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At some point, right before my memory clicked off, the nightmare fairy must have paid the world a visit. Everything is dead and abandoned. It's just... gone. 

I don't remember how the world got this way, but my husband and I were lucky to find the deserted theme park when we did.

I thought we were the only survivors, but a new man has come. Shannon. He scares me. He seems weirdly possessive of me.

He's going to take me out of the park, away from my husband and the only safety I have. I'm terrified to know what's out there.

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The Auction is the first novella in the dark literary erotica anthology: Submissive Fairy Tales by Kitty Thomas.

The Auction is a 20,000 word novella. (1-2 hours of reading time, or approximately 80 pages.)


Belle Walker lives in a strict society where women are treated as property, sold to the highest bidder soon after their eighteenth birthday. But the auction isn’t the only danger. Though she’s never seen them, she knows monsters live outside the city. These creatures have allowed the humans a small area to inhabit with the promise to leave them in peace as long as they never cross the boundary. On the day Belle is sold, one of the monsters breaks that promise and enters the city, intent on having her as his own.

**This book is intended for an adult audience.**


What Readers are Saying about The Auction:

"If you enjoy erotica, are not averse to reading about dominance and submission, and like a sci-fi twist, this may just be the book for you." -Mistress of the Dark Path

"I loved the world Kitty Thomas created. It's a little bit sci-fi, with a touch of historic slavery and plenty of dark erotica. I thought the inclusion of `monster masters' was quite ingenious - so often in Kitty's works the dominant (human) male is bordering on demonic (`Comfort Food', being a prime example). But in `The Auction' the heroine's sexual partners are, literally, monsters - and one of them even has a devilish resemblance. It's a nice bit of fantasy to play with. And, this being a Kitty Thomas novel(la); the sex scenes are divinely delicious. This is a short story, 20000 words, but she takes the time to write languorous and decadently-detailed sex scenes that will leave readers sizzling." - Dee18

"With Belle, I identified with the fiery submission and with her need to be mastered and controlled by someone dominating and strong. Belle is the possession and her Master is her owner. Master is everything Belle did not know she wanted or needed. He is everything she most feared but also secretly coveted - to be owned and at the mercy of a stranger. With Master, she is able to let go and just be, finally reveling in her deepest and darkest desires." -S. Richards

"Even when Kitty Thomas steps out of the box and does something different, she still manages fabulous success!! Like all of her previous work that I've had the pleasure of reading, after reading the final sentence, I'm left pondering and completely awed at her story telling and her ability to to craft some of the best Master/slave and D/s relationships that I've ever read!" - Among the Muses

"The Auction is a superb Dark Erotica Novella that I read in less than 1h and a half. Sexy, hot, creepy and arousing, all at the same time. I could have never told from the cover, but The Auction has some sci-fi elements, all of which just made the story that much richer."  -Larissa

"I love Thomas' work! She exactly hit the disquieting nail on the head with just the right amount of intrigue, hot action, Alpha males disguised as an alien race and closure at the story's end. I can't wait to read other works by her."  -Dark Erotica Fan

"I didn't read the description of this book before reading it, so I had no idea what it was all about. I liked the cover and had heard good things about Kitty Thomas' erotica. I basically went in blind because I loved the idea of a female being auctioned. I had fantasized that the female on the cover would be auctioned off and find true love. This book kinda blew me away because it was erotic in so many ways.

If you love sci-fi, dominant alien alphas, erotic sex, and enjoy calling your partner Master or Sir...then I strongly recommend you read this book!"  -Sammy Loves Books

"Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
No question about it: this is smut. Erotica, porn, whatever. It's a plot structured to support some good sex.

To be more specific, it's power-exchange sex. It's not so much BDSM as it is about sex between an owner and his slave and how the slave learns to like it that way. If the idea of that offends you, then this is not the book for you.

