What Makes Me Fat? How to Eliminate Obesity Naturally!

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 Learn what makes you fat and how to eliminate these factors in your life. An easy to read book to help you live better and eat the right things. Knowledge is power and this book teaches you the proper way to eat and live to live a healthier life.
Table of Contents

Section one:
What is obesity?- The story behind
Causes of obesity-“Why am I getting fat?”
Section two:
How to treat your obesity?
Food you should eat to lose weight-“Eat healthy to stay healthy”
Foods to avoid- “Think before you eat”
Home remedies for weight loss- “Try them and don’t regret”
Herbal remedies for losing weight- “Fall in love with us to get lean and smart” say herbs.
Exercises for rapid weight loss- “Burn fats, build muscles and get back in shape”
Surgical treatment for obesity- “don’t lose hope”

“Overall, more than 10% of the world population is obese” 
(World health organization- WHO)

Superfluous food and the ease with which we can attain all the things we need has made physical activity almost extinct. It’s safe to say that obesity is the gift of modern era; a gift that can potentially be deadly. For instance, according to the same report almost 2.8 million adults die each year of obesity! If you’re suffering from this disease of modern era, this last point should give ample reason for you to try get rid of obesity. This book discusses how dangerous obesity can be and gives you a complete plan regarding how you can get rid of this curse of the modern era.
Is obesity as evil as it sounds? Yes, it is. Not only it makes you look unfit but also makes you susceptible to a number of health hazards like high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, diabetes, stroke, joint complications, cancer and heart attack. 
It’s ironic that how the hearts and souls of people tremble when they hear of diseases like cancer, heart attack and stroke. Obesity; who cares about it? I love food, I live for eating, and eating is my life. People try to hide this foe behind these statements. Why wait for a heart attack or a stroke? Why not try to nip the evil in its bud? I feel no hesitation in saying that obesity is the mother of hundreds of other diseases. It’s not a disease in itself but is the risk factor of several other maladies. 
By now you would be wondering; “if obesity is so dangerous then it should take a magical pill to get rid of it”. That magical pill is in your hands. A healthy lifestyle is the only way to get rid of this condition. Who needs a doctor when you can cure a condition all by yourself? The major portion of this book focuses on describing the dietary habits, different exercise, herbal alternatives and home remedies to burn extra fat. But sometimes, things do get serious and you need a doctor. The last few pages describe the medicinal and surgical remedies of obesity.
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About the author

John Davidson

Born and raised in Wyoming and Canada on Ranches. Studied at Utah State University and taught drafting at Bridgerland Applied Technology College for 20 years. Own and run several businesses, an architectural design business, a web design business and a Sawmill business. Married to Karla for over 30 years and have 4 great kids, living in Mendon, Utah.
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May 15, 2013
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 Health Benefits of Meditation - Health Learning Series
Table of Contents

SECTION I – Getting Started
Chapter # 1: Intro
Chapter # 2: Why Meditate?
Chapter # 3: Types of Meditation
Chapter # 4: General Guidelines to Meditation

SECTION II – Benefits of Meditation to the Brain
Chapter # 1: Behind the Scenes
Chapter # 2: Better focus & Greater Emotional Response
Chapter # 3: More Creativity and Better memory
Chapter # 4: Less Stress & Anxiety

SECTION III – Benefits of Meditation to the Body
Chapter # 1: Better Immunity
Chapter # 2: Control on Blood Pressure
Chapter # 3: Pain Relief
Chapter # 4: Improved Digestion
Chapter # 5: Cure Headaches
Chapter # 6: Overcome Addictions
Chapter # 7: Lower Cholesterol Levels

