The Final Secrets - Making the Billionaire's Baby 6 (An Erotic Romance)

Making the Billionaire's Baby

Book 6
Kylie Ashcroft Books

 This is the final part of the 6 part "Making the Billionaire's Baby" series.

After her secret relationship with the billionaire is revealed to the world, Shannon becomes front-page tabloid news. At the same time, Marcus's career is destroyed as his company undergoes a federal investigation. As Shannon finds out more of Marcus's secrets, she's unsure about her future and what else Marcus is hiding from her. As she investigates the billionaire's past she realizes everyone has their own secrets...

This 16,000 word short story contains explicit material and is intended for adults only.

Keywords: Erotic romance, steamy romance, explicit romance, billionaire romance, alpha male, impregnation, breeding, pregnancy, cheating, infidelity, mf romance, straight romance, happily ever after, tabloid

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About the author

 Kylie Ashcroft spends her days in a stuffy office, but lets her imagination run wild at night when she writes steamy, sexy stories. She enjoys stories that combine humor, hot sex and elements of sci-fi, fantasy and the paranormal. After growing up in a conservative household, she's making up time by exploring all of the things she was taught are taboo. You can follow her on Twitter @KylieAshcroft and visit her site

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Kylie Ashcroft Books
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Dec 21, 2013
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Book 1
When billionaire CEO Carlton Harris wants to meet with lowly office temp Nancy Ross, she suspects his motives are impure. What really surprises her is that he wants her to sleep with his wife, and he'll pay her for it! Nancy needs the cash, but she's never been with a woman before. When she meets the billionaire's sexy wife Gwen, Nancy is intrigued by her confidence and experience, but is unsure about her own feelings. Will she let the billionaire's wife seduce her or let this opportunity for experimentation pass?

This 6200 word short story is for adults only. It contains bi-curious exploration, first time lesbian sex, oral sex (cunnilingus), and fun with a vibrating strap on!



"So you work at Carl's company?" Gwen asked.
"Not really. I'm just a temp. The assignment was only for a week."
"Of course. And do you have a girlfriend?"
"Oh, no. I uh, I've never been with a woman before."
Gwen laughed out loud, startling Nancy. "That's wonderful. And what about your boyfriend? Is he jealous that you're here?"
I shook my head. "No boyfriend."
"Good. Men always--" her eyes rolled towards the ceiling as she searched for the words, "--complicate things."
I just nodded, unsure of what to say.
Gwen came up onto her knees, the fur falling apart a bit, revealing a hint of black lace panties. She crawled slowly across the bed towards me. I looked at the ground, my heart pounding as I realized this was really happening.
"You seem tense," Gwen said as she came up on her knees behind me. Her hands were soft and warm as she started massaging my shoulders. "Relax," she whispered in my ear.
Her breath sent a shiver down my spine. I closed my eyes, trying to focus on the gentle kneading of her hands.
"There we go." Gwen's voice was soft and low. "Just like that." Her fingers tickled up my neck, stroking away the stress and the worry, then slid into my hair, pulling out the clip, letting my tresses topple over my shoulders.
Gwen brushed my hair out of the way and lightly kissed my neck below my ear. I could smell her perfume, an intoxicating scent of pears and flowers.
"I'll make you feel like a real woman," she whispered.

Book 5
 This is part 5 of the 6 part "Making the Billionaire's Baby" series.

Ever since the billionaire's confession of his love for Shannon, her life felt like it was heading toward a happy ending. But now with tensions mounting at Marcus's company and her ex Carl's curiosity about who is the father of her baby, everything is at risk. It all comes to head in one dramatic day at the MedTech offices as Shannon begins to wonder if her dreams will ever come true or if she made a mistake that she will regret for the rest of her life.

This 9,500 word short story contains explicit material, including sexual situations, and is intended for adults only.


"Your assistant was gone," I said, closing the door behind me.

Marcus was leaning over his desk, papers spread out in front of him. "I sent her on an errand," he said, sitting back in his chair. He had dark circles under his eyes.

"What's going on? Did something happen?"

"What?" He raised an eyebrow as he stacked his papers and put them in his drawer.

