; figure I'll quit while I'm ahead. However, this author is worth reading again."  Dan C. Boutwell

"The eroticism is in some ways explicit but not graphic and tastefully written to allow the imagination to work as well. At first I was afraid Emily's fear would remain the trigger for her obedience but it slowly evolved in to something else, something deeper that conveyed the steep emotions behind the erotic actions. When you strip away everything else, at the core Comfort Food is about a Master conditioning his slave." - Leontine's Book Realm

"I would say this story is not for the faint of heart. If you like "Consequences", "Seduced in the Dark" and more of the hard core erotica, Comfort Food will end up being one of your favorites. Even then, this is not a HEA/romance novel so don't go in expecting roses and candy for an ending." - Emily

"50 shades of twisted ; very compelling. Very dark and very erotic. Certainly a new twist in the erotic read." - Beckie

"I wondered if I really wanted to read a book about someone who was kidnapped but after reading all the excellent reviews and being drawn to BDSM themed books after reading 50 shades, I was absolutely capivated and think this is the best book I have read in a long time." - Megan

"Extremely interesting story!! The description is right - this is not HEA or Fifty Shades remake. This is much more of a psychological thriller/erotic story. I won't get into details to ruin it, but I recommend this book if you like to dabble in the dark erotic stories or if you are curious about them - This is a great place to start."  - CRFreads5012

"Wow, simply wow! I started this book last night and just finished it. I have to say I was blown away by it. It is not any kind of normal romance novel, so if that is what you're looking for, go somewhere else. The closest thing I can compare it to is Story of O. This is not Fifty Shades of Grey. This is an erotic novel pure and simple, very little romance is in it...If you want a challenging erotic novel, one that may remind you of Story of O, then this is a great book for you. If you want a romance novel featuring a cozy little love story, then pass this one by." - Charles M. Smith II

"I have read the Fifty Shades Trilogy and Seduced in The Dark, so the dark side of this book did not shock me too much. I really liked this author's writing, very descriptive and had me really into the book." - Kerri

"This was one of if not the most intelligent thought out and well written erotic stories I have ever read. The intelligence and well though out analytical voice of Emily was a welcome surprise to the usual flippancy most "heroines" in stories have. This was written in a way that I can share with friends who don't particularly share my interest in erotica or things BDSM (consensual or not). It was not overly explicit there was just enough to entice, to stimulate through subtlety rather than blatancy. All in all, Kitty Thomas has earned herself a spot on my must read list."  - C. Lauer

"I agree with another reviewer that it is not a BDSM book, it is about a women who is kidnapped and her control is stripped away one layer at a time. An immensely enjoyable, brilliantly written novel. Highly recommended. Not a romance novel, except in a creepy Stockholm Syndrome way."  - Lila

"I had an expectation of reading an erotic book loaded with BDSM themes, sex, violence and force. I didn't expect to have to think too much. While there were some of those components throughout, the book was so much more. For me, it became a psychological profile of someone going through an extremely traumatic experience and how she chose to deal with it. Surprisingly, the book changed my viewpoints in some ways, helping me recognize that themes such as a victims response to trauma, may not always be comfortable or conforming to society's norms. The probing of the character's thought processes was unexpected."  - Michael

"I would still recommend this to those with a particular taste for BDSM and kidnap type was definitely a mind-blower...also I will never look at chicken noodle soup the same ever again."  - Sue B.

"This is an adult book with dark, disturbing themes of possession, BDSM, Stockholm Syndrome and more. But if you can take it, this book will definitely stay with you."  - Chris Jacobs

"This is not a run of the mill BDSM story that ends w/a fluffy happy ever after ending. This is a story of submission and surrender - the total capulation of one's self, mind and body to another through force and a will to survive. I had been warned that this was a dark story and it truly is. I wanted something that I could sink my teeth into and not wrapped up in a pretty little package...and I got it. If you looking for something that is soft this is not it. But if you are willing to step off the deep end and are ready for a intense story, this is it."  - Jacque

"I want to preface this review by saying that I've struggled to finish reading a lot of mediocre books lately. I didn't realize what a gem I had lurking under the benign title of Comfort Food.

There was no "struggling" to read Comfort Food. The narrative was smooth and easy to read, and pulled me in immediately. I knew by page 3 that I would not be reading anything else until I finished this book, even though the characters were sometimes difficult to like, and the story isn't exactly nice.

Apparently I don't require nice. Some didn't find this story erotic, but I did. I think this is GREAT erotic bdsm, although if you like BDSM light, sweet, 100% consensual, and romantic - then this one might not be to your taste."  - Sheri Johnson

"As a female reader of erotica I sometimes find, especially in the bdsm genre, the author is too quick to the 'spanking and chains' not this time. The author takes her time to build an actual story and relationship, allowing you to connect with Emily and what she is going through. She manages to touch on each aspect that make the Master/slave relationship so complex without exploitive sex scenes, that are often unnecessary."  - Butterfly

"Ah...reading this book by Ms. Thomas was like having a feast after being on bread and water. I'm an avid fan of BDSM erotica but it's so seldom that I find a book that a) surprises me and b) impresses me with the quality of writing. This book did both.

