How to Lose Weight Without Really Dieting

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How to Lose Weight Without Really Dieting
Health Learning Series

Table of Content:
How does Dieting Harm Your Body?
How Do Eating Habits Inculcated In Childhood Affect Us As Long As We Live?
Why Do You Need To Lose Weight?
How To Lose Weight Without Dieting
Easy Tips and Techniques to Remain Slim and Trim

Have you noticed that at a get-together or a party, when the conversation starts to lag, there is one health-conscious person who starts the conversational ball rolling again with just one sentence “I have found a really amazing diet, which helps me to lose weight really fast.” And then you can see the sound volume increase, as everybody within hearing distance is going to start clamoring about their own weight problem, how they are looking for the best diets to lose weight, how they have been trying to implement the strict regime, and whether they are getting to be successful in their endeavors or not…
And then we look at the food…

Well that may be you smiling bravely but your diet regime went out of the window the moment you saw that cake. I know that I cannot resist all the tempting goodies at a party. And neither can you. In fact, neither SHOULD YOU! If your health allows you to eat and drink what you want, indulge yourself while you can!
So this book is about, How we can enjoy the good things in life (Food, glorious food, and drink and yet not feel guilty about enjoying them) and still lose weight…
This is what we have found out when a person goes on a strict diet to lose weight.
We are never happy with the end results ever.
Many of these weight loss programs may give us a temporary satisfying result, but we find ourselves in gaining weight after a while.
Many of these fads which promise us immediate weight loss have a detrimental long-term effect on our bodies.
It is very difficult for us to restrict ourselves to just one weight loss program, when there is another weight loss program recommended by our favorite movie stars or talk-show hosts… And so on.
You and I come in this category, because we have our own weight loss and weight gain stories and trials to tell. That is because this new generation is so weight conscious, that we try our best to get rid of that extra weight, almost overnight, when it took about 3 to 4 years for us to abuse our body so much that it started to gain that weight.
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About the author

John Davidson

Born and raised in Wyoming and Canada on Ranches. Studied at Utah State University and taught drafting at Bridgerland Applied Technology College for 20 years. Own and run several businesses, an architectural design business, a web design business and a Sawmill business. Married to Karla for over 30 years and have 4 great kids, living in Mendon, Utah.
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May 15, 2013
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The Miracle of Wine History, Making, Selling, Preserving, Enjoying

Table of Contents
The Amazing History of Wine
Introduction to the Wine Regions of France
Know More about White Wines.
When Is The Best Time To Drink White Wine?
Wine in your life!
Wine and Song in Austria
The Wines of Canada – Ice Wine
Know More about Delicious German Wines
Know More about Delicious Greek Wine
How to Recognize a Good Greek Wine – Labels
Know More about Hungarian Wine
Know more about Irish wine
Know More about Israeli Wine
The Wine of Japan.
Types of Rice Wine
Know More about New Zealand Wine
Know More about Portuguese Wine
Types of Spanish Wines
Learn More about South African Wines.
Types of Wines in the UK
Know More about Rose Wine.
Know More about Starting up a Wine Business.
Know More About Wine Producing Countries -- A Guide
Wine As a Gift
The World’s Best Online Wine Shops
Which Are the Best Wine Clubs Which You Can Join?
Know more about winetasting
Why Do You Need a Wine Refrigerator
Wine Racks
Author Bio

