A Sensual Wonderland Vol 3

James Lucien

A Sensual Wonderland Vol 3 is another carnal collection of thirteen erotic novellas. Tantalizing tales of affectionate love and ardent lust. Take an exciting escapade through wondrous worlds of science-fiction, fantasy, and urban fantasy, exploring many taboos along the way. Experience passion and magick and stunning twists with aliens and bioroids, furries and fairyfolk, werewolves and vampires, and much more.

This erotica anthology includes the following:

Raptured in the Invasion – A busty Brazilian babe is reunited with her sexy son fifteen years after her deportation, on the same night that New York City is invaded by something from the heavens. After being trapped together with no hope of escape, an emotional reunion soon becomes a long night of carnal rapture. A provocative portrayal of a mother seduced by her son in the midst of mayhem.

Stalking My Feral Brother – Ember’s longtime infatuation with her big brother is ignited into a blaze of salacious obsession when he visits from college. He has changed in more ways than one and she is desperate to seduce him, no matter the cost to her conscience or the danger to her body and soul. An alluring account of teenage temptation between brother and sister.

My Secret Guardian – Zara, a petite and timid teen, discovers she is not born of this world when she is rescued from alien bounty-hunters by a provocative protector who must obey her every command, no matter how salacious. A lesbian futa story that is as tantalizing as it is thrilling.

Ensnared by Lust Vampires – An ex-CIA agent, suave and sexy, now working for a private intelligence agency, infiltrates the headquarters of a multinational corporation during a banquet to sabotage the merger they are celebrating, yet his efforts are stalled by three beautiful young women that are more than human. A seductive story of a spy enthralled by a voluptuous vixen and her sylphlike daughters.

Torn Between Seductions – A human prince must choose a princess from either of two Fae lands to be his bride, a faerie or an elf, and they both offer greater and greater intimate favors in their enthusiastic efforts to win his marriage engagement. A tantalizing tale of a secret sexual competition between young nubile nymphs.

The Summer I Became a Suck-Slut – Jade has always been a good Christian girl but she also has a secret crush on her hunky cousin, Johnny. When he comes to visit for summer break, she discovers he’s abandoned his sexual morals and he seduces her into doing the same, leaving her soul hanging in the balance. An arousing account of a small town teen twisted by the temptations of carnal corruption.

The Assassin’s Courtesan – A sylphlike sex slave is seduced by a voluptuous vixen who promises her salvation from her life of sexual servitude and is swept up into a scheme of perilous strife.

Confessions of a Vampire Witch – Anna, now more powerful than ever due to a demonic ritual, goes on the offensive against the vampires, striking at the heart of their power, with the loving support of her werewolf father and half-sister. A mesmerizing memoir of magick, passionate incest, and vengeful bloodshed.

Secretary Sex Slave – A bunny-babe bioroid personal assistant grows more and more resentful of her hard-bodied and hard-hearted owner as he forces her to commit greater and greater acts of depravity and degradation. A sultry story of a voluptuous vixen used and abused without mercy.

A Pixie’s Perversion – Elden, a widowed pixie, succumbs to the allure of his delicious daughters and gradually twists their chaste infatuation into the forbidden fruit of lustful lovemaking. An incestuous narration of manipulation of naiveté and exploitation of innocence.

Escape into Wonder – A trailer park urchin steals magic mushrooms from her older brother and, while adventuring into madness for the first time, follows a white rabbit into the throes of carnal bliss. A psychedelic tale that is as triptastic as it is titillating.

Subjugating My Elven Sister – After Dakath and Faelyn’s parents are killed in a goblin terrorist attack, Dakath becomes responsible for the welfare of Faelyn. When she denies his advances, he takes mischievous measures to get what he wants, including deceit, deception, and dark magick. A depraved depiction of a brother’s desire for his sister.

My Long-Lost Den Mother – On his twenty-first birthday, Caleb meets a darkly delicious vixen who swiftly seduces him before revealing her maternal identity and drawing him into her dangerous world of secret warring werewolves. An incestuous mother-son love story that is as tantalizing and thrilling as it is taboo.

Keywords: ageplay, BDSM, breeding, brother sister kink, ddlg, daddy kink, deepthroat, domsub, dubcon, femdom, lactation, nymphet, master slave, mommy kink, painal, sleep sex, spanking, watersports, SmutPunk

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About the author

I write SmutPunk, so if you’re looking for sappy romance or sex without story, you better look elsewhere.

Previews to all my stories are available at: JamesLucien.com

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James Lucien
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This complete bundle features six steamy standalone stories. Innocent young women fall for Alpha Werewolves who take no qualms in taking absolute and complete control of every aspect of their lives – and of their bodies. The human women are no match for their piercing fangs and cutting claws, nor their devouring touches and possessive clutches.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

He looms in front of her, not caring to put the same show his uncle is. His lips pull back in a half-snarl when she growls at him. “You’re in my territory, little kit,” he says, his voice carrying enough authority to make lesser beings tremble. “State your business.” His uncle sends him a withering look that he ignores pointedly.