First of all, there are none of the usual tropes associated with non-consensual slavery erotica. No violence, no lurid fights and unrealistic cruelty, no blatant disregard for the well-being of the enslaved. This "Master" plans and proceeds with so much thought and intelligence (and gentleness) that you are at once both outraged and yet drawn in by this guy. Not that he is completely kind--he isn't. But there's no thoughtless and spiteful brutality, which placed me in a strange imbalance--hating him and yet feeling an unwilling attraction to him too."  - Annabel

"I love a dark read when I'm in the mood for one, which I was when this book came highly recommended to me. And it is dark. It is erotic. It is BDSM. All things I enjoy in a story." -JennieW

"This is very dark literature, unsettling, and not your standard erotica. It is not about BDSM, but rather a genuine kidnapping. It does have an "incomplete" feel to it, but in this case I felt that it enhanced the storyline. It's definitely uncomfortable to read, and yet I suggest it. The erotic scenes are still often steamy, despite the storyline. It's truly about two broken people in a broken society. This prompted me to read more by Kitty Thomas, which has proven to be entertaining." -Gail

"Comfort Food is dark, exotic and raw! Told in a very realistic tone, Kitty Thomas masterfully drops the reader into Emily Vargas' carnal and enigmatic tale: a kidnapped woman's journey of becoming a BDSM slave to her own captor.

It's not every day that an author can pull a reader across their normal genre and have them so emotionally invested that they can't put the book down, but Kitty Thomas skillfully weaves this tale with a finesse that is truly remarkable, especially given the subject matter." - Tom Wiseman

"Disturbing, twisted, and just plain weird . . . " Amy, GoodReads Reviewer

" . . . an intelligently written, well-researched and very erotic exploration of the extremity of power dynamics . . . It's refreshing to read someone brave enough to tackle erotic themes that are truly taboo and seldom published." - Remittance Girl, Reader and author of "Gaijin" and other works of erotica

"They are a match made in a twisted sort of hell. I don't, as a rule, like erotica, but I'm likely to check out Ms. Thomas' future work just to see how far she can push the envelope." - A Taste For Ebooks, Review Blog

" . . . beautifully written and exquisitely detailed . . . a brilliantly written book and I highly suggest it, if you're up for the challenge." -  Mama Kitty Reviews

" . . . the most twisted form of psychological conditioning, I've ever read . . . will stick in your brain for days after you read it." - Kathleen Gresham, Reader

If you like erotica by Kitty Thomas, you may also enjoy Claudia D. Christian and Annabel Joseph.

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Note: This work is not 50 Shades of Grey, however, if you enjoy work like 50 Shades of Grey, you may also enjoy Kitty Thomas.

If you like Kitty Thomas, consider trying some of these other great authors:

CJ Roberts, Tiffany Reisz, Annabel Joseph, Pepper Winters, Anna Zaires, Aleatha Romig, Skye Warren, Cherise Sinclair

Kitty writes dark literary erotica, usually with a kinky master/slave theme and a hint of bdsm and captive erotica elements.



The speed dating event at the pub has been a complete disaster right from the start. Five minutes of meaningless conversation; that isn't the recipe for romance. I'm ready to give up all hope, when instead of me finding love, trouble finds me.

The moment Dean comes to my rescue, a switch flips in me. Perhaps tonight isn't a complete waste after all? He's the strong, silent type, and I'm unable to read him at all. but I'm determined to break through his walls and find out if he feels the same.


All night, I've kept an eye on her. How could I not, when she's the most beautiful woman in the room? Inevitably, her luscious curves turn other heads as well, and before long, a fight erupts. It feels so good to intervene; to hold her in my arms after and see the gratitude in her eyes.

But she doesn't know who I am. She doesn't know what I've done. It would be better for everyone involved if I back away now. Because the more time I spend with her, the closer I come to forgetting why I can't give her the sort of love she deserves.

Note: this self-contained beauty and the beast themed read may end up melting not just your Kindle, but your heart as well!

If you love steamy body positive romance stories featuring protective older men and a curvy younger women, this third installment in L. Moone's Coffee Shop Girls series is going to tick all your boxes! Every book follows a different couple from the moment lightning first strikes all the way to their happily ever after. They can be read in any order, but for maximum enjoyment I suggest you start with Book 1, Fireworks 

 It was at the pinnacle of my figure skating career, that moment where I stood on top and could hear the applause of the crowd, and the roar of my fans, where the competition looked minuscule from where I stood and I became enshrouded in elation, that, was when I knew that I could very well be on my way to being the best.

My life was mapped out for me, but I knew what I wanted; I knew what I desired to achieve. The fact that I didn’t have a choice in choosing this path? That never bothered me from the start. I loved figure skating, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

When my best friend invited me to the concert of my favorite musician, James Lee, the man whose voice I’d admired for years, I was all but thrilled.

The night took a turn for the unexpected, and soon, when James invited me to dinner, it became one of the best nights of my life.

But I’d soon find out, that the best night can quickly turn into the worst night.

My life would never be the same.

An 18000+ word Novella

This erotic romance suspense series contains steamy erotic scenes, as well as graphic descriptions of violence. Recommended for 18+

This is book one of the “Embraced” serial.

Note: This is a serial with a cliffhanger ending. The series overall is an erotic romance but the first book contains very little erotic content.

DRM Free

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Claudia: The last thing I want is a sugar daddy.

I might only be twenty-four, but I've always been the sensible one. From my boring call centre job right down to my practical wardrobe; impulsive and extravagant are not part of my usual vocabulary. Ascot, the home of British horse racing might be my home as well, but the filthy rich visitors blocking my route home are more a nuisance than a thrill.

