ONLY YOU CAN MOTIVATE YOURSELF!: Change your life, change your world, improve your thoughts and belief….bring self esteem, self confidence and positive thinking….

Birister Sharma
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More than 2,00,000 readers has already read this book worldwide so far!

In every juncture of life, there are many ups and downs. And every moment you need motivation and encouragement. It may be from yourself and from your dear ones. However, the question arises, how? If nobody is around you, then, it’s only you to motivate and encourage yourself; because, life is a lone journey. First think and then act.

Always remember, that you’re the only one who can change yourself and nobody can change you.

If you want to light the darkness of your life, then, ignite Your Mind!

Change your life, change your world, improve your thoughts and belief…bring self esteem, self confidence and positive thinking….

Highlights of the book:

1. Life is full of Mysteries

2. Your vision

3. Only you can change yourself!

4. Golden Ray

5. Bad Memories

6. The Right way

7. Meanings of Life

8. Your Task!

9. Experiences of Life

10. Obstacles

11. Failures

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About the author

Birister Sharma is a graduate in Journalism & Mass Communication. He is working as a freelance journalist. He is a writer/author/poet/blogger. He has wide areas of interest- reading, writing, motivation, meditation, giving speech, spiritualism, singing, painting, watching movies, playing cricket & traveling a lot and meeting with new people. He has penned down dozens of self-help motivational books and novels so far.

Apart from the entire above mentioned persona, he always likes to live a simple life and high thinking. He loves to spend his quality time while reading good books of rich morals, wisdom and knowledge.

He wants to crave with his pen the best motivational books and fictions of all generations in his life. His life's mission is to guide the people, who have lost the charms of life, and to spread the fragrance of wisdom and knowledge far and wide, and to make this world a better place to live.

He is an avid follower of Bhagwat Gita.

"Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana" - You have the right to perform your actions, but you are not entitled to the fruits of the actions.

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Birister Sharma
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Published on
Dec 1, 2017
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Whatever we thought it reflects our true identity. If our thoughts are pious, it makes us pious. If our thoughts are good, it makes us good. If our thoughts are corrupted, it makes us corrupt. Our thoughts make us divine. Our thoughts make us devil. It is because before anything happens everything begins in our thoughts. We’re made of our thoughts. The way we thought the way we become.
If our thoughts are strong, we feel strong and if our thoughts are weak, we feel weak. Our thoughts are like chemistry. It reacts with us and diffuses everywhere. Every thought impact us both internally and externally.
If we ever allow our thoughts to roam freely, it’ll lead us somewhere else. Our thoughts are like the seven horses of a chariot. We’ve to control it; otherwise it’ll start controlling us. Therefore our thoughts need proper direction and proper guidance. It is only possible through our knowledge and wisdom.

Extract from the book:

Do your work, don’t postpone it. Never allow your mind to postpone anything in your life. Only a weak person postpones his work again and again.


Laziness makes you dull, though you’re alert. Your laziness is like a self-made disease. This will tear out your talent.


The best book always inspires you; it is like your best friend. The worse book always despairs you; it is like your worse foe.


If you want to improve yourself, then first of all you’ve to ask yourself. Always remember that nobody can improve you accept yourself.


If you know how to judge yourself, then you, too, know how to judge others.


Before you inspire others, first of all you should inspire yourself.


Love is the feelings of inner heart. Once you know how to love yourself, you, too, learn how to love others.



More than 1,00,000 readers has already read this book worldwide so far!

If you ever scrutinize around your surroundings you’ll always find motivation in everything. You don’t need to go anywhere.

The rising sun always motivates you to rise up early and to begin your new day.

The green trees and plants always motivate you to grow every day.

The small creepers always motivate you to welcome everybody.

The blooming flowers always motivate you to pass a sweet and gentle smile to everyone no matter whatsoever happens in your life.

The hovering colourful butterflies always motivate you to remain happy and contented in every situation of your life.

The flying and singing birds in the open blue sky always motivate you to free your trapped mind and soul, and to open your closed heart.

The fluttering tiny bee always motivates you to keep yourself busy.

The crawling small ants always motivate you to work every day.

The grazing cattle always motivate you to stay together.

The seven colourful rainbows always motivate you to accept every colour of your life.

The flowing rivers always motivate you to keep your persistence.

The mighty ocean always motivates you to accept everything in your life.

The standing high mountain ranges always motivate you to keep firm in every juncture of your life.

The changing seasons always motivate you to change yourself with time.

The nature always motivates you to maintain harmony in your life.

