Blow Her Mind: His Illustrated Guide to Orgasmic Oral Sex So Good She'll Tell her Friends About It! Master Advanced Cunnilingus Tonight

Sensual Science Publishing

 Do you want to be a master of REAL lovemaking?

To be the man that women orgasm over just thinking about?

Do you wonder why the guys who get the hottest chicks often look like dweebs?


They know something that you don’t – but might have suspected. It’s not the "organ" you think that captivates "10s". Now you can learn from the renowned erotic author, Melinda Holmes, WHAT EVERY WOMAN KNOWS, BUT WON’T TELL YOU – how to satisfy and captivate her with your tongue!

In a dramatic and sexy format, full of real life examples, Melinda turns losers at love into World Champion lovers, revealing to the reader the easy to follow techniques that lead to a long line of women panting to feel you inside them – or just bringing a tender, grateful smile to the face of that one, special woman. This sexy, fun and hot HOW-TO guide blows all others off the book racks!

Millions of men want to be sure that when their partner says, "Yes, I came," she’s saying it with the flush of a real orgasm on her face, and the weak knees of a woman who’s just experienced something that she’d only suspected could exist. Don’t live with uncertainty. Join the happy men who know that their partner will never look elsewhere!

Melinda brings every man that one lifeline to a lasting relationship, the path to a satisfying love life, with the one book that can result in a bursting-with-happiness partnership with your lady (or ladies!)

Melinda Holmes is the pseudonym of a best-selling authoress with numerous awards and popular acclaim for the quality and popularity of her erotic fiction and non-fiction.

In this guide, this bestselling erotic author teaches you to:

  • Discover EXACTLY which parts of a woman’s body give you and your partner the most "bang for the buck" – and why you need to be smart about how you treat them.
  • Learn why you BOTH need to address the issue of hair down there – and why YOURS might be a bigger turnoff than hers!
  • Understand how and why women are built for marathons, and men for sprints – and how to fix that.
  • Master the numerous amazing techniques of erotic arts professionals, including the famous "Venus Butterfly."
  • Learn the many different positions which will delight your woman and cause her to COME BACK FOR MORE!
  • Become a better, more thoughtful and communicative lover, and why this is what she really,REALLY wants!

And much, MUCH more – discover the exciting lessons in the techniques and methods of an intimate oral experience for you and your partner, and the mind-blasting orgasms that result, from the extensive experiences and mind of a woman who knows EXACTLY how to receive AND give the best of cunnilingus – and isn’t shy in talking about it.

Start your incredible journey to success and happiness NOW!

Now including SPECIAL BONUS eBOOK! : Dating Do's And Don'ts

  • Tools and strategies to help you solidify bonding
  • Rulebook to an explosive love life
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About the author

 Melinda Holmes is the author of numerous award winning fiction and non-fiction erotic stories and books. She writes about the relationship issues of sex and love that tantalize and excite men and women throughout the English speaking world. Her fans number in the millions, and can be found in all levels of society. Her breezy, light and easy take on the pleasurable battles of sexual combat charm thousands of readers daily.

A 1990s graduate of a religious college in the State of California in the United States, Holmes has come a long way from her restrictive upbringing to blast apart the strictures and bonds that prevent lovers from reaching their greatest sexual potential. Her writing, both humorous and hot, will leave you laughing even as you find your libido buzzing.

She has made numerous friendships in the erotic entertainment community, as well as intimate relationships with many of the men and women there, giving her unique insight into successful methods of achieving the pleasurable heights that each of us deserves.

Besides the plaudits of her many fans, her achievements in related fields include training in interpersonal relationships, marriage and relationship counseling, the psychology of fetish sex, and many professional writing awards. Her writing displays the insight, wisdom, experience, scholarship and most importantly, the innate sense of fun that make her works hard to put down and an entertainment whirlwind that you'll be telling all of your friends about!

