A Change of Careers

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Ray was a good photographer, but he didn't realize how much fun he was missing out on, until sexy Kita convinced him to take nude pictures of her!

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

Kita had never done anything like this before, so she was a little shy at first. My palms were sweating so hard, I could barely even control my camera. The first pics I took were hopelessly out of focus, I was shaking so badly.

Then she started to relax. She had to know how horny I was, and seemed to take an impish delight in teasing me with different positions she knew would turn me on even more. Every different pose encouraged her to try others. She was extremely limber.

Kita stared right at my bulging crotch, and licked her lips. “I’m pretending that you’re pushing it in me,” she teased, thrusting the big dildo deeper into her wet depths. “Are you as big as this toy, Ray?”
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About the author

Becca Sinh is the award-winning author of “The Hazard Chronicles” and “The Promise Papers.”  She lives with her twin sister, Tani, and her two cousins, Alan and Roger, in the wilds of beautiful Montana.

Please visit www.carnal-pleasures.com for a full list of the erotic stories and anthologies she has published.

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Boruma Publishing
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Nov 30, 2011
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Becca Sinh has been writing high-quality erotica for nearly 20 years, and is one of the hottest erotic authors on the market! Now you can get ten more of her personal favorite...and hottest-selling...erotic stories all in one volume! There's something for everyone in this outstanding collection!

1) Cougar On The Prowl - Josie loved sex. It didn’t matter what position, what time, what place, or how many at once. Every month, she arranged a group orgy with some of the guys at work. Oh, it was sweet to be surrounded by that many strong, musky bodies!

But lately even that had started getting boring. She needed something different. Someone different! Someone like...the new long-distance truck driver Bob had just hired! He was just the right age to train in--on the dock and between the sheets!

But Alex had plans of his own. And Josie quickly discovered that even she, the insatiable Cougar, had just met her match......

2) Ghost Hunter - Becca is the best ghost hunter in the world. And she thinks she's seen everything--until an intriguing rumor sends her to exotic far-off Romania to exorcize a haunted passenger train. But this is no ordinary ghost. And Becca is about to experience the most incredible sexual experience of her entire life!

3) He Said, She Said - Not all the stories about a high school teacher getting fucked by her sexy student are urban legend. But a woman’s point of view is radically different from a man’s. And when both sides tell their story about what really happened in the high school auditorium, the differences are hilarious! Which part do you believe--what he said, or what she said?

4) A Change of Careers - Ray was a good photographer, but he didn't realize how much fun he was missing out on, until sexy Kita convinced him to take nude pictures of her!

5) In The Dead of Night - Bryce hated South America, and everything about it...until the rainy night when a sexy, innocent senorita came knocking on his cabin door, searching for shelter from the storm!

6) Kari’s Mom - Barry had wanted to seduce his pretty neighbor, Kari, for a long, long time—if he could ever get up the courage to try. He never guessed that Kari’s sexy mother, Lauren, planned to introduce him to the glorious wonders of hot, sweaty sex first!

7) Pizza Party - Marcus didn't know quite what to think when he delivered a batch of pizzas to a rollicking college party--and one of the girls invited him in for hot sex!

8) Tease - All the girls on the cheerleading team whispered about Alex, and the sexy photos he took down in his basement. If half the rumors were true, he'd seduced more girls than the entire football team combined!

He'd been taking ordinary modeling photos of Ariel for six months, and she didn't know what to believe...until the day he finally convinced her to model in the nude!

9) The Chieftain’s Daughter - Could there be any fate worse for a chieftain's daughter than to be captured by the enemy warlord? Annie was determined to fight, even if he killed her for it. But Cassidy had a different goal in mind--he ached to possess her lovely body, and introduce her to the joys of sweet passion!

10) The Pet Sitter - Luke didn't mind dog-sitting for his one-time babysitter, sexy Sara Milford. The bennies were great...all the food he could eat, plenty of hot porn movies to watch...and he was getting paid for the privilege! But he never expected an extra bonus...getting laid for the very first time...when Sara came home and found him sleeping naked on her couch!

