What Makes Me Fat? How to Eliminate Obesity Naturally!

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 Learn what makes you fat and how to eliminate these factors in your life. An easy to read book to help you live better and eat the right things. Knowledge is power and this book teaches you the proper way to eat and live to live a healthier life.
Table of Contents

Section one:
What is obesity?- The story behind
Causes of obesity-“Why am I getting fat?”
Section two:
How to treat your obesity?
Food you should eat to lose weight-“Eat healthy to stay healthy”
Foods to avoid- “Think before you eat”
Home remedies for weight loss- “Try them and don’t regret”
Herbal remedies for losing weight- “Fall in love with us to get lean and smart” say herbs.
Exercises for rapid weight loss- “Burn fats, build muscles and get back in shape”
Surgical treatment for obesity- “don’t lose hope”

“Overall, more than 10% of the world population is obese” 
(World health organization- WHO)

Superfluous food and the ease with which we can attain all the things we need has made physical activity almost extinct. It’s safe to say that obesity is the gift of modern era; a gift that can potentially be deadly. For instance, according to the same report almost 2.8 million adults die each year of obesity! If you’re suffering from this disease of modern era, this last point should give ample reason for you to try get rid of obesity. This book discusses how dangerous obesity can be and gives you a complete plan regarding how you can get rid of this curse of the modern era.
Is obesity as evil as it sounds? Yes, it is. Not only it makes you look unfit but also makes you susceptible to a number of health hazards like high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, diabetes, stroke, joint complications, cancer and heart attack. 
It’s ironic that how the hearts and souls of people tremble when they hear of diseases like cancer, heart attack and stroke. Obesity; who cares about it? I love food, I live for eating, and eating is my life. People try to hide this foe behind these statements. Why wait for a heart attack or a stroke? Why not try to nip the evil in its bud? I feel no hesitation in saying that obesity is the mother of hundreds of other diseases. It’s not a disease in itself but is the risk factor of several other maladies. 
By now you would be wondering; “if obesity is so dangerous then it should take a magical pill to get rid of it”. That magical pill is in your hands. A healthy lifestyle is the only way to get rid of this condition. Who needs a doctor when you can cure a condition all by yourself? The major portion of this book focuses on describing the dietary habits, different exercise, herbal alternatives and home remedies to burn extra fat. But sometimes, things do get serious and you need a doctor. The last few pages describe the medicinal and surgical remedies of obesity.
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About the author

John Davidson

Born and raised in Wyoming and Canada on Ranches. Studied at Utah State University and taught drafting at Bridgerland Applied Technology College for 20 years. Own and run several businesses, an architectural design business, a web design business and a Sawmill business. Married to Karla for over 30 years and have 4 great kids, living in Mendon, Utah.
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May 15, 2013
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John Davidson
 Medical Conditions Requiring Paleo Diet - Health Learning Series
Table Of Contents
Introduction: The ancient diet
Section one:
Knowing paleo diet
Paleo diet explained.
Dissecting paleo diet: An analysis of its components
Section two:
Medical conditions benefiting from paleo diet
Cardiovascular diseases: A heart protecting diet
Diabetes: Too much sweetness, too many problems.
Obesity: Eat less, get thinner but with more energy
Sleep problems: A soothing diet
Allergies: “I am totally natural” says paleo diet 
• Skin problems: Be gone you rashes!
• Autoimmune diseases: Protecting you from your own self

Introduction: The ancient diet
In the search for the best diet, a theory was presented in the 1980s. The theory reminded humans of their ancestors and the healthy lives they used to live. It blamed the development of modern diseases on our present imperfect diet which it considers a recent innovation as compared to what our bodies have been adapting to, for the major part of history. It says that if we eat the diet of our ancestors, we will return to that healthy state and the diseases of our present time will fade away into non-existence. This is the concept behind paleo diet.
Paleo diet, a modern adaptation of the supposed diet of our ancestors, is claimed to be the solution to the dietary hazards of our time. Can it really provide benefits over our present diet? Can it really be the solution of hazardous diseases that have plagued the modern society? This book discusses the advantages of paleo diet over modern diet relevant to the cure of diseases and assumes the position that indeed, paleo diet can be the solution for the major diseases of our age.
John Davidson
 The Magic of VegetablesAncient Healing Remedies and Tips

