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In this useful little book some interesting details are given as to the method and history of crystal gazing. The author thinks the injunctions to be found in the Laws of Manu and elsewhere, not to look into deep water, are meant to suggest its dangers. He has collected a large amount of material from many different countries, and from ancient, mediaeval and modern times—material which might be made extremely useful if some person of genius could be found to pursue the task of organization and explanation. The subject is surrounded with difficulties, and perhaps it is just as well that we do not understand the meaning and object of some of the incantations given, although they are quaint and interesting from a historical point of view. Perhaps it would simplify matters if we realized that crystals, ink, etc., are means which enable some clairvoyants to see, who would not otherwise be able to do so, just as some people cannot see without spectacles of a particular kind. Spectacles cannot give sight to the blind, but they can enable some people to use their sight who would imagine themselves to be blind if they had never had the opportunity of using spectacles. They can also help some people who see already to see more clearly. Certainly it is very important that the knowledge should spread in the world that there is such a thing as clairvoyant sight, for there are no doubt many persons still who are unaware that it exists. Mr. Thomas himself is apparently not yet convinced that there is such a thing, for he tells us in Thought Transference, p. 43, that the evidence for its existence is very slight. He treats crystal gazing as a subject in itself, not necessarily connected with other forms of clairvoyance, and he wishes to collect well authenticated material in regard to it.
A full-color guide to fortune-telling with the Lenormand oracle

• Explores the meanings of the 36 Lenormand cards and their playing card insets to help build a resourceful, interpretative vocabulary

• Provides instructions for many spreads, starting with 3 or 5 cards and building to the Grand Tableau spread, which uses all 36 cards

• 416 pages and full-color throughout

• Reveals the origins of the Lenormand oracle from both coffee-ground symbols and playing card cartomancy

More than 200 years old, the 36 Lenormand cards are an oracle combining standard playing cards with images from the everyday world, such as key, book, animals, and flowers. Their simple, predictive, and non-esoteric nature opens the realm of fortune-telling to all, offering a traditional cartomantic divination where card combinations fuse together to give clear answers.

In this complete guide to Lenormand card reading, Caitlín Matthews explains the multiple meanings for each card, providing keywords so the reader can quickly build an interpretive vocabulary for Lenormand fortune-telling. She details how to lay spreads, starting with 3 or 5 cards and building to the Grand Tableau spread, which uses all 36 cards. She explores the significance of the playing card pips and suits on each card and how cards combine to create a variety of meanings. Matthews enables readers to learn the Lenormand card keywords so they can both read for themselves and express their interpretations to clients. Providing real case histories for readers to interpret, she also includes self-tests and practice exercises with answers to check at the end of the book.

In addition to her comprehensive practical introduction to the Lenormand oracle, Matthews delves deeply into the history of cartomancy to reveal the mythic blueprint that underlies this simple deck, the key to which lies not in their imagery but in their connection to playing cards.
Few people know that today's deck of playing cards is actually based on an ancient mystical card system akin to the Tarot. In The Power of Playing Cards you can discover the playing card that is linked to your birthday and learn the secrets that each card holds about personality traits, love relationships, destiny, and luck. Remarkably accurate, this system is a synthesis of playing cards, astrology, and numerology.

This easy-to-use system allows you to gain insight into your past, present, and future and introduces you to an intricate web of relationship links that is second to none. These special links can explain why you fall in love, who your ideal partner is, and who can best provide what you need. By finding out who will support you and who will challenge you, you can increase your potential for successful relationships. Equally helpful, you can deepen your understanding of what motivates your family members, friends, and business partners.

Besides enhancing your relationships, this unique system offers fascinating insight into your future by interpreting cards for each year that is to come. You'll also:

Identify your special qualities by knowing your signature card
Become aware of relationship card links that can improve your love life and increase your understanding of others
Discover which celebrities share your card
Find out your good years for money, career, and new opportunities

Whether you are using the cards for serious inquiry or simply for fun, this simple and enthralling guide is for all who seek to know more about themselves, their loved ones, and their futures.
Filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky’s insights into the Tarot as a spiritual path

• Works with the original Marseille Tarot to reveal the roots of Western wisdom

• Provides the key to the symbolic language of the Tarot’s “nomadic cathedral”

• Transforms a simple divination tool into a vehicle for self-realization and healing

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s profound study of the Tarot, which began in the early 1950s, reveals it to be far more than a simple divination device. The Tarot is first and foremost a powerful instrument of self-knowledge and a representation of the structure of the soul.

