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Lady Novella Crownley has been teaching at a girl's school far from her ancestral home, Crownley Hall, and one day her mother asks her to return.
She leaves at once only to find that so much has changed since her last visit home. Her beloved father, the Earl of Crownley, had died some years earlier, leaving her mother lonely and unable to cope on her own.
Unknown to Novella her mother had remarried and the first time she met
her new stepfather, Lord Buckton, she did like him at all. In her absence Lord Buckton had been selling off everything at the Hall he
could lay his hands on to pay for his debts and lavish lifestyle, and even
had plans to sell the house and the estate as well.
To her horror Novella found that he had sold her favourite horse,
Salamander, to a near neighbour, Sir Edward Moreton. She was deeply
suspicious of the charming and handsome Sir Edward, but her heart
softened when he invited her to ride Salamander again.
Her mother became seriously ill and Novella was forced to clash with her
stepfather over the cost of medical care for her.
Her relationship with her stepfather became worse while her feelings for
Sir Edward began to intensify.
She came to realise that she was in great danger from her stepfather who
was determined to take everything from her and her mother at any cost.
How Novella was able to defeat the forces ranged against her with the
help of Sir Edward and find her own true love is told in this exciting and
dramatic romance by Barbara Cartland.

If you like Downton Abbey you will love Barbara Cartland .
The Marquis of Havingham visits his mother in Harrogate to tell her he intends to marry Lady Beryl Fern, the most acclaimed beauty in the Prince Regent's circle. This should be the happiest day of his life - he is handsome, fabulously wealthy and now about to be a bridegroom. There is only one cloud on the horizon - he is not in love. Convinced that true love is not worth the heartache, and that marriage to the 'Incomparable' Lady Beryl, will work because of their shared interests and position amongst the Beau Monde, only his mother is worried that he may be making a terrible mistake. For Torilla, the daughter of a clergyman working in the deprived mining village of Barrowfield, the news of the wedding means travelling South to be her cousin, Lady Beryl's, bridesmaid. Torilla is excited, not only about the wedding, but also the opportunity to return to the genteel parish she and her father left after the tragic death of her mother. For a young woman who has spent time amongst the grime and squalor of the mines, the lavish preparations and generosity of her cousin seem at times almost overwhelming. But as the wedding draws ever nearer Torilla cannot help wondering how attached the betrothed couple really are to each other. Their relationship is certainly nothing like the perfect soul mates that the cousins used to dream of. Afraid to question her cousin, Torilla unknowingly shares the same concerns as the Marquis' mother. Can a marriage really work that is based only on convenience? And as Torilla gets to know the Marquis better she becomes even more convinced that this is not a match made in heaven. But will anyone be brave enough to say something? With her feelings in turmoil and filled with concern for the future happiness of all, Torilla certainly hopes so.
Malvina is young, beautiful - but most of all very rich. She dreams of marrying a man that loves her, and whom she in turn can love forever. Unfortunately her father has other ideas. Only too aware of the fortune hunters that prey on vulnerable young heiresses, he is determined she should marry the boy next door, Charles Arram, the son of the Marquis of Arramford. But Malvina has other ideas. Feisty and independent, she is horrified at the idea of marriage to a stranger, even a stranger that will unite their great families and ensure that their family estate becomes one of the most prestigious in England. Learning that the man her father intends for her is living a life of gaiety amongst the most beautiful women of the Beau Monde in Paris, Malvina becomes even more disillusioned. How can she possibly compete with the famous courtesans and actresses? More importantly does she want to even try? As her father leaves for Scotland, Malvina decides she will snatch the chance to travel incognito to Paris, where she will be able to see Charles Arram without him knowing he is being spied on. Taking her old Nanny along as a chaperone, she is sure that this will give her the opportunity to find out if this is a man she can love. Astounded at the decadence of Paris Society, a million miles away from her austere French Convent School, Malvina is soon learning a different kind of education amongst the wealthy men and famous cocottes. Are the salons of Paris really the place for an innocent abroad? Risking her fathers certain disapproval, and befriended by the Duc de Laviss, the brother of her old school friend, Malvina will stop at nothing to discover the secrets of true love as she plunges headlong into the steamy world of the Beau Monde.
Alone in the world following the tragic death of her parents, lovely Leona Grenville travels to Scotland to stay with the Duke of Ardness, the widowed husband of her late mother's closest friend. Penniless and grief-stricken, Leona seeks comfort and security, which she hopes the Duke can offer. Exhilarated by the wild beauty of the moors, Leona spirits rise and she begins to believe that in the Highlands she can find happiness and peace again. But the weather swiftly deteriorates and amidst the biting wind and icy rain her coach is involved in an accident. Terrified by the howling storm and stumbling in the darkness she is rescued by Lord Strathcairn, who offers shelter at nearby Cairn Castle for the night. Believing she has found a kindred spirit in her new friend, Leona is devastated by his cold demeanor once he discovers that her true destination is his nearest neighbour, the Duke. Refusing to discuss his change of heart, Lord Strathcairn bids her farewell and arranges for her to leave his home at the earliest possible moment. Crossing the boundary into the Duke's estate she sees the brutal eviction of some crofters and arrives at Ardness Castle angry and determined to confront her new protector. But immediately she is confused. How can the violence she witnessed have been done with the knowledge of the kindly man waiting to greet her? As the Duke lavishes money and attention on his guest, Leona begins to suspect that dark secrets are harboured within the bleak walls of Ardness and wishes she had never left the safety of Cairn Castle. Remembering Lord Strathcairn's whispered promise to always help her, Leona knows that there is only one thing left to do - she must find a way to reach him and escape Ardness Castle and the sinister Duke for ever.
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