However, if the idea of it turns you on, then this did a pretty good job of presenting that scenario in pretty fantastical terms."  -D. Thompson


"All in all though, a great novella and a truly enjoyable piece of BDSM erotica that I devoured in less than two hours. If you've read Kitty Thomas before, or even if you're new to this outstanding author and love your romantic reads with darker edge, then I highly recommend 'The Auction'." -J. Valentino

What Other Authors are Saying about The Auction:

"If you want lyrical, compelling and thought-provoking erotic fiction, you have to read Kitty Thomas. Just make sure you clear your calendar because you won't be moving until you're finished." - Cari Quinn, author of PROVOKE ME

"The Auction is an exotic story that beautifully demonstrates how dominance and submission is a universal condition." - Claudia D. Christian, author of VICIOUS BLISS: FALLEN

"Sexy, weird, and super fun--Kitty Thomas Strikes Again." - Tiffany Reisz, author of THE SIREN and SEVEN DAY LOAN, HQN/Spice

More dark literary erotica by Kitty Thomas:

Erotic novels:

Comfort Food
Guilty Pleasures
Tender Mercies
The Last Girl (latest release)
Submissive Fairy Tales (anthology of The Auction, Awakening, and The King's Pleasure)
Big Sky
Mafia Captive

Blood Mate

Erotic Novellas:

The King's Pleasure


Note: This work is not 50 Shades of Grey, however, if you enjoy work like 50 Shades of Grey, you may also enjoy Kitty Thomas' dark erotica.

If you like Kitty Thomas, consider trying some of these other great authors:

CJ Roberts, Tiffany Reisz, Annabel Joseph, Pepper Winters, Anna Zaires, Aleatha Romig, Skye Warren, Cherise Sinclair

Kitty writes dark literary erotica, usually with a kinky master/slave theme and a hint of bdsm and captive erotica elements.


 " . . . dark, provocative, and glaringly honest . . ." H. Turley, Reader

Emily Vargas has been taken captive. As part of his conditioning methods, her captor refuses to speak to her, knowing how much she craves human contact. He's far too beautiful to be a monster. Combined with his lack of violence toward her, this has her walking a fine line at the edge of sanity. Told in the first person from Emily's perspective, Comfort Food is a tale of erotic surrender that explores what happens when all expectations of pleasure and pain are turned upside down, as whips become comfort and chicken soup becomes punishment.


This book explores mature themes and is not suitable for those who can't handle them or minors. The author does not condone the behaviors carried out by her characters.

What Readers are Saying About Comfort Food:

"If you enjoy reading romance lightly drizzled with some vanilla sex and a dusting of fairy tale fantasies wrapped up in a happy ending, then this is probably NOT the book for you. If you want to expand your mind while reading a steamy hot BDSM psychological thriller with an mind blowing ending, then go ahead and give this a try. I dare you." - Wendy G

"This is a very unusual and good story that explores themes of power, control, dominance and enforced submission and the psychology of captivity, isolation and reliance, but as it turns out the story is told from the perspective of both the Dominant Master as well as Emily and her journey into submission." -Carocaro

"Kitty Thomas took me on a psychologically revealing roller coaster of a ride in Comfort Food. It's a story that explores dominance & control, forced captivity, sensory deprivation, non-con BDSM, & eventual forced submission..."  - Angela Wallace

"Comfort Food is crazy. Emily Vargas is crazy. Her captor is definitely crazy. And, after reading this book, I think I might be a little crazy. Can a book give you Stockholm syndrome by proxy? Because it definitely feels that way." -Letitia

"The exploration of Stockholm syndrome was insightful. To see conditioning techniques successfully applied was fascinating. This is a memorable tale; I certainly have never read a story like it. I read it in a few hours. The erotica was dark BDSM / master-slave."  - Sinfunni

" I wonder if perhaps I've read so much dark erotica that it's lost some of it's shock value for me. I know that the only acceptable feeling to have towards Mr. Tall dark and nameless is disgust yet I never quite made it there. I'm choosing not to look to far into what that says about me as a woman, but hey, its fiction. That makes it ok. Right?"  - Amazon Customer