The Way of Tarot shows that the entire deck is structured like a temple, or a mandala, which is both an image of the world and a representation of the divine. The authors use the sacred art of the original Marseille Tarot--created during a time of religious tolerance in the 11th century--to reconnect with the roots of the Tarot’s Western esoteric wisdom. They explain that the Tarot is a “nomadic cathedral” whose parts--the 78 cards or “arcana”--should always be viewed with an awareness of the whole structure. This understanding is essential to fully grasp the Tarot’s hermetic symbolism.

The authors explore the secret associations behind the hierarchy of the cards and the correspondences between the suits and energies within human beings. Each description of the Major Arcana includes key word summaries, symbolic meanings, traditional interpretations, and a section where the card speaks for itself. Jodorowsky and Costa then take the art of reading the Tarot to a depth never before possible. Using their work with Tarology, a new psychological approach that uses the symbolism and optical language of the Tarot to create a mirror image of the personality, they offer a powerful tool for self-realization, creativity, and healing.
From the life line to the heart line, In Focus Palmistry gives a comprehensive review of what our hands are telling us, complete with  an 18 x 24-inch wall chart for quick reference.

In Focus Palmistry brings you up to date on the ancient craft of reading hands to tell a person's fortune. From analyzing palms, fingers, fingerprints, mounts, and nails, find the hidden strengths and weaknesses within yourself and others.

Can your hands unveil your future? Author Roberta Vernon explores this question in the introduction. Each chapter address a different aspect of palmistry, including: looking at hands; the fate line; the Apollo line or sun line; marks, colors, and warts; and skin ridge patterns.

An 18 x 24-inch wall chart for quick reference contains key information for deciphering palms are included with the book to provide a quick interpretation reference. With practice, and with In Focus Palmistry in hand, readers will be able to decipher the following areas: Love and relationshipsSexualityMoneyBusinessCareerAptitudes and talentsSuccesses and failuresParents and in-lawsChildrenOther people of influenceHome and property mattersHealthTravelPetsThe In Focus series applies a modern approach to teaching the classic body, mind, and spirit subjects, using expert authors in their respective fields and featuring relevant visual material to smartly and purposely illustrate key topics within each subject. As a bonus, each book is packaged with index cards and/or a poster, to give readers a quick, go-to reference guide containing the most important information on the subject, for easy practice and retention.
People have used numerology and cards since ancient times as a means to see into their future and to help guide them in present situations. Now, in Divining Your Future Using Playing Cards & Numerology, Master Numerologist, Parapsychologist and Professional Card Reader, Laurie Denise Andrews has formulated a system of using everyday playing cards and numerology to foretell one's future and to assist in everyday life experiences. Laurie details each of the 52 cards of a regular card deck based on her own numerological research and combines her research of the innate vibrational pattern of numbers with her experience as a professional card reader to give the reader a true way of knowing how to live their life, work out problems, and, see what the future has in store for them whether in their personal relationships, career, health, or other areas of life. By using this researched and proven method of numerology based card readings, you will find it easy to identify the positive and negative choices in your life, and, you will know when the path you are on will lead you to heartache or success. Divining Your Future Using Playing Cards & Numerology is your guide to helping you fulfill your goals and achieving a happier and healthier life. Editorial Review: In Divining Your Future Using Playing Cards & Numerology, Laurie Denise Andrews provides the reader a short history on numerology and on the history of using playing cards for fortune telling. She then gives a detailed look at the meaning of each card in each suit of the deck and then teaches her audience how to perform card readings for themselves and for others while giving sample readings to learn from. This is really a complete and straight forward guide that is easy to read and follow.
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