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Do you ever wake up struggling to feel passion or enthusiasm for life?
This problem is more pervasive than ever. You're not alone if you're fighting this battle.
If you ever feel worn out, discouraged, or depressed - like life has beaten you up and left you just hanging on - this book has the power to produce a profound shift in your life.
This book contains a proven process to help you stop suffering, find peace, and start living a deeply happy life n the next 30 days or less, no matter what your current circumstances are...
...And it only takes about 10 minutes per day including your time spent reading this book.
Welcome to Affirm Your Truth!
You're holding in your hands a transformational habit training system that can radically shift your life from a place of stagnation, frustration, and doubt...
...To a life of love, joy, faith, and pure enthusiasm to just be alive today.
This is much more than a book - this is a system of daily guidance and instruction that will take you on a life-altering journey over the course of one month.
What you're about to experience has already improved hundreds of people's lives in surprisingly simple ways.
You're next!
I promise that you will experience increased peace of mind, confidence, joy, and enthusiasm for life when you commit to following the simple daily system within these pages.
But whatever you do, don't succumb to the temptation to make this harder on yourself than it needs to be.
Don't be the person who waits until tomorrow to be happy. Be the person who takes quick and decisive action, taking control of your life and your happiness. Be the person others look at in awe as they witness the grace and poise with which you go through life. Be the person who radiates confidence and peace because you take action without delay when it comes to your personal and spiritual nourishment.
Start right now!

Right now is your time to begin making dramatic changes in your life.
"All things have purpose. And I will find the good in everything that shows up in my life" - Aaron Kennard


What would it be like to stop feeling blindsided by life?

To wake up feeling thrilled to be alive regardless of your circumstances?

To feel happy and at peace even when all hell is breaking loose around you?

You're about to discover the Positive Thinking Secret that will revolutionize your life by showing you how to increase the joy, happiness, and freedom you experience in your life starting today...and your life will never be the same.

Author Aaron Kennard exposes in frank and emotional detail how this secret revitalized his own life overnight, and then later sustained him with the peace, hope, & faith required to navigate torturous unimaginable pain and disease while feeling immense gratitude for it all. The Positive Thinking Secret has already helped many find greater freedom to enjoy life. You're next.

More detail: What this book is, and what it is not:

The Positive Thinking Secret is a tool to help remove discontentment & discouragement, and to provide hope and inspiration. Understanding the secret helps a person find happiness, meaning, and joy, regardless of the circumstances they face in life.

The 'Positive Thinking Secret' is NOT a cure for autoimmune disease. It is a helping hand for the broken or downtrodden spirit. While it is possible this secret may aid in physical healing, that is not the point of this book.

This book is graphic and intense at times. If you are looking for a book full of positive affirmations, you won't find that here. This book is a very detailed account of a year of the Author's life. Many of the chapters take you on a journey with sometimes intense details of the author's suffering through a debilitating auto-immune disease.

If you have a low tolerance for the harsh reality of the pain of disease, you may not be able to handle this book. The language is clean, but there are many details about a severe medical condition. The author gives a full, open, and honest account including journal entries and emails containing real-time thoughts that were happening through the process. It also contains accounts of intense emotional suffering.

The people who love this book are those who are intrigued by a compelling and true story told straight from the heart of someone who was able to use the Positive Thinking Secret to find happiness and joy even in the midst of massive pain and adversity.

Everyone experiences adversity and pain, as well as times of pleasure and happiness. This book will give you a fresh way of looking at ALL experiences, which if applied, is sure to bring joy to your soul.
 These days there are innumerable sources online and off to give people a helping hand moving in the right direction. 
Oh no, not another ‘guide to’ book!

During my travels in life, I’ve encountered so many ‘helping hand’ tips, meme’s, proverbs, garbage… and some small nuggets of gold that have helped me – and also hindered.

I’ve always striven to help out others in any way I can and found myself writing numerous smaller articles for blogs across a vast variety of different industries. 
What it came back down to at the end of the day was that people were looking at how they could transform their lives to be able to actually enjoy what they did.
I’m no stranger to that!

This small book is coming from my own personal experiences and detours taken in life and what I’ve done to get ‘back on track’ to where I wanted to be. To push through the external influences in this life that we take for granted and push through to the other side – the side that allows us to spend our days doing what we’re passionate about, and earning a living out of it!

At the end of the day, this is what we’re all actually trying to achieve. Somehow living a life that allows us to be ourselves – the best version of ourselves that we possibly can be.

There isn’t any angle in this book. I’m not trying to sell you anything or gain anything from you. It’s my sincere wish that some of the tips and guides in this book actually help you get your own life ‘back on track’ and allow you the flexibility to showcase to the world who you truly are.

In this book you will find anecdotes, tips, guides and I hope, enough of the gold nuggets to help you on your journey. There are some success stories, some failures and disasters but overall I hope you get something valuable out of reading this.

