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away your crucifix, for it will not protect you, not in this chillingly
original take on the vampire legend. Its a tale of bloody revenge that will
expose the modern-day workings of the Vampire Clans and their constant war with
those who would hunt them to extinction. Its a story that explains away the
myths handed down through centuries of ignorance that keeps us from believing
the horrifying truth about the real vampires living among us today.


is the winter of 1362 in what was then a small Lithuanian farming village on
the edge of the Carpathian Mountains. A man and a child lay dead, their throats
savagely ripped open and their bodies drained of blood. The mans pregnant wife,
on hearing the news, goes into premature labor, giving birth to an
underdeveloped baby boy. The infant is not expected to live, and the mother
remains weak and sickly. The attending midwives leave the two of them alone to
share what precious moments they have left together.


creature responsible for the attacks is an injured vampire being chased through
the nearby forest by a band of determined Hunters. In his need for blood to
repair both the injuries and replenish his strength, the vampire doubles back,
losing the Hunters in the process. Reentering the village, hidden from sight by
the raging storm and the dark of night, the vampire breaks into one of the
small homes to feed upon the defenseless mother as she clutches her newborn
baby protectively to her breast. In the course of his savage feeding, the
vampire unknowingly allows some of his own blood and that of the mother to
spill into the infants mouth. The blood feeds and nurtures the dying infant,
turning him into something very, very different.


horrific act will set in motion a series of events that will leave a trail of
death and destruction across seven centuries and three continents, before it
finally reaches the new lands of America. One man, not quite human or of the
undead, will stand between the two warring factions of Hunters and Vampires, a
saviour to some and a deadly enemy to others, and this is his story.


Like “Blade” meets “Bond,” directed by Tarantino.

A past filled with sexual and emotional abuse has left Marcus Quincy, as he would often say, One more childhood trauma away from becoming the next Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy. Due to his tumultuous past, Marcus has frequently been exposed to the cruelty and ignorance of others and has slowly distanced himself from the outside world and all of the people in it. All, that is, but his beautiful wife Anna and their twin daughters Tara and Tori. Marcus loves his family more than life itself and he will do anything for them!
Marcus struggles with the concept of becoming the savior of a world he has spent his life hiding from, a world he has grown to despise. He reflects on his past, how ridicule and discrimination had molded him into a potential time bomb of violence and hatred, and how choice and the unconditional bond of love he shares with his family had saved him from that dark path. Guided by a being of light and hunted by a psychotic version of himself from another reality, Marcus embarks on a journey throughout the multiple realities of Heaven, Hell, and the known universe in search of the pieces to the Divine Engine, mankinds only hope of stopping Armageddon. The story unveils Marcus struggles with his past and his faith, humanity and all its frailties, the possible existence of Heaven and Hell, and above all else, the ripple effect a single choice can have on future events. Will Marcus find the faith within himself and all of humanity to gather the knowledge and power to confront pure evil? And can Marcus make the ultimate sacrifice to save the human race?
New Barrington and West Sussex on California's Borrego Bay are bustling modern cities to nearly all their human inhabitants. But behind their daylight facade is a festering supernatural underworld ceaselessly struggling for control. Metahuman warrior Montgomery Quinn, known as The Adversary, is the only force that can resist the evils threatening to overrun not just the Twin Cities, but all of the mortal world.

An ancient artefact of power, The Sigil, has resurfaced, and the factions of Borrego Bay's night world are desperately competing to claim it. The Verrigotta Gather of vampires has rescued a local businessman's daughter, Brooke, from the kidnappers who tortured her to death and revived her as one of the undead. Brooke was investigating mysterious events in her area and learned too much about The Lost Sons of Purgatory, a cult of mass murderers who want The Sigil to bring their god into reality from another dimension.

The government agencies responsible for the tenuous truce between humans and the beings called Ultrakin call on Quinn for help, along with a Bloodwitch named January Ulrich, or "Cold Janey." Together, Quinn and Janey track down the mystery of The Sigil, who wants it so badly and why. Reluctantly aiding them are Quinn's sometime-partners, Sam Carstairs and Ashton Brazil, and Patricia Silver, a professor whose love for Quinn led to her becoming one of the vengeful ghosts called Le Grymmeure. Meanwhile, Quinn himself is stalked by three members of his own ancient race, the Olympians, seeking retribution for a past crime of Quinn's. But they also have an interest in The Sigil.