Until one of them catches my eye... And I can't help myself but invite him into my home.

Peter: It was the worst day of my life, until suddenly it wasn't.

All my life I've worked hard to make it to the top of my field, to give my wife all she’s ever wanted. After a day of sipping champagne and watching the races, an indiscretion of hers with a colleague changes my picture-perfect middle class life forever. I haven't a clue where I'm going, I just know I can't stand the sight of either of them and I run; right into the arms of a girl nearly half my age.

Is it still cheating, if she's done it to me first? I'd like to think not. It's just a chance at a new beginning.

It all begins with a chance meeting at the side of the road. Neither of them could foresee just where their one night of passion would lead. Can love conquer all, from class differences to age gaps?

Read on and find out.

This contemporary romance features an older, mature man and a younger, curvy woman and the various challenges such a relationship may bring.

Chance Encounters is a series of stand-alone contemporary romances set in jolly old England, following a set of loosely connected women as they find love in unexpected places. What do these couples have in common? When they meet, it is purely by chance, yet passion strikes immediately. They'll have to deal with the consequences of their actions once the sun comes up... Please note: all Chance Encounters books can be enjoyed independently and read out of order.

Available titles:

One Night Stand

Beautiful Stranger

Only a Taste

Keywords: contemporary romance, strangers to lovers, rich hero, divorced hero, 40s romance, curvy heroine, bbw, big beautiful woman, curvy girl, regular girl romance, girl next door, new adult, new adult romance, steamy new adult romance, sexy romance, ascot, english countryside, small town romance, british romance, erotic romance, erom, casual sex, one night stand, sex with stranger, fish out of water, class divide, class differences romance, younger woman older man romance, mature man, hero in his 40s, heroine in her 20s, older man younger woman romance

 From bestselling author Molly Synthia comes the story of a woman whose dreams of China were shattered at a young age by the tragic death of her father.  Now, more than a decade later, she lands in Beijing in the hopes of fulfilling dreams put on hold for far too long.  She arrived to see the sights described by her father in his last business trip.  First, though, she sees Daniel Li, the charming man with one foot in the East and one foot in the West.  One look in his hazel eyes and she knows he’s the one to help her explore more than just the Middle Kingdom.


This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes first anal sex.  It is intended for mature adults who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.


Here is a preview:


Daniel’s small apartment was not too far from the market.  It was a neat place with very few personal touches beyond a few photographs, but the kitchen was stuffed with utensils and appliances and cookbooks.  As he cooked, we talked, and I became intoxicated with the smells of delicate dishes and the stories of his childhood that he shared along with them.  I shared a bit more of my background as we sat and ate.  I relaxed and giggled and enjoyed everything about the evening.

Daniel quickly cleared the dishes when we were done.  “I hope you liked my cooking.”

“Oh, it was incredible.  I’m no cook myself, I mean, I can burn noodles, you know, but I can taste good cooking and this was, well, this was great.” 

Daniel stepped over to me.  “Thank you very much.”

I became very aware of his closeness and blushed.  It’d been a long time since I’d been with anyone.  My last boyfriend had been two years before.  I was always just too busy and maybe a bit too obsessed with my goal of reaching China.  Whatever the case, I didn’t really have much of a lasting history in relationships.  I looked at Daniel now, though, and knew enough.  I cleared my throat.  “Um, maybe I should . . .”

Daniel cut me off, pulling me against him as his mouth pressed down on mine.  His kiss was sweet and slow, sensual and exploring.  I opened my mouth and let him slip his tongue in to tease me as his hands moved along my back, pressing the cool silk of my dress against my skin.  I tasted the spices of his dishes lingering as sweetness as I met his tongue with mine and pushed into his mouth to return his kiss.  His hands found the zipper of my dress and worked it down, opening the back of my dress until Daniel could step back and let it fall to the floor around my feet.


I don’t do relationships. I don’t do love.

The closest thing I have to a soulmate is my best friend and colleague, Becky, and I don’t even share myself with her. To me, men are fun playthings to be enjoyed in small doses. Luckily, Mark - my latest conquest, as well as our manager at work - seems to like it that way too.

One day my carefree existence is interrupted when a ghost from my past makes an appearance. My ex Gareth has tracked me down at work, and my world threatens to crumble. Old wounds are ripped open, and painful secrets are about to be exposed. I thought I was over him, but my once strong facade threatens to break down. On top of that, Gareth’s appearance has made Mark jealous, adding awkwardness to what was previously a perfectly casual affair.

Why is it that the harder I try to ignore these complications, the worse I feel? No matter how hard I try to run from it, the past is intent on catching up with me. Perhaps now it’s time to admit that it wouldn’t be so bad to confide in someone. To rely on someone other than myself.

Sally is the third book in L. Moone's Undateables series. This women's fiction novella features themes of loss, gender-nonconformity and plenty of hot action along with colourful (British English) language, culminating in a happily ever after for the heroine.

Keywords: steamy chicklit, steamy women's fiction, erotica, coping with loss, coping with breakups, gender-nonconformity, cross-dressing, sleeping with the boss, office romance, workplace romance, sex with boss, casual sex, contemporary romance, steamy contemporary romance, erotic romance, romance with sex, finding yourself, relationships, friendship, trust.

The Award-Winning Brie Series by USA Today Bestselling Author Red Phoenix

Take a peek into the sensual world of BDSM

Brie Bennett’s life is about to change.