"First let me start out by saying, this is DARK erotica. If you do not like this kind of book, don't read it...i get tired of reading reviews dissing the dark erotica/ dubious consent, stating it was "sooo uncomfortable" well don't read these titles, duh! Now for me, I love it. Dark Erotica is unpredictable, unconventional and most of all a whirl wind of emotions.
Furthermore, saying that you could not form an attachment to Emily and Master is like saying you didn't read the book, it was about nothing but Emily and Master. I guess if one is unable to get past the kind of twisted relationship they had, then it would be hard to form attachment." - Amanda Rae

"`Comfort Food' is dark erotica. Kitty Thomas is writing extreme BDSM erotic fiction - master/slave masochism without the simulated `tie me up, tie me down' sex games... The Wasabi of Erotica"  - Dee18

"I had read novels about bdsm and Stockholm syndrome but not like this. This one ruined many other books for me in that genre, lol, because it was that good (this is the one to beat). Comfort food crossed this little fine line between reality and fantasy . the majority of the books on the capture/kipnap/slavery theme you can view them like fantasy but Ms Kitty Thomas push the envelope taking it to a more realistic and plausible scenario. The severe case of Stockholm syndrome that Emily had towards Master is shocking, and let you wonder when does Stockholm syndrome grows into obsession or love."  - Jay Benitez

"My first dive into Dark Erotica and Kitty Thomas leaves me begging for more. As disturbing as Comfort Food is, it was also riveting. Emily Vargas has been taken captive, and in order for her captor to break her to his will, he removes the one thing she craves most--human contact. He tortures her with silence and offers comfort with chicken soup. And all too soon, Emily learns what it will take to get her abductor to give her what she craves."  - Love, Lust, Books

"riveting, sadistic, erotic in its own sense, and just plain excellent." -Kindle Customer

"You pretty much can't look up dark erotica without finding Comfort Food at the top of the recommendations, and I'm so glad I took the time to read it. As soon as I started I couldn't stop, and I don't say this lightly, but it was perfect. It was more about the mental stimulation than the sex, though there was sex. It wasn't as heavily detailed or the entire focus of the relationship, however. It was far more about the process of breaking someone, of making them something new, and Kitty Thomas managed this wonderfully." - Michelle

"While I have read some dark erotica, this book is the first of its kind. The BDSM world is pretty unknown to me. Aside from the fairly vanilla stuff we see on TVs or movies, this book does not pull any punches and pushes the audience into it." - acid_raine_burns

"My exposure to erotica has not been favorable. Enough is enough; and the graphic descriptions of conquests gets boring and overdone quickly. Therefore, I usually avoid it totally.

This work on the other hand, was very well done. The psychology of the captive/captor was very well presented. The material was well written and the erotica well placed in the story. The erotica was there but did not dominate or overwhelm the story. This is without a doubt the product of a talented author. I doubt if I will read more erotica; figure I'll quit while I'm ahead. However, this author is worth reading again."  Dan C. Boutwell

"The eroticism is in some ways explicit but not graphic and tastefully written to allow the imagination to work as well. At first I was afraid Emily's fear would remain the trigger for her obedience but it slowly evolved in to something else, something deeper that conveyed the steep emotions behind the erotic actions. When you strip away everything else, at the core Comfort Food is about a Master conditioning his slave." - Leontine's Book Realm

"I would say this story is not for the faint of heart. If you like "Consequences", "Seduced in the Dark" and more of the hard core erotica, Comfort Food will end up being one of your favorites. Even then, this is not a HEA/romance novel so don't go in expecting roses and candy for an ending." - Emily

"50 shades of twisted ; very compelling. Very dark and very erotic. Certainly a new twist in the erotic read." - Beckie

"I wondered if I really wanted to read a book about someone who was kidnapped but after reading all the excellent reviews and being drawn to BDSM themed books after reading 50 shades, I was absolutely capivated and think this is the best book I have read in a long time." - Megan

"Extremely interesting story!! The description is right - this is not HEA or Fifty Shades remake. This is much more of a psychological thriller/erotic story. I won't get into details to ruin it, but I recommend this book if you like to dabble in the dark erotic stories or if you are curious about them - This is a great place to start."  - CRFreads5012