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Jul 12, 2012
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Eric Culpepper
A woman ultimately has only two dimensions, anxiety and maternal instinct, and if intensified one dimension has the power to completely neutralize the other, and given this, a woman is either a totally loving and devoted wife and mother or an indefatigably demoralizing whore. Whores are precisely counter-reactionary extremists who have extremely warped concepts of strength, masculinity and self-determination who view men as monsters, life as victimization and have a religious conviction that relationships just don't work and given these facts, at its core, pimping is ultimately not about getting a piece of the action, but a piece of the counter-reaction.

Pimps: The Raw Truth Grand Inquisitor Level Pimpnological Conclusions is a highly informative work that is about total comprehension of the totally incomprehensible.

Pimps: The Raw Truth is not another run of the mill collection of hustler's tales that ultimately tell you absolutely nothing, Pimps is in fact an unimaginable wealth of insight into the behavioral profiles and environmental factors that drive individuals to live the self-detrimental lifestyle that is relentlessly pursued by panderers and prostitutes complete with the real world functions of all of their auxiliaries, omen and morbid appendages that is the absolute closest that a literary source can legally come to total comprehension of this ancient clandestine culture.

Pimps very clearly and precisely explains how, as opposed to being a form of Alpha Masculinity, pimping is in fact at its core a highly feminine form of sexual militancy that employs the vagina as a weapons system as opposed to a human reproductive system.

Pimps are merely master victims who are the Kings of minuscule Kingdoms that are built on the mess that other people have created and as such pimps are masters of isolating women and causing them to fly backward by turning them into multi-state in-flight felons.

Pimps: The Raw Truth peers deep into the murkiest depths of the psyche of pimps and prostitutes and completely exposes precisely what lies behind the perms, manicures, jewelry, flashy clothing, drugs, threats, relentless abuse and total obsession with tearing down, breaking and attempting to completely demoralize and control women.

Pimps: The Raw Truth explains why whores are the bipolar opposites of ladies, how to very clearly and precisely distinguish the difference between whores and ladies, why whores in fact do not choose pimps, why runaways are drawn to pimps, why cops act like thugs with government resources, why men pay prostitutes, why women get involved in serial abusive and exploitive relationships, why homosexuals and feminists are constantly at odds with whores and bisexuals, why players are not and absolutely do not succeed as pimps, why criminal organizations ultimately fail, the mysterious parallels between priests and pimps and the reasons why prostitution centers worldwide are invariably likewise religious centers.

Marc Summers
 "If You Have Tried and Tried To Stop Masturbating Only To FAIL MISERABLY Over and Over, DON’T DO ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL YOU READ THIS" 

It’s Possible That You Haven’t Been Able To Successfully Stop Masturbating, Eliminate The Guilt and Shame Keeping You From Being Happy, And Free Yourself From This Draining Addiction In Order To Become A Better Person Because You Haven’t Been Able To Find Anything That ACTUALLY WORKS FOR YOU. 

How many times have you promised yourself that “this is the last time I’m going to masturbate and I’ll quit for good” only to fall back on your promise? 

More specifically: How many times have you decided to quit masturbating, and you consciously worked on it, but you weren’t strong enough to resist the temptation? 

How many times has it felt like something MORE POWERFUL THAN YOURSELF, that you couldn’t control, “took over” and caused you to masturbate even though everything inside of you wanted to resist? 

How many times have you spent your day or gone to sleep feeling lazy, unmotivated, unproductive, disappointed, frustrated, angry, confused, and feeling like a loser because you desperately want to stop masturbating but you can’t seem to find the power to stop? 

If you’re like me when I decided to stop masturbating, then I know it’s ONE OF THE HARDEST THINGS YOU’VE EVER DONE! 

The worst part is that there’s a sinister a part of your mind that doesn't care if you want to stop! It only wants to masturbate all of the time! 

This is where quitting becomes an epic challenge that you just can’t seem to win… 

When I decided to stop masturbating, I didn’t foresee it being difficult. I thought I would be able to control myself and simply stop. But it wasn’t THAT EASY. 

At times, it felt like a part of me that I had no control over would force me to masturbate, even though I didn’t want to! 