If, after reading through these tips and tricks you find something useful, please share it with me. I love to hear from people that may have been helped out in whatever small way possible. 

Hoping all our dreams and plans come to fruition,

A story of drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation as it has never been told before. Recounted in visceral, kinetic prose, and crafted with a forthrightness that rejects piety, cynicism, and self-pity, it brings us face-to-face with a provocative new understanding of the nature of addiction and the meaning of recovery.

By the time he entered a drug and alcohol treatment facility, James Frey had taken his addictions to near-deadly extremes. He had so thoroughly ravaged his body that the facilityís doctors were shocked he was still alive. The ensuing torments of detoxification and withdrawal, and the never-ending urge to use chemicals, are captured with a vitality and directness that recalls the seminal eye-opening power of William Burroughsís Junky.

But A Million Little Pieces refuses to fit any mold of drug literature. Inside the clinic, James is surrounded by patients as troubled as he is -- including a judge, a mobster, a one-time world-champion boxer, and a fragile former prostitute to whom he is not allowed to speak ó but their friendship and advice strikes James as stronger and truer than the clinicís droning dogma of How to Recover. James refuses to consider himself a victim of anything but his own bad decisions, and insists on accepting sole accountability for the person he has been and the person he may become--which runs directly counter to his counselors' recipes for recovery.

James has to fight to find his own way to confront the consequences of the life he has lived so far, and to determine what future, if any, he holds. It is this fight, told with the charismatic energy and power of One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, that is at the heart of A Million Little Pieces: the fight between one young manís will and the ever-tempting chemical trip to oblivion, the fight to survive on his own terms, for reasons close to his own heart. 

A Million Little Pieces is an uncommonly genuine account of a life destroyed and a life reconstructed. It is also the introduction of a bold and talented literary voice.

 “A classic. Read it. Use it. It can help guide you step by step into the bright light of the world of recovery.”
—from the Foreword by Harry Haroutunian, M.D., Physician Director, Betty Ford Center
“The Recovery Book is the Bible of recovery. Everything you need to know you will find in here.”
—Neil Scott, host, Recovery Coast to Coast radio
Hope, support, and a clear road map for people with drug or alcohol addiction.

Announcing a completely revised and updated second edition of The Recovery Book, the Bible of addiction recovery. The Recovery Book provides a direct and easy-to-follow road map to every step in the recovery process, from the momentous decision to quit to the emotional, physical, and spiritual issues that arise along the way. Its comprehensive and effective advice speaks to people with addiction, their loved ones, and addiction professionals who need a proven, trusted resource and a supportive voice.

The new edition of The Recovery Book features the revolutionary Recovery Zone System, which divides a life in recovery into three chronological zones and provides guidance on exactly what to do in each zone. First is the Red Zone, where the reader is encouraged to stop everything, activate their recovery and save their life. Next is the Yellow Zone, where the reader can begin to rebuild a life that was torn apart by addiction. Finally, the reader reaches the Green Zone, where he can enjoy a life a recovery and help others. Readers also learn how to use the Recovery Zone ReCheck, a simple, yet very effective relapse prevention tool.  The Recovery Zone System works hand-in-hand with the 12-step philosophy and all other recovery methods.

In addition, The Recovery Book covers new knowledge about addiction mechanisms and neuroplasticity, explaining how alcohol and drugs alter the brain. The authors outline a simple daily practice, called TAMERS, that helps people to use those same processes to “remold their brains” around recovery, eventually making sobriety a routine way of life.

Written by Al J. Mooney, M.D., a recovery activist who speaks internationally on recovery, and health journalists Catherine Dold and Howard Eisenberg, The Recovery Book covers all the latest in addiction science and recovery methods.  

In 26 chapters and over 600 pages, The Recovery Book tackles issues such as:Committing to Recovery: Identifying and accepting the problem; deciding to get sober.Treatment Options: Extensive information on all current options, and how to choose a program.AA and other 12-Step Fellowships: How to get involved in a mutual-support group and what it can do for you.Addiction Science and Neuroplasticity: How alcohol and drugs alter pathways in the brain, and how to use the same processes to remold the brain around recovery.Relapse Prevention: The Recovery Zone ReCheck, a simple new technique to anticipate and avoid relapses.Rebuilding Your Life: How to handle relationships, socializing, work, education, and finances.Physical and Mental Health: Tips for getting healthy; how to handle common ailments.  Pain Control: How to deal with pain in recovery; how to avoid a relapse if you need pain control for surgery or emergency care.Family and Friends: How you can help a loved one with addiction, and how you can help yourself.Raising Substance-Free Kids: How to “addiction-proof” your child. The Epidemic of Prescription Drugs: Now a bigger problem than illegal drugs.

Dr. Al J. Mooney has been helping alcoholics and addicts get their lives back for more than thirty years, using both his professional and personal experiences at his family’s treatment center, Willingway, and most recently through his work as medical director for The Healing Place of Wake County (NC), a homeless shelter. 