An invitation to the exclusive Submissive Training Center is one she can’t turn down.

As Brie learns the art of submission under the skilled hands of a team of Dominants, her boundaries are tested and her heart is put on the line.

But as Graduation Day approaches, she can only be collared by one.

Which Dom will win her heart and ... her submission?

*This boxed set includes Teach Me, Love Me and Catch Me from the Brie’s Submission Series.

[First time, Submissive Training, Dominant, Warrior Fantasy, Russian Dom, Doctor Fantasy, Auction, BDSM, girls becoming friends, Practicums, classes, Facing fears, desire, self discovery, film maker, new college grad, Bondage, Shibari, Kinbaku, Wax play, Japanese Dom, Flogger, Cane, Two lovers, feather, mystery lover, Rituals and Tasks, edge play, Chocolate, Pony play, Alpha male, navigating in a Vanilla world, Loving multiple men, Lover struggles, Mind over matter, graduation day, betrayal of a friend, picking one man, bowing before him, collaring ceremony, new couple, First lesson, Cooking failure, rope, jealous lover, obsession, girlfriend time, forgiveness, Fire play, Visiting the BDSM club, electricity play, Violet wand, hollywood producer, romance box set, romance boxed set, top free ebook, top ebooks in romance, romance book bundle, top selling title, top selling romance, free romance series starter, free romance series starters]

[bdsm, submissive in training, menage, sex, sexy, sinful, sinfully, sub, dom, bondage, discipline, domination, submissive, sadism, sadist, masochist, masochism, hot, sir, erotica, erotic, billionaires, modern alpha males, students and teachers, gangbanging, ménage à trois, menage a trois, cowboys, forbidden romance, Forbidden love, exercising his power, Alpha hero, Fish out of water, Love triangle, Kidnapped, Redemption, Virgin, top free ebook, top free romance, free romance series starters, free bdsm boxset, free bdsm box set ]

What would you do after your first real relationship breaks down?

After nearly four years with Jeff, everything fell apart. For the first time in my adult life, I found myself single, scared, but liberated as well. Rather than stumble into another ill advised relationship, I would spend the next few months 'finding myself' sexually. This is how The Rebound List came to be.

A virgin, a silver fox, a stranger and a threesome- These are the experiences I chose.

It's my very own naughty bucket list. A series of challenges set for myself, to figure out what I want out of men and relationships. An excuse to let my hair down, and have a whole lot of fun with zero strings attached. Simple, right? Wrong.

Will you join me on my journey?

The Rebound List is the second book in L. Moone's Undateables series. This body-positive steamy chick lit novel features a spunky heroine in her twenties, just trying to figure out life and relationships by completing a series of erotic challenges. On her journey of sexual discovery she encounters a plus sized hero who threatens to steal her heart and plenty of naughty antics with multiple partners described in colourful (British English) language. This book ends on a romantic happily ever after. 

keywords: steamy women's fiction, steamy chicklit, chick lit, erotic, new adult romance, coming of age, sexual awakening, sexual discovery, self discovery, self actualisation, finding yourself, relationships, breakups, infidelity, cheating, sex with multiple partners, sex with strangers, older man younger woman, male virgin, shy hero, plus sized hero, husky hero, regular girl, girl next door, casual sex, strangers to lovers, threesome, mmf, silver fox, sex with boss, sexual bucket list, sexy bucket list, sexual challenges

"Master of the Mountain is, quite simply, a beautiful book.  Cherise Sinclair swept me away with her perfect blending of tenderness, healing, erotic discovery, and romance."  ~Joyfully Reviewed

BOOK DESCRIPTION:  Rebecca thinks she is overweight and boring. Logan disagrees.

When Rebecca’s lover talks her into a mountain lodge vacation with his swing club, she soon learns she’s not cut out for playing musical beds. But with her boyfriend “entertaining” in their cabin, she has nowhere to sleep. Logan, the lodge owner, finds her freezing on the porch. After hauling her inside, he warms her in his own bed, and there the experienced Dominant discovers that Rebecca might not be a swinger…but she is definitely a submissive.

Rebecca believes that no one can love her plump, scarred body. Logan disagrees. He loves her curves, and under his skilled hands, Rebecca loses not only her inhibitions, but also her heart.

Logan knows they have no future. Damaged from the war, he considers himself too dangerous to be in any relationship.  Once the weekend is over, he’ll have to send the city-girl subbie back to her own world.  But will driving her away protect Rebecca or scar them both?

"Readers can’t help but fall under this author’s spell as she creates magic with another deliciously scandalous book to delight in. Ms. Sinclair’s plots are always fresh, intelligent, sensual, and emotionally moving." ~The Romance Studio


Mountain Masters:  High in the Sierra mountains, Jake and Logan Hunt run a wilderness lodge that caters to alternative lifestyles–especially BDSM.

Dark Haven:  Set in a BDSM club in San Francisco, the Doms of Dark Haven are experienced, powerfull—and edgy.
Although each book is stand-alone, they’re fun to read in order, because of the recurring characters.

   Book 1:  Master of the Mountain
   Book 2:  Simon Says: Mine (novella)
   Book 3:  Master of the Abyss
   Book 4:  Master of the Dark Side (novella)
   Book 5:  My Liege of Dark Haven
   Book 6:  Edge of the Enforcer
   Book 7:  Master of Freedom

Keywords: BDSM, erotic romance, dominance, male Dom,  dominant hero, submission, alpha male, bondage, spanking, 

This mega collection of erotica shorts has something for everyone from rough first anal sex to sweet first lesbian seduction. Whether you’re in the mood for a steamy one on one or a rough gangbang, this collection is for you. It’s more than six-hundred and seventy-five pages of quality erotica from bestselling authors, and you might want to wear gloves because your kindle is going to get hot!

