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Anita was sure that she had found the right Christmas present for her parents this year. Above all, they wanted to learn more about her life, and they wanted to share in the life of their youngest not-anymore teenage daughter. That she had become a Nymphomaniac, they would probably understand that…

So Anita had followed that request and had compiled photos from the past few months of her life, photos of beautiful moments, or just beautiful snapshots. And now her mother unpacked the gift from the red Christmas wrapping paper and looked at the photo book. There was a large portrait of Anita, facing straight to the viewer and below it said: »One year from my life, for my dear parents.«

Her mother hugged Anita warmly and her father also thanked her. The photo book was professionally bound in a DIN A4 format, but it was bound on the short side. The pictures had to be large, so she had chosen full-page pictures.

Then her father picked up the photo book, opened the cover, and came to one page with an inscription written in soft, sweeping letters. He kept flipping through and the pictures started. On the right of the open double pages there was the first photo of Anita. 

The photo showed her under palm trees on a very beautiful sandy beach. But her father looked irritated at the picture. Anita sat cross-legged on her beach sheet and beamed friendly into the camera, her head slightly bent to one side. However, she wore no swimsuit and no bikini – to be honest – she was completely naked. 

Anita looked over her father's shoulder as he stared at the picture. He did not quite know what to think of it, but she laughed happily and began to tell that the picture was taken in the Caribbean, where she spent a two week vacation  last January.

»There was a nudist beach?« the father asked a little skeptically.

»Yes, of course« Anita answered. »Well, no… but no one objected that I was naked« she curtailed happily.

»You have a pretty seamless tan, too« her mother remarked appreciatively.

"Yes, it's nice, isn't it?« Anita answered. »That's because I was always naked in the sun. Some wore a one-piece, or a two-piece bathing suit – and I just wore a zero-piece« which she apparently found a very good joke.

Her mother smiled widely and the father apparently spontaneously decided not to pursue the topic. He kept turning the pages.

On the next page, Anita was apparently on a stage with other girls.

»That was the wet-T contest in the beach disco!« she exclaimed. And then she added »It's basically a naked competition, of course. That's why I have not participated with a wet T-shirt for long, but just taken off everything. That made me win, because all the other girls were too prudish to take off their panties. What's a nude competition for, if you don't get undressed to be naked on stage?«

»But did you want to show yourself to everyone…?« asked the mother a bit bithered.

»Yes, of course, I'm a girl!« Anita exclaimed. »And I really like to be naked. I love my body. Why does one have this wonderfully sensitive naked skin if no-one never frees it to show it to everyone. My body is no secret. And my feelings aren't either. I can show everything. My body is a gift that I can freely give to others.«


Anita gives her parents a photo book and uses the pictures to tell episodes of her life. Since she prefers to be extensively naked and likes all forms of sex. Her parents wonder every now and then about their very adult daughter. Shameless, exhibitionistic, sexy, wild, sprawling, spicy and a bit nymphomaniac.

Nympho is Marcus C. Hanlon's hot novel on a very special specimen of woman. More than 8.000 words full of nudity, sex and fun. 

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 »M.C. Hanlon writes the most imaginative, unusual and brillant erotic stories you've ever read.«

M.C. Hanlon is writing erotic shorts for many years. He published several novels, anthologies and ebooks at Ars Amatoria Publishing. His stories are about shameless women, nymphomanic exhibitionists, swinging actresses, cool coeds, chaotic girlies and many other entertaining specimen of the species women.

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Nov 29, 2017
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 4 Stars »Awesome Book, fantastic Stories.«

5 Stars »Coool.«

There was no Nudity in our small shared flat. Everything was normal until Eric moved out. Then a lot has changed. Well, strictly speaking, not directly because he moved out, but because he passed on his room to a quite remarkable contemporary. Her name was Irina and she also seemed quite normal – at first…

Her name was Irina and at first she seemed completely normal to us. With us I mean the left-over apartment ‘inmates’ Karin, Elisa, Peter and myself, Ralf. Just a regular shared apartment, as normal as any living arrangement of this kind can be when it consists of three singles and one woman, who likes to do her lover four to ten times a week – loudly. Elisa truly was without inhibitions and luckily her room was at the end of the hallway, otherwise this story would probably be about her escapades, told in a significantly more furious tone. But as it is now, there are others who plan to tell stories of Elisa’s moans, and I will be the one telling some tales of our newbie Irina, who moved in when spring came along. 


