Buchanan Romance: Billionaire romance sampler

Alexx Andria


Enter the glitzy, glamorous world of the billionaire Buchanans as created by USA Todaybestselling author Alexx Andria and discover your newest obsession with this samplerof the Buchanan series.

The Buchanans are everything your mother warned you about. Do you dare immerse yourself in the decadent lives of men who see what they want and take it?
Warning: Once you’ve tasted a Buchanan…there’s no going back to ordinary!

The following sampler features chapters by:
* Bought By The Billionaire Brothers http://bit.ly/1Sq2cuN
* The Buchanan’s Babyhttp://bit.ly/1G5v4Rr
* The Buchanan’s Redemption http://bit.ly/1epfObA
* A Christmas Promise
* The Billionaire’s Sweet Surprise http://bit.ly/1RbcfBB

Author's Note: This is a SAMPLER. The full-length novels are available for purchase.

(keywords: Alexx Andria, billionaire romance, wealthy, Alpha male, Buchanan, free read, epic family saga, bestselling)

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Sutton Buchanan
I could make her. Or break her.
I plan to do both…
I don’t like the word ‘no.’
Especially when the word comes from the lips of the curviest, most gorgeous blonde I’ve ever seen. Elizabeth Downing thinks she can give me the brush-off. Maybe because she has no idea what kind of cold, ruthless bastard she’s dealing with. 

Or that I own the best art gallery in town.

She wants to sell her paintings. I can make that happen. She wants to support her disabled sister. I can make that happen too. I can make her dreams come true, but they won’t come cheap.
Once she signs my iron-clad contract, I’ll own her. She’s a virgin and has no clue about the dark things I have in store for her soft, tempting and untouched body…


“You have a lot to learn, my pet,” he warned, though he seemed to take pleasure in the idea of doling out the lesson. “You’ve broken the rules with impunity and it’s my job as your master to teach you the error of your ways.”

“You’re not my master,” she spat, eyes burning at the pain of his grip. She knew finger bruises were going to pop along her arm where his fingertips dug. “I’m a human being! You can’t own me and you never will.”

“You signed a contract. No matter that you chafe at the conditions after the fact — you will adhere to the letter of my law or face the consequences.”

“I don’t want to be your slave and you don’t have the right to demand access to my private thoughts and feelings,” she said, choking on her tears. “Why are you doing this to me? I’m nobody! I’ve never done anything to deserve this crap that’s happening to me.”

“Life isn’t fair,” he returned coldly. “You’re not a child; it’s time to stop acting like one. Life is what you make it. You took the opportunity presented to you and now you have to see it through. End of story.”

Author's Note: The Buchanan billionaires are swoon-worthy book boyfriends but the road to bliss is pretty rocky! If heart-pounding romance and bigger-than-life heroes are your thing, I'm about to become your new best friend because that's what my books are all about. Guaranteed HEA, I promise.

The Buchanan Series is comprised of:
* Bought By The Billionaire Brothers
* The Buchanan's Baby
* The Buchanan's Redemption
* A Christmas Promise
* The Billionaire's Sweet Surprise
* Coerced
* Pushed
* Damaged (coming soon)


Keywords: billionaire romance, alpha hero, curvy innocent heroine, romantic comedy, romantic suspense, action, new adult, college, art, New York, free read, romance series, BBW, older man younger woman.

"Wow, what a book I have no words for it. Hehe this book got me on my ends of my seat. I can't WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!""Where is the next book??? I need it now!!!! Amazing new story, must read them all! My new favorite man Boston.""Just when you think her books can't get any better, Alexx Andria does it again! One of the hottest writers on the scene for sure..."Money Can't Buy What He Desperately Wants

Boston Kincaid is ruthless when comes to getting what he wants - and from the minute he sees Julianna Holly, he wants her. Eight weeks into their arrangement Julianna gets pregnant. Boston had always secretly yearned for children but doctors had dashed that dream when it was discovered he was nearly sterile. The shocking news that Julianna had conceived is a miracle but his joy dies when Julianna, freaked out by the prospect of having a child, runs away to the Caribbean.
Boston tracks Julianna to the small island of St. John, determined to remind Julianna of everything she stands to lose, but doesn't count on Julianna having some terms of her own.