"Wow, simply wow! I started this book last night and just finished it. I have to say I was blown away by it. It is not any kind of normal romance novel, so if that is what you're looking for, go somewhere else. The closest thing I can compare it to is Story of O. This is not Fifty Shades of Grey. This is an erotic novel pure and simple, very little romance is in it...If you want a challenging erotic novel, one that may remind you of Story of O, then this is a great book for you. If you want a romance novel featuring a cozy little love story, then pass this one by." - Charles M. Smith II

"I have read the Fifty Shades Trilogy and Seduced in The Dark, so the dark side of this book did not shock me too much. I really liked this author's writing, very descriptive and had me really into the book." - Kerri

"This was one of if not the most intelligent thought out and well written erotic stories I have ever read. The intelligence and well though out analytical voice of Emily was a welcome surprise to the usual flippancy most "heroines" in stories have. This was written in a way that I can share with friends who don't particularly share my interest in erotica or things BDSM (consensual or not). It was not overly explicit there was just enough to entice, to stimulate through subtlety rather than blatancy. All in all, Kitty Thomas has earned herself a spot on my must read list."  - C. Lauer

"I agree with another reviewer that it is not a BDSM book, it is about a women who is kidnapped and her control is stripped away one layer at a time. An immensely enjoyable, brilliantly written novel. Highly recommended. Not a romance novel, except in a creepy Stockholm Syndrome way."  - Lila

"I had an expectation of reading an erotic book loaded with BDSM themes, sex, violence and force. I didn't expect to have to think too much. While there were some of those components throughout, the book was so much more. For me, it became a psychological profile of someone going through an extremely traumatic experience and how she chose to deal with it. Surprisingly, the book changed my viewpoints in some ways, helping me recognize that themes such as a victims response to trauma, may not always be comfortable or conforming to society's norms. The probing of the character's thought processes was unexpected."  - Michael

"I would still recommend this to those with a particular taste for BDSM and kidnap type was definitely a mind-blower...also I will never look at chicken noodle soup the same ever again."  - Sue B.

"This is an adult book with dark, disturbing themes of possession, BDSM, Stockholm Syndrome and more. But if you can take it, this book will definitely stay with you."  - Chris Jacobs

"This is not a run of the mill BDSM story that ends w/a fluffy happy ever after ending. This is a story of submission and surrender - the total capulation of one's self, mind and body to another through force and a will to survive. I had been warned that this was a dark story and it truly is. I wanted something that I could sink my teeth into and not wrapped up in a pretty little package...and I got it. If you looking for something that is soft this is not it. But if you are willing to step off the deep end and are ready for a intense story, this is it."  - Jacque

"I want to preface this review by saying that I've struggled to finish reading a lot of mediocre books lately. I didn't realize what a gem I had lurking under the benign title of Comfort Food.

There was no "struggling" to read Comfort Food. The narrative was smooth and easy to read, and pulled me in immediately. I knew by page 3 that I would not be reading anything else until I finished this book, even though the characters were sometimes difficult to like, and the story isn't exactly nice.

Apparently I don't require nice. Some didn't find this story erotic, but I did. I think this is GREAT erotic bdsm, although if you like BDSM light, sweet, 100% consensual, and romantic - then this one might not be to your taste."  - Sheri Johnson

"As a female reader of erotica I sometimes find, especially in the bdsm genre, the author is too quick to the 'spanking and chains' not this time. The author takes her time to build an actual story and relationship, allowing you to connect with Emily and what she is going through. She manages to touch on each aspect that make the Master/slave relationship so complex without exploitive sex scenes, that are often unnecessary."  - Butterfly

"Ah...reading this book by Ms. Thomas was like having a feast after being on bread and water. I'm an avid fan of BDSM erotica but it's so seldom that I find a book that a) surprises me and b) impresses me with the quality of writing. This book did both.

