Dangers of Control: A Bad Boy Billionaire BDSM Romance (Learning to Surrender Series 2)

The Red Spot Press

"Good," he said, so very softly. "Look at how far we've come. It wasn't that long ago I'd have you going all to pieces on me just for a little tie-up. But you've learned I can be good to you, haven't you?"

"Yes, sir," she breathed.

"And you've learned I don't have to be, too."

The answering shiver, nervous and aroused and eager, jerked through the leather strap of the belt tied at her throat. "Yes, sir." Her voice was barely audible.

Sometimes it feels like he runs the world. In a breath he can win your heart or break your will. No matter how painfully sexy and honest and right he might seem, Heather has never let herself forget how dangerous he really is.

But against all her better judgement, against a thousand repeated promises, she's starting to let herself fall in love.

Troy never meant things to go this far. He never meant to let anyone get hurt, but there's something about Heather that won't allow him to let go. He knows he's either the man she dreams about or the man she fears. He'd give anything to be able to choose which one he'll be, but some days it feels like that choice has never been his.

Reader Advisory: This series is intended for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, themes of dominance and submission, forced exhibition, discipline, bondage, and rough sex. All characters are 18 or older.
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About the author

I love a good story, a hot scene, or a great character. Writing and reading of all kinds have always been my first passion, and nothing is more rewarding than getting to share that passion with others. Hopefully I can bring a bit of extra pleasure into your day.

If I've succeeded, please let me know! Feedback is always appreciated, either as a review or just getting in touch. Check out my website at <a href='http://theredspotpress.com/jessicawhitethread>theredspotpress.com/jessicawhitethread</a> to get more info, join my mailing list or sign up for my ARC team!
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The Red Spot Press
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Jul 27, 2017
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Fiction / Erotica / General
Fiction / Romance / Erotica
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Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and contain intensely erotic situations, bdsm play, spanking, whips, bondage, humiliation, discipline, punishment, submission and dominance. All characters are 18 or older.

Rewards and Punishments contains three BDSM-themed stories of intense eroticism, dominance and submission, discipline, spanking, and humiliation in all forms.

The Dinner Party Centerpiece
Erica's dominant, Jonathon, has come up with an interesting way to involve her in a dinner party he intends to throw for some of his old law school friends. Although she is self-conscious around the high society that Jonathon moves in, he is going to have her serve the food over the course of the evening and has designed a very special outfit for her to wear for the occasion. The guests of the party will be given buttons to trigger a vibrating harness underneath Erica's dress and are encouraged to use it as a way of thanking her for her prompt service. If that weren't enough, an already horrified Erica is told that the penalty of spill or misstep will be to serve dessert without the harness, or the dress. As the night unfolds, her attempts to avoid this terrifying prospect may accomplish nothing but to place her at the center of a spectacle more provocative than anything originally planned.

Awakening of a Submissive
When Annie agrees to accompany her dom to visit an old friend of his in the BDSM scene, she does so to make him happy, but the prospect of engaging in role-play with a strange man terrifies her. Her introduction to Christian Fortier and a glimpse of his treatment of the women that live with him in his Cambridge townhouse only intensify her apprehension, although other, more confusing emotions begin to make themselves known within her as well. If she can only open herself to his experienced and almost invasively perceptive control, this mysterious figure offers to banish her confusion and show her the depths and rewards of submission beyond anything she has encountered before.

Over My Boss's Knee
Emma's young and handsome boss has always taken a special interest in her, ever since she first came to work for him at the age of sixteen. After Emma loses the order form of a very important client, he punishes her as he often has before: with a sound spanking. But on this occasion, she settles onto his lap to savor her punishment under his strong hands only soon to find herself in the throes of a very loud orgasm. When questioned, she is forced to admit that she has always been hopelessly aroused by the discipline her boss administers. Now that all feelings are out in the open, will this day prove a nightmare or fulfill the fantasy she has never allowed herself to believe was possible?

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Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, bdsm play, humiliation, discipline, punishment, forced exhibition, submission and dominance. All characters are 18 or older.

Her submission is personal, but her humiliation will be public ?
His to Expose contains three stories of submission and dominance, forced exhibition, humiliation, and discipline.

The See-Through Outfit
Since coming to live with her dominant Robert, neglect and boredom have become things of Jen's past. When she finishes her to do list and goes to him for a little excitement and attention, little does she know that he has in mind will bring her as much excitement and attention as she will be able to handle. Although Robert begins their outing by bribing Jen with a gift from a sex shop, he is well aware that she secretly enjoys his hobby of putting her in compromising and often humiliating public situations. Her secret's safe with him, of course, but as for the rest of what she might try to keep covered up ? it's all fair game.