One day, she stood in front of our door and told us she was Eric’s backup, grinning wickedly as she did so. I can still see her standing there, in her flower-patterned shirt that fell over her dark blue leggings, her dark, shoulder-length hair that was tied in two funny ponytails and stood wildly from her head. I was a little perplexed but asked her to come in. She took off her shoes at the door like a good girl, revealed her bare feet and came inside. 

Eric had been gone for several days and his room was empty. I asked her if she’d even seen the room yet. I heard that she’d visited Eric a while back. Eric wasn’t exactly lazy when it came to picking up women, and so I could imagine that she knew his room, but maybe hadn’t yet seen it in daylight. I grinned a little. 

»Not what you think« she laughed and pushed me to the side. »Maybe not« she added with a flirty pout. 

I opened the room and she walked in like she already owned the place. 

»You have anything yet? Like a rent agreement?«, I asked her. 

»How do you manage that stuff?«, she replied and I explained how we usually did things around here. 

The day after, a gigantic matrass rang the doorbell. I opened and that humungous thing stood there. 

»Help me?«, the matrass said. I grabbed it and tried my hardest to maneuver the thing into our hallway, and since I knew that matrasses generally didn’t speak much, I had a feeling that Irina was literally behind the action. We lugged the matrass through the hallway and let it bang to the floor in her room. 

»Thanks« she said breathlessly. 

»What the hell kind of thing is that?«, I panted. She took off her shoes and threw herself down on the matrass. Lying on the stomach she grinned at me: »Only a woman is more comfortable to lie on. Trust me, I know that?« A really sweet and lively thing, I thought to myself. How agile she was indeed, wasn’t even starting to dawn on me at that point. 

»Can I help you?«, I asked in the hope that everything was already taken care of and that I would receive a small reward for the drudgery.

»Yeah..?«, she made a thoughtful face. Crap!, I spontaneously thought.

»But the rest is just small stuff that’s already up there?« Whew, you're in luck.

So, I disappeared into my room and after a while Irina waddled back toward the apartment door and came back a few minutes later with a large duffel bag. Then out again, in again, this time with two suitcases. Silence, finally digging and fumbling. Aha, she was tidying up. The room was furnished with a wardrobe and Eric had left two shelves on the wall. 

I focused back on my seminar work and tried my best not to slam my head down on the keyboard. She flitted past my room. Out of the corner of my eye, yellow alarm sensors registered skin. I woke up on the spot almost completely and immediately gruffly answered myself »daydreamer?«. 

Before I could finish the thought, I heard her voice very close to me. I switched gears internally right away, and tried to concentrate on the reality of the situation. Earth to Ralf, someone wants something from you. Probably female. I turned my head and looked to the door. She stood there, in other words, I just saw her head leaning around the left side of the door into my room. …

Wild lust and entertaining irony in more than 8.000 words on more than 50 hot pages. 

In this 15 story collection, Horny women experience Threesome Sex for the first time. Fifteen sexy scenarios are explored, so you won't be disappointed with this collection! Click now and 15 Stories of Threesome Sex will be yours in just seconds.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity. So only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

Stories in this collection are:

1. Anna’s Day in the Park: Bondage Threesome with Double Penetration by Roxy Rhodes

2. Jessica's Hard Lesson: Bondage Threesome Erotica by Joni Blake

3. Disciplined at the Office: A Bondage Threesome Experience by Janie Moore

4. Sweet Humiliation: Blackmailed into a Threesome by Zoey Winters

5. Susan’s First Time: First Lesbian Threesome Erotica by Joni Blake

6. Welcome Home: My First MMF Threesome By Darlene Daniels

7. Afternoon Dee-Light: Coraline Between Two Cocks by Sara Scott

8. Taking Amanda with my Husband: An Erotic Threesome Short by Kathi Peters

9. The Double Penetration of Doris: A MMF Threesome Short by Sara Scott

10. The Other Woman and Me: A Lesbian Dominatrix Threesome Erotica Story by Diana Dare

11. Stacie’s First Threesome: Hot Threesome Erotica by Lisa Myers

12. Ashley Doesn't Wait: A FFM Threesome Erotica Story by Sara Scott

13.  Taken by Two at the Clinic: A MMF Threesome Erotica Story by Kathi Peters

14. Curing Janet: A MFF Ménage à trois Short by Sara Scott

15. Cheering Up Matt: A FFM Threesome Erotica Story by Mary Ann James

 ***** Yea, that’s great! I really like it sexy.. 

***** Hot Hot

**** Awesome Book, fantastic Stories 

***** Coool

There weren’t many people around, and those who were there disappeared into the tiny bistros around noon to grab a bite to eat and drink a cup of coffee. 

