The Serpents of Life and Death: The Power of Kundalini & the Secret Bridge Between Spirituality and Wealth

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The bridge between spirituality and money is happiness. But happiness isn’t obtained without peace and peace is unreachable without balance.

The purpose of our existence in a material world as well as the reason for thousands of reincarnations on earth is found within such paradigm.

In the materialistic perspective about reality we notice a force confronting the need for equalization of complements in the path for spiritual development.

Therefore, in its most metaphysical meaning, we can perceive the concept of balance as referring to the interaction between fire and water, earth and air, yin and yang, strength and weakness, action and inaction, man and woman, conscious and unconscious, and so on.

In its pragmatic form, such duality is seen in the divergence between spirituality and money, as these two elements can be acknowledged as the lowest and highest forms of being – mind and matter, but also body and soul.

The evaluation of concepts as high and low or good and bad, however, only finds a realization in the human mind, deluded by material operations related to space and time, and unaware of the importance each dualistic meaning has within the eternal cycle of life and death.

A person can assume the possibility of life without one of the two poles, but such believe reveals false within the dynamics that affect existence.

Inside this truth, those focusing on the first stage manifestations of the Kundalini energy and the ones doing it on the seventh, both struggle throughout life and between themselves, never reaching freedom from reincarnation, even though their spiritual level may seem different.

Upon contemplating the depredating act of beings converged to obsessive spiritual studies begging for money on the shores of river Ganges, in the holy and oldest world city - Varanasi, or Sadhus dedicated to the exploration of drugs’ effects in Rishikesh, any clear mind would understand that the word sacrifice has been somehow misunderstood by those whose texts followed clearly indicate the opposite, revealing the need for a balance between spirituality and wealth, and their source as being the same.

The Rig Veda, for example, clearly states that “A combination of righteous knowledge and righteous actions help us to earn wealth”.

Never were humans intended to prosper in health, intellect and spirit or body, mind and soul, without everything that supports and promotes life, money included.

“The only question with wealth is: what do you do with it” (John D. Rockefeller).

Wealth has become the main determinant of life on planet earth and a massive karmic challenge that, if surpassed, can lead to prosperity in all realms of existence and ascension, otherwise consume everyone in the fire of desire, self-destroying the mind and mankind, and not only that, as it can lead to the corruption of the spirit in and beyond the afterlife.

When the bible refers to “the love of money” as being “the root of all kinds of evil” (Timothy 6:10) is talking about a life dominated by the force of monetary achievements, or the Serpent of Death, an energy leading all current affairs on this planet. 

This force is not under control and has not been properly assimilated.

The study that this book proposes is based on the premise that life depends on the correct balance of forces controlling existence, as within this model, human beings ascend spiritually if they can incorporate financial gaining in life but descend to a lower world if failing to do so.

The financial crisis that many nations, once prosperous, face today and many more will in the near future is based on this hidden energy, untamed by any other.

The secret here exposed has been so well-hidden for thousands of years that the masses would see its revelation as blasphemy and, nevertheless, it couldn’t be applied by elite secret societies for thousands of years if not true.

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The world in which we live follows several rules, paradigms and values that are strongly interconnected between themselves, in order to trap human beings in a mental state that we believe to be good and define our humanity. However, humanity is just the product of a specific conceptualization, expanded into a general perspective about life, as well as borrowed from it. This perspective is today worldwide accepted, thanks to the massive power of the media and education, transforming billions of people into soldiers of this system, while making them prepared to detach from their relatives, friends, and even their own will to live, if there isn’t a perfect match between who they are, who they want to be and what they want others to become. It’s not a coincidence that life purpose and religion have become the two most prominent questioned topics, while what is known has quickly deteriorated towards a mass schizophrenia.

Inside this cycle, the need to be accepted, while refusing the state of being, drives many to force themselves into a detachment from their own true self. This happens for the fear of segregation, quarrels, gossips and even massive wars, pushing society towards the same self-destructive goal.

Between these dualities, we find racist Christians, xenophobic Muslims, selfish Buddhists, hypocritical Freemasons, apathetic Rosicrucians, mad Satanists and arrogant Hindus that, although not representing any truth, contribute to the massive lie in which religion has become, making the most truthful among us seem apart from the path that these groups have created for themselves.

For the vast majority of the population, still in its most primitive spiritual state, their messiahs must come from the sky, their buddhas must perform miracles, and their gurus don’t wear jeans and short hair, and can’t be born in the western world either. Meanwhile, inside this delusional palette of perceptions about what is, should be and must be, they believe to know what is good and bad, and how these concepts can be defined in simple terms. They filter their entire reality with the patterns offered to them from birth and then reinforced throughout their existence by the same reality they found reasons to justify, in order to avoid an unbearable cognitive dissonance, unavoidable when one decides to walk on a completely opposite path, a road that opposes all others and naturally leads to loneliness, suffering and darkness.