Table of Contents
Preserving Tomatoes after the Harvest Is in
Getting Rid of Strong Mustard Taste
Boiling Old Potatoes
Curing Baldness with Cucumber
Hair Fall
Curing Acidity.
Fenugreek Leaves and Seeds
Getting rid of Jaundice.
Organic Brown Sugar
Tomatoes for More “Blood”.
Juice for Blemishes and Black Spots.
Diabetes Cure.
Turnips for Controlling Diabetes
Healthy Tomato Soup Recipe
Preventing Dehydration.
Burnt Cure.
Curing Heartburn.
Curing Night Blindness.
Tomato – Potato Mix
Getting Rid of Headaches 
Sugar Syrup.
Black Pepper Decoction.
Tuberculosis Cure.
Cod Liver Treatment
Author Bio

Vegetables are such an integral part of our daily lives, that we really do not bother much about their natural benefits and value. All we know is that they are those greens which we had to eat when we were children, because mommy said so, and she was bigger than us. And she was not a good cook. And also, she made every vegetable dish taste so boring, so blah and so bland, that one promised oneself that one would never eat it, when one grew up.
That is the reason why so many of us grow up with an anti-vegetable subconscious feeling. But did you know that these green and leafy vegetables are the reasons why you kept so healthy, so energetic, and so bouncing when you were a kid. They were the natural mineral resources, which provided you with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients, which help your muscles grow healthy, your skin glow and made you look so bright eyed and bushy tailed.
And then you grew up and stopped eating vegetables. Instead, you began eating and other high-protein diet, without any greens or yellows or reds , which were harvested from plants/vines/herbs or shrubs. And that made your body deficient in all the essential vitamins. It also made you less healthy than what you were when you were a kid. And you did not get to know it.
So here are some good reasons why you should eat plant produce, especially when they are green and leafy.
Fibrous, leafy and green vegetables, fresh from the farm are, of course, the pride and joy of every health conscious and proud cook. If the proportions of these vegetables are increased in your daily diet, you are going to lessen your intake of carbohydrates, starch, and grain. This is going to benefit you and the general state of your health in the long run. It also means that you will never suffer from constipation. 
Nothing can take the place of cereals and grains in your daily diet in the same manner, vegetables have their own invaluable and irreplaceable place in the diet groups which make up your daily meals. 
The benefits of vegetables eaten raw, or cooked, then means that you are going to have a tasty meal, with natural digestive products being added to your system. Your blood circulation is going to get invigorated and your digestive system is going to get rid of any small ailments brought about by eating a starchy, fatty and high-protein high carbohydrate diet.
Vegetables are amazing toxin eliminators. So if you are thinking of detoxifying your body with any star – endorsed detoxifying products, think again. Try increasing the amounts of vegetables in your diet.
The best thing about fibrous vegetables is that it adds the amount of bulk to the fecal material so that it can be eliminated during the regular bowel movements every day. This keeps your system healthy. It also keeps your skin glowing, and you energetic. That is because there are no toxins accumulating in your body and weakening your system.
John Davidson
 The Magic of Gooseberries For Health and Beauty
Table of Contents
How to Grow Gooseberries
Gooseberry Varieties
Planting a Single Shoot Gooseberry Tree
Gooseberry Diseases
Gooseberry Cuttings
Gooseberry Harvesting
Gooseberries for Health
Magic Chyavanprash
Chyavanprash Recipe:
Gulqand – Rose Jam – Recipe:
The Natural Cure For Sugar Diabetes
Gooseberry for Increasing Brainpower
Preventing Excessive Thirst and Prickly Heat
Getting Rid of Cough
Hoarse Throat
Curing Migraine
How Useful Is Gooseberry with Honey
Try This Tip
Preventing Vitamin C Deficiency
Liver Problems
Curing Jaundice
Gooseberries for Beauty
Suffering from Skin Ailments?
Making a Gooseberry Skincare Cream
Hair Loss Recipe
Natural Conditioners for the Hair:
Traditional Natural Shampoo
Best Natural Rinse after a Shampoo
How to make Rose water (Gulab Jal)
Natural Hair Dye
My Own Shampoo
Hair Darkener
How to Make Gooseberry Hair Oil
Taking Care of Your Teeth
Shaking teeth
Gooseberries in Traditional Cooking
Gooseberry Chutney
Traditional Gooseberry jam
Traditional Gooseberry pickles
The Difference between Chutneys and Pickles
How to dry gooseberries?
Desi ghee
Author Bio