“Donovan, I don’t think it’s wise to scare her. She’s obviously terrified.”

“She’s on my land,” he says, his top lip lifting in a snarl. He does not appreciate being challenged on his land. His uncle backs down wisely.

“I don’t think she knows that,” his uncle tries to keep his tone neutral. The lynx was turning from one man to the other, as if trying to figure out what they’re saying.

Donovan can smell the fear and uncertainty pouring out of the lynx. He times it perfectly, waiting until she turns her attention back to his uncle before he lunges at her, capturing her with a strong arm around her neck, pinning her bodily with the full weight of his own. She trashes beneath him, strong, but not strong enough to buck him off completely.

He keeps her pinned with surprising ease and can’t help but marvel at how soft her fur is, how nice it feels to have her under him, like she belongs there. She smells like tree bark and twigs, like she’s been trying to live on a rabbit’s diet for too long. There’s blood on her, the metallic stench almost overwhelming the stench of fear and pain.

He can hear her rasping breath, and the whine of pain she makes when the rabbits started to move away from her, disappearing over the top of the gully before she can pull herself off him and gather them back. She makes a deep growling noise that vibrates through his bones and then stars mewling. It’s s soft, painful noise that almost makes him release her.

“For god’s sake, be gentle,” his uncle growls, but knows better than to try and approach them, aware that this is his territory and therefore, his prey.

He doesn’t inform his uncle that his hold is gentle. He’s barely putting weight on her now. She bristles, her lips pulling away from her teeth in an angry snarl.

He growls at the large cat, all teeth and anger. She trashes beneath him, growling in agitation.

“Submit,” he growls, keeping her pinned. The little lynx growls and tries to get up. “Submit,” he snarls, pressing down on her back. She makes a soft, keening noise as the pressure increases. He’s been in enough fights to know that it will take more than the chokehold to render her unconscious. She continues to buck against him, trying to throw him off her with the weight of her body, but her attempts are futile.

“Donovan, you’re being unreasonable. We don’t even know if she’s conscious!” his uncle argues.

“She just has to submit,” he says. The kit whimpers and, as if she understood that, and then flops onto the ground, tilting her neck to the side in a sign of submission. “Good girl,” he says, releasing his hold on her.

It's a paranormal sci-fi duo of monster breeding erotica! Includes "Creamed by the Tentacle King" and "Impregnated by Tentacles!".

Creamed by the Tentacle King

Kimmy is a hot, tight, sexy scientist looking forward to having her hands *~all to herself~* on a weekend outing in her research boat. Her bio partner bailed on her, which means any *discoveries* she makes are hers and hers alone to take credit for. It looks as if it'll be a pretty low-key adventure when she settles in for some sunbathing in her smokin' new bikini. That is, until, she's slowly awakened by the feel of tentacles filling her *every* where…

A MONSTER unlike any other known to science has come aboard the ship, and it's not leaving until it deposits its seed DEEP within her belly…

Impregnated by Tentacles!

Annabelle is a nice, hardworking girl, doing her best to survive her cutthroat office politics. What she looks forward to most after a long, hard week is the chance to relax and lose herself.

She attempts to do just that one fateful Friday evening, but is quickly overtaken by a ~mysterious, powerful presence~. She's been visited by this ghostly, many-tentacled form before, affectionately referring to it as her "boyfriend" to appease her lonely side.

Lonely is certainly the *LAST* thing this creature wants her to be… Not only will his monstrous tendrils fill her every orifice, but his impregnating seed will, too!

**This adults-only sci-fi erotica contains monster sex, tentacle breeding, bondage, double penetration and paranormal impregnation, and is intended for audiences 18+ years of age ONLY.**

Sometimes, love comes in the form of monsters. In these complete short stories, innocent young women fall prey to dangerous beasts that seek to subdue and dominate them completely. The submissive damsels are overpowered and outnumbered, surrendering to vampires, werewolves, and demons...


In Lust & Monsters Books 1 - 3, young and innocent Anna falls for is a demon she accidentally summons in a satanic ritual. The sexy demon isn't patient when it comes to fulfilling his carnal desires and breaches her every defense to control and dominate her body. The innocent young woman is in more trouble than she can handle when another sexy alpha male falls for her.

She is completely helpless as these two savage beasts fight show her just to whom she belongs...

Lust & Monsters Books 4 - 6 begins with eighteen-year-old Raelynn, whose life is thrown into complete turmoil when she falls into the clutches of bloodthirsty vampires.