Robert has found a new toy, and he believes he has a way to program it so that it will measure a woman's arousal. When he catches Jen ogling a group of male models across the street from where they are having dinner, he decides to bring her in on his little experiment. If she can control herself and her body's responses while sitting through a male underwear fashion show, she'll be free to spend the rest of her vacation exactly how she wants. Eager to please and a little tipsy, Jen boasts that the challenge will be easy, but Robert knows her too well. For each threshold you pass on the thermometer, he adds, you take off a piece of clothing right there and then. Jen agrees, secretly turned on by such high stakes, but she knows that if she isn't careful, arousal and humiliation will form a compounding feedback loop that will leave her the center of an impromptu exhibition more than sufficient to steal the show.

Unfair Comparisons
Jen's partner Robert has always been a gentle and forgiving dominant, often indulging her whims and preferring to let her play her part rather than resort to harsh discipline or exploit her naturally trusting ways. But Jen's obedience has begun to slip, and Robert is forced to accept that a change is needed. To begin anew, he invites a fellow dominant and his submissive to dinner, thinking that their much stricter relationship might provide the eye opener he is loathe to inflict directly on his supposedly fragile submissive. Jen is excited at the prospect, but soon realizes that the evening will be far more intense than she is prepared for. As the night escalates, she will find herself torn between her natural reservations and the need to prove herself an equal of the visiting submissive in the eyes of their men. In shockingly little time, the drive to prove her devotion and obedience will have her doing things she never thought she could do ? and still falling short.

"Jen?" I heard his voice call out softly.
"Here, sir," I said through the crack.
"Pass me out your clothes, please."
I squirmed as conflicting emotions of dismay and excitement fought within me. He didn't want to give me any choice. He didn't want me to see what he had picked out for me until I had already committed and until I couldn't say no.
Reluctantly, I folded my skirt and blouse and passed them under the door.
"Panties and bra, too, Jen," he insisted.
A knee-jerk objection caught in my throat and I stared helplessly at myself in the little changing room mirror. I didn't know if I was ready for this, and yet ... I trusted him. It was so much easier to just be his, do what he wanted and lose myself in the aftermath, good and bad, without any of the responsibility. It felt so good, being his, that it almost didn't matter. What happened happened.
"Yes, sir," I said, not trying to hide the quaver in my voice. In the end, I always did as he asked, but I wanted him to know that this prospect frightened me more than a little.
I stepped out of my panties and unclasped my bra, trying to imagine myself in the comfort of our home and not in the back of an unfamiliar department store with nothing to cover myself.
"Thank you," he said as he took the precious garments from my proffered hand. There was a rustling, and then a little bundle replaced them under the door frame.
I picked it up and waited for more. Perhaps it just looked small. I unrolled the cloth and spread it on the bench. My heart sank. What I had at first taken for one garment was in fact two. The tank top was simple, unadorned, and very thin. When I rolled the cloth in my hand, I could see my fingers on the other side. Folded inside the top was a skirt. The fabric was a bit thicker, but it was so short that it did not stretch more than halfway from my wrist to my elbow. I looked at them in dismay, and turned back to the door.
Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, spanking, submission and dominance. All characters are 18 or older.

For years Sandra Trufant has been working nights and weekends to get her start-up off the ground, but when long overdue success begins to turn heads, it attracts the attentions of heavy hitters that Sandra is not prepared to contend with. Such a one is Jackson Rivers, dashing CEO of the Rosemont Group, who has come to meet with Sandra personally about the prospect of a buyout. What begins as a bit of simple maneuver and professional strong-arming soon becomes much more as he turns to more elaborate means of bringing Sandra around to his point of view. Sexual manipulation, spanking, and sheer charismatic dominance will all come into play before he has had his way with our heroine and left her gasping on her office desk, hungry for more.