The mother earth always motivates you to remain patience.

The setting sun always motivates you to accept the realities of life and giving you a lesson that if there is a beginning in your life then there is also an ending in your life.

The twinkling stars always motivate you to keep your hopes and dreams alive with cool and calm.


Your life is like day and night.

If there is darkness in one side of your life then there is also brightness on the other side of your life.

Accept everything gladly while motivating yourself.


Self-motivation is the best antidote of your life.

If you want to do something special in your life, then you must need self-motivation.

Self-motivation is the only power which ignites your dormant potentials.

You can only discover your hidden virtues with your self-motivation.

Self-motivation is your energy.

Self-motivation is your power.

It is only your self-motivation which awakes your slumbering heart, mind and soul.




More than 1,00,000 readers has already read this book worldwide so far!


Think positive…. Act positive….. Only you can make a huge difference in your life…..

What is positive?

Positive is an energy which is present in everything and everywhere.

The entire universe is made of positive energy. You could find positive energy in everything and everywhere.

We all are the by-product of positive energy of this world. Without positive energy nothing is possible in this world.

You too made of positive energy.

Your positive energy is the life jacket of your life.

Your life is always revolving around with the forces of positive energy.

Every time you’re ruled by the positive energy. Every moment you’re controlled by the positive energy.

Your positive energy is the driving force of your life.

In every juncture of your life, you need positive energy within you to move ahead.  Without positive energy you couldn’t think or imagine about your life and about your world.

Your positive energy is the vital strength of your life.

You couldn’t move a single step without positive energy. You couldn’t do a single work without positive energy. Even you couldn’t walk a small distance without positive energy.

Without positive energy you couldn’t live your life.

Your positive energy is within you.

You can unearth your positive energy when you think positive; when you act positive; and when you make yourself positive.

Your positive energy makes everything happen in your life.

Therefore, if you want success, happiness and inner peace in your life then you’ve to think positive and act positive.

Your positive energy is the ultimate source of your life.

You must think positive.

You must act positive.




Highlights of the book:

* Improve your self-confidence & self-believe.

* Increase your self-esteem.

* Change your mindset.

* Change your thoughts.

* Make you realize your hidden potentials.

* Develop your positive thinking & positive attitude.

* Develop your personality.

* Personal growth.








You’re bound to win! You’ve every right to win!

You’ve to stand alone if you want to win in your life.

You’ve to see your clear visions and missions.

You’ve to rise above the ground.

You’ve to standstill, no matter how many tough situations will strike you.

If you want to win in your life, then you’ve to kick your first goal.

Never scare of the rising high tides, but make your own ways.

Accept every challenge of your life as your new opportunity.

Build yourself so strong and powerful that you could defeat your every opponent.

Recreate your own stamina and strength.

The greatest zenith of your success is always waiting for you.

You’ve the power to reach at the top of the world.

You’ve the potential to shine in your life.

You’ve guts to claim your victory, and nobody can stop you.

Open your wide arms to hold your grand success and glory.

You’ve the power to bounce back from every hardship and failures.

You can stand firmly like the giant mountain, and nobody can move you away from your path.

You’ve every right to touch the greatest height of your achievements.

It is only you who could stand alone on the greatest summit of your success.

Your life is always in the ditch of the thousands of challenges, but you’ve to jump into it.

Nothing is impossible for you. You’re the only one who could reach anywhere in the world.

Nobody can stop you to cross the greatest height of your success and glory.

Only you can re-kindle your dying hopes.

Only you can control your success and glory.

If you want to win, then never stop, just go on, move on, run on and on and never stop and never retire.

You’re bound to win!


This book helps you to dare to dream......

This book guides you to turn your dream into reality.....

This book teaches you how to change your impossible task into possible in your life...

This book gives you the lessons of hard work, determination and patience....

This book will motivate and inspire you in every juncture of your life.....


A young Sagar wanted to change his place into a new wonderland . Since his childhood days, he saw the hardships of his people and the barren lands of his place. His place was dry and drought prone area where there was no hope of any life and survival. The people of his place started leaving and migrated in some other places. He started dreaming to change his place into a new wonderland. He started living in his dream. His parents send him at far of place for studies. But wherever he stayed, he dreamed about his place.

Sagar completed his engineering in IIT and management studies in IIM, he got many offers of good jobs, but he didn’t join any job , because he has to fulfill his childhood dreams to change his place into a new wonderland. However, he was all alone in his mission. Nobody came forward to help him. He had to face  many hurdles and went through many Himalayan tasks. He convinced the people of his place anyhow  and gave them salaries with his own expense. His mission was started but failed again and again. At one time, the people of his place lost hope and left him all alone. He tried to convince them. But no use. He kept continued in his mission all alone, but everything turned against him. He failed again and again, but he never gave up.