The Amazing History of Wine 
When Neil Diamond sang, "Red Red Wine" and Paul Anka sang "Bring the Wine, oh Lady, Bring The Wine," they knew what they were talking about. Because since 8000 B.C., everybody knows about the strength and power of fine wine made from fresh, and sun ripened juicy grapes. 
The historical story about the origin of wine might be apocryphal, but the story goes that the favorite Queen of a Georgian sultan had a raging toothache, which made her want to create mayhem as well as commit homicide or suicide. 
After raging at her slaves and her physician for not doing anything to take away the pain, she decided to commit suicide, in the most noisy manner possible, because the sultan had not come to cajole her out of her megrims. She saw a jar full of some liquid, which smelt nearly as bad as anything, rotting in the sun, so she drank it up to the last dreg. 
If one goes by the size of ancient amphorae, it must have been a really large jar full of fermented juice of the grapes, and our Sultana was soon as merry as a cricket and as high as a kite. She grew so cheerful under the influence of the fermented grape juice that people began to wonder about the magic power of that red liquid and decided to ferment the juice and drink it in large quantities. 
I am sure, she woke up with a hangover, but according to her, her toothache was gone and she had slept and dreamt pleasantly of no pain. Well, that was how people began to think about the juice of the grape in its fermented form.
And so the story of wine goes on into the annals of history. Nevertheless, the Greeks had a god consecrated to wine, and they had regular wine festivals, a tradition which was happily accepted by the Romans, who called this wine Festival Saturnalia when the god of wine, Bacchus was left free to do as most mischief as he could, because after all it was the festival, which was celebrating the power of wine and its benefits in ridding a body of care and pain. 
Anybody wants to know about how the Romans got a sure fire cure for their hangover can read one of the adventures of Asterix and Obelix, where Asterix concocted a hangover cure by putting in soap, red pepper and an un -- plucked fowl, among other ingredients into a cooking pot and let it stew. Of course, this hangover cure also happens to be quite apocryphal, and that is why we need to come back to red wine as more hair of the dog which bit me...
 Controlling Diabetes the Natural Way 
Table of Contents 
Type I Diabetes 
Type II Diabetes 
What Do You Eat? 
Fenugreek Cure 
Ayurvedic “Constitution” Of Fenugreek Seeds 
How Much Fenugreek Do You Need? 
Wheat Bran Cure 
Roasted Flour Cure 
Side Effects of Chemical-based Drugs 
The White Chickpeas Cure 
Do’s and Don’ts 
Turnips for Controlling Diabetes 
Guava Leaf remedy 
Proven Jamun Leaf Remedy 
Healthy Sprouts Mix 
What about Honey? 
Author Bio 


For all those people who want to know more about diabetes, this book is going to give you plenty of information about how people have been surviving with natural remedies down the ages to help cure diabetes. Also, state-of-the-art methods of controlling diabetes appeared only in the 20th and 21st century. Nobody knew about insulin until the early 20th century. 

Most of these modern methods of trying to cure diabetes are still being followed by people all over the world, because they are too scared to look at natural remedies. Nevertheless, for centuries, natural remedies have been used to control and even cure this ages old disease. 

If you are suffering from hyperglycemia – increase of glucose in your blood – or you are suffering from glucosuria/glycosuria-presence of glucose in urine – it means you are suffering from diabetes. 

Diabetes can be genetically inherited, or can even be caused due to infection or high blood pressure, obesity, age, heart problems and even mental tension. 

If you are genetically inclined to diabetes, alas, there is no cure for this dread disease, in scientifically manufactured allopathic medicines. They have just one remedy for it, insulin injections. 

But you can try for cures in our natural remedies which have proven beneficial down the centuries. Also, people doing plenty of physical exercise have been known not to suffer from diabetes. That is why in olden days it was said to rise up early in the morning with the sun, go out in the fresh air and bask in the rays of the sun. This, along with physical exercise throughout the day would keep you healthy and happy. 

The logic behind this mantra is common sense. Forget about basking in the sun, and all that jazz. Concentrate on the term “physical exercise”. In ancient times, the populace worked hard to gather food. That is why any carbohydrates and starchy foods they ate were assimilated by the body really quickly. The people suffering from diabetes in these days were those who just lazed about in a very sedentary lifestyle, with absolutely no physical exercise. 
And soon they began to feel very thirsty, wanted to drink lots of water, and needed to empty their urinary bladder, very often. They felt very hungry, and even though they ate and ate, they lost weight fast. That was because all the sugar content in their body kept being eliminated whenever they emptied their bladders. They also began to get more and more lethargic. Well, they were now victims of diabetes.
Over 1 million copies sold!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cacti - How to Make a Cactus Garden

Table of Contents
Cactus Spines
Choosing Your Cacti
Growing Your Cacti
Preparing Soil for Cactus
Suitable Soil for Cactus
Preparing Leaf Mold
Potting Your Cactus Plant
Watering Your Cactus
Watering Methods
Light spray During Summer
Cactus Decaying?
Hibernation for Cactus
Protecting Your Cactus in the Winter
Planting Your Cactus Offsets
How to grow Cacti from Cuttings
Cactus as Food
Diseases and pests
Cactus clubs
Author Bio