First of all, there are none of the usual tropes associated with non-consensual slavery erotica. No violence, no lurid fights and unrealistic cruelty, no blatant disregard for the well-being of the enslaved. This "Master" plans and proceeds with so much thought and intelligence (and gentleness) that you are at once both outraged and yet drawn in by this guy. Not that he is completely kind--he isn't. But there's no thoughtless and spiteful brutality, which placed me in a strange imbalance--hating him and yet feeling an unwilling attraction to him too."  - Annabel

"I love a dark read when I'm in the mood for one, which I was when this book came highly recommended to me. And it is dark. It is erotic. It is BDSM. All things I enjoy in a story." -JennieW

"This is very dark literature, unsettling, and not your standard erotica. It is not about BDSM, but rather a genuine kidnapping. It does have an "incomplete" feel to it, but in this case I felt that it enhanced the storyline. It's definitely uncomfortable to read, and yet I suggest it. The erotic scenes are still often steamy, despite the storyline. It's truly about two broken people in a broken society. This prompted me to read more by Kitty Thomas, which has proven to be entertaining." -Gail

"Comfort Food is dark, exotic and raw! Told in a very realistic tone, Kitty Thomas masterfully drops the reader into Emily Vargas' carnal and enigmatic tale: a kidnapped woman's journey of becoming a BDSM slave to her own captor.

It's not every day that an author can pull a reader across their normal genre and have them so emotionally invested that they can't put the book down, but Kitty Thomas skillfully weaves this tale with a finesse that is truly remarkable, especially given the subject matter." - Tom Wiseman

"Disturbing, twisted, and just plain weird . . . " Amy, GoodReads Reviewer

" . . . an intelligently written, well-researched and very erotic exploration of the extremity of power dynamics . . . It's refreshing to read someone brave enough to tackle erotic themes that are truly taboo and seldom published." - Remittance Girl, Reader and author of "Gaijin" and other works of erotica

"They are a match made in a twisted sort of hell. I don't, as a rule, like erotica, but I'm likely to check out Ms. Thomas' future work just to see how far she can push the envelope." - A Taste For Ebooks, Review Blog

" . . . beautifully written and exquisitely detailed . . . a brilliantly written book and I highly suggest it, if you're up for the challenge." -  Mama Kitty Reviews

" . . . the most twisted form of psychological conditioning, I've ever read . . . will stick in your brain for days after you read it." - Kathleen Gresham, Reader

If you like erotica by Kitty Thomas, you may also enjoy Claudia D. Christian and Annabel Joseph.

More dark literary erotica by Kitty Thomas:

Erotic Novels:
Guilty Pleasures
Tender Mercies
The Last Girl
Submissive Fairy Tales (anthology of The Auction, Awakening, and The King's Pleasure)
Big Sky

Blood Mate

Mafia Captive

Erotic Novellas:
The Auction
The King's Pleasure


Note: This work is not 50 Shades of Grey, however, if you enjoy work like 50 Shades of Grey, you may also enjoy Kitty Thomas.

If you like Kitty Thomas, consider trying some of these other great authors:

CJ Roberts, Tiffany Reisz, Annabel Joseph, Pepper Winters, Anna Zaires, Aleatha Romig, Skye Warren, Cherise Sinclair

Kitty writes dark literary erotica, usually with a kinky master/slave theme and a hint of bdsm and captive erotica elements.


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Blood Mate, a dark fairy tale...

Nicole has been happily married to big shot attorney, Dominic Rose for ten years, but soon after their anniversary he grows cold--as if she doesn't exist. Meanwhile, another man has been pursuing her far too intently for comfort.

August Corinth is a six-hundred-year-old vampire, cursed to kill and suffer the pain of his victims each night until he can find the one woman who can resist his thrall, his blood mate. Once he's found her, there are no lines he won't cross to claim the promised salvation even if it means taking away everything and everyone she loves.

