A God in Humaitá

· Joel Puga
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During the Passage of Humaitá, one of the most important moments of the Paraguayan War, the intervention of a Guarani god changes the course of history. However, for two soldiers on opposite sides, it's a catastrophic event.

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1 crítica

Acerca do autor

Joel Puga was born in the Portuguese city of Viana do Castelo in 1983. Since an early age, he has been in contact with fantasy and science fiction, mainly thanks to dubbed films and TV shows transmitted by Spanish channels. As soon as he learned how to read, he got into genre literature; starting his adventure with Julio Verne’s books. It was during this time that he produced his first stories, generally using other author's universes as a backdrop, the reading of which was reserved to family and friends.

In 2001, he moved to Braga to follow his studies, a time in which he decided his writings should be more than a private hobby. This granted him several publications in Portuguese anthologies and fanzines of various sub-genres of speculative fiction.

Today, he lives in Braga, where he divides his time between his job as a computer engineer, as well as writing and reading.

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