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 Learn to screen and see properties with Feng Shui vision!
From East to West and across various continents, Chief Feng Shui Consultant at the Joey Yap Consulting Group, Joey Yap, has engaged with some of the most respected names in property development. These high profile corporate and domestic Feng Shui projects span across the United Kingdom to Australia and to almost every country in South East Asia. He reveals in this book how to screen properties and determine their Feng Shui Quotient (FSQ) just by observing what is around the area and using Landform (Luan Tou) Feng Shui techniques. How do you know if a property is surrounded by good Qi? Are all houses built near T-junctions bad? What kind of environmental features are considered positive in Feng Shui? What is the importance of Mountain and Water in Feng Shui? All these questions and more are answered in Feng Shui for Homebuyers - Exterior.
Why buy a property that has Feng Shui flaws which require fixing, when you can buy a property that is already good and simply requires improvement? Why buy a property that needs costly renovations simply to rectify the Feng Shui flaws when you can buy one that needs no renovation at all?
Complete with colour illustrations, photographs and aerial images, Feng Shui for Homebuyers - Exterior has been specially written to help house buyers avoid properties with negative Feng Shui and select properties with favourable Feng Shui, utilising methods and techniques synthesised from Landform Feng Shui and classics like Ru Di Yan (Entering Earth Eye Classics).

Whether you are seeking a suitable plot of land, buying a ready built landed property, or evaluating a new development, this book provides you with essential guidance on how to identify a property with good Feng Shui.
 The Ideal Source for Everything in Qi Men
The 10 Stems of Qi Men Dun Jia are one of the core components of the craft with some truly rich ties to ancient Chinese history and culture. Together with the Earthly branches, they define the time-space axis of the universe and unlock the nature of everything in existence. The energy of the Heavenly Stems is irrevocably bound up with human thought and behaviour.
Until the present day, the guidance of The 10 Stems has proven invaluable in activities such as moving houses or properties, choosing the right wedding dates, launching new businesses and a variety of other matters.
 The Heavenly Stems play a fundamental role in many classical Chinese traditions: Chinese astrology, Chinese cosmology, Yi Jing, BaZi, Feng Shui and ZeRi, among others, and of course, Qi Men itself.
 Qi Men Dun Jia: The Stems for the first time in its release history, not only brings together a wealth of information on the 10 Stems but also explains their interactions through a popular fantasy war setting – Game of Stems.
In this book, you will learn how to recognise and interpret the guides and wisdom presented by these Deities and their unique “alliances” and “rivalries” (positive and negative formations). This will enable you, as an individual, to gain a deeper understanding of the self and the surrounding world.
 What You`ll Learn

•Complete essential reference materials and comprehensive technical information on the 10 Heavenly Stems, as well as application of their attributes and influences on daily life

•Helpful personality and character traits identified based on the Stems, which will help in determining an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and disclose methods of self-improvement

•The 10 Stems visualised through the narrative of Game of Stems to illustrate their respective interactions nad formations

•A wide range of reference materials with comprehensive descriptions and information on the 10 Stems

•The historical and cultural post of the 10 Stems and their influence in both Chinese Metaphysics and traditions

Chapter Highlights

Chapter One: Jia Wood

Chapter Two:Yi Wood

Chapter Three:Bing Fire

Chapter Four: Ding Fire

Chapter Five: Wu Earth

Chapter Six: Ji Earth

Chapter Seven: Geng Metal

Chapter Eight: Xin Metal

Chapter Nine: Ren Water

Chapter Ten: Gui Water

Finding a good apartment or condominium is never an easy task but who do you ensure that is also has good Feng Shui? And how exactly do you apply Feng Shui to an apartment or condominium or high-rise residence? These questions and more are answered by renowned Feng Shui Consultant and Master Trainer Joey Yap in this book. Drawing on his extensive experience as a Feng Shui Consultant and his years of study in Hong Kong, Joey answers the key questions about Feng Shui and apartments, then guides you through the bare basics like taking a direction and super-imposing a Flying Stars chart onto a floor plan. Joey also walks you through the process of finding an apartment with favourable Feng Shui, sharing with you some of the key methods and techniques that are employed by professional Feng Shui consultants in assessing apartment Feng Shui. The book is written in the easy-to-read style that has become the hallmark of Joey's books. In this trademark straight-to-the-point manner, Joey shares with you the Feng Shui dos and dont's when it comes to finding an apartment with favourable Feng Shui and which is conducive for home living. With minimal jargon and technical terms, and richly illustrated with colour photographs and helpful diagrams, this book makes it possible for anyone to learn how to assess the basic Feng Shui of an apartment building and find an apartment unit that is in-tune with their personal needs. With this book: Learn how to correctly take a direction for an apartment building and plot a Flying Stars chart for an apartment. Find out how to identify positive and negative Feng Shui Forms and Features; Learn how to determine if an area and a building, have positive or negative Feng Shui; Discover how to select a building that is in-tune with and supports your personal or career needs; Learn simple techniques for selecting the floor that is right for you and your family; Acquire tips and tricks of the trade for picking the best unit in a floor and avoiding the problematic units. Acquire tips and tricks of the trade for picking the best unit in a floor and avoiding the problematic units. Use the walk-through section and checklist to help you conduct your own Feng Shui assessment of an apartment. Who Should Buy this Book? This book will benefit those who are searching for a new residence as well as existing homeowners or even investors who are looking to apply Feng Shui to their non-landed properties. It also provides valuable information based on Classical Feng Shui theories and applications that are easy to comprehend and applied in your everyday life. With computer-generated illustrations, the easy explanations are quicker to digest and understood by beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. One will also learn the invaluable knowledge of screening and eliminating unsuitable options this will prove especially useful for investors and real estate agents in regards to the current awareness of Feng Shui among clients and customers.
The Plum Blossom method, or known in Chinese as the 'Mei Hua Yi Shu' is a subsystem of Yi Jing Divination. It's a more methodical and rational form of divination precisely because the method is rooted on the sound principles of the five elements and the original Gua attributes, which forms the basis of Chinese Metaphysics and Feng Shui. Now, Joey Yap presents the ultimate Plum Blossom Divination Reference Book, which is an exhaustive and complete reference for Yi Jing Plum Blossom practitioners and students. The highlights of this thoroughly-researched reference text are: Every single one of the 64 Hexagrams along with the 384 Yaos in complete and thorough detail, with all its possible permutations; Each Yao text is provided, followed by other relevant considerations pertaining to the Hexagram; Each Hexagram has the possibility of six changing Yao lines, and the derivation of all six possibilities is compiled in orderly sequence within the pages of this book; A detailed Introduction on how to use the book and how to make the most of the Gua explanations you derive; General and concise explanations of each Hexagram to further help you understand the meaning of the Hexagrams; An overall indication of the attributes of each Hexagram, which allow you to determine the usefulness of that particular Hexagram for a particular situation in your life; A description of all the relevant and particular considerations for each Hexagram; The Original Gua shown and highlighted with its Mutual Gua for every one of the Hexagrams for easy comparison and analysis; Ohe Original Gua shown and highlighted with its Transformed Gua; A clear reference for the qualities of each Gua in relation to time, indicating the usability of each Gua depending on the Season and Day on which it is derived. Highly-recommended for practitioners and students, this book eliminates the need to sift through numerous books, texts, and sources, simplifying your work. It is the only book you will need to guide you in your Plum Blossom research, studies and practice!
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