For all those people who have confronted a prickly pear, at least once in their lives, cacti are boring spiny plants. Also, cactus plants have long been the subject of a superstition that any house, which has cactus growing in it is going to be filled up with strife and trouble and arguments. That is because of the spines of the cactus which are known as spikes promote ill feeling.
There is something so odd about a cactus plant that it is often difficult until you grow them yourself to believe that these really belong to the plant kingdom. Historically, how many pioneer explorers of the desert areas in America saw them in the twilight and thought stories of monsters with their arms outstretched, and no heads, who turned into plants in the desert in the morning. No wonder, these giants which can grow up to 63 feet have always been the subject for legends.
Even today, most of us are told tales about the cactus, which many of us half believe. Some of us have heard that cacti are poisonous. Other people are going to tell us that cacti flower only once in 100 years, and only when the area is subjected to rain. The first tale is totally and true. The second tale is also untrue because certain species of cacti will flower, almost every year, if given proper cultivation and care.
Cactuses, also known as cacti belong to the family Opuntiaceae. Many of these plant varieties have lost true leaves, but they still have fluted and ribbed stems. The stems store water, and many of the desert varieties have very short growing time periods. Their periods of dormancy may be long, because many times, they have to go without water and rainfall for years, especially when they are growing in the Atacama Desert.
Cactus originally are natives of the Americas, except for some species, which grow in Africa.
The Magic of Coriander For Cooking and Healing

Table of Contents
How to Grow Coriander
Where to Get Seedlings?
Self Seeding
Best Choice
Cilantro or Culantro?
Fresh Coriander or Dried Coriander
How to Use Coriander Seeds
Coriander Seeds for Preservatives
Sunstroke And Other Heat Related Problems
Conjunctivitis Cure
Some Ancient Knowledge about Viral Diseases like Chickenpox And Measles
Suffering from Headaches?
Coriander Mint Chutney
Hair Loss and Baldness
Coriander as A Natural Diuretic.
Piles Remedy
All Healthy Coriander Juice
Throat Infections
Coriander Sherbet – Natural Cough Syrup
Easy to Cook Coriander Recipe
Coriander Rice
Author Bio

If you happen to enjoy your food, it is possible that you may find yourself missing some particular ingredient, because you are so used to seeing it being sprinkled on your food, before it was served up to you. These food items include salt, pepper, possibly some honey for sweet dishes, sauces, syrups, nuts, and of course garnishing like tomatoes, onions, and chopped coriander.
I am happy to introduce you to one of these wonder spices, which also happens to be a herb. It is known as coriander.
The leaves of the coriander are used along with the seeds, which have a distinct flavor and taste. This plant is an herb and that is why it is not going to grow very large. Green coriander leaves are normally ground-up in the summer, along with mint leaves, and made into chutney. That is because there is an impression, coming down through ancient times, that coriander is excellent for cooling down your systems. That is why coriander use is not encouraged in the winter!
Just imagine that you have had a hard day’s work on a summer day. You want to cool down really fast. You immediately take a glassful of cold water or fresh juice, and now you are ready for a meal. That meal is accompanied with the fresh mint and coriander chutney.
Now this is the thing which is healthy, it is going to keep your system warm and well-toned, and the best thing of all is that it is so delicious. It is a perfect complement to the food that you are eating. In the East, it is normally given to people suffering from fever, so that its diuretic qualities can get rid of any toxic wastes in the body and thus lower the fever.
Since ancient times, coriander has been used all over the world as herbal remedies. When people could not get to the wise man, or to some ancient, who was knowledgeable about herbal cures, they used to resort to herbs like coriander and ginger and other such naturally healing medicines, to take care of small and large problems and ailments in the family.
So the moment, some child or some elder used to complain of some family problems, brought about by either eating too much or too rich a diet, the wise woman of the house would immediately feed him buttermilk in which she had added a little bit of green coriander leaves. And soon, that person would find him cured and as merry as a tadpole and chirpy as a lark.
Since ancient times, powdered coriander seeds, and their ground leaves have been used as an excellent remedy, mixed with chopped coconut, green chilies and ginger to get it of any stomach ailments.
This remedy is still in use, in places where you can get coconut easily. Also, do not use too many green chilies, because they are just to heal. You can seed them so that you do not have anything really hot and, which you think is going to aggravate your tummy problem even more.
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