Blood Mate is a dark fairy tale, however, most of Kitty's titles are dark literary erotica:

What Readers are Saying about Blood Mate:

"This is the second book I have read from kitty and I absolutely loved it. This isnt a happily ever after. This is a dark erotic paranormal read." -Tiffie

"Anyone who has read "The Last Girl" - this is definately not the same story; how the last girl is more about the human and her choices, this one is more of the vampire perspective. I have to say the gore was high, but for a Kitty book the sex is low. Not complaining, just different from Tender Mercies & Comfort Food.
Love you Kitty - keep writing!!!"  -Mel

"This isn’t your Mama’s vampire romance." -MamaSmith

"The overall story is one that keeps you guessing. You’re never quite sure how things are going to turn out and I honestly didn’t predict the ending. Kitty Thomas isn’t one to do nice, happy endings with everything tied up in a neat bow. If that is what you’re looking for, this novel is not for you. Blood Mate isn’t really a romance. It’s more of a psychological journey exploring romantic possibilities that go well outside of normal boundaries, if that makes sense. You do get a sense of closure, though, and she leaves a little room for you to decide how things might go from there." - Mistress of the Dark Path

"4 1/2 stars!! Kitty Thomas is my go-to author for dark erotica so I was excited to read her new release. Blood Mate is a FAIRY TALE, not really an erotic romance in any way, and is another intense story from Kitty Thomas. I don't normally read this genre of books but I absolutely loved the writing and the characters and am so glad I had the opportunity to read this book." -Book Bellas

"Like all of Kitty's Books this is NOT a VAMPIRE ROMANCE. And NOT all VAMPIRES are sparkly." -amdase

"This is another mind blowing, intense and deeply psychlogical read from Kitty Thomas. Readers of this author will be familiar with her imaginative literary erotica."  -Tina Williams

"I think that some of the people leaving reviews here don't quite get the difference between erotica and porn, or dark erotica and romance. If you came here expecting some light BDSM in a vampire romance with a lot of steamy sex and a HEA ending, then honey, you are in the wrong room. You're not even in the right building. If you want to get inside the head of a six hundred year old vampire and see what despair, love, anger, and cruelty really are, then this book is for you." -Lucy C

"I love this book! As usual, Kitty’s writing was impeccable and her story telling was amazeballs! But, DAMN YOU, KITTY, DAMN YOU! That ending just pissed me off, as usual. The whole book was a complete mind EFF. How can I love you and hate you so much? So, when is the next book out? ;) 5 Smooches!" -Red Cheeks Reads

"Kitty Thomas is one of the few authors who can release a new book and I will immediately buy it without a second thought. This trust has been rewarded by her time and again, but never more thoroughly than now with Blood Mate. It made me question what is real and what is delusion, and what love can mean in the face of eternal suffering." - The Romance Evangelist


"This was a strange book. I don't normally read paranormal romance books, but this one was by Kitty Thomas and I love Kitty Thomas. This is not my favorite Kitty book, that distinction still belongs to Comfort Food, but it's still an interesting take on the familiar vampire trope.

Know that this is nothing like Twilight. This book features a true vampire, not a sparkly romantic leading man. This book has true horror in it, manipulation, and more than a few surprises. But if you are willing to read something dark and fascinating, then Blood Mate may be right up your dark alley." -Charles M. Smith II

"Like all of Kitty Thomas' books that I've read, this one is well written and the characters are believable (yes, even the vampire!) I normally don't like paranormal (Twilight being a notable exception), but I really liked this one. It's hot and I wanted more." -Ellen

"I would like to make one minor suggestion for new Kitty readers. If you're looking to pop you Kitty cherry, read a few of her other titles first, then come back to Blood Mate. That way you can get a sense of contrast between her other works and this book. Anyone who is a Kitty Thomas fan will thoroughly enjoy Blood Mates and I do recommend reading this." -Jacque

"When I started reading this book, I had no idea what to expect. Was it paranormal? Yeah, I guess… I mean, it’s about a vampire, so I guess it qualifies. Was it a romance? No, not really. Was it erotica? Ish? Was it dark erotica? Sort of, but it’s not actually as dark as you’d expect. So what is it? It’s exactly what it says it is: a dark fairy tale." -K. Lauer

"Kitty Thomas’ work has become synonymous with dark erotica. Her writing is definitely not for the faint of heart. But if you enjoy having your mind messed with, then you need to start reading Ms. Thomas’ catalog because nobody is better at dark literary erotica." -Robin


Dark Erotic Novels:

Comfort Food
Guilty Pleasures
Tender Mercies
The Last Girl
Big Sky
Mafia Captive
Submissive Fairy Tales (novella compilation)
Blood Mate

Dark Erotic Novellas:

The Auction
The King's Pleasure
(all published separately and also together as "Submissive Fairy Tales")


Blood Mate is a free dark vampire romance. free erotica. freebie. free fiction. Free dark erotica. This title is free erotica for a limited time.