In this 15 story collection, Hot women experience BackDoor sex for the very first time. You won't be disappointed with this collection! Click now and 15 Anal Sex Erotica Stories will be yours in just seconds.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of erotic activity. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

Stories in this collection are:

1. Passion at the Pool Hall: Anal Sex in Public Erotica by Janie Moore

2. Jennifer's Library Encounter: First time anal sex with a stranger by Joni Blake

3. Submissive Desire: My first time with Bondage by Zoey Winters

4. Caught with the Dildo and Taken From Behind: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Dawn Devore

5. Seven-Year Itch: My First Anal Sex Experience By Darlene Daniels

6. Not So Rough: My First Anal Sex Experience by Mary Ann James

7. Hard Knocking at My Back Door: A Very Rough First Anal Sex Short by Mary Ann James

8. Wait! That’s the Wrong Hole! An Erotic First Anal Short by June Stevens

9. Bound and Bent Over in the Forest: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Amber Cross

10. Restraints in an Office Fling: Anal Sex and Bondage Erotica by Lisa Myers

11. I’ve Never Done That Before! A First Anal Sex Erotic Short by June Stevens

12. Used, Abused, and Loving It: An Anal Sex Short by Mary Ann James

13. Punished With Double Penetration: An MFM Threesome Erotica Story by Sara Scott

14. The MILF Takes on Two: First Anal and First Double Penetration by June Stevens

15. All Tied Up and Waiting for Dick: A Double Penetration Short by Mary Ann James




It was supposed to be a harmless psychology project. Pretend to be a prison inmate for the weekend, and observe how the real inmates coped. But when pretty Bobbi Williams found herself accidentally assigned to the men's wing, her definition of "hands-on training" took on a whole new meaning!


I should have been paying more attention to my surroundings, instead of withdrawing into my own pensive thoughts. If I had, the entire weekend--and probably the rest of my life--might have turned out differently. But I was concentrating so hard on maintaining the proper subservient attitude as I followed my jailor that I didn’t even look into the adjoining cells...until the door slammed, and it was too late.

"Hey, wait a minute!" I protested, bolting forward. "I’m not supposed to be here, you’ve made a mistake!"

But the guard was already gone. And instinct warned me that he wasn’t going to return anytime soon.

"Oh, hell," I muttered under my breath. "Now what?"

Obviously I was here for the duration. I stared around my tiny cell in dismay. Narrow cot with a single scratchy blanket. Dirty looking toilet and sink, but no mirror.

No privacy whatsoever.

And all around me...cells that would very shortly be filled with men!

I was supposed to have been in the women’s wing! Why had they stuck me at the opposite end of the prison?

I was in the very last cell, the one that abutted a thick cement wall. Well, that gave me something solid to pound my head on, for not paying more attention. Stupid girl! I berated myself. And stupid guard, for not noticing that there was a woman under these grubby old clothes!

I kept my mouth firmly shut when the other inmates trudged back in, and the doors slammed loudly behind them. So far, only a few had even realized that I was there, and none of them knew that I was a woman. I wanted to keep it that way!
Could there be any fate worse for a chieftain's daughter than to be captured by the enemy warlord? Annie was determined to fight, even if he killed her for it. But Cassidy had a different goal in mind--he ached to possess her lovely body, and introduce her to the joys of sweet passion!

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

Suddenly Annie felt incredibly weary. Dawn was only a short time away; the entire village had been taken by surprise in the darkest hours of night. Everyone had been yanked from sleep by the wild, raucous shouts and the deadly scent of fire.

She had no idea whether her parents were still alive. Or what would happen to the few pitiful survivors.

Despite her resolutions to stay awake, to fight, sleep quickly overcame her.