1 Angel in Pink: an Erotic Short Sandra Strike

2 The Phantom at the Club: Paranormal First Anal Sex Short Carolyne Cox

3 Dominating Angelique: A Very Rough Threesome Short Alice Drake

4 Three for the Road: A First Lesbian Sex MFF Threesome Short Brianna Spelvin

5 Going Down to Get Ahead: A Secretary Slut Short Kimmie Katt

6 Bent Over at the Country Club: A Public Sex Short Geena Flix

7 Two Cock Casting Call: A Double Penetration Short Kandace Tunn

8 Kissing Kassandra: A First Lesbian Sex Erotic Short Carolyne Cox

9 Auctioned for Ass: A First Anal Sex Short Lisa Vickers

10 The Stripper Gets Screwed: A First Anal Sex Erotic Short Geena Flix

11 Strip Club Gangbang: A Double Penetration Short Mary Ann James

12 The First Time In My Mouth: Hope Parsons

13 Customer Complaint April Styles

14 Blood Lust: A Vampire Erotica Lesbian Short Kandace Tunn

15 My First Black Man: An Interracial Erotic Short Rennaaey Necee

16 Anything You Want Sally Whitley

17 Bridal Party Blues: A Rough Double Penetration Short Kassandra Stone

18 Waking Up Completely Full! Surprised By My Gardener Lisa Vickers

19 Daring the Twins: A Double Penetration Short Tawna Bickley

20 My Boss and Her Husband Both Want Me: An MFF Threesome Short Hope Parsons

21 Candy at the Carnivale: A Gangbang Short Morghan Rhees

22 Hunger in Ddaear Rhyfedd: An Erotic Forced Impregnation Werewold Short Kaddy DeLora

23 Dark Thee Faire (Twisted Tales of Erotic Peculiarity) Amber Grayson Vayle

24 Pompis: A Very Rough MMF Threesome Erotic Short Fran Diaz

25 Saturday Night Wife Swap: A Very Rough Wife Swapping Tale April Styles

26 Facebook Blackmail: A Rough Double Team Erotic Short Kimmie Katt

27 Bent Over While My Best Friend Watched: A Rough First Anal Sex Short Rennaaey Necee

28 Wife Swap Surprise: A Wife Share Husband Share Erotica Short Jeanna Yung

29 Bent Over The Bike: A Reluctant First Anal Sex Short Tawna Bickley

30 Reprimand: An Erotic Office Humiliation Short Constance Slight

31 Blind Date Foursome: A Group Sex Short Kassandra Stone

32 Claire in Control Francine Forthright

33 All Five of You? A Paranormal Rough and Reluctant Gang Bang Short June Stevens

34 Marly the Masterpiece Tanya Tung

35 Cassie’s Daydreams Azura

36 Patty Patriotic: A First Anal Sex Gangbang Short Maggie Fremont

37 Honeymoon Gangbang: Surprised by My New Husband June Stevens

38 Blood Kiss: An Erotic Vampire Shirt Molly Synthia

39 Lisa in the Locker Room: Ding! Ding! Orgy Time! Scarlett Stevens

40 Wait that's the Wrong Hole! An Erotic First Anal Sex Short June Stevens

41 Hard Knocking at My Backdoor: A Very Rough First Anal Sex Short Mary Ann James

42 Gangbanged by the Groomsmen: A Reluctant Wedding Night Short Morghan Rhees

43 Kara's Double Penetration at the Office: A Rough Double Team Sex Short Susan Fletcher

44 Room With a View: Cassie's Wet Fantasies (Cassie's Daydreams) Azura

45 Caught Watching Porn: A Wild Sex Erotica Short (Caught in the Act) Missy Allen

46 Le Onice Leone (Twisted Tales of Erotic Peculiarties) Amber Grayson Vayle

47 Hunted in the Park: A Reluctant Public Sex Short Scarlett Stevens

48 The Extortion of Amy: A Blackmail Tale of Reluctant Sex Marilyn More

49 Used, Abused, and Loving It: A Rough Anal Sex Erotica Short Mary Ann James

50 Not Where You All Can See Me! A Reluctant Public Sex Short Andi Allyn

Some of us have to choose; family, or love?

Mandi: This was supposed to be my final farwell; my last night of freedom before moving back in with my conservative Punjabi parents. One night without a curfew; without any questions about where I'm going or who I'm meeting. I never expected to spend it with a man, but I'll take that too. Why not? 

The only problem is, he might be a keeper and my family will never approve. They've got their hearts set on marrying me off to a suitable boy from our own community, not some white man I had a one night stand with...

Callum: I'm used to getting what I want in my professional life as well as my personal one; such is life when you're a celebrity chef. One night in Brighton shows me that sometimes it's nice to leave all that behind and focus on the basics. 

Mandi doesn't seem to care that I'm rich and famous; she's just looking for one night of fun and has chosen to spend it with me. But once I've got a taste of what I could share with her, how will I be able to let her go? 

