Mounted by a Monster: Boxed Set Volume 16 (Paranormal Erotica)

Mina Shay
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This boxed set contains five paranormal erotica stories. 

Bride of the Orc Tribe (3,500 words) 

Tiffany isn’t in California any more. She doesn’t know how it’s happened, but she’s been summoned by a wizard that plans to give her to an orc tribe. Her sacrifice will convince the orcs to call of a siege. Tiffany is faced with a choice. Become the bride of the orc warlord for the rest of her life, or become the bride of all the orc war-chiefs but only for a single night. The humans have their agenda, and the orcs have their own. But neither one of them suspects that Tiffany is planning a third choice of her own. 

Mystic In My Mind (4,300 words) 

Misha has been repressing herself for far too long, and she’s finally ready to get some help with her mental blocks. She’s already found some success with an unorthodox mystic that cured her smoking habit. Is he the man that will be able to bring out the sensuous woman locked inside of Misha’s head? Is he even a man at all? 

Black Eyed Being (3,600 words) 

When the Black Eyed Being came knocking on her door, she should have turned the stranger away. But nothing exciting ever happened in the suburb, and the woman wasn’t even sure if he was real. Will she have the presence of mind to turn him away when she learns the true nature of the stranger and his desires? 

Hammered by a Hydra (3,500 words) 

There are two things that Jackie doesn’t do very well: breaking up with ex’s and following rules. Her latest break-up has landed her in a secluded, ultra-luxurious private getaway on a Greek island. And of course, she can’t even follow the one simple rule once she gets there. Jackie never expected those two items would ever bring her face-to-faces with a mythological Hydra. What will she do when the Hydra discovers her?

Honey Werebear (3,400 words) 

Charlene is determined to do anything to win this years blue ribbon in the Honey festival. Even if that means breaking and entering into Caleb Johnson’s barn to swap out the wrong jar of honey entered into the contest. Charlene finds herself in a sticky situation when the bear of a man catches her in the act. What will she do when he displays much more than his usual grumpy self? Charlene is trapped inside his barn, with nothing between her and escape except for one grumpy werebear and a jar full of honey.

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Mina Shay
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Jan 1, 102
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This boxed set contains five erotica stories. 

Werewolf (3,600 words)

Tracy wants to prove to her boyfriend that she can be independent and that she doesn’t need a man to take care of her. She plans an overnight camping trip out in the middle of the forest completely alone. Tracy soon learns that she’s not as alone, or as dominant, as she thinks.

The Centaur Herd (3,700 words)

Kara walks out on her cheating husband and her old life. Their romantic getaway to Greece has failed horribly. She never imagines the fantastical adventure that the fates are about to deliver to her. When Kara discovers a tribe of Centaurs, she also discovers her true purpose.

Troll Under the Bridge (3,600 words)

Frustrated Jill goes on a long hike to burn off some pent-up energy. Along the way she crosses an ancient stone-carved bridge. Jill quickly learns that passage over the bridge incurs a toll, and there’s a massive Troll ready to collect his due. 

In the Dragon's Lair (4,000 words)

Dating the sexually conservative Devin has been challenging for Julie. He’s also enigmatic about how he came by his wealth and why he lives alone up a mountain. Julie decides to find out the truth once and for all. When she accidentally provokes his true self, will she be able to handle it?

Imaginary Friend (3,500 words)

Jenna grew up with an imaginary friend named Mike. Now that she’s older, Jenna wants to meet a real man who can make a woman of her. However, Mike is more than just imaginary. And he wants to be much more than just friends.

 A young slave woman from the mine pits, chosen as a sacrifice. 
A demon of insatiable lust. 
What will happen when he takes her as his own?

My demon master has taken me to Hell. Here, I will undergo my punishment for calling him to the mortal plane. There will be pain and there will be pleasure. He will devise exquisite torture, and make me perform for an audience of demons. Asim is here too, and he will undergo the same trials as I. At the end, the demons will choose a winner; one mortal to return to earth, the other to remain in Hell. Which shall I be? 