That was how the warlord found her, when he returned to his solitary tent, just as dawn’s first rays were lighting the sky. Wrists tightly bound, her glorious hair in disarray, her thin gown hiked up to show an indecent length of slender thigh and leg.

He considered the sleeping girl for a long moment, debating, then reached a decision and stripped off his thick cloak. She was shivering, curled up on herself. A long grateful sigh escaped her as he spread the cloak, still warm from his own body, over hers.

She would not be so grateful, he knew, when he woke her.

Her fair hair felt like tangled silk beneath his callused hand. A hot surge of desire tightened his body. There was no question that he would take her. She belonged to him now, by right of conquest. Whether the taking would be easy or painful would depend on her... 
Pretty Marci got a whole lot more than she’d expected when she traveled to the family resort in search of a man she could seduce. First her longtime best friend stunned her by taking her virginity, then he invited a sexy voyeur who kept watching them have sex to join in the fun…and then she discovered the joys of hard-driving interracial sex with their gorgeous upstairs neighbor!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

I took shelter inside when the sun glided directly overhead; some of the tourists out there looked like par-broiled lobsters, and I didn’t want to imitate them. After a while, Toddy wandered over, and we lazily discussed how I should go about finding and seducing a likely candidate.

The topic seemed to arouse him; even in the dim half-light, I could see the huge bulge in his swimsuit as he shifted restlessly on the low couch. But he made no move to strip down, so I pretended not to notice his discomfort.

“Sun’s setting,” I finally remarked. “Come outside and watch it with me?”

I rose and preceded him through the sliding patio door, then turned back to wait for him. He rose slowly, and seemed a little flustered when my gaze dropped unerringly to his rigid erection.

“You’d better do something about that before we go down to meet Sister Rachel for dinner,” I advised with an impish grin. “Otherwise you won’t be able to eat a bite!”
He sucked in a shuddering breath, then let it out again very carefully. “I will,” he promised…but didn’t head back to his own suite. Instead, he took an unsteady step toward me. “I know it’s wrong…but I want you to watch me. Will you, Marci?”

He couldn’t have stunned me more if he’d hit me with a club. “You aren’t supposed to want me!”

But after all, where was the harm in it? Sex isn’t hidden in the commune, as if it’s something dirty or taboo. A few times I’d even seen…by accident, of course, and I’d courteously backed away, then eventually chosen a different path to the stables. But I’d enjoyed hiding in the bushes and watching.

So I only hesitated an instant before obeying, and spreading the colorful beach towel Sister Rachel had given me over the ornate marble stonework.

When I turned back around, Todd’s too-tight swimsuit was bunched around his feet, and he was gripping his pulsing shaft like a lifeline… 
Luke was furious when he found a pretty girl stowed away in his truck! But Grace was a fascinating enigma…and the more he learned about the creepy religious commune where she’d lived, until she’d managed to escape, the more he ached to be her first lover! (erotica, hardcore, runaway, virgin, older man, preacher, trucker, masturbation, religious commune)

~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~

“I’m not going to hurt you.” Luke sounded a little annoyed, then apologetically shook his head. “Look, I’m sorry if I scared you back there. I didn’t mean to. But you caught me off-guard when you pulled your clothes off like that.”

Another baffling contradiction. “But you told me to!” Grace protested, then cringed as if she expected to get slapped for her impertinence.

“Well, yeah, but…”

Sudden awareness prickled down Luke’s spine. “You had to obey Preacher no matter what he ordered? If he told you to strip down right in front of everyone, you’d do it?”

“Of course.” Strict obedience had been drilled into her from birth. “Preacher is always obeyed.”

His soft expletive echoed through the cabin for several long moments. “So when he told you it was your breeding time…”

Grace shivered a little. “I tried to obey him. I did!” Her small hands twisted together in renewed distress. “But it felt so wrong when he touched me that I panicked!”

He could see it all too clearly—the crazed old man, the frightened young girl. The manic expression on his face, the stark terror on hers. His eager panting gasps, her tearful whimpers.