That’s how we got to walk around without any interruptions and look at the offered goods. After a while, we reached a tent offering jewelry and goldsmith’s works. It was a sort of dark tent made of dark blue linen. The front was lifted halfway and there was a table covered in velvet next to the entrance, where they offered the most beautiful pieces. There were countless ear rings, necklaces, broches, and rings. My darling looked at the pieces, but apparently didn’t find what she was looking for. She picked up every item, studied it intently, testing it out on her arm or the back of her hand to see if it matched her color. 

A thin golden chain caught my eye; as thin as a necklace but much longer. I asked the owner – a stocky Frenchmen with a beret – what it was and he covered his hand with his mouth while he explained that it was certainly a belly chain that could be worn around the naked stomach of a beautiful lady like mine. I showed my darling the item and she was over the moon. She took the chain in her tiny hands and felt it. It was light; a piece of work recounting a tale of impressive craftsmanship. 

»Should I put this on?«, she beamed in question. I agreed. 

She lifted her dress high above her breasts and asked me to put the chain on her. She wore neither panties nor a bra. I wrapped my arms around her naked stomach and carefully closed the chain. It hung loosely down her belly and the end dangled in front of her naked vagina. 

She artfully rotated her hips and the little chain went flying. Her breasts swayed, together with her soft round behind. She looked down her body and studied the jewelry intently. But she wanted to take an even closer look at how the chain decorated her body, so she pulled the dress over her head, draped it carefully over the table in front of us and was now standing completely naked in front of the tent. 

Then she lifted both arms up to the head and bent them at the elbows, so that her hands grabbed the back of her head. She looked at herself, then at me, and asked: »What do you think?«, and turned in a slow circle before me. The chain dangled around her stomach and she grinned like a little kid. 

»Ce bien«, the seller said in a business-like, very convincing tone. Then he lifted his index finger as if her were thinking, shortly thereafter disappearing into his tent. 

(excerpt from Nude in Paris)

Our 'Top Sex Stories' Series collects our most highly appreciated sexy stories. These stories that are for the first time available together in this anthology all got top five-star-ratings (*****) from our readers. 

3 Nude in Paris Paris, The city of love. Breakfast on a tiny balcony with a view the river. And a woman, who discovers and lives her joy of presenting herself to others. Out and about in Paris at night it’s easy to find many more opportunities for erotic escapades. Music and dancing invites you to feel free and uninhibited. 

4 Sex Party It’s a very relaxed bbq evening. Especially the hostess but also her friend indulge in nudism and soon her new girlfriend also gets infected by her freedom. One leads to another…

14 Nude-Roommate There is a new girl in the shared flat. She is a nudist by heart and stirs up things quite a bit. The result is plenty of nudity and hot sex. 

Top Sex Stories is the fist anthology of Marcus C. Hanlon's top stories. Wild lust and entertaining humor in more than 30,000 words on over 140 pages. 

 It was again one of those routine afternoons. The homework had been done together quickly and now they sat around, hugging, Emil, Jannik and the four girls, the upright Jule, the chaste Christina, the quiet Anni and of course Michaela, in the house of their parents where they had gathered as usual because of the generous space. 

The six were really good friends, really good. Michaela had last month celebrated her birthday to the age of majority and all went to see the graduation together.

The silence was long and heavy. A bit of Robbie Williams dabbled out of small speakers, everyone was dwelling on their own thoughts  and the sun heated up the room quite well through the windows. The summer was warm and everyone wore only casual summer dresses and the girls all were of course barefoot.

Suddenly, without any advance notice and without warning, Juli said: »I would like to dance completely naked. Do you know where you can dance naked? I mean, without being arrested immediately…« 

The silence continued for a moment, but now for another reason. Everyone was baffled, the chaste Christina even was a bit piqued. A witty smile crossed the boys' faces.

»What makes you think that's great to be…« Anni skeptically interjected »_naked_.« She said it as if it were a swear word. Only Michaela smiled openly at Juli.