To Love Him Is To Break Her Own Heart
Julianna is in a terrible position. Not only is she knocked up but she may have gone and fallen for the jerk, too. However, Julianna is no push-over and she might just have to find a way to forget about Boston Kincaid if she wants to save her heart. Dr. Miles Lassiter might be the way to forget about Boston -- if only her heart would cooperate. Miles is everything Boston is not but Boston is the one haunts her dreams and chases her thoughts no matter how hard she tries to forget him.

This is the second installment of a three-part serial and is meant to be read in order. Read the first installment for FREE! Enjoy!


"If that baby is mine..."

"Quit saying that, you know it's yours!"

His gaze roamed hers and for the briefest moment she thought she saw desperate hope glimmering in his dark eyes that caused a traitorous leap in her heart. No, don't do that, she told herself, horrified that she would care about his feelings. He'd done this to her on purpose. He'd tricked her. That was the only answer. But even as she cursed him silently for what he'd done, she wasn't prepared for the soft touch of his lips brushing against hers as he said, "If what you say is true...then we truly created a miracle and nothing will keep me from my child." He deepened the kiss and her knees threatened to buckle, damn him. "Not even if its mother hates me," he murmured and she swallowed a cry as he abruptly let her go. "Richard will take you home. I have calls to make."

And then he left her to stare after him. Julianna wiped away the remnant of his kisses and ground the tears from her eyes. She ought to grab a cab and screw Boston with his dictates but even as the defiant thought blazed across her thoughts, she sank back down on the bed and knew she'd await Richard to ferry her back to Boston's house because in a way, his place had become more like home than her apartment, even with the gaudy gold-plated bathroom fixtures that she hated.

Why? Ah crap, because as much as she hated to admit it...it was because at night, Boston crawled into bed with her and they slept entwined with one another, as if they were carved from the same block of wood to fit together. Dumb bad luck.

Julianna glanced down at her belly and her breath hitched in her throat as the sobering thought of motherhood weighed on her shoulders.

She squeezed her eyes shut and a tentacle of fear reached from a dark place and curled around her thoughts. Women died giving birth. It was rare -- but it happened. It was a worst-case scenario...and it'd happened to someone she'd loved very much.

It might be irrational to fear the same fate but by the time Richard had arrived to pick her up, she was fighting the urge to lose whatever food remained in her stomach.

Bottom line? She was afraid of this baby.

And she was ashamed to admit it.
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Jul 3, 2015
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Boston Kincaid -- obscenely rich, hopelessly arrogant, and devastatingly hot -- is about to meet his match. 

In Alexx Andria's bundled LEVERAGE series, love doesn't come easily but the journey is a hot, sweaty ride to a sweet happily-ever-after. 

Billionaire Boston Kincaid is ruthlessly single-minded in his pursuit of Julianna Holly, his runaway pregnant mistress. No one takes Boston for a ride -- least of all a woman. But once he tracks Julianna to the tiny Caribbean island of St. John, he realizes Julianna might just be the one holding all the cards and he doesn't know how to handle himself. Determined to win at all costs, Boston finds himself lost, up against terrible odds, and fighting self-destruction. 

Julianna never imagined the love of her life would turn out to be the most domineering, emotionally constipated, rich man on the planet. But just because she's carrying his baby, doesn't mean Julianna is going to let him push her around. The heart wants what the heart wants...until a sexy, sweet doctor enters the mix. Suddenly, Julianna doesn't know which way to turn. Miles represents stability; Boston, passion. She knows she needs to make the right choice for her baby but her brain says one thing and her heart another. 