The hot lust that slammed into Luke, and hardened him to flashpoint intensity, was shameful—and uncontrollable. Fierce shudders racked his lean body as he sucked in one raspy breath, then another.

“Grace…oh, God!” he groaned, clutching the big steering wheel with frenzied strength. Sweat began to bead his tanned forehead as he fought the primal urge to erupt in a hot orgasmic gush. “I swear I won’t touch you. But if I don’t beat off fast, I could wreck the truck, and kill us both! I have to…I have to!”

Grace gaped at him with wide, frightened eyes as he urgently wrestled with his belt and zipper, then yanked his rigid eight-inch shaft free. The relief, as cool air wafted over it, was enormous! His eyes nearly crossed with giddy pleasure.

It was just like before, when she’d listened to him vigorously masturbating…only this time he was doing it right in front of her! She stared in fascination as his hand whipped up and down, and the heady scent of his rising excitement enveloped her.

Preacher had done this dozens of times every day, as he’d watched the girls praying or doing their chores. Why had he repulsed her, when every swift move of Luke’s big hand was driving her crazy with a fiery lust that matched his stroke for stroke? 
Once a year, Leitha reveals her true self to the world to find a lover with enough energy and stamina to send her spirit soaring. Last year was such a disappointment…will this year’s spell be potent enough to enthrall a really special man who can match her boundless passion? Untold delights await the mortal strong enough, brave enough to enter her lair when the October moon is full and bright…

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

He knew these hills like the back of his hand. He'd hiked over every square meter as a child, a teenager, a young man. The mountain slopes drew together in an odd hollow where a bubbling creek burst from the craggy cliff face…but the hollow was empty. It had always been empty. Sometimes the stream ran strong and fierce, as though propelled by powerful underground forces, and sometimes it was a mere trickle. But nothing else had ever been in the hollow.

Until now.

A quaint little cottage had materialized from nowhere. It looked like something out of a child's fairytale. Thatched roof, sparkling windows, flowers spreading in lush blankets across the rocky ground. Heavenly scents were wafting on the cool breeze…an enticing blend of fragrant night-blooming flowers and rich, earthy undergrowth.

Cautiously he inched closer to the half-open front door. Whimsical symbols were carved deep in the polished wood. They seemed to be glowing with unearthly fire as moonlight shimmered down in a silvery cascade.

He knew he should turn and run, but his feet seemed in control of his body. They moved closer, closer, closer, until he could just catch glimpses of tiny colored lights flashing on the walls inside.

Intrigued, he touched the doorframe, and felt it vibrate warm beneath his fingertips. Come in, come in! it seemed to say. Be welcome here!

His heart began to pound. Hadn't his grandmother told him fanciful stories about fairies who lived deep beneath the rugged hills? They were stunningly beautiful, but dangerous…an unwary soul could lose its way, and remain trapped in their lair for a thousand years…

Then he saw her, and his mind stumbled and fell in wondering awe.

Long white-blonde hair as pale and fine as gossamer fell down her back in rippling waves. Her creamy complexion glowed with a mystical inner light. Her wide blue-grey eyes seemed to peer right through him, reading his every dazzled thought. Those dainty elven features, he realized with a wondering jolt, had haunted his dreams for longer than he could remember.

And her body…

Sudden heat arrowed through him as he devoured her lush body with eyes that were glazed with mind-numbing passion. Lush breasts, a sexy hourglass waist, tiny pale curls that were just barely visible beneath her sheer cobweb-fine robe. It was an erotic combination guaranteed to tease any red-blooded man past endurance.

Of its own volition, his big hand rose and cupped the growing bulge in his tight jeans. Hot pleasure coursed through him, and he groaned with lusty delight.

"I've been waiting for you." Her sweet voice echoed through his reeling mind like seductive harp music. "Do you want me, Jake?"