Michaela quickly replied before the others got their mouths shut again »I used to dance naked in a disco. That was pretty nice. Somehow different, but nice.« Michaela nodded, confirming the truthfulness of her statement in her memory.

»You were… I mean naked?« Anni wanted to know, and still did not know if she was going to say something more, or just say it like that.

 »Who were you with, Michi?« Jannik wanted to know, because a slight jealousy stirred in him, which always made Michaela feel comfortable in the abdomen.

(from Nude Coeds)

You’ll find these two stories in this volume:

*107 Nude Coeds**

A small group is bored. Four girls and two boys, just past the threshold of adulthood, meet in the afternoon to explore life. It’s about their desires to try out and to playfully explore feelings, their body and sexuality. The girls are always more open in their fantasies - and to realize them together. The girls love to dance naked and without strings, and then one thing follows the other. A little unrestrained, a lot of first love, lustfully naked dancing, sensual massage and more.

**113 Casting** 

The young actress wants to take on a role in which clearly erotic scenes are played. How does she feel about this…?

»I would really like to dance completely naked. Do you know where you can dance naked?«

then she just pulled on the loose ends of the bows that held the bottoms together and with her next hip swing they fell uselessly to the ground.

Juli wasted no time and immediately kissed Michaela again on her lips.

»I'm so horny to do it now. Come on, let's do it.«

»…then you can get fucked by the masseur, if you want.«

 She had… never done that before. All of a sudden she had felt like doing something crazy.

The ride with the motorbike into the desert was less exciting than she expected. She had driven to the small parking lot to stretch her legs for a moment and walked over to the large sunroof, under which were two simple benches and a table. The shade was good in the heat. She looked across the vast dry land. No cloud in the sky. It was a wonder that the flat bushes, which regularly grew every few yards, survived here at all. Then she came back to her motorbike and an even better idea struck her. She grinned widely at the thought. Why not? Why not?

When she left home, all she knew was that she planned to drive through the desert in the sun all day. It was a hot day and she was a good driver. So she gave up the overalls and instead put on only her jeans cut off up to the thigh and a wide T-shirt that she hung over it. Even her heavy motorbike boots stayed where they were. She always wanted to ride a motorbike barefoot and feel the wind around her calves and toes. And today was the day. She left the house and got on her heavy sports machine. She started the engine and felt the deep vibration between her legs that turned her on so much. She put on her sunglasses, flipped up the stand and left the clutch.

She had bought the sports machine a few months ago because her first bike was no longer enough for her. She wanted to be faster, she wanted a racing machine, not a bicycle. And this one didn’t disappoint her. It was a great machine. It was fast and demanded all her driving skills.

She drove up the driveway and moved onto the highway. She felt the rough pedals under her bare feet, the jeans stretched over her butt that sat firmly in the comfortably padded seat. Directly in front of her upper body was the mighty tank, over which she had the handlebar firmly gripped.

» She wanted it. She wanted to ride her bike naked.

» What she really enjoyed, was her nakedness…

» She doubted that the driver would have noticed her bare breasts – what a pity.

» She felt alive and wild hornyness pulsated in her veins.

» What were clothes for? There wasn't anything more natural than to strip everything off in this heat…

» The seat would vibrate between her legs and she wouldn't wear anything but naked skin…

» Her butt was worth seeing, that she was sure of.

It was a photo session in the private swimming pool of an architecturally interesting villa.

The photographer let it slip to the owning landlady it would be good if somebody was swimming in it. She immediately agrees »that's no problem«.

»Oh, sure, I see«, started the landlady »I didn't take that into consideration at all. People usually swim naked here, that's the usual for me.«

After the photographer had made his suggestion, the landlady went to the lounge chairs, took her slippers off and the robe she was wearing. Soon it was evident she wore nothing under the robe at all.

She took two quick steps and jumped from the pool's edge into the pool itself and started to do a few routine strokes.

The photographer seized the chance to do a few pictures. They were perfectly bright and radiant, full of the clear and cool sophistication he was looking to convey through them, especially when the waves had faded out and the water's surface was calmed and even but for the swimmer's shape.

The woman, also on the photos he snapped, obviously naked in the clear water, made that cool sight carnal, soft and a lively contrast to the atmosphere – exactly as he had wished. That she was naked, gave the spirit of the photos some extra elegance and clarity.

The hostess gave no signs of shyness as she rose with her hips dripping wet in her shiny skin. »Are the photos ok?« She asked cheerfully at the photographer. He now realized the hard nipples on a body that was very carefully groomed except for a thin strip of shaved pubic hair.