This story features BDSM elements; whips, chains, dominance and submission. It also features voyeurism, finger play, fist play, rear entry , a demon with a very, very large appendage, and a pair of imps who like to join in on the action. Not to be read by the faint of heart. 

This is an 8000-word short story, and the conclusion of the 'A Slave For The Demon' Trilogy. 

There was a shimmer in the air all around us. Red mist swirled up from the ground, making whirling eddies around Asim and I. Each eddy began to solidify, growing denser and larger, until we were surrounded on all sides by a dozen or so demons of all shapes and sizes. Tall and short, twisted, stretched thin, bent and hunched, red demons with twisting horns clamored around us, watching the two of us with malicious black eyes. Each of them had imps on their shoulders like my demon master, two exact replicas of themselves. All were naked and all were male, with huge - - of various sizes and thicknesses hanging down between their legs. They spoke to each other in a deep guttural language that I could not understand. 
I watched them uneasily, searching the crowd for my own master. He materialized a moment later from the red mist and strode towards where Asim and I sat. The other demons drew away from him as though frightened. 
A surge of something: lust, love, and desire to serve, flooded through my being at the sight of him. He was the finest specimen of the demons; taller and broader than the rest and perfectly proportioned with rippling muscles, broad shoulders and a tight waist. His face was more angular than any human's with a jutting chin and high pointed cheekbones, yet he was handsome in a devilish, unforgiving sort of way. His delicious - - hung down between his legs, the size and girth of a bull's. At the sight of his meat, wetness spread between my thighs. I would do anything to feel him inside me again. I would take whatever punishment he dished out. 
My demon master stepped forward until he stood close to me. The heat of him radiated towards me like a furnace. I wanted to rush towards him and feel the delicious agony of his scalding skin. 
He gazed down at me with cold, black eyes then turned to address the other demons. "I have brought some pets for our pleasure." His voice was a bass rumble. "They must be punished and re-educated. What shall we do with them?" 
"Impale them on spikes!" yelled a demon. 
"Set the imps on them!" yelled another. 
My demon master raised a black-clawed hand and the crowd fell silent. "I propose a competition. At the end, I shall choose one of my pets to take back to the mortal realm. The other will remain here and you may do as you wish with them. Is that acceptable?" 
There was a murmur of acceptance all around us. 
"It would amuse me to watch my pets mate first. Then we can decide what is to be done with them afterward." 
It took me a moment for the demon's words to sink in. 
He wants Asim and I to - - ? In front of all these demons? 
My demon master turned his black eyes to me. "Go on, little pets. Show us how you - -." 

BDSM Erotic ebook 2015 supernatural spirit demon devil monster paranormal fantasy science fiction erotica whips and chains whipping back door alpha male dominance and submission

This boxed set contains five erotica stories. 

Bigfoot (3,300 words) 

A practical joke has gone horribly wrong and has resulted in the most extreme cases of mistaken identity. Now a woman has been abducted by the legendary Bigfoot and carried off to his cave deep in the forest. What will happen when Bigfoot realizes she’s a human woman and not the female mate he thought she was? 

Living Statue (3,600 words) 

Susie doesn’t believe her sister’s plan to create a living statue has any chance of success, just like her previous boyfriends didn’t have any chance of getting Susie off. Much to her surprise, she discovers her sister’s animation spell has worked and the living statue is fully functional. Will the relentless golem succeed where Susie previous lovers failed? 

The Tree (3,500 words) 

Trapped in a family reunion camping trip in the middle of nowhere, an introverted woman desperately needs some quiet alone time to daydream about her hot new boyfriend. She hikes out into the forest and finds a quiet place to be alone. However, the large tree she rests behind doesn’t plan on leaving her alone for very long. 

Colossus (3,800 words) 

An independent woman sails up the Greek coast looking for a hidden grotto with a secret. Local myth tells of a hidden colossus statue of an ancient Greek warrior named Diokles. While she dismisses the sordid details of the myth, she’s determined to find the statue. She soon learns that the man behind the myth is more real than she imagined in every possible way. 