Can Boston be the man Julianna needs him to be? Or will he continue to push away the one person who ever meant anything to him? Both will discover when the stakes are high, failure isn't an option. 

(Contemporary romance, steamy romance, Alpha billionaire, baby, exotic locations, HEA, secret baby, redemption, dark romance, fiction, romance series, books by, books like, Alexx Andria) 



He grabbed her arm and hauled her up close. Too close, her mind babbled as her hormones kicked into overdrive. Why did he have to smell like sweet sin and seductive darkness? She longed to wrap her arms around him and close her eyes for just a moment, to lose herself in the pleasure that he could give her. Just for a moment. But that wasn't possible. Her dignity and her pride wouldn't allow it. "I didn't lie," he said softly as she stared up at him. "What I told you was the truth as I knew it. I wasn't supposed to be able to father children. All I can say is, we created a miracle," he said, taking another step forward, forcing her back toward the bedroom. Oh no, not the bedroom. She'd lose all sense of reason if he managed to get her on her back. Or her hands and knees. Or her stomach. Oh hell, that wasn't helping. "I've missed you," he said, against the shell of her ear, causing a shiver to ricochet down her arm. "I was going crazy without you." His mouth traveled down the column of her neck and she bit her lip to keep from moaning. Damn, she'd missed this. Julianna gave him the tiniest bit of encouragement by tilting her neck ever so slightly and he capitalized on it immediately, sucking the tender flesh into his hot mouth, catching her when her knees buckled. "Tell me you missed me," he ordered softly and she shook her head. "Going to make me work for it?" He chuckled as if he approved of the challenge but he warned in a silky tone that robbed her of sanity, "I'm going to make you beg." 

Author's Note: LEVERAGE is certainly a great read on its own but if you're a fan of bad billionaires, you might want to check out the Billionaire Brothers series by Alexx Andria, too! 
*Bought By The Billionaire Brothers Bundle (Originally sold as a 6-part serial) 
*The Buchanan's Baby (Nolan and Shannon) 
*The Buchanan's Redemption (Vince and Emma) 
*Falling From Grace (Miles and Dani)

Angel Dean knows from experience, James “Pyro” DeMarco ruins lives — because he ruined hers.
Her older sister Ashley was brutally murdered because of Pyro and Angel has never forgiven him.
Angel just wants a clean start but someone wants Pyro dead and they’re going to use Angel to get it done. Forced to earn his trust and then betray him, Angel must do whatever she can to deliver Pyro or else someone else she loves dearly is going to die.

Pyro doesn’t believe in redemption or second chances but when Angel shows up on his doorstep in desperate need of help, he feels obligated to do what he can because of what’d went down all those years ago.
But the best of intentions never seem to work out in Pyro’s world and soon enough he’s fighting an attraction that defies reason — and will most certainly end badly for them both if he’s not careful.

Can love survive the heat of betrayal or will everything go up in flames?
Find out in the thrilling final book in Alexx Andria’s Club Chrome series!


“Go back to bed, Angel.” “I’m not a kid anymore,” she dared, taking a step closer. “I haven’t been a kid since the day you got my sister killed so don’t go and pretend like you’ve got some moral line you won’t cross. It’s nothing but lip service and I’m in no mood to hear it.” His strained chuckle rang a chord deep inside her and she wondered if she could handle someone like Pyro. He was dangerous, raw and primal, which meant sex with him wouldn’t be a quickie, one and done. She was wearing one of his old tees but she might as well been naked. His gaze raked her body and the hunger in his eyes stole her breath. She’d never known anyone to look at her that way — as if he were desperate to devour her — and it was intoxicating. He stalked toward her and in spite of herself, she backed away until she was pressed against the wall. He framed her on both sides, staring down at her with something that she couldn’t put her finger on — maybe something he didn’t want to feel — and she stared up at him, daring him to take it to the next level. “What if I told you that I wanted you? Would that soothe whatever womanly ego you’ve got going on?” “Don’t mock me,” she growled with genuine anger. “I never asked you to play the hero. I know you’re not a good guy and I’m not expecting anything more from you than a place to crash for a few days. If you can’t see me as a woman, and not the kid you left behind, that’s your loss, buddy.” She went to push him away but he hoisted her onto his hips before sealing his mouth to hers in a brutal invasion that was neither sweet nor gentle but seemed fitting for what they were both aiming for.