The worldwide accepted lie confuses humanity and contributes to insane behaviors that lead the wrong people to power and allows them to be heard by many, willingly obeying like sheep in the slaughterhouse. Unknowingly, everyone is worshipping the same God, and that imaginary wise, old and kind ruler, is their butcher. That’s why we can say that, among this social cattle, “blessed are the valiant, for they shall obtain great treasure; cursed are the believers in good and evil, for they are frightened by shadows” (Anton LaVey).

Most people don’t know how to recreate their life, change thinking patterns and find their life purpose. The reason is often hidden at sight, as it is related to the symbiotic relation between visible and invisible, between the spiritual and the material.

This relation between worlds manifests in our mind, vibration, emotions and even in a planetary scale. You cannot dissociate any of the parts and try to understand the whole at the same time. Therefore, the purpose of the information here presented will show you what ancient alchemists knew about the spirit, the mystic triangle of life, and how we can use it to form new paradigms, change our personality and attract a better future. And these techniques are more powerful when used to apply the law of attraction.

Without this information, you will always fail. Nobody can succeed in changing their fate without it, either consciously or unconsciously applying it. Basically putting it, without this knowledge, you won’t change from failed relationships to better ones, from lack of money to abundance or from unhappiness to happiness. Everything in the physical world obeys these laws.

The reason why these laws are so important is related to the energy field that governs them, the infinite intelligence that leads to their manifestation. And so, by studying them, you’ll be able to increase your discernment, become wiser, and even learn to predict the future by simply looking at the present and the mental patterns that human beings are constantly putting in front of themselves, with the words they use, their actions and their justifications to the events that occur in their life.

This book will empower you and empower your life to a much higher ground.

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22 Lions -
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Sep 14, 2013
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Tarot Card Meanings is an encyclopedia reference guide that takes the Tarot apprentice reader through each of the 78 Tarot Cards offering the potential general meanings and interpretations that could be applied when conducting a reading, whether it be spiritual, love, general, or work related questions.

Many novices struggle with reading the Tarot as they want to know what a card can mean in their readings. They grow stuck staring at several cards sitting side by side having no idea what it could be telling them. The Tarot Card Meanings book can assist by pointing you in the general direction of where to look. It will not give you the ultimate answers and should not be taken verbatim, as that is up to you as the reader to come to that conclusion. The more you practice, read, and study the Tarot, then the better you become. 

Tarot Card Meanings avoids diving into the Tarot history, or card spreads and symbolism, but instead focuses solely on the potential meanings of a card in a reading. This is by giving you a structure to jump off of, but it is up to you to take that energy and add the additional layers to your reading, while trusting your higher self, intuition, instincts and Spirit team’s guidance and messages.

Author, Kevin Hunter, is a lifelong clairaudient and claircognizant who has written more than a dozen spiritually based empowerment books that have assisted readers around the world in improving their well-being, while also helping them become stronger conduits with Spirit, Heaven, and the Other Side.

Anything included in the Tarot Card Meanings book is an overview and not intended to be gospel. It is merely one suggested version of the potential meanings of each of the 78 Tarot cards in a reading. This is an easy to understand manual for the Tarot novice that is having trouble interpreting cards for themselves, or a Tarot reader who loves the craft and is looking for a refresher or another point of view. NOTE: The Tarot Card Meanings book does not include a Tarot deck.

Many struggle through life in an uphill battle while faced with endless resistance from surviving to achieving.   Some fight to find a state of happiness while being able to attain their dreams, while some throw in the towel and give up on existence completely.  You don’t have to go through life alone, as there is help beyond the reaches of the physical world.   Increasing Prayer with Faith for an Abundant Life is a non-denominational book open to all people from different walks of life needing a strengthening of their faith with a focus on the power of prayer.   You don’t need to be religious to pray, since prayer is open to anyone willing to spend private time with God.

You can use prayer to boost your faith, reduce fear, and give you clearer Divine reception.  Prayers are similar to affirmations in that it is the intention behind the words that carry weight.  The stronger your intention with your prayers, then the brighter the light around it is.  Most people are not paying attention to the guidance and messages coming through from Heaven, nor do they understand how to recognize it, yet each and every soul has the strong capacity for receiving astonishing Divine communication hits.  As a strong advocate for prayer, spiritual metaphysical author Kevin Hunter discusses the varying ways that prayer works and how you can create a stable partnership with God and your Spirit team to achieve on all levels from the spiritual to the practical.  This doesn’t mean you’ll be pain and stress free, but it will help make life much easier and smoother when you have that robust Divine partnership. 

Some of the topics discussed in Increasing Prayer with Faith for an Abundant Life include: The Power of Prayer, Being Vigilant with Prayer and Affirmations, Asking for Divinely Guided Angelic Help, Turning Prayers Into Manifestation, Creating an Abundant Life with Faith, Increasing Faith to Accomplish, Achieve, and Persevere, Complaining Into Abundance, Taking Action on Divine Guidance, Having Gratitude and Optimism, The Significance of Spirituality, Spirit Is In Your Corner, The Commanding Function of Prayer, Divine Assistance, Spiritual Text Reminders on Faith and Prayer, and much more!