Swamp Creature (3,200 words) 

A highly sexed co-ed is attending a protest against a company suspected of dumping chemicals relating to their vegetable genetic engineering experiments into the local swamp. When she accidentally falls out of the boat, no one notices until too late. As she makes her way alone through the swamp, she’s discovered by a swamp creature as interested in her sexuality as she is.

This boxed set contains five paranormal erotica stories. 

Wrongfully Probed (3,300 words) 

Zoe has been stopped by a Trans-stellar Security Authority agent before boarding her transit ship to the outer reaches. The alien agent has confused her with another suspect. He’s convinced Zoe is smuggling contraband than can only be discovered by a very specific kind of probe. Will Zoe plead guilty just to end the interrogation? Or will she choose to endure the exotic probing that is necessary to prove her innocence?

Alien Collision (3,400 words) 

An alien mothership collided with the Earth several years ago, and now everything has changed. A young woman discovers an alien fugitive hiding at her ranch. Her curiosity and rebellious nature leads her to hiding the alien for several months. She wants to learn everything she can about the strange visitors, but is she prepared for the ultimate consequences of their secret relationship?

Alien Exam (3,400 words) 

Breaking into the clinic was just the first part of Suzie’s plans for the evening. She had agreed to fulfill the ‘Alien Exam’ fantasy of her boyfriend. As the game gets underway, Suzie realizes that the two aliens examining her body are in fact from out of this world. When Suzie discovers the full potential of the alien’s medical technology, she has a choice to make. Will she choose to stop the exam or go for a full body check-up?

Alien Invitation (4,100 words) 

Janet has one particular skill that has drawn the attention of an alien researcher from across the galaxy. He uses his advanced technology to transport Janet to meet him in his lab. The meeting doesn’t go quite as planned when Janet’s mind-blowing skills prove too much for the alien’s sensory technology to handle. Will Janet bring the meeting to it’s ultimate conclusion now that the illusions are gone?

Alien Influence (4,200 words) 

Annie’s not stupid, she knows aliens have been landing in the area fields and doing depraved things with the locals. But when an alien lands in one of her fields and starts talking to her, she begins to change her mind. It’s the way he says things, they just make so much sense to her now. But just how much will Annie believe, and will she act on these new beliefs?

This boxed set contains five paranormal erotica stories.

Goblins (4,000 words) 

Joanna was hoping to find peace and quiet on her English cottage vacation. What she finds instead is a gang of goblins intent on having their way. Joanna makes a deal with the tricky but oddly seductive goblin king. She can easily take any one of them, but can she take all of the goblins at once? 

The Forest Goblin Gang (3,400 words) 

Daphne has heard mysterious rumors about a tribe of goblins living in a remote forest. Her friends turn down her invitation to go camping and look for the creatures. Undaunted, Daphne sets out to find the hidden tribe herself. What she doesn’t expect is to become the central figure in one of their primitive rituals. A ritual that leaves her surrounded by goblins and gasping for more. 

Goblin Scavengers (3,400 words) 

After another breakup in a long series of dating insufficient men, Nora goes hiking deep into uncharted territory to find some solitude. Nora isn’t alone with her thoughts, however. She soon realizes that she’s hiked right into goblin territory, and the little monsters are stealing everything she hiked in with. The Goblin Chief explains to Nora how ownership works in his tribe. 

However, there is a loophole if Nora is willing to exploit it. And once she’s done, she just might find something way more valuable than a pair of hiking boots. 

Goblins At the Tower (3,500 words) 

Audrey isn’t about to miss a chance at investigating some medieval ruins while backpacking across Europe. She doesn’t reach the old tower until nightfall and is forced to set up camp overnight, despite the warnings she’d received about avoiding the tower at night. 

That’s okay, because she doesn’t really believe that there’s a gang of goblins that claims the tower as their own. But when night falls and the goblins discover Audrey, will they decide to claim her too? 

Wicked Goblin (3,300 words) 

Even though Anne has just escaped her captors, she knows rushing through the South American rain forest isn’t going to keep her safe. She needs somewhere to hide, and she thinks she’s found it when she stumbles across a cave. But as she descends into the depths she discovers a monstrous little goblin. Will she take her chances with the kidnappers, or succumb to to the wicked goblin’s desires?

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