Playing gooseberry may be an aphorism to describe an unwanted person, who is not needed in a self-contained and self absorbed group of two, but in reality, the common gooseberry is one of the most precious, wanted and valuable of natural plants.
Gooseberry shrubs can be found all over the world, where the climate has plenty of sun, and the humidity content in the air is high. Native American gooseberries are larger than their Asian counterparts.
Not only is this an excellent medicinal plant, but it is also well-known for its beautifying qualities. In fact, the ancient sages in the East. Make sure that they had plenty of gooseberries, in their daily diet, because they considered this fruit to be the reason for their longevity, everlasting good health, and youthful looks. 
The ancients called this the gift of the gods, and thought that the gods had given the gooseberry to man because even though they could not give him immortality, they could give him longevity in the shape of gooseberries. That is because Indian myth says that this plant grew from a few drops of nectar, dropping on the earth by the gods taking the treasures of the sea, to the heavens. These treasures were obtained by churning the seas by the gods and the demons. Out of them, the nectar of immortality was one.
Gooseberries, also known as Emblica officianalis have long been a religious, and political symbol in India and China.This is the reason why, in ancient Indian history, myth and religious tradition, giving a gooseberry to somebody who you honored and revered was considered to be the prerogative of Kings. The Hindus worship the gooseberry tree, because they consider Lord Vishnu to live in this plant.
Living in South India as a child, I consider myself to have been brought upon gooseberries, because that was what we used to gnaw at school, and best friends used to share their “nellikas” among themselves. Hiding your own supply of gooseberries was considered the height of selfishness and treachery among friends. These gooseberries were of course “purloined” from the gooseberry trees, growing in particularly targeted gardens. It is a wonder how we managed to digest those raw gooseberries, along with raw guavas. And all of us had the lyrics of a very popular song of the time down pat, of which the chorus was – Nellikai amma illi baa [lit – gooseberry lady, come here…] We enjoyed the extremely sour taste of gooseberries, when we did not have tamarinds around. And that is why, whenever we had some time to spare, we would be hitting the branches of the deciduous gooseberry tree with a long stick in order to make the gooseberries fall.
William Dela Peña Jr.
John Davidson
 Bestselling author John Davidson presents "Hamsters For Kids – Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers". Beautiful Pictures and easy reading format will help children fall in love with Hamsters. This is one of over 30 books in the Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers Series.
The series is known as one of the most beautiful on the kindle. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent on the full color kindle. 
Lots of facts and photos will help your children learn about this wonderful animal. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of this beautiful animal: its anatomy, feeding habits and behavior.

*** You and your kids will love learning about Hamsters***

Table of Contents

Facts about Hamsters
How Hamsters Communicate
Hamsters as Pets
Hamster Care
Hamster Health
Hamster Food
Hamster Balls
Hamster Cages
Types of Hamsters
Dwarf Hamsters
Russian Dwarf Hamster
Syrian Hamsters
Teddy Bear Hamsters
Winter White Hamster

Facts about Hamsters

Hamsters are fuzzy little creatures that are easy to care for. There are many fun facts about hamsters. There are over 25 different hamsters in the world but only five can be kept as pets. The biggest hamster is 34 cm or 12 inches long and the smallest hamster is about 51/2 cm or 2 inches long. Hamsters are easy to take care of. The oldest hamsters live up to four years old. They can live for two, three or four years.

The heart of a hamster beats between 300 and 500 times in a minute. They have teeth that keep growing just like the teeth of rabbits. That is why they keep munching and biting stuff. It is important to give them dog biscuits to prevent them from biting the bars of their cage. They also need their toenails to be clipped using a nail cutter. If the hamster bites, try to put sandpaper on the base of their running wheels so that it can file the nails when the hamster runs.

