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 Now Rick and Scarlett’s parents know they’re engaged, they’ll try anything to get Rick’s grades up.  They make a generous donation to ‘Honor House’, and they make the ultimatum.  Rick and Scarlett get cut off unless they join that co-ed SororiFrat packed with honor students.  What creepy secret makes them crazy about studying when everyone else is partying?  Will scholastic success come at a terrible price?  Will Rick lose Scarlett into the embrace of a club that milks good grades out of people like orgasms?

“This is a toxic relationship!  You’re amazing, seductively interesting, and you’re hurting me!”  Rick’s physics textbook doesn’t scream back at him, of course.  “I can’t take any more headache meds for an hour.”  He sets the book down carefully and runs down the hall, to go outside.  He needs to focus on faraway mountains so the blazing pain in his eyes will fade a little.  He’s stopped by a sound.  Not just any sound, he peeks in the door and sees her moaning on the bed.

Cindy Calgrove is in a very revealing position, and very busy.  Rick politely looks away.  Her scream is primal.  “Almost honor night and I’m behind again!  Oh God, just gimme one more A plus, I need it NOW!”  Everyone in the house knows her brain is exploding in bliss.

Blushing, Rick looks into the astonished face of his dear Scarlett.  Pulling him down the hall, she whispers.  “I wish you had that kind of scholastic passion.”

Through his headache, Rick teases her.  “Be careful what you wish for.  We eat and drink what they do.  God only knows what’s in it.”

Eyebrows wiggling, Guillermo reminds them.  “Your first honor night’s tomorrow.  Don’t wanna miss that!”

Holy crap.  Could this place get any weirder?

Five erotic stories of M/M self-discovery. 

Come with a Friend- Jason’s tragic childhood and history of being bullied isolates him until a friend from the past cooks up a scheme to take revenge on the bully of their youth. But is revenge the real reason for Jason wearing a gown to the prom? Or could Timmy be in love with him?

Christmas in July- Straight-guy Sam spends a weekend in a campground to entice his kids to hang out with him. His ex-wife cuts the weekend short, leaving him plenty of time to hang out with Larry, the gay man next door. Beer and Larry’s mildly dominant personality leads them into his camper. And then his bedroom. 

Come on Down- While fooling around with Caylin, James has a flashback to a gay experience when he was younger, prompting her to arrange a threesome with an old friend. How far will James go with another man this time?

Gay Greenhorn on the F/V Lost Agnes- Carson travels to Alaska to try crab fishing, but life on the boat is too much for him. He meets Artie, a closeted deckhand, and they fall hard for each other. When life on the Bering Sea threatens to swallow him up, Carson returns to Georgia, to the life he knows. But can Artie live without him or will he be forced to give up life on the Lost Agnes to live in Carson’s world?


Love and a Hate Crime- Thad is twenty, but he’s slow. When bully Jimmy tells him to “fuck up the queers,” the gay couple in their 60s down the block, Thad trusts that in return, Jimmy will leave him alone. He breaks into their house and witnesses the couple making love, arousing and terrifying him. What will he learn about himself?






Stalking the attractive son of a European dealer at an art and antiques convention can be pretty futile. Art expert Norm, however, pursued the young Dane−more as an entertaining diversion than expecting anything sexual, after all Norm at thirty-five was at least ten years older than Gil. Imagine Norm’s surprise when Gil attended one of the expert’s seminars.


A short time later, both were back in New York City where Norm’s gallery was located and where Gil managed a satellite venue for his father’s business. A friendly dinner was followed by the extension of an invitation for Gil to use a spare bedroom in Norm’s condo until the young Dane could find affordable accommodations on his own. Norm’s motives were definitely not totally altruistic, but he soon concluded Gil was straight, even though the younger man was affable and even supportive at Norm’s gay soirées.


The Platonic relationship was disrupted by two ostensibly unrelated events. First, Norm inadvertently witnessed a cozy tête-à-tête between Gil and an East European actor Norm recognized from a spread in a gay magazine. After Gil departed from the bar, Tomek, the actor, was joined by a tall man who, after warily glancing around the space, quickly ushered the actor from the bar. Second, the FBI appears at Norm’s door while Gil is away at work. The agent expresses concerns about a conspiracy involving a devious Gil, Tomek, and the tall man. Norm is convinced by the FBI agent to allow surveillance equipment in Gil’s bedroom, and given access to the video feed on his personal computer.


The images and sounds captured by the hidden camera entice Norm and he becomes addicted to self-abuse while watching Gil and Tomek frolic on the Dane’s bed. Norm is conflicted between his perceived responsibility as a concerned citizen and his lust-filled desire to continue watching in effect, a live porn flick.

Alice and her husband are just trying to get home from holiday, when a rain storm waylays them in Alabama. Despite Alice's misgivings, Clark accepts a ride to Atlanta with a local couple- with a wife that wants more than friendly conversation! What happens at an Alabama rest stop, stays in Alabama!
Coming out of the stall, I found that Velma was waiting for me. She had not used the bathroom herself, so I was a little surprised.
“You didn’t have to accompany me,” I said, smiling at her- in the bright light, I could now see her features clearly, from her eyes to the fact that her own camo outfit was also wet with the rain, “I think I could have made it…”
“I know that,” Velma said, her blue eyes looking into my own, “Can I ask you something?”
“Of course,” I said, as I washed my hands in the sink, “Wot?”
“What do you think of this?” she said.
She stepped forward, behind me, and before I could react- my hands were literally still under the flowing water of the sink- her arms reached round my middle. I felt the wetness of her clothing against me, as her face pressed into my own. I turned round, only to have her press her lips into mine, and give me a firmly solid lesbian kiss!
I had known all along something was not quite what it seemed, ever since we had engaged her husband in conversation- I had first expected to be robbed, and then conned possibly- but I was not expecting this, of all things!
Yet, as her full lips pressed into my own, my reaction was natural and not one of forethought. I opened my own mouth, and my eyes closed, as her tongue probed into my mouth.
I am kissing another woman.
She tasted faintly of bittersweet candy- possibly licorice- but as her tongue made it’s way round the inside of my mouth, my thoughts went far away. She was being the aggressor, the man if you want to call it that, and I was like putty in her small hands. I kissed her back, our tongues playing tag inside the confines of our mouths, as I felt her hands pawing at my sides. She was not just kissing me, she was feeling me up, her palms now grabbing the underside of my cotton clad breasts.
Wot am I doing, Alice- I can’t do this!
“Stop,” I said, breaking our lip lock- no matter how good it felt, to feel a new set of lips on my own, I am a married woman!
Velma looked at me, and she simply smiled- her mouth moved away from mine, in response to my protest, but her hands refused to release my beacons. They were still clutching at them, pawing them, wanting to remove them from the thin veil that separated her palms from their bare flesh.
“No,” Velma said, and her mouth then reached forward, and kissed me on the soft flesh of my neck.
Erogenous zones are to be found in the usual locations- round the groin area in both males and females, or the arse- but they are also found in other spots as well. I cannot speak for what others are turned on by, but I can say that the soonest way to elicit a physical response is to kiss my neck. As her soft lips gently planted kisses down the length of my neck, I felt heat beginning to rise from the spot between my thighs.
I really cannot do this!
“I am married,” I said, even though I made no effort to remove her hands or mouth from the parts of my body that they were touching, “I can’t-”
“So what?” Velma said, removing her mouth from my neck.
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