"You summoned me at work—this breaks, like, five rules."

"Oh!" He laughed and pushed his chair back from his desk, holding out his hands. "No, no. I just missed you."

I walked over, letting him take my hands. His palms were dry and rough. He seemed disheveled. 

"Do you want to talk?" I asked. Besides our secret hotel trysts, we didn't see each other much anymore.

"Not quite." He brought my hand to his mouth and kissed it, looking up at me with a blatant desire in his eyes.

"Marcus!" I hissed, feeling my cheeks blushing even though we were the only ones in the room. "We can't do that."

"Why not? This is the last chance we'll get to do it here in this office. I'd hate to leave MedTech with that kind of regret, wouldn't you?"

I couldn't help smiling. The idea was totally hot.

"What if someone catches us?" I couldn't help whispering.

Marcus pulled me down onto his lap, wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing me. 

I pushed away, giggling a little. "Marcus, I'm serious."

"So am I," he said, sliding his hand under my skirt, massaging my thigh.

"What if Tracy comes back?"

"She won't." He kissed me again, as if that was his final argument and he'd won.

His advances were hard to resist and I'd missed him the last few days, laying alone in my bed at night, wishing his warm body was there next to me.

He was certainly close to me now, the fabric of my tights the only thing separating us.

Keywords: Erotic romance, steamy romance, explicit romance, billionaire romance, alpha male, impregnation, pregnant sex, breeding, pregnancy, cheating, infidelity, mf romance, straight romance

Kylie Ashcroft
In the year 3487, Mag is an up-and-comer in the lightspeed shipping service, moving goods across space with efficiency. When a blockade captures the ship delivering vaccines to the planet Kuzcar, Mag must risk flying through the territory of the dreaded alien monster Gwel to make it to Kuzcar and save her sister before the planet is overtaken by a plague. When her ship encounters the monster, instead of destroying the ship, he overtakes it, his tentacles finding her inside. What surprises her most is what the tentacles want, and how much she likes it!

This 3100 word short story if for adults only and features double penetration, bondage, impregnation and hot tentacle on human action in space!




Mag drew her knees into her chest, forming a floating ball in the darkness. If the monster was inside, then the ship was breached, meaning the oxygen was slowly draining out. Soon she would be unconscious and then it would all be over. She just had to wait.
Something flicked past her foot, a fleeting ticklish touch, then wrapped around her ankle. What she expected to be cold and slimy was warm and smooth. Mag tried to twist out of its grasp, but the grip was firm. She pulled her legs tighter against her chest, closing her eyes even though she couldn't see anything in the darkness.
Suddenly she felt something slither over her shoulder, wrapping down under her armpit and around her arm. The tentacle on her ankle and the one holding her arm pulled in opposite directions, straightening out her body. The maneuver wasn't violent, it was gentle and firm. Still, her heart pounded. Mag expected her death to be in a ball of fire as Gwel destroyed her ship. This—well, she didn't know what to make of this. A slow torture? Did the monster plan to eat her? Or do something much, much worse?
One of the lights flickered on above, glowing steady for a moment before flickering into a hypnotic strobe. She saw a thicker tentacle floating towards her, eerily unreal in the light. It was as thick as her lower arm, tapering off into a point at the tip. The sides were dotted with light green spots that stood out against the dark green skin.
It hovered for a moment in front of her face, as if it was looking at her with unseen eyes. Mag held her breath, waiting for what would come next. Slowly it reached for her face, the smoothness caressing down her cheek and against her neck. She closed her eyes. Something about it was comforting: it felt nice, almost sensual.
From her neck, the tentacle hooked into the collar of her suit and with a sudden movement ripped it cleanly from her body. Mag jumped with surprise as the thick tentacle wrapped itself around her midsection, the end curling over her belly.

Keywords: Scifi Erotica, Tentacle Erotica, Monster Sex, Alien Sex, Bondage, Retrained, Double Penetration, Pregnancy, Impregnation, Breeding

Book 1
This is part 1 of the 3-part Bred by the Jungle Tentacle Plant series.