Hamsters have a good memory. They can remember other hamsters that are related to them. They also respond to names. When you call your hamster by name, it will come to you. There is a hamster type called the Syrian hamster that comes in forty colors. If you love different colors, try keeping the Syrian hamster for a pet. Remember to keep a male hamster in its own cage. Keep two male hamsters into two different cages. Male hamsters fight and bite each other when they are kept together. These are some amazing facts about hamsters.
John Davidson
 How to Make Money Online Selling on EBay
Chapter 1: Sign Up With EBay
Chapter 2: Deciding the kind of products to sell
1. Choose the product that you are most comfortable with.
2. Don’t concentrate in one product category on EBay.
3. Do your research to identify the numbers of your competitors and to identify the demand of your product
Chapter 3: The Best Places to Buy Your Products
1. Check the old and unused stuff in your house.
2. Go to the flea markets and look cool products
4. Look for garage sales
5. Visit thrift stores and turn pennies into paper cash
6. Shop in stores, malls, and other places when there is a sale
7. Find some wholesalers online
Chapter 4: Deciding on the pricing and shipping costs
1. Make a profit right after you purchased your item.
2. Don’t be too greedy in pricing.
3. Choose your courier well that will suit the customers’ shipping cost.
4. Learn when to use auction and buy now options on EBay
5. Make your own promo and other tricks.
6. Register with Paypal
Chapter 5: The Factors to Consider When Listing Your Products
1. Have a clear and presentable picture of your product
2. Write the details and specifications of your product in an organized way.
3. Observe the most appropriate time for your listing to start and end.

EBay is a good source of income for people like you who are looking for ways to fund other businesses or just add some income to your family. One thing that makes EBay different is because it is flexible in its nature. It also gives great potential for those serious sellers who want to have a larger amount of monthly online income.
But as a starter, it is a very practical business venture that you can start with. One good reason for this is that you can earn money even from used and things that you may think of as garbage in your house. Garbage in the sense that you can find some old items or things that you don’t use anymore. And you will be surprised that one day somebody will bid on that weird and old stuff in your house. Yeah, that is very possible. So, you can’t really tell which item that will really give you some bucks. EBay is worth trying and many people fall in love with the process of turning things into cash.
Moreover, there are many surprises that EBay can offer in your entrepreneurial journey. What you just need to do is to make up your mind and learn the ways to get started. Selling on EBay does not take a lot of work. The technicalities are so easy to follow and learn. Of course, there are some techniques that can make selling easier and faster.
So, for you to do this, what you need to do is to
1. Sign up
2. Choose the niches of your products
3. Know where to buy your products
4. Know your competition
5. Know the demand of the product that you are selling
6. Learn how to carefully choose buyer keywords in your listing
7. Learn how to decide the pricing and shipping
8. Learn about the factors to consider when listing your products
All these things will really help you in the EBay business. Knowledge is so powerful when you are using its maximum capacity. And with great entrepreneurial spirit, it is possible that you can earn not only $500 but more than that amount. Actually, there are a lot of people who make EBay their full time job because they find it very promising. 
EBay is a great tool for people who have the passion of selling things for profit. So, if you will use your maximum effort and whole capacity; then it is no doubt that you can join those power sellers on EBay who make thousands of dollars already.
Well, you will never know unless you try. Keep yourself motivated as you will continue reading. Because you will uncover those eight things that you need to learn in order to know what you are really doing on EBay. Once you mastered the skills needed for these things, you can make a lot of money on a regular basis.
M. Usman
 Table of Contents 
Chapter # 1: Snoring and its characteristics 
Chapter # 2: Health risks associated with snoring 
Causes of Snoring 
Chapter # 3: Causes of Snoring 
Chapter # 4: How you snore shows why you snore 
Natural remedies to stop snoring 
Chapter # 5: Tips to stop snoring naturally 
Chapter # 6: Bedtime remedies 
Chapter # 7: Throat exercises 
Chapter # 8: Home remedies for curing snoring 
Dealing with your snoring complaints 
Chapter # 9: Communicating with your partner 
Chapter # 10: Dealing with the snoring complaints 
Chapter # 11: Self defense 
Chapter #12: When to see a doctor 
About the Author 


Around 45% of normal adults snore occasionally and around 25% are routine snorers. Though it may seem to be a normal problem, as it is very common, but it should not be taken carelessly, especially in case of habitual snorers, as it may be an indication of obstructed breathing. 
Now a days, there are many anti- snoring devices available in the market and every year more of them are added, promising to cure the snoring problem. Unfortunately, many of these devices are not backed by research or lab testing. Some of them may even require you to stay awake the whole night. 

However, there are plenty of proven techniques and natural remedies that can help in eliminating this problem instead of relying on these devices. In this eBook, we discuss snoring, sleeping disorders, what causes snoring, and natural remedies including home remedies to treat snoring. Apart from that, we also talk about how to deal with the snoring complaints and how to cooperate and ask your partner to support you in curing the problem.
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