SECTION IV– Conclusion

Social pressure, packed schedules and flailing economies; who has time or the money to even think, let alone practice any type of fitness or health regime. Even those who have the gift of time soon find themselves stuck in the web of, what is mostly an artificial and synthetic dieting market, not realizing they would totally be at the mercy of the industry that’s just out there for their money. 
In this deranged scene, a world wide revival was made by an art, practiced for over a thousands of years, ‘meditation’. Shooting to fame in the 60s, meditation has been the subject of thousands of scientific studies, with the most heavy ones being taken after the 70s. What is meditation? When most people listen to the word meditation, the image of a Buddhist monk sitting in a weird position comes to mind. This, no doubt is the main idea behind meditation, is still not the extent of it. Before knowing what meditation is, you must know what it is not.
Meditation is not:
• Concentration: An attempt to hold one’s attention on one specific idea or entity for a usually, long period of time. The techniques used in meditation are just a bit related to the word.
• Losing Control: Voices, sounds, involuntary movements and spasms have no relation with meditation. These are just signs of loss of awareness, showing that one no longer controls some or most of his/her body.
• Exercises: Physical positions, postures and heavy breathing are also not meditation. These practices can help establish a greater balance in your body, but only if practiced under the supervision of a master. Without a master’s guidance, you’ll just be hindering your body’s to channel its energy in the right way.
• Mental effort: For instance, if you keep on thinking about one thing you won’t go anywhere with your practice.
Meditation is a tool that helps you rediscover your own inner intelligence. It is keeping the mind quiet, finding the silence that already runs in our nerves and making it an active part of the life. From this increased sense of awareness, you attain intuition, inspiration and complete control and connection, down to the last nerve of the body. In effect you gain countless benefits, not just emotional or spiritual but physical too; you block out countless allergies, disorders and diseases that can or have ravaged through your body. Remember that there is no one way to meditate and in comparison one way is not better than the other as they all use the same principle at the core.
In this book you’ll learn all about the benefits of meditation, how it is done and how it provides relief by using only the body’s own ability and not any medication. You will see that nature doesn't put a cost on health and well-being. 
So forget about your stress and take and relax, because your life is about to get a lot better!
 Table of ContentsPreface
SECTION I - Getting Started
Chapter # 1: An Introduction
Chapter # 2: Between the lines
Chapter # 3: Added Beneifts
Chapter # 4: Switching to the Paleo Diet

SECTION II - Paleo Specifics 
Chapter # 1: Importance of BCAAs
Chapter # 2: Importance of Simple Carbs

SECTION III - Diet Plan 
Chapter # 1: Basic Paleo Plan
Chapter # 2: Pre-work out meals
Chapter # 3: Post-work out meals
Chapter # 4: Breakfast
Chapter # 5: Lunch
Chapter # 6: Dinner

Try our diet and get leaner; try our diet and you’ll lose 10 pounds in a week, try our diet and you’ll never have to do cardio again; and the list goes on and on. In today’s world dieting has become more of a business than a way to benefit people’s lives. There are hundreds of diets out there and dozens making their way into the market, all cleverly advertised to target the core weakness of every consumer: A promise to make your life better. This is largely a hollow promise but still ‘health corporations’ succeed in trapping hundreds of thousands of people. 

So the question arises what is so special about the Paleo diet that makes it worth trying? For starters, the Paleo diet isn’t a new thing; it wasn’t created a few years or decades ago by some professor in a testing lab. The Paleo diet was a result of humans’ fight for survival, it was what our ancestors used to eat 10,000 years ago; right around the time when there were no grocery stores, super markets and fast-food. Eating wasn’t something to do in free time; to eat one had to search for his/her food, hunt it down and cook it in/on whatever was available. Thus, Paleo is not just a diet it’s a lifestyle, one which will truly make your life healthier.

The Paleo diet was just revived and popularized in the 70s by a Gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin. This led to one research paper after another, one book after another being published by several doctors and nutritionists. By the 90s the Paleo diet had made its mark on the dieting market and had started to shape the dieting landscape. Practitioners started to create derivatives of the diet, synthesizing the pure Paleo meals by adding extra ‘ingredients’. In this book, I will only be using pure Paleo meals as a guide to a ‘better life’. This book is written keeping in mind the physical side of a healthier lifestyle. You’ll see how athletes can benefit from the Paleo diet; be it swimmers, wrestlers, runners, or players of any game. The claims will be backed by scientific evidence and you’ll see progress within weeks.
Over 1 million copies sold!

Millions of people visit Whole30.com every month and share their dramatic life-changing testimonials. Get started on your Whole30 transformation with the #1 New York Times best-selling The Whole30.