One day, after relapsing time and time again, I decided that I was fed up with letting myself down. 

I began FIGURING OUT exactly what I needed to do to stop masturbating for good. 

I researched, experimented, and learned about how our brain works so I could finally stop this habit once and for all. 

What I learned worked so well, that it only took 30 days for me to stop! 

Because of the great results I got, I am here to share this powerful information with you RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. 


The most successful people reach their goals by putting in place methods, routines, tools, and techniques that force them to reach their goals. 

You can do the same… 

I put these SAME EXACT methods, routines, tools, and techniques into this eBook to help you stop masturbating once and for all! 

I wrote this eBook because I’ve received thousands of emails from people JUST LIKE YOU saying the want to stop masturbating - but they DON’T KNOW HOW. 

Before I wrote this, I thought there was already something out there easy to learn that will help anyone to stop masturbating – BUT I WAS WRONG. 

The stuff I found didn’t help at all. 

This eBook is DIFFERENT from anything out there because I WAS IN YOUR SHOES and I know EXACTLY how you feel, what you’re going through, and HOW BAD YOU’RE STRUGGLING to stop masturbating! 

In this eBook you’ll learn how to plan HOW you’re going to stop masturbating and actually stick to it. 

You’ll also learn how your brain works and how you can use it as leverage. 

This book will literally be upgrade and reprogram your brain with the latest software on controlling yourself, reaching goals, changing your thoughts, changing your habits, and changing how your mind automatically works. 

Your anxiety, disappointment, restlessness, frustration, feeling like a loser, and feeling like a failure will go away.Stopping masturbation will become WAY easier than you’ve been making it. 

NO ONE has EVER created a set of simple and easy to learn tools like what you’re getting in this

Melinda Holmes

Were you captivated by "Fifty Shades of Grey"?

Did its hot eroticism and passionate love story make you hungry for the same in your life?

Have you wondered how to capture the romance, the intense intimacy and enduring relationship of the BDSM lifestyle?

The answers to these important questions, answers that can change your life forever and for the better, can be found in " 50 Shades of Better Sex", the hot new guide by the renowned erotic author Melinda Holmes. She shares the secrets of BDSM lifestyle experts who advise everyday people how they can incorporate these exotic-yet-mainstream erotic practices into their love lives and evolve their relationships with love partners.

In a dramatic and sexy format, Melinda reveals to the reader the easy to follow practices that can lead to a better, more enduring love affair with a long term amour. Sexy, fun and unabashedly hot, this steamy guide blows all others off the book racks!

Millions of women long to freshen their relationship, to add a spark of excitement to the ‘same old same old.’ We all feel the need, and Melinda satisfies it for us in this guide for happiness-seekers.

This book will be a lifeline to a long-term, lasting relationship for countless women, a path to a satisfying love life, and help you to develop a bursting-with-happiness partnership with your man (or men!)

Melinda Holmes is the pseudonym of a best selling authoress with numerous awards and popular acclaim for the quality and popularity of her erotic fiction and non-fiction.

In this guide, this bestselling women’s fiction author teaches you to:

Throw out the stale old relationship, and build a spicy new one – with the same man!Learn what you don’t say but tell your partner anyway – and how to ‘read’ each other’s bodyBuild yourself and your partner to exquisite pleasureTake away the senses to excite and complete one another’s enjoymentRecognize locations and ways to enjoy BDSM outside of the bedroomLead your man and yourself to longer and more frequent orgasms

And much, MUCH more – the exciting lessons in the levels and methods of an intimate BDSM partnership for you and your lover are dramatized in excitingly passionate and highly erotic scenarios of a once lonely housewife named Laura.

Join her in this exciting journey!


Get a FREE BONUS copy of the best-selling ebook: Spiritual Sex And Satisfaction

Here's What You'll Learn:

The mindset of spiritual satisfaction of sexThe killer ways of boosting your power during sexHow to attain satisfaction and reduce dissatisfaction in sexTips and secrets to great sex spirituallyBenefits of spiritual sexAnd more
Melinda Holmes
 Do you want to do a better job pleasing your man?

