Rehearsals for the Honeymoon

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Sobre este e-book

A man and a woman in their 50s. An unexpected encounter in London changed their lives forever. Suddenly they were invaded by an overwhelming love, which took away prudence, shyness and fear.

Was it already determined in the Universe? Did they already know each other without ever seeing each other? And the sex? In their first sexual experience, between an open button and a kiss, they discovered that they belonged to each other forever.

Sam didn't know if he could handle all the surprises from this stunning woman. He would have to prepare for her, every day putting out a fire in his seductive body. Laura was delighted and couldn't control her sexuality. All she could think about was sex with him, proving to be highly creative.

In the midst of fantasies of fairy tale characters, cornered on some wall in their rooms, a woman and a man will be loving each other explicitly and with all the details revealed.

Sobre o autor

Gaucho, graduated in Accounting. Transiting in the literary scene since 2013. Author of the novel, Ensaios para a Lua de Mel, the poetry anthology, Fragmentos de um Desejo and the collection, A Passeio entre Contos e Crônicas. Literary activist focused on revealing young talent; acting as editor responsible for the marketing area at Leia Livros Editora and Livraria, as well as reviewing and organizing texts; manages the arts website

“Literature gives me the freedom to be myself and to travel unknown paths in my own essence. I live and feel everything with emotion because: ‘life is a spectacle and I will always want to be on stage’”.

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