 Note: This work is not 50 Shades of Grey, however, if you enjoy work like 50 Shades of Grey, you may also enjoy Kitty Thomas' dark erotica.

If you like Kitty Thomas, consider trying some of these other great authors:

CJ Roberts, Tiffany Reisz, Annabel Joseph, Pepper Winters, Anna Zaires, Aleatha Romig, Skye Warren, Cherise Sinclair


Kitty writes dark literary erotica, usually with a kinky master/slave theme and a hint of bdsm and captive erotica elements.

How far would you go to be with the man who stole your heart but doesn't know your real name?

GOLD SHIMMER is the first book in Cass and Calder's epic love story in the Black Shadows duet. STEEL RUSH is the explosive conclusion to their love story and is now available. You don't have to read books 1-3 in the IN THE SHADOWS series to enjoy GOLD SHIMMER and STEEL RUSH.

I never thought that my plan to crash a masked party to exact a bit of revenge would fall apart so easily. Then again, I also didn't plan on running into a wall of sharp wit and steely determination named Calder while pretending to be someone else. The captivating Navy SEAL might've called me by Celeste's name, but he refused to let me hide my true self from him. His special brand of honest, seductive charm was impossible to resist. He was confident and demanding...and everything I wanted. But the deeper I fell, the higher the stakes rose while playing a role. So I held onto our intense connection for as long as I could, knowing that he would never know me as Cass. 

When an unexpected turn of events gives me a second chance to see Calder again, I take it. Going undercover as Celeste once more, I'm plunged into a world of high-power wealth and privilege that's far more dangerous than I could've imagined. Everyone has an agenda, and lives are moved around like chess pieces. But for the one man who gave me the courage to live my life for me again, I'd do just about anything. Even become someone else.

DEAR READERS: GOLD SHIMMER is the first book in the BLACK SHADOWS duet, Cass and Calder's happy-ever-after story. The duet falls within the main IN THE SHADOWS series. STEEL RUSH is the explosive conclusion to Cass and Calder’s story. If you want to read the other books in the series, Sebastian and Talia’s happy-ever-after is contained within books 1-3 and must be read in the following order: MISTER BLACK, SCARLETT RED and BLACKEST RED. BLACK PLATINUM and REDDEST BLACK, all new stand alone Sebastian and Talia passionate adventure stories can be read after GOLD SHIMMER and STEEL RUSH. Then we get to swing back to Cass and Calder in a new stand alone story, in book 8, BLOOD ROSE, coming in June 2018. You’ve got lots of enjoyable reading ahead of you! :)



Mister Black (1) (Sebastian & Talia Part 1, Novella)
Scarlett Red (2) (Sebastian & Talia Part 2, Novel)
Blackest Red (3) (Sebastian & Talia Part 3, Novel)
Gold Shimmer (4) (Cass & Calder Part 1, Novel)
Steel Rush (5) (Cass & Calder Part 2, Novel)
Black Platinum (6) (Sebastian & Talia, Novel)
Reddest Black (7) (Sebastian & Talia, Novel)


Blood Rose (8) (Cass & Calder, Novel) - June 2018

Alpha Hero, Alpha Male, Contemporary Romance, Friends-to-Lovers Romance, Second Chance Romance, Intense Romance, Alpha Billionaire Romance, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Comedy, Women's Romance, Contemporary Woman, Psychological Thriller, Thriller, SEAL, USA Today Bestselling Author, New York Times Bestselling Author

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