He barely even wondered how she knew his name. Anything seemed possible in this dreamy half-world where time itself had stopped, and every sensual fantasy seemed possible. "I'll do anything you want!" he panted. "Anything at all!"

Her smile widened, and he caught the barest glimpse of smug satisfaction behind the raw sensual beauty of her face. "Then come with me," she purred, and reached for his other hand. "Be my lover tonight." 
James was pretty proud of himself for managing to fool the huge muscle-bound bouncer at Swingers, the hottest strip club in the entire state, with his brother’s borrowed ID. Everyone gossiped about the hot orgies that took place every night in the luxurious back room, and he could hardly wait to see for himself if all the wild stories really were true...

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

He’d done it!

Elated, James took a brief moment to stare around Swingers’ crowded main room before slinking into an empty booth in the corner where--he hoped--no one would notice him.

He wasn’t quite sure how he’d managed to get past the bouncer. Maybe it was because he’d been ogling a pair of pretty young girls walking down the street.

Now he could scope out everything, and give his buddies the lowdown on whether the cops really did turn a blind eye to the orgies that supposedly went on in the back room every night.

A fierce surge of raw lust arrowed right into his belly as he watched the gorgeous dancer on stage bend backwards so far that her bouncy tits nearly tumbled out of the gauzy wisp of lace holding them in place. Unnoticed, his right hand slid beneath the table to stroke the rigid erection that had jolted awake as soon as he’d sat down.

Quick surges of pleasure rocketed through his veins, and he nearly moaned. He’d have to be careful not to stroke too fast or too long, because he didn’t want to disgrace himself. But he could probably unzip them right here, and beat off under the table! As long as he didn’t spatter anyone walking by, why would anyone notice or care?

Just the thought of doing anything that outrageously daring pushed him a treacherous step closer to the edge, and he gulped air like a drowning man. Did he dare? It would be so incredibly exciting to stroke himself into an explosive orgasm while he watched the sexy dancer whirl in enticing circles...


He jolted as a woman’s low, husky voice suddenly echoed right in his ear. How had someone slid into the booth without him even noticing?

He turned and gaped at the woman who was sitting next to him. Her dark eyes danced with suppressed laughter as she grinned mischievously at him. And she was even more gorgeous than the dancer whirling around the stage...

Then recognition struck, and his mouth fell open in dismay. The school photographer! He’d been in her studio just last week to have his senior pictures taken!

Her grin widened. “Hello, James. Mind telling me how you snuck in here unnoticed?”
Sunny and her husband wanted lots of children—but there was one little problem. Clay couldn’t have kids. So every time Sunny was ready to get pregnant again, she had to go searching for a lusty man who would be an excellent father for her babies. 

Sexy Murphy Rawlings, who taught history classes at the local college, had no idea what she had planned when she invited him over to appraise her great-great-grandfather’s antique farm equipment…

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

She studied him for a moment, then lithely jumped to her feet. “You know what I think, Murphy? I think you need to relax more often.” Cheerfully she bounced into the tool-filled stall and caught his big hand in hers. “Come on. Mama Sunny’s going to make sure you take a little R&R. Trust me, you’ll feel better for it!”

He followed her like a mindless robot...until she settled cross-legged on the blanket again, and tugged at his hand to pull him down beside her. Then his foggy brain snapped back alive in a panicked rush.

“No, I shouldn’t do that. You, ah, you asked me here to study your antiques.”

Sunny smiled up at him, and tugged a little harder. “We have all day. Didn’t you tell me that no one’s expecting you back at the school until tomorrow?”

“Well, yeah, but...”

“Then where’s the harm in playing a little hooky, professor?”

Her teasing grin destroyed him. Or maybe it was the way she called him ‘professor,’ as if she was a naughty student trying to entice him into something wicked.

His knees folded, and he sank down onto the blanket beside her. Later he’d swear that he hadn’t reached for her—but suddenly his hands were...

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