Does he have trouble getting excited enough when you’re "down there"?

Are you leery of putting your mouth "there", and want to know more first?

Those are all perfectly reasonable questions to ask, and those answers and more can be found in Blow His Mind, the HOT new guide by the renowned erotic author Melinda Holmes. She shares the secrets of erotic arts professionals who advise everyday women how they can incorporate the practice of fellatio into their love lives and tease heightened interest from their love partners.

In a dramatic and sexy format, Melinda Holmes reveals to the reader the easy to follow practices that can lead to a better, more enduring love affair with a long term amour or a new guy in their life. SEXY, FUN and UNABASHEDLY HOT, this helpful guide blows all others off the book racks!

Millions of women long to freshen their relationship, to add a spark of excitement to the ‘same old same old,’ or bring something new to a new relationship. We all feel the need, and Melinda Holmes satisfies it for us in this guide for happiness-seekers.

This book will be a lifeline to a long-term, lasting relationship for countless women, a path to a satisfying love life, and help you to develop a bursting-with-happiness partnership with your man (or men!)

Melinda Holmes is the pseudonym of a best selling authoress with numerous awards and popular acclaim for the quality and popularity of her erotic fiction and non-fiction.

In this guide, this bestselling women’s fiction author teaches you to:

Rewardingly navigate the amazing complexity of what looks like a simple part of a man’s body.Make your man a better lover by extending his ability to orgasm and even achieve multiple orgasms – with just your mouth! Discover the many little moves that can bring him pleasure – with hardly any effort on your part – and the gratitude that you’ll reap.Be so good at fellatio that he’ll beg you for it – and how that benefits you sexually!Understand numerous techniques of "giving head" that won’t make you gag, but WILL make him think that you’re amazing.Discover that, to a man, WHERE you give a blow job is often as exciting as how you do it! – and where those places are.

And much, MUCH more – the exciting lessons in the techniques and methods of an intimate oral experience for you and your lover are brought to life through the real life experiences of Melinda Holmes’ many readers.

Join her in this exciting and informative guide!

SPECIAL BONUS: 101 Steps To A Happy Relationship

This is an exclusive publisher bonus available for our readers only, in this handy guide you'll learn:

How to take your relationship to the right directionThings you can do to a better relationship.Steps to a happy relationship.
Melinda Holmes
 Do you feel that your relationship has lost a certain interest, for you or your partner ... or both? 
Is there a power imbalance in your relationship that makes you both feel 'out of kilter'? Do you long for the erotic and sexual excitement that your relationship once had? Are you a little confused as to just what BDSM is?

Or are you just looking for something entirely NEW in your love life?
Whatever your situation, BDSM is a culture which can entirely rejuvenate an existing relationship or establish a new one, setting up power balances that leave both partners with the secure feeling that they mesh more completely than ever before - complementing, not clashing!

Melinda Holmes, a renowned author of erotic fiction and non-fiction, has written a follow up to her bestseller 50 Shades of Better Sex, especially for women and relationship partners who would like to learn more about the advantages of putting the power practices of BDSM in their love life - and not a whip or chain in sight!

Put away those popular misconceptions about BDSM, and learn how an equitable partnership uses BDSM to honor both partners, and cement more firmly the cornerstones of your love relationship in Beginner's Guide to BDSM and Kinky Sex for Women.

In Beginner's Guide to BDSM and Kinky Sex for Women, the guide to a stronger, more loving relationship, you'll:
Learn what the three cornerstones of a loving relationship are - and how to make them stronger than ever.Find out what BDSM is, your place in it, and why it may be nothing like what is pictured in popular culture - unless YOU want it to be.Discover why you may unconsciously desire to be submissive, and the pleasures in that role.Become aware of dominance over a submissive as an awesome responsibility, and a hallmark of love and respect.See favorite games in BDSM play that cost little and feel SO good!Learn precautions for beginners - what you DON'T know CAN hurt you!
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