This interracial/multicultural romance features a British Asian woman and her struggle between the conservative family values she grew up with and her desire to create her own future with a partner of her choice. Will she be able to leave her feelings for Callum behind and commit to the arranged marriage her parents have envisioned for her?

Read on and find out.

Chance Encounters is a series of stand-alone contemporary romances set in jolly old England, following a set of loosely connected women as they find love in unexpected places. What do they have in common? When they meet their match, it is purely by chance, yet passion strikes immediately. They'll have to deal with the consequences of their actions once the sun comes up... Please note: all Chance Encounters books can be enjoyed independently and read out of order.

Keywords: steamy contemporary romance, strangers to lovers, rich hero, famous hero, regular girl romance, girl next door, new adult, new adult romance, steamy new adult romance, sexy romance, brighton, english countryside, small town romance, british romance, erotic romance, erom, casual sex, one night stand, sex with stranger, heroine in her 20s, multicultural romance, interracial romance, family disapproves, arranged marriage, indian romance, british asian romance, punjabi romance, caste difference, intercommunal romance, tv chef romance, famous chef romance

I was only looking for Mr. Right Now

All I want is a night of distractions to take my mind off the stressful business meetings I’ve had day. At the pub, I quickly spot the perfect counterpart to share tonight with. Whereas I’m all business, he’s tall, burly, long-haired as well as tattooed. We’re nothing alike, and yet click almost immediately.

His rugged biker looks are just a mask; one he quickly takes off when we’re alone. What I find beneath the surface might be too precious to let go. I don’t do relationships, generally. Neither does he. But come morning, the last thing we want is to say goodbye.

Could it be that I have accidentally stumbled across Mr. Right?

Read on and find out.

Chance Encounters is a series of stand-alone novellas set in jolly old England, following a set of regular women as they find love in unexpected places. What do they have in common? When each couple meets, it is purely by chance, yet passion strikes immediately. They'll have to deal with the consequences of their actions once the sun comes up... Please note: all Chance Encounters books can be enjoyed independently and read out of order.

Available titles:

One Night Stand

Beautiful Stranger

Only a Taste

Keywords: one night stand, casual sex, friends with benefits, bar hookup, strangers to lovers, sex with a stranger, workplace romance, colleagues to lovers, rich and poor, big burly biker, long haired biker, biker romance, motorcycle romance, tattooed hero, scarred hero, damaged hero, contemporary romance, erotic romance, erom, happy ending, happily ever after, HEA

 Meet Connie and Robbie.  How can a man with ready access to young, nubile, and sexually motivated girls possibly remain loyal to his wife?  Connie can't accept that her film producer husband isn't tempted by his starlets or, at the least, disappointed with the sex life in their marriage. She's determined to become the perfect seductress for him but how far will she have to go to satisfy him?


Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual situations and includes rough sex, outdoor sex, first anal sex, and more.  Only mature adults who won’t find graphic sexual content offensive should read this story.


Here is a preview:


She looked at him.  He looked like Robbie.  He didn’t appear to be a man who’d had to fend off the advances of a woman Connie would never have thought any man would resist.  He looked like Robbie, not the godlike hero he’d been before she slept.  He looked like Robbie, not the stalwart man of upright and perfect principles.  He looked like Robbie, not the husband any woman would want and feel blessed beyond measure to have. She smiled at him.  He looked like Robbie because he was all of those things.

He looked a little confused.  “Why are you looking at me like that?”

She felt herself blush, and it wasn’t embarrassment so much as it was the kind of blush she’d get when they were first dating and the crush and puppy love would become evident.  “Because I love you,” she said.

“Wow.  A late dinner does that?  You must be hungry.”

She giggled and said, “Is there a late show we could go see?”

“I’m sure there is.  You want a watch a film?”

“I’m not the kind of girl who puts out without dinner and a movie, Mr. Piedmont.”  She watched as his face changed from humor to surprise and then to lust.  He picked up his phone, and she smiled.  She knew the call he was making.

“Hey,” Robbie said into the phone.  There was a pause as the person on the other line made a comment, and then Robbie said, “As long as I pay you next to nothing for more work than anyone should ever have to do, you’ll take my calls at all hours and you’ll like it.”  She giggled.  He was talking to Ron Meyers, the assistant director, the man who’d been assistant director for twenty-years and who refused to let Robbie back him for a film he could direct all by himself.  There was a pause and then Robbie said, “Alright, I’ll let you get back to her but I wanted you to know you’re on your own tomorrow.  I want to be here for 29A, so that will have to be rescheduled, but you can shoot the rest.”  

How do you like the thought of this hot wife story?

1. The Cuckold Threesome

An Explicit Erotica Story by Molly Synthia

Molly Synthia brings her particular brand of introspective erotica to the story of a unique marriage. Harry enjoys being restrained and forced to watch his wife with other men. As for Mrs. Carmichael, she’s grown to love the situation though she can’t understand why Harry needs it. Then, a beautiful young couple enters their lives, and Harry is in for a new experience. He’ll still be restrained and he’ll still watch his wife. This time, though, Mrs. Carmichael will be entertaining Daphne and her husband Carmine at the same time, and the experience just might alter her forever.

This lovely slut wife tale is only one of the stories you’ll find in this collection. Click now and you can have it on your Kindle device in almost no time at all.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, group sex, cuckolding, bondage, first anal sex, femdom, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

Here are the rest of the stories:

2. Watching My Wife with Adonis

An Erotic Tale of Cuckoldry by Connie Hastings

She finally did it, and Craig is suddenly faced with his fantasy presented to him in reality. Can he handle watching his beautiful wife with a handsome stranger, especially when the stranger has the body of a god?  