Since 2009, Melissa Hartwig’s critically-acclaimed Whole30 program has quietly led hundreds of thousands of people to effortless weight loss and better health—along with stunning improvements in sleep quality, energy levels, mood, and self-esteem. The program accomplishes all of this by specifically targeting people’s habits and emotional relationships with food. The Whole30 is designed to help break unhealthy patterns of behavior, stop stress-related comfort eating, and reduce cravings, particularly for sugar and carbohydrates. Many Whole30 participants have described achieving “food freedom”—in just thirty days.
Now, The Whole30 offers a stand-alone, step-by-step plan to break unhealthy habits, reduce cravings, improve digestion, and strengthen your immune system. The Whole30 prepares participants for the program in five easy steps, previews a typical thirty days, teaches the basic meal preparation and cooking skills needed to succeed, and provides a month’s worth of recipes designed to build confidence in the kitchen and inspire the taste buds. Motivating and inspiring with just the right amount of signature tough love, The Whole30 features real-life success stories, an extensive quick-reference FAQ, detailed elimination and reintroduction guidelines, and more than 100 recipes using familiar ingredients, from simple one-pot meals to complete dinner party menus.
 Table of Contents Preface 
Chapter # 1: Benefits of Having a Website 
Chapter # 2: Signing Up for a Website in Weebly 
Chapter # 3: Creating a Free Website in Wix 
Chapter # 4: Creating a WordPress Website 
Chapter # 5: Introduction to SEO 
Chapter # 6: Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Content 
Chapter # 7: Promoting Your Website 
Chapter # 8: How to Be Safe Online 
Chapter # 9: Finding Motivation 
Reference Images 
Author Bio 


If you have always wanted to have a website, there is no better time to achieve your dream than now. Due to advancements in web designing, you do not need to spend years learning HTML; “drag and drop” website builders make everything easy for newbies. Sweetening the deal even further, you can create your website without spending a penny. 

However, the difficult part is finding a good provider that will let you make a decent free website. As you may know, “free” usually comes at a cost. In this book, not only will I show you how to create a website, but I will also recommend some of the best free website providers you can sign up with. 

Anyone who has ever started a website knows that making it is easy. But, finding motivation to keep it going is the most difficult part. So, I will also give you tips you can follow to keep on creating content. Furthermore, there are sections in the book dealing with website promotion, SEO, and other topics. 

Since the internet can be dangerous to young people, I recommend that you communicate to your parents or guardians about your intentions to make a free website. It's even better if they take part in the whole process. 

So without further ado, let's get started.
 Table of Contents 
Preparations before the Interview 
How to Answer Frequently Asked Questions 
Apparel and Grooming 
First Impressionand Language Used 
What to Carry and What Not To Carry 
Author Bio 


Some people are lucky enough to get several job opportunities in their lifetime. Others are unlucky and get just a few job opportunities. Since you can never be sure of whether you’re one of the lucky or unlucky ones, you have to do everything you can to get a good job as soon as an opportunity arises. As soon as there is a vacant position in any firm, an advertisement will be placed on several platforms to invite qualified people to apply to this position. If you applied for the job and were shortlisted as a potential employee, the firm will go ahead and invite you to an interview. The interview will be the single most important determinant of whether you’re going to get that job or not. 

Throughout the world, companies shortlist several candidates before the best one can be selected to fill a vacant position. This means that you won’t be the only person being interviewed for that job. It is up to you to convince the interviewer(s) why they should hire you and not any of the other applicants to that position. You have to be highly distinguishable from all the others. 

There are several things that you can do before, during and after the interview so as to increase the probability of getting that job. Some of the factors that might influence whether you’ll get the job include your dressing code and grooming, first impression, qualifications and how well you answer questions asked by the interviewer. If you can control all these factors, then you can rest assured that the job is yours. This means that you have to be thoroughly prepared and know what to expect before, during and after the interview. 

The book “How to succeed in a Job Interview” is equipped with everything you need to do before, during and after the interview. With the tips listed in this book, you will significantly increase chances of getting that job that you’ve been dreaming of. Apart from helping you prepare for a job interview, this book will guide you on any other interview including a promotion, admission to college, television interview and even when preparing for an interview after applying for a bank loan. 