»You got my naked butt in there?« She asked entertained, leaning over the laptop screen in which the photography perused the on-location photographs.

»I had no idea you were such a free spirit…« the photographer thus buried his most dominant thought and look straight at her at last.

»What do you mean?« She asked emphatically »Because I'm naked and not shy?«

(from Architecture)


33 The Clairvoyant 

She gains her knowledge through a particular method. But she's very effective and nice to be read by too… 

116 Architecture 

He's a professional photographer. And now he's learning the deep secrets of the hostess' intimate life. 

120 Sexy Witch

She is aware of what makes life worthwhile. And now her daughter has come of age so she is ready to learn those lessons. Without ifs or buts. It belongs to her, it is our nature. 

141 The Ripper

The theatre play inspired by the famous London serial killer is amazing. The female lead lets her friends know how every evening the heat increases as she performs on stage… 

Sexy Witch is Marcus C. Hanon's new book. 4 wild stories of erotic adventures and understated humor in over 8500 words on more than 50 pages.  

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 When I woke up the next morning, my sweetheart was still happy. She had her arms and legs wrapped around her blanket and had her beautiful bare bottom turned to me. Her hair was scattered over the pillow. I got up quietly and slipped out of the bedroom in my pajama pants so as not to wake her. I went to the kitchen and got a fresh glass of grapefruit juice. Our kitchen has a bar open to the living room and I took my glass, sat down on one of the bar stools, and looked out the large living room windows out onto the lawn, bright with the morning sun.

As I sat there, I heard footsteps. Around the corner into the kitchen was a pretty sleepy Michaela. She was wearing a short, bright yellow ribbed shirt that nicely emphasized the shape of her breasts and was otherwise very tight against her body. From the waist down she was naked and I could see her blond pubic hair. She did not notice me, trudged to the sink and leaned under the tap. Her bare butt graced the kitchen as she poured the cool water into her mouth and over her neck. Then she trudged around the bar – still without noticing me – and went through the living room to the large patio windows. There she stopped and blinked out.

The day seemed as beautiful as the last. There was no cloud in the sky and the sun had already warmed up the parquet floor on which she was standing with her bare feet. It was comforting and warm to stand in the morning sun. She warmed her legs and stomach and her spirits began to awaken. Michaela stretched and stretched, ruffling her hair with her hands and finally grabbed her bare buttocks with both hands and kneaded them.

I slid off my stool and walked quietly over to her. My footsteps creaked a bit on the floor and she noticed me, but did not turn around. I approached her from behind and whispered…

(from Sex Party)

The conference room was now darkened by automatically descending blinds and the leader started the first video from her Tablet PC.

She explained: »Here you can see the working area of the ship. We’ve found that a large number of tropical plants, high humidity, and a high room temperature are ideal for wellbeing of the crew.«

The room that appeared on the video seemed relatively large, as it was not clear where the end of the premises could have been found behind the green plants. The controls and computer consoles nestled between the plants, like natural rocks of a landscape.

»You must understand that the main task of the crew on such a long journey is to check the proper functioning of the spaceship and to avoid boredom.«

In the final thought, she seemed to grin involuntarily, which somehow caught the journalist in their otherwise very dry businesslike manner.

At that moment, a woman came into the picture, went over to a computer terminal and made some input.

»That's Lea« the leader said. »She's been in the lab for 463 days now, living there in conditions the same way as in a spaceship.«

»She's… completely naked« stammered one of the two journalists, visibly irritated by the performance and the lack of clothing of the practicing astronaut.

»Yes, of course. Didn’t I say that?« the the project manager commented, unmoved, turning her upper body to the journalist. »We're investigating the possibility of all astronauts being naked during their entire journey aboard the spaceship.

We have indications that people feel happier and better and also interact more positively with each other when they are completely undressed.«

»This means… all the people in your lab are constantly naked?«

»Yes« the project manager explained. »Why not? Isn’t it our natural state? The sense of well-being in your own skin is the greatest in any case.«

»And you? Do you actively participate as a leader in the investigations?«

»Of course! I am the scientific director of the project and also live most of the time in the lab environment. I left the laboratory only today to receive you here.«

»And you are…«

The leader just chuckled and turned back to the video. She already knew the question and the journalists already had their answer.

(from 'Interstellar')

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