He drew another folded sheet of paper from his coat pocket and laid it in front of me. "First, you sign this contract, finalizing the sale for the amount I've offered you. It will make you a very rich woman."
I managed to shake my head. "This is all happening too fast."
"Too fast?" he repeated. "I thought I had been very generous with my time. I have given you months to withdraw from my markets."
"I can't," I stammered.
He nodded, as though deciding for himself. "Do you know what it is like when a little startup like yours wanders in and starts trying to underbid companies like mine? It is like a child that insists on sitting at the grown-ups' table. The child refuses to acknowledge objective reality. It only understands one thing."
He pushed the stacks of paper which remained in the center of my desk off to the side. One of them wobbled, tipped, and cascaded to the floor, but he did not notice. "The only thing they understand, Sandra, is a firm hand."
He was standing over me, now, and I had shrunk back into the chair, feeling very small and physically intimidated.
"I can make you regret your stubbornness in any number of ways. I can underbid every contract you receive, headhunt every name you hire, and grind your company into the dirt until every last investor you have is serving you papers. Is that what you want?"
I stared up at him, mute.
"Stand up," he said.
I stayed frozen in place.
"Stand up," he repeated. "You call yourself the owner of this company. You can't even stand and look me in the eye in your own office? You have to cower in your chair?"
Shakily, I complied.
No sooner was I standing than he had put his hand to the small of my back, pushing me over and pinning me down upon my desk.
"I'm going to do something much less permanent than all of that," he said. There was not so much as a single note of strain in his voice as he held me completely helpless against the smooth oak of my desk. "Because I'm beginning to like you, because in a certain way I can admire stubbornness, I'm going to teach you very simply and here, in private, just how out of your depth you are."
I tried to say something, but his hand against my back was compressing my chest against the desk too forcefully to draw full breath. Instead, all that emerged was a whimper.
The whimper became a muffled gasp as I felt his hands on me again. His fingers ran up underneath my skirt, over my buttocks, pushing the skirt up above my waist and exposing my underwear. In another moment, even that scant cover was taken away as well, as I felt the damp cloth pulled from me and down to my knees. Desperately struggling against the pressure of his arm, I tried to cover myself with my hands. He simply caught each of my wrists in turn and placed them in the closed fist with which he bent my spine against the desk.
Short on cash, Megan decides to prove to her disbelieving friends that volunteering as a model patient for medical school classes is an easy way to make some quick money. How hard can it be? But before she knows what's happening, there she is up on an exam table with a whole class watching as the demonstration exam starts to expose parts of her she planned on keeping covered. At first she might not be sure whether she's mortified or turned on, but soon enough it's clear to everyone just exactly how it's all affecting her ... and what the doctor's going to do about it.

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, a medical exam, exhibition and public nudity, multiple partners and rough group sex, a handsome older doctor and a fertile younger patient, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.

But it was hard to keep that attitude as I started to change. Even having kept my panties and bra on, the medical gown felt like it was much too thin and much too short. It was like wearing a sheet of paper, and there was going to be a group of med students coming in here any minute. I looked down at myself in consternation. This might end up being more than I bargained for, but was that the end of the world? It was still thirty bucks. What did I care if they wanted to put a stethoscope on my chest or ... I didn't know, hit my knee with one of those little rubber hammers. The medical gown was probably just a formality. They were training to be doctors, after all, and doctors were supposed to look at the human body as just an interesting science object or something.

It was only another minute into my slightly worried internal monologue when the door to the large room clicked open again.

I turned to see a group of people filing in. There were about ten, and they all looked like they were maybe 25 to 30. I felt myself blush slightly as my eyes passed over a couple of very cute guys maybe a little bit closer to my age. At least I had taken the precaution of wearing my cutest panties, if worst came to worst.

A slightly older man appeared behind them, ushering them in. He looked like he was in his late thirties, with just a hint of salt and pepper in his stubble contrasting with his short, dark hair. His face was strong and he moved through the others with the easy authority that left no doubt he was the man in charge.
When Michelle hits it off with a handsome stranger at the grocery store, he leaves her with a fluttering heart and his business card that informs her he's a doctor with a practice downtown. Eager to see him again but too shy to approach him directly, she schedules an appointment for a check-up, even though she doesn't know what kind of doctor he is. In fact, it isn't before she finds herself sitting in his exam room until she learns just what kind of check-up she's scheduled for, and that she's signed up for some very hands on attention.

Before long, the young, handsome Dr. Huntley is finding out just what kind of effect he has on the eager but embarrassed young woman, and letting his own desires respond ...

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, a medical exam, a handsome older doctor and his fertile younger patient, unprotected sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.

"So, how long has it been since your last check-up?" he asked, glancing at his clipboard. "There seems to be a bit of a hole in your medical history."

I frowned slightly. "I saw Dr. Andrews just a year or two ago."

He looked down at the chart in slight puzzlement. "It says here that Dr. Andrews is a General Practitioner."

"That's right," I nodded, not sure what the problem was.

"Well, I was asking when was the last time you were seen by a gynecologist."

It took a moment to register what he had just said. I stared at him, my mouth opening slightly as I realized what he was saying. "Oh," I stammered trying to hide my confusion, "I'm sorry, I did get them confused. Let me think." I made a face like I was trying to reach back into my memory for the answer to his question, but on the inside my head was spinning. Gynecologist? Was that what he was? Was that what this appointment was? Did that mean ...

I found myself blushing furiously.
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