3. The Fake Affair

An Erotic Romance Story by Nycole Folk

In Nycole Folk’s new series of erotica stories, Transforming Craig, a wife starts a journey of sexual awakening that not only transforms her husband but also herself. From a sexless and almost loveless marriage to heights (and depths) of passion and adventure, the unlikely heroine is guided on her journey by a wise aunt whose marriage has already been transformed. Follow along an erotic journey of discovery for Barbara and Craig.

In Episode Eight, Barbara finally gives in and fulfills Craig’s fantasy, cuckolding him while he’s tied up in a hotel room…or at least she pretends to do that.

4. He’s Not My Husband

An Explicit Erotica Story by Angela Ward

She finds herself filled with trepidation but still determined to go through with an affair, and the handsome man is ready to oblige. Will it be good or will the constant reminders of her husband make it terrible rather than wonderful?

5. Gillian’s Mouth

A Slut Wife Tale of Cuckolding by Riley Wylde

Gillian was surprised when Frank said he wanted her to be with other men but she wasn’t complaining. In fact, it didn’t take her long at all to get into it! Hey, why wouldn’t a sexy MILF want to wrap her lips around a hot businessman at a conference?

 Aspiring novelist and self-proclaimed curvy girl Harper Finch has been given the opportunity of a life-time thanks to her recently deceased Great-Aunt Millie - a cabin in the woods, rent paid in full for a year and a job working three days a week as a waitress at Greasy Manna. She has time to write and time to heal her recently broken heart.

The cabin sits on the property of Red Guile, incredibly hot neighbor, builder and Alpha werewolf of a pack closed to outsiders until Red changed the rules. Now he has curvaceous BBW Harper living next door and their attraction is undeniable. But it was no coincidence Millie sent Harper to Hot Springs. The town holds a history for the Finch family and a dark secret.

This is the complete series of Hot Springs Werewolf collected in one box set. It contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between a curvy bbw girl and a sexy werewolf alpha. Intended only for mature audiences 18+!


Those were the rules, right? The cook doesn't wash. I was just washing the dishes as a quick thank you and then ... and then I'd get the hell out of here before I blushed to death.

Red hadn't spoken at my sudden rush for the sink. Staring down at the plates and the running water, I could feel him standing behind me. I hadn't heard him move but I knew he was there.

I looked up from the sink into the reflection. Red was standing behind me, his eyes glinting golden in the light.

Our eyes met and all thoughts of keeping it platonic evaporated out of my head. My body must have been one step ahead of me. I felt my hips tilt, just a few inches, but it was enough for my butt to stick out a little. I moved my foot and arched my back. Just small movements.

Completely innocent.

I saw Red's eyes flash golden before he reached out his hand to touch my shoulder. His fingertips were rough, hardened by farm work and I shivered as they grazed across my shoulder.

What You’ll Find In This Boxed Set


Jude Outlaw

Outlaw Lovers 1


A fast-acting virus has been unleashed, killing a vast majority of the world’s female population, forcing the introduction of the Claiming Law. A law that states women are property that can only be claimed by groups of men…


When Cate Callahan learns Jude is coming home from the Terrorist Wars and is ready to claim her under the new law­­—with the help of his four brothers—she steals their boat and escapes to the high seas.

Unfortunately, her runaway bid for freedom doesn’t last long.

Quickly capturing his lover, Jude rekindles the flames and seduces Cate back into his bed.


The Claiming

Outlaw Lovers 2


Seeking refuge from the Claiming Law, Callie Callahan hides in a deserted cabin in the Maine woods and is shocked when her ex-flame finds her. She’s always craved being in Luke’s arms.

Tasting him. Touching him. Loving him.

So, what’s a girl to do but to delve into the sinful delights he offers…


Luke has finally reunited with the love of his life. There’s only one way to keep Callie safe and with him forever. He’ll do it with the help of his three brothers and some naughty toys. Rekindling the bright flames between them, he unleashes Callie’s sensual side with the ultimate goal of introducing her to the Outlaw brothers…and the Claiming.




Book One


Environmental contamination has made the world unliveable. The sick outnumber the healthy. Hospitals are overwhelmed. Economies collapse. Governments combine to form a one world power called the "Order of Authority"(OA).

To save the human race the OA builds "biospheres”—large bubbles enclosing self sustainable cities. Only the healthy are allowed inside. Everyone else is left to die…For population control, each human is embedded with a microchip, supressing the urge to mate. The art of lovemaking vanishes…

Centuries later


A rebel group have tampered with their microchips and begin to experiment with intimacy. Now they search for allies who can help them with their cause – to eventually free mankind.


Recruited to help free humans from a Totalitarian regime, two young doctors seduce gardening expert Anica Maine into a secret world of forbidden pleasure and sizzling sensual experiments.



Perfect Book 2


After learning her friend, Anica Maine is engaged in illegal intimate experiments, Michaela Long is thrust into her own naughty world of forbidden pleasure.


Doctors Flynn Campbell and Bryce Davids are immediately attracted to the cute young brunette assigned to them and swiftly introduce Michaela to incredible pleasure with their scorching ménages.


Easily addicted, Michaela is determined to keep her newfound enjoyment and her men a secret, even if it means facing Elimination if she is caught.