The Recovery Book will help millions gain control of their mind, their body, their life, and their happiness.

Drop the Rock is one of the best-selling recovery books ever, with more than 200,000 copies sold to date. It's companion piece, Drop the Rock . . .The Ripple Effect has already sold thousands of copies. Now it's easy for you to get both of these essential recovery books in a convenient e-book bundle.

About Drop the Rock, Second Edition

Resentment. Fear. Self-Pity. Intolerance. Anger. As Bill P. explains, these are the "rocks" that can sink recovery--or at the least, block further progress. Based on the principles behind Steps Six and Seven, Drop the Rock combines personal stories, practical advice, and powerful insights to help readers move forward in recovery. The second edition features additional stories and a reference section.

About Drop the Rock. . .The Ripple Effect

In this follow-up to Drop the Rock: Removing Character Defects, Fred H. explores "the ripple effect" that can be created by using Step 10 to practice Steps 6 and 7 every day to avoid picking up "the rock"—also known as resentment, fear, and self-pity—again.

Drawing on his years of lecturing on the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, Fred H. reveals Step 10 as the natural culmination of working the previous Steps, providing a crash course on renewing your recovery program through the daily practice of Twelve Step principles.

Drop the Rock. . .The Ripple Effect provides multiple perspectives from people successfully working a Twelve Step Program and shows Step 10 as a key to a sober life free of fear and resentment, and filled with serenity and gratitude.
A 21st century look at addiction and recovery, Beyond Belief is the first daily reflection written for everyone, regardless of  ones worldview. Over 500,000 daily reflection books are bought every year. There are specialty books for women, men, youth, newcomers, people who love addicts/alcoholics and substance or process specific addictions. Beyond Belief is the first in the genre that includes humanists, agnostics and atheist into the Twelve Step/Twelve Tradition dialogue. 

Drawing on philosophy, psychology, art, science, the wisdom of the rooms and existing Twelve Step and recovery literature ,Beyond Belief offers 365 one day musings with a 21st century slant at life in recovery. An index of over one hundred subjects, end notes and a bibliography offer readers extensive resources if they have a more in-depth appetite for a certain subject than offered by a one-page thought for the day. 

John McAndrew, MDiv of Sensible Spirituality Associates, Palm Springs CA says, "Thank you Joe for this wonderful place to start each day. No arguments about God, no belief systems to defend or attack--just a wealth of rich, thoughtful reflections."

Ernest Kurtz, author of Experiencing Spirituality and Not God: A History of Alcoholics Anonymous, says, "The book is aimed at a general 12-Step readership, but it is mindful that there heretofore exists no such aids for unbelievers, freethinkers, and the unconventionally spiritual. Given that the latest Pew survey found that twenty percent of American people list their religion as 'None,' it is certainly time that the Recovery world took into consideration this population's needs. Beyond Belief addressees that need in a confident, non-aggressive way. I doubt that any believer will find anything objectionable in its pages. This believer, for one, finds much that is spiritually helpful.".

Hi, I am Mary. Here I share with you “The 4 Decisions,” a simple practice to help you access the Inspired Mind which resides in you and receive Inspiration wherever you are, whatever you are doing and whomever you are with. Apply The 4 Decisions in any communication, relationship, activity, situation and circumstance. I often find that my practice infuses peace, clears my thinking, provides solutions, gives me energy and creativity at work, in conversations, prioritizing, writing emails, doing daily chores, caregiving, making decisions on a multitude of matters appearing large and small, connecting in relationships and driving! This is a short, Inspiring and truly helpful read that can also be found as one of the four parts of the book, Pause For Inspiration. The potential of The 4 Decisions is to help you see the big picture that resides in the Vast View of Inspiration to which you may connect during this practice. It is a way to stay connected to the Vast View all throughout the day. Seeing beyond appearances, hearing what is being said behind the words – connecting with the quiet within you. How is this possible? The 4 Decisions is a tool to access our Inspired Mind which deepens your awareness of your relationship with this Boundless Love which is available to us all. Open to experiencing Love not just as an idea, theory, philosophy or metaphor but a Real, Living Presence – right in the grocery store! And here is the deal; Love truly does care about the “little things” and the “big things”. In fact, to Love, everything is a big thing because the state of your heart and mind from dawn to dusk and all through the night is your life, and your life is a very big deal. What we think, perceive, speak and do, either gives the experience of the anxiety and the sense of a less fulfilling and less meaningful life or gives the experience of the joy of a fuller and more purposeful life. Okay, this sounds far reaching for such a simple practice, but that is the point. Inspiring Love is not separate, not far away. It is in the closest of hearts and the remotest of lands. Your willingness is the key. Experiment with even one word or phrase in the practice of The 4 Decisions; Pause and be willing to receive the Peace and Wisdom that is now yours to live and pass along. This is a short, Inspiring and truly helpful read that can also be found as one of the four parts of the book, Pause For Inspiration.
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