UP IN FLAMES is the third in the series and a great stand-alone novella but the Club Chrome series is as follows:



Keywords: motorcycle club romance, BBW contemporary romance, romantic suspense, action and adventure, women's fiction, pregnancy drugs corruption club life danger suspense hot guy, wounded heroine, intrigue jealousy motorcycle club new beginnings fresh chances redemption humor dangerous taking risks adrenalin junkie bad boy hero

A bad boy billionaire...a daddy?

In THE BUCHANAN'S BABY, Nolan Buchanan, the twin known as the cool head with a charming smile, finds himself in a shocking position when he meets sports trainer Shannon Garrity. Unlike most women in his world, all Shannon wants from him is one night of no-strings-attached horizontal mambo. He's game — why not? she's hot and he's always down for a little action — but when she sticks to her word and leaves him in the bed, he's more than a little disappointed. Worse? He doesn't even know her name. More than a little disturbed that he wanted more, he tries to forget about the sexy girl who happily left him behind.

Shannon Garrity never does reckless or spontaneous — except for that one time she went home with the hottest guy in the club for no-names, no-holds-barred, change-your-religion sex that left her aching, sore, and deliciously sated the next morning. However, six weeks later she realized that night with the hot guy with the beautiful eyes and dirty mind had created unexpected consequences. Suddenly a single mom, Shannon has no intentions of telling Nolan he'd fathered her child but fate has different plans.

Can Nolan put aside his wild bachelor life for a family of his own? Can Shannon trust that beneath that sexy bad boy billionaire veneer is a good guy just waiting for an equally good woman? Sparks fly when worlds and philosophies collide but a baby changes everything. (Contemporary romance, Alpha billionaire, billionaire romance, baby, HEA)



The strangled whisper told volumes. She tightened her hold on the child, who turned to stare at him with her finger in her mouth. "What are you doing here?" she asked, her eyes darting past him. "You shouldn't be here."

"There are a lot of places I shouldn't go but here isn't one of them."

"Please, Nolan. This is my job. I can't get into this with you right now."

"Too bad," he said, not willing to budge. "I have some questions and you're going to answer them." A surprising shock of awareness rippled through Nolan as he stared at the woman he last saw three years ago. His gaze returned to the toddler who was about three years old and that sickening lurch in his gut returned. He stared harder at the little girl and his brain quickly began picking out the easy similarities between himself and her fair features. "She mine?" he asked in a hard tone. When the woman's lips tightened as if refusing to answer he repeated the question only this time his gaze narrowed with unrestrained anger. "Is she mine?"


He wanted to believe her so he could walk away but the sad truth was he knew she was lying. He could plainly see Buchanan traits in that child. "You're lying."

"What are you doing here?" she asked plaintively, her eyes growing wet. "How did you find me?"

"Funny thing about that. I didn't find you. Someone sent me an anonymous note saying I had a kid. Honestly, I thought it was a ruse to shake me down for some money. But I see now that whatever their motives, it had nothing to do with money. Surprisingly."

"And you think I sent that note?" she asked incredulously. "Well, I didn't."

"I'm beginning to realize that. Regardless of who sent the damned note, don't you think it might've been prudent to let me know I had fathered a child?"

"No." She lifted her chin. "I never had any intentions of you knowing."

Author's Note: While THE BUCHANAN'S BABY is a great stand-alone story, you might enjoy the other books in the series as well! Interested? The other books are as follows:
* Bought By The Billionaire Brothers Bundle (Originally sold as a 6-part serial)
* The Buchanan's Redemption
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