“Put Victoria with two Alpha brothers, and wow, oh wow, your socks will be knocked off.”

Book Description:  First a Marine, then a black ops agent, Victoria Morgan knows the military is where she belongs…until a sniper’s bullet changes her life. Trying to prove she’s not washed up, she rescues a young man from kidnappers. When the dying boy transforms into a cougar—and bites her—she learns of an entire hidden society. He begs her to inform his grandfather of his death and to keep the secret of the shifters’ existence. She can’t refuse, but what if the creatures pose a danger to the country she swore to protect?

As guardian of the shifter territory, Calum McGregor wields the power of life and death over his people. When a pretty human female arrives in their wilderness town, he and his littermate become increasingly concerned. Not only is the little female hiding something, but she is far more appealing than any human should be.

While investigating the shifters, Victoria begins to fall in love with the werecat brothers and the town as well. For the first time in her life, she might have a real home. Her hopes are crushed when a deadly enemy follows her from the city, and the shifters discover she knows their secret. Now nobody is safe—least of all Victoria.

"HOUR OF THE LION was simply amazing. Hot hunky shifter men, a strong and sassy heroine, a gripping story, and some oh so lovely ménage action are just the tip of the iceberg in this phenomenal read! A Top Pick and 5 Stars."
~  The Romance Reviews

Paranormal Erotic Romance (menage)

Their ancestors bred with the Fae Wild Hunt shapeshifters. Blessed with long lives and the ability to change, the Daonain stay hidden in small mountain towns. However, occasionally a new shifter, unversed in their ways, is found…

Although each book is stand-alone, they’re fun to read in order, because of the recurring characters.

   Book 1:  Hour of the Lion
   Book 2:  Winter of the Wolf
   Book 3:  Eventide of the Bear

Keywords: Keywords: Male alpha dominant, strong sexy male, romantic suspense, menage, polyamory, shapeshifter, Washington State, Cascades, sheriff, action and adventure, kinky sex, 

In this collection, hot wives start to explore their sexuality! You’ll find bondage, threesomes, group sex and more. They may be sweet and wonderful but watch what happens when the inner slut comes out!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, lesbian sex, group sex, bondage, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

1. Cornered by the Coven: A Group Sex Erotica Story with the Girls in Charge by Molly Synthia

Bestselling erotica author Molly Synthia likes to think a little bit backwards. What would happen if a man was made to understand how it really feels for a girl in the middle of one of those rough gangbangs on the Internet? Garrett is about to find out. He’s a jealous husband and particularly curious about his wife’s group of friends. She invites him to spy, to set his mind at ease. Melanie has a plan of her own, though, a plan that involves Garrett pleasing her whole group of friends while he’s all tied up!

2. Isabella’s Training: A BDSM Erotic Fantasy by Fran Diaz

Isabella doesn’t really want to try adding BDSM to the relationship with her husband, but when she discovered he’d done it back before he met her, when he was with his old girlfriend, she’s not willing that he should have pleasant memories with his first love he doesn’t have with her. So, she agrees—terrified about the whips, chains, and beatings that are sure to follow. Imagine her surprise when she discovers that BDSM is about trust and pleasure, not viciousness and horror!

3. Just Lie Back and Enjoy It: An Explicit Erotica Story by Connie Hastings

Tori decides it’s time to turn the tables on her husband, so she ties him to the bed while he’s sleeping. He’s in for a maddening and incredible treat when he wakes up to her mouth on him and discovers he can’t do anything but lie back and enjoy the attention!

4. Maddie and Julie Switch Men: A Wife Swap Erotica Story by Maggie Fremont

Maddie and Julie are best friends, and they’ve been more than just a little open about the way they really want their husbands to unwind. So, when the annual joint vacation comes up, they decide they’re going to do something about it. They leave the campsite for the lake in bikinis, but by the time their men show up, they don’t have a stitch of clothing on. The boys don’t know what hit them when they see their wives making out naked in the water. That’s nothing compared to what comes next, though. When the men get out of the water, the wives decide to warm them up. The only thing is…they each head for the other one’s husband!

5. Wife Swap Surprise: A Wife Share Husband Share Erotic Short by Jeanna Yung

Sally and Mary have been best friends for years, and an afternoon giggling and laughing about a sexy song from their youth has them thrown for a loop. When their men get involved, it turns into a sweet and romantic time, but before long the romance turns wild as the evening degenerates into a wife swapping extravaganza with plenty of hot and steamy sex as the men turn to each other, perfectly happy to say, “Fuck my wife!”

From the NYT bestselling author of the Fixed Trilogy... 

I wasn’t supposed to be working the night I met JC. 

Before him, I’d been content with the daily grind, managing one of NYC’s top nightclubs. So what if my life didn’t have a happily ever after? I didn’t believe in that anyway. 

Then JC showed up. 

Sexy, rich and smooth-talking, JC is nothing more than a distraction. I’m not interested in a night-in-shining latex so it’s easy to push the playboy away. Or it is until my life spins unexpectedly out-of-control. Then he’s there for me, offering a new method of survival, one based on following primal urges and desires that requires me to abandon my constant need for control. 

His no-strings-attached lessons obliterate my carefully built walls. And as I discover freedom, I start to feel things for him that I shouldn’t. Things that make me fear for my newly vulnerable heart. Because JC has secrets of his own, and his secrets don’t want to set him free. 

BOOK ONE OF TWO. This series can be read alone.

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