Dr. Elizabeth Morrel is exploring the rainforest in search of the rare ontalya plant, which may be the cure for cancer. When she finally discovers it after months of searching, she's suddenly overtaken by unexpected horniness. As she seeks relief, Elizabeth realizes the ontalya is more than just a plant, but actually an alien creature looking to breed with her. Will Elizabeth help the creature with its sexy plan or try to escape its grasp and abandon her research?

This 4500 word short story is for adults only. It includes explicit descriptions of female masturbation, double penetration and hot tentacle sex with an endangered alien vine plant.




She felt something on her ankle, slithering slowly over her pants leg. She started kicking at it with her boot, assuming it was a snake. But when she sat up, the slender green thing that was attempting to crawl up her leg was much too long to be a snake—in fact, its tail stretched back, up the tree and joined the mysterious vine. It was the vine.
Elizabeth tried to scoot away, but the vine was faster, quickly wrapping its way around her ankle and holding her in place. This part of the vine wasn't as thick as what wrapped around the tree, but it was strong and she couldn't kick it away. She looked around for her bag, but it was out of reach lying near the base of the tree, so going for her knife wasn't an option.
Another thin vine slinked along the grass towards her, slowly entwining her other foot. Elizabeth sat up, attacking the vine with her jagged, engrossed fingernails. Her scratches did nothing to scare away this strange plant. She laid back down in disbelief. What was she supposed to do? Even in her panic she wasn't that scared, the only emotion that flowed through her body was the intense wanting her masturbation could not satisfy.
Before she could react, she felt a light tickle on each of her wrists, and then her arms were yanked over her head by two other vines that appeared from the other direction of the forest. Elizabeth snapped her head around, looking for any more of these strange vines.

Keywords: Scifi Erotica, Tentacle Erotica, Monster Sex, Alien Sex, Sex in Public, Bondage, Double Penetration, Pregnancy, Impregnation, Breeding

Book 2
This is the HOT sequel to "Bred by the Jungle Plant"!

Dr. Elizabeth Morrel is pregnant after her encounter with an alien tentacle plant in the rainforest. Her plans to go home and study this creature in her lab are thwarted when she goes into labor and the creature escapes.

Kaycee is on a spring break vacation with her boyfriend Rick in Brazil. When he leaves her wanting after a dirty hike, she discovers there's another creature interested in pleasuring her, though she has no idea what the creature has planned for her. Will she give in to naughty temptation or pass up on the adventure of a lifetime?

This 9,000 word story is for adults only. It includes explicit descriptions of oral sex (cunnilingus and blow jobs), public sex, female masturbation, impregnation, and hot breeding with an alien creature in a steamy shower.



The creature didn't move, and Kaycee started to wonder if maybe she was hallucinating the whole thing. Maybe this whole day was some bizarre dream that was turning into a freaky nightmare. She wasn't scared, though.
As she considered moving, the creature's appendages rippled and then it slid down the side into the tub, the shower water pounding on it. It seemed to like it, spreading its body out flat so as much skin as possible was sprayed by the hot water. It's appendages splayed out to each side, wriggling in pleasure.
Kaycee realized exactly how strange it was that she was standing here in the shower watching this creature and reached for the curtain to climb out when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She turned back to the creature and stared in amazement as its little legs started to grow. They were all squirming and twisting, growing longer and thicker, some growing faster than others. It was bizarre as if somehow the water was empowering this creature, making it grow at an alarming rate.
Some of the legs were growing as thick as her forearm, looking like long, thick tentacles. She was so transfixed by the undulating appendages, Kaycee didn't notice the thin one that was snaking towards her foot.
She was surprised when it wrapped around her ankle, holding her firmly. At its touch, a sensation flashed through her body, one of pleasure and wanting. She didn't pull away, didn't want to pull away.
Another appendage slithered towards her, gently twisting around her other ankle. Pleasure began pulsating from that tentacle's grasp.

 Keywords: Scifi Erotica, Tentacle Erotica, Monster Sex, Alien Sex, Oral Sex, Female Masturbation, Blow Job, Bondage, Double Penetration, Pregnancy, Impregnation, Breeding

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