In a complex and tangled plot that evokes the best of H.P. Lovecraft and Robert Ludlum, Quinn and his allies--human and Ultrakin--follow the Sigil and its pursuers to a tense final showdown that holds some bitter revelations for The Adversary himself.
Editor Duane Parsons has assembled a treasure-trove of rare macabre stories for lovers of classic fantasy and horror. From ghosts of mind and spirit to exotic paranormal tales, each story in this volume has never before appeared in an anthology. Included are:

The Silent Man, by Henry Fothergill Chorley
The Strange Ormonds, by Leitch Ritchie
The Mysterious Wedding: A Danish Story, by Heinrich Steffans
The Burial by Fire, by Louisa Medina Hamblin
The Vampyre, by Elizabeth Ellet
The Sleepless Woman, by William Jerdan
A Peep At Death, by Peter Von Geist
Killcrop the Changeling, by Richard Thompson
Carl Bluven and the Strange Mariner, by Henry David Inglis
The Prediction, by George Henry Borrow
The Story of the Unfinished Picture, by Charles Hooten
Eule: The Emperor’s Dwarf, by John Rutter Chorley
The Green Huntsman, by Joseph Holt Ingraham
A Revelation of a Previous Life, by Nathaniel Parker Willis
Moods of the Mind: The Old Portrait, by Emma Embury
A Night on the Enchanted Mountain, by Charles Fenno Hoffman
The Living Apparition, by G.P.R. James
The Three Souls, by Alexander Chatrian and Emile Erckmann
The Death Watch, by Luise Muhlback
An Evening of Lucy Ashton’s, by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
The Haunted Homestead, by Henry William Herbert
The Withered Man, by William Leete Stone
La Malroche, by Louisa Stuart Costello
The Three Visits, by Auguste Vitu
Lieutenant Castenac, by Erckman-Chatrian
Torture by Hope, by Villiers de L’isle-Adams
The Black Cupid, by Lafcadio Hearn
The Bundle of Letters, by Moritz Jokai
Nissa, by Albert Delpit
The Dream, by John Galt

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Welcome the fourth volume in our Macabre MEGAPACK® series. This collection of 3 poems and 20 stories was selected by one of Wildside’s editors, Shawn Garrett. They were published over a period of almost 150 years, in books and leading magazines, and they range from through time and space. One thing they all have in common is their chilling ability to bring a shudder to readers!


DARK VISION, by Frank Belknap Long
THE DEVIL STONE, by Beatrice Heron-Maxwell
THE STORY OF A TUSK, by H. A. Bryden
THE QUEER PLACE, by Frederick Niven
THE BURNED HOUSE, by Vincent O' Sullivan
THE YARN OF THE “NANCY BELL,” by William S. Gilbert
MEN WHO WALK UPON THE AIR, by Frank Belknap Long
HYMENEAL, by Manly Banister (poem)
THE GOLDEN BOUGH, by David H. Keller
THEY NEVER EVEN SEE ME, by J. N. Williamson
SIX FLIGHTS TO TERROR, by Manly Banister
THE PRUNING MAN, by Robert Moore Williams
ANONYMOUS, by George T. Wetzel
THE PEEPER, by Frank Belknap Long
THE NAME ON THE BOOK, by Richard Wilson
THE DEVIL'S TUNE, by Ray Faraday Nelson
THE THREE FISHERS, by Charles Kingsley
NIGHTMARE HOUSE, by George T. Wetzel
The MEGAPACK® Ebook Series

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The arrival of the Apocalypse is near. The angels of the Light and the demons of the Darkness struggle to gain a decisive strategic advantage: the “Omega Formula”, whose fragments are spread throughout the minds of seven humans, the “Forgetters”, unaware of being custodians of this mysterious wisdom. If, on appearances, the identification between the Righteous and the Wicked seems spontaneous, in reality the differences are less: the High Commands of the Light and the Darkness maneuver, in tacit agreement, so that nothing disturbs the status quo lasting for countless eons, moving their agents as pawns on a chessboard, sacrificing them without hesitation, in order to keep the illusion of dichtomy alive between Good and Evil.


Part I “Wild Beasts”
In the exhausting race for absolute power, Light and its loose splinter group, the Luminous Inquisition, devastate human lives without mercy. When the factions on field are entirely composed by angels, everyone does not seem to understand who is right or wrong.

Switzerland. Ada is the first of the seven Forgetters. She is a fifteen year old girl, locked away in a mental hospital by her parents, as her mental disorders got worse: the Von Hilkeneim’s Asylum. In between psychiatric sessions with a very renowned professional and the imaginary escapes to a primordial earth, The Pangea, Ada falls in love with Efreniel, an Angel who will fight for her, rescuing her life from other angels’ filthy purposes: Stormriel and his crew, who were ordered to kidnap her, to get the most desirable treasure from her mind: the fragment of the “Omega Formula”.

The Stormy Manor: Three lads, Jorg, Evi and Kurtz, will be involved in a youth indoctrination program, aimed to form loyal adepts to a reformed movement. The brutality of the training will make them open their eyes to the true nature of the movement, to which they had confidently entrusted their lives.

The Castle. In the background of an enormous castle, inhabited by fantastic and monstrous creatures, the stories of Ada, Efreniel, Jorg, Evi, Kurtz and the Stormriel’s hunters intertwine until a dramatic and perturbing epilogue.

Part I “Wild Beasts” is a full of action fantasy novel about lost innocence, delusions and redemption. It is the first chapter of five books’ saga, based on the eternal struggle between Good and Evil, where a distinction between the two is not that easy to see, if not even impossible at times.
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