The only thing keeping her safe is a mysterious werewolf who has appointed himself her protector. He devastates her control and takes her for the first time. To her horror, he then shares her with a vampire who wants her body in exchange for the protection he can offer.

Pleasure and pain intertwines as Rae is compelled to surrender everything to these strange beasts, hot longing squeezing her loins and flooding her senses, making her succumb without thought of the consequences of taking multiple lovers at the same time.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

It was a full week before I decided that I was never leaving the apartment if I waited for the love bites on my body to fade. Dante was doing it on purpose, leaving his marks on my skin on places that couldn't be easily hidden so people would know that I was his.

"We should introduce ourselves to the neighbors," I declared, having made up my mind only an hour before the dinner party. I was no longer walking with a limp and I was eager for some fresh air. "Have you filled in the forms for the apartment?" I asked.

He nodded absently from the door, leaning against it as he had done for the past half an hour, just staring. I had gotten used to the way he looked at me as if he was ready to swallow me whole.

I closed the laptop and dangled my feet off the bed. The sun was barely starting to set but Dante looked like he was ready to call it a day already when he walked towards me.

"Dante! I'm serious," I said, pulling away when he pinned me to the bed with his arms on my shoulders, pushing me back down.

"Why?" he asked, kissing the nape of my neck. I moaned when I felt him suck the small, bruised skin into his mouth to reaffirm his mark.

"Dante, at this rate I'll be black and blue all over," I whispered, my hands tightening on his arms.

"Beautiful," he breathed as he kissed down the dip of my collar, pushing the buttoned blouse aside so he could burrow his face further down my breasts.

"Dante, I wanna meet the neighbors later!" I gasped, pushing him away seriously. He looked slightly hurt, but nodded with a light smile.

"Fine," he said, pulling me to my feet but keeping his arms around my waist. "But we will continue this after," he promised.

I gulped and nodded.

My eyes widened when I saw how his form changed from the horned demon to a perfectly ordinary human male, his skin tone turning creamier, more alive. He was still incredibly sexy. "I prefer you with horns," I said out loud, then blushed when I realized what I had done.

He grinned. "I prefer you naked."

It's here! Three of erotica's most prolific writers have teamed up to bring you their first-ever body-swapping anthology! If you've ever wondered what sex was like from the other point of view, wonder no more. These sizzling erotic stories will light your fire, and leave you breathless and aching for more. Don't miss the steamy no-holds-barred fun!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

"He's A Lesbian Now" - Brian and Jia have been best friends since they were children. Everyone says they're perfect for each other. But the lovely Jia is a lesbian, and Brian...isn't. Then one morning Brian wakes up to find himself in a brand new body! He isn't Brian, but Brianna! Will he get his old body back? And with Jia starting to look at him in a whole new way, does he even want to?

"The Woman Who Wasn't" - Charlie Nelson is just walking down the street, minding his own business, when he’s suddenly killed in a brutal drive-by shooting...or is he? When he regains consciousness, he finds himself inhabiting a sexy teenage girl's body. It can’t be true--he's a strong, virile man! He doesn't know a thing about being a woman--and he doesn't want to learn! Then if that's not bad enough, his lifelong best friend thinks he's hot, and wants to pop his cherry. What else can possibly go wrong?"I Stole My Boss's Body" - Sasha can't stand her boss. Sure, Trent's handsome as hell, but he's got the manners of a pig! More than anything, she wishes she could put that arrogant, sexist egomaniac in his place. When her wish abruptly comes true, Sasha awakens to find herself in Trent's body! Now she has all the power in the office and Trent must submit to her demands. And not only Trent, but Sasha's slutty neighbor too...
When circumstances leave her with little choice but to volunteer for the Interstellar Bride Program, Hannah Johnson finds herself matched with not one but two mates. Her soon-to-be husbands are warriors of the planet Prillon, a world whose men are known far and wide for their prowess both in battle and in bed. 

Following her transport to a starship halfway across the galaxy, Hannah awakens in the presence of Zane Deston, the huge, fiercely handsome commander of the Prillon fleet. After informing her that she is now his mate, as well as the mate of his second, Zane takes it upon himself to supervise as Hannah is thoroughly and intimately examined. Her failure to properly cooperate with the ship’s doctor earns her a painful, embarrassing spanking on her bare bottom, but it is her body’s response to the exam which truly leaves her blushing. 

Though Hannah is shocked by the prospect of being shared by Zane and his second, the equally handsome warrior Dare, she cannot hide her arousal as her two dominant mates take their time in mastering her body. As the day of the claiming ceremony approaches, Hannah begins to long for the moment when Zane and Dare will make her fully theirs, but can she risk giving her heart to men who might die in battle any day? 

Publisher’s Note: Mated to the Warriors is a stand-alone book set in the same world as Assigned a Mate. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.
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