Start your journey to your dream job by reading the book “How to succeed in a Job Interview.”
 How to Make Money Online Selling on EBay
Chapter 1: Sign Up With EBay
Chapter 2: Deciding the kind of products to sell
1. Choose the product that you are most comfortable with.
2. Don’t concentrate in one product category on EBay.
3. Do your research to identify the numbers of your competitors and to identify the demand of your product
Chapter 3: The Best Places to Buy Your Products
1. Check the old and unused stuff in your house.
2. Go to the flea markets and look cool products
4. Look for garage sales
5. Visit thrift stores and turn pennies into paper cash
6. Shop in stores, malls, and other places when there is a sale
7. Find some wholesalers online
Chapter 4: Deciding on the pricing and shipping costs
1. Make a profit right after you purchased your item.
2. Don’t be too greedy in pricing.
3. Choose your courier well that will suit the customers’ shipping cost.
4. Learn when to use auction and buy now options on EBay
5. Make your own promo and other tricks.
6. Register with Paypal
Chapter 5: The Factors to Consider When Listing Your Products
1. Have a clear and presentable picture of your product
2. Write the details and specifications of your product in an organized way.
3. Observe the most appropriate time for your listing to start and end.

EBay is a good source of income for people like you who are looking for ways to fund other businesses or just add some income to your family. One thing that makes EBay different is because it is flexible in its nature. It also gives great potential for those serious sellers who want to have a larger amount of monthly online income.
But as a starter, it is a very practical business venture that you can start with. One good reason for this is that you can earn money even from used and things that you may think of as garbage in your house. Garbage in the sense that you can find some old items or things that you don’t use anymore. And you will be surprised that one day somebody will bid on that weird and old stuff in your house. Yeah, that is very possible. So, you can’t really tell which item that will really give you some bucks. EBay is worth trying and many people fall in love with the process of turning things into cash.
Moreover, there are many surprises that EBay can offer in your entrepreneurial journey. What you just need to do is to make up your mind and learn the ways to get started. Selling on EBay does not take a lot of work. The technicalities are so easy to follow and learn. Of course, there are some techniques that can make selling easier and faster.
So, for you to do this, what you need to do is to
1. Sign up
2. Choose the niches of your products
3. Know where to buy your products
4. Know your competition
5. Know the demand of the product that you are selling
6. Learn how to carefully choose buyer keywords in your listing
7. Learn how to decide the pricing and shipping
8. Learn about the factors to consider when listing your products
All these things will really help you in the EBay business. Knowledge is so powerful when you are using its maximum capacity. And with great entrepreneurial spirit, it is possible that you can earn not only $500 but more than that amount. Actually, there are a lot of people who make EBay their full time job because they find it very promising. 
EBay is a great tool for people who have the passion of selling things for profit. So, if you will use your maximum effort and whole capacity; then it is no doubt that you can join those power sellers on EBay who make thousands of dollars already.
Well, you will never know unless you try. Keep yourself motivated as you will continue reading. Because you will uncover those eight things that you need to learn in order to know what you are really doing on EBay. Once you mastered the skills needed for these things, you can make a lot of money on a regular basis.
 Table of Contents 
Required Tools and Construction Materials 
Logisticsof Building Small Wooden Houses 
How to optimize your employees’ performance 
Necessary Finishing Touches 
24 x 32 Small house Plans 
20 x 30 Small House Plans 
16 x 20 Bunkhouse Plans 
Building Process Pictures for our bunkhouse 
Author Bio 


It is everyone’s dream to own a home in a quiet, secluded and serene environment. Owning such a home offers total privacy and a therapeutic experience that can’t be found elsewhere. Regardless of whether it is the primary or secondary residence, it offers the perfect getaway during weekends and holidays. A simple and comfortable wooden house is what you need in order to have a feeling of serenity and privacy. 

If you want to bond with your spouse, children or friends, there is no better way to do it than spend sometime with them around a simple wooden house in a secluded environment. On top of bonding with family and friends, a wooden house provides the perfect resting place after a successful hunting trip. 

Wooden houses can be built anywhere on earth regardless of the natural phenomena experienced there. For instance, you can build the house in areas prone to earthquakes and rest assured that nobody will be severely injured or die in case of an earthquake. Even if the house is brought to the ground by an earthquake, there is minimal probability of anybody being injured with wooden walls and roof. 
Repairing wooden houses is also quite cheap when compared to repair of houses built with concrete, blocks, bricksor any other construction material. This means that you’ll end up saving money by simply deciding to build a wooden house. It is also quite easy to alter the design of a wooden house than houses built using other materials. If you want special features in a home, all you need to do is make sure that you own a wooden house and then install all the features you want. 

With the book “How to Build a Simple Wooden House,” you’ll have everything required to construct a wooden house anywhere in the world. The book contains step by step guidelines on how you can build such a house from scratch. 

Start your journey to owning your dream home by reading the book: How to Build a Simple Wooden House!!!
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