Can Sagar fulfill his childhood dreams into reality? Can he change his place into a new wonderland?

‘The NEW WONDERLAND’ is a story of dream, hard work, hope and patience. This story tells you if anybody dream to do anything in his life, then no force in the entire universe will stop him.

If you want to bring ‘New Wonderland’ in your life, then you’ve to keep your dreams, hopes and patience alive. And work hard with determined mind till the end, until you get your success lady. Then no force in the entire universe will stop you to achieve your goal. You will definitely fulfill your dreams into reality, no matter how many hurdles come on your way. You will find your route to success. And you, too, bring ‘New Wonderland’ in your life.

Learn how to see your dream, live in your dream, and work hard to turn your dream into reality.

Always remember that your dreams are the blue prints of your success.

If you’ve aims in your life; if you’ve wishes in your life; if you’ve dreams in your life; if you’ve objectives in your life; if you’ve plans in your life; then first of all you’ve to think something big; something great; and something unique in order to fulfill it in your life.



You’ve to think positively; you’ve to think affirmatively, because the way you think the way you can execute in your life.


There is a great power in your thinking. If you properly and judicially execute it on the right way; you can touch the summit of success. It will act as magic lamp in your life. You will never see the glimpse of failure.



Think yourself big. Think yourself great. Think yourself good. Think yourself powerful. Think yourself confident. Think yourself excellent. Think yourself perfect.


All the great men in this world are great thinkers. They think great thoughts so they become great in their lives.

Always remember: AS YOU THINK AS YOU BECOME!

Highlights of book:

* This book helps you to change yourself.

* This book helps you to understand yourself.

* This book gives you new morals and wisdom.

* This book guides you towards your success path.

* This book motivates and inspires you.

* This book helps you to gain your confidence.

* This book tells you the real meaning of life.

* This book teaches you the lessons of hard works and dedications in your life.

* This book helps you to rise up after every fall in your life.

* This book contains of life histories of great men.

                       You will find:

Stories of great motivations and inspiration

* Story of Arjuna

* Story of Ekalabhya

* Story of Karna

* Story of Chanayakya

* Story of Ashoka the great

* Story of Alexander the great

* Story of Akbar the great

* Story of Shivaji

* Story of Mahatma Gandhi

* Story of Thomas Alva Adison

Contents of book:

1. Think you can!

2. You have to lead yourself!

3. Never give up!

4. Will power and courage

5. Challenges of life

6. Conquer yourself!

7. Obstacles of life

8. Never bow down your head!

9. Keep your principle of life

10. Keep your hard work and dedication




Do you have a principle in your life? No, then make a principle in your life. It is a must need thing for you.  A man without principle never achieves anything in his life. What is the principle of your life? Your principle of life is to live the best life no matter whatsoever happens. Your principle of life is to become a winner. Your principle of life is to become a successful person. Your principle of life is to live a dignified life.

You’re born with natural talents and abilities. But if you’ve no principle of life, then your natural talents and abilities are worthless. You can’t do anything. It is only your principle of life which arise your dormant potentials. You’ve infinite energy and power within you. You’ve to arise it. You’ve to awake it. You’ve to ignite it.

Have you ever asked yourself why you are in this world? No. You’re in this world to make a difference not only in your life, but also in your dear ones’ lives. You’ve every right to make your life beautiful. You’ve every reason to make your life meaningful.

Always remember that a man without principle is directionless. He is like a bird without wings. He is like a ship without anchor. He is like a blind. He is like a dumb. He is like a lame. He will always wander in his entire life.

What do you want in your life? A Happy life or an unhappy life? Choice is yours.

A man of principle is always clear in his visions and directions. He knows his mission of life. He will always move ahead in his life. He will stand tall and firm like a giant mountain in every juncture of his life.

Always try to become a man of principle. Only your principle of life will lead you to the path of your happiness and success. 

Highlights of the book

10 Success Principles to remember….

A self-affirmation guide to lead yourself to the success path…..


1. You’re responsible for your success

2. You have to reinvent yourself

3. There is no action, there is no progress

4. Persistence guides you to win

5. Focus is everything

6. Failure is important

7. Positive gears up your slow moves

8. You must believe your abilities

9. Self-help is the best help

10. Success is a journey of countless small steps


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