Let more Light into your soul's life with the Metaphysical Divine Wisdom collection of books. Each cover a variety of distinctive themes connected to the spiritual and the practical interwoven and back around again. The Metaphysical Divine Wisdom practical motivational guide to spirituality series of books include Psychic Spirit Team Heaven Communication, Soul Consciousness and Purpose, Manifesting Fearless Assertive Confidence, Balancing the Body, Mind, and Soul, Increasing Prayer with Faith for an Abundant Life, and Universal, Physical, Spiritual and Soul Love.

The mind, body, and soul are the core parts of you to focus on refining if you’re seeking to bring your soul back to that profound state of high vibrational happiness it was born with.  Cultivating all aspects of the mind, body, and soul are all connected to achieving greater heights in life both physically and spiritually.   The mind, body, spirit terminology has grown prevalent within the worldly diverse spiritual communities because it’s understood that giving those key areas of your life attention and improvement can positively benefit all aspects of the totality of you.   

The ultimate basis of Balancing the Mind, Body, and Soul is to get back to the roots of remembering your Divine soul heritage.  As you grow more mindful of the varying aspects that make up your soul spirit, physical body, and consciousness, then the easier it gets to incorporate newly adopted values that have a positive advantage on all facets of your physical life and overall well-being state. 

Some of the topics discussed in Balancing the Mind, Body, and Soul include: Raising Your Soul’s Energy Vibration, Firing Up Your Inner Child, Nature’s Therapy, Elevating the Mind, Body, and Spirit, Expanding Your Consciousness, Detoxifying Your Soul, Clearing the Chaos Within and Around you, Fitness and Exercise, Watching What You Eat and Drink, Soul Cleansing to Motivation, Gossip Machine to Centered Light, Balancing Your Inner Spirit, Rising Above the Mundane and Into the Divine, Cord Cutting, Shielding, Grounding, Vibrational Uplift, Balancing of Masculine and Feminine Energies, Finding that Blissful Happy Place.

Let more Light into your soul's life with the Metaphysical Divine Wisdom collection of books. Each cover a variety of distinctive themes connected to the spiritual and the practical interwoven and back around again. The Metaphysical Divine Wisdom practical motivational guide to spirituality series of books include Psychic Spirit Team Heaven Communication, Soul Consciousness and Purpose, Manifesting Fearless Assertive Confidence, Balancing the Body, Mind, and Soul, Increasing Prayer with Faith for an Abundant Life, and Universal, Physical, Spiritual and Soul Love.

In Stay Centered Psychic Warrior, metaphysical teacher, psychic, medium, and author, Kevin Hunter talks about what it's like battling between mental health issues and the deeply potent psychic input that continuously falls into his soul's consciousness throughout each day. He offers plenty of examples and discussions of his brushes with spirit, seeing and hearing the dead, the power of the Darkness and the Light in both the physical and spirit worlds, along with sharing his numerous personal psychic and mediumship essays, glimpses of the Other Side, near death experiences, past lives, soul contracts, traveling to and from the Spirit Worlds, spirit guides and angels, recognizing your own psychic gifts, and much more!

Kevin grew up in a volatile and toxic home full of massive ongoing traumatic child abuse that led his soul to permanently break apart. This ignited an array of anxiety disorders and addictions to overcome.  On the opposite extreme end was his infinite profound psychic related visions and foresight.   Having battled both since childhood, Kevin describes his psychic gifts as being both a gift and a curse. 

The gift is that it helped effectively guide him through many soul transformations, life lessons, and challenges while recognizing blessings and opportunities to seize with grand confidence.  The curse being due to how potently overpowering the psychic input can be at times while aggravated by the human mental health complexities placed on an exceptionally sensitive soul.  Absorbing every incoming psychic nuance and vibration from both the physical and spirit worlds can be a challenging one, but through the power of the Light, he is sanctioned to know that his Divine role as a warrior soul means you are trained to withstand any storm. 

This unique autobiography focuses on psychic and mediumship related content coupled with the soul's journey and purpose. Stay Centered Psychic Warrior is an intensely forceful and revealing read that doesn't shy away from the uncomfortable, the Darkness, abuse, mental health issues, while uplifting it with the many blessings of the Light and intriguing day to day psychic phenomena all in one. Allow it to inspire you to recognize your own psychic gifts knowing there is much more to this Earthly life than can be seen or comprehended.  Be empowered to break through the rubble and stand strong and centered under the powerful Light that shines through any Darkness.

Soul Consciousness and Purpose looks at the many areas that one's physical and spiritual life all play a big part in the evolving nature of your soul's consciousness, which is connected to your life missions and purposes.  The more enlightened you become and the more you raise your soul consciousness, then the less strain experienced as you navigate through the treacherous waters of the practical world.  

Your vibration is made up of undetectable cells to the human eye, but visible to the spiritual eye.  It is an invisible energy field that exists within your soul's aura and physical body.  These cells fluctuate and change colors depending on your mood, your thought processes, your actions, who you surround yourself with, as well as what you ingest into your body.   You are in control of this vibration energy field able to oversee and dictate how well you would like it to function through your life choices.  A raised soul consciousness gives you wider psychic perception that allows room for stronger cognitive input.  This is the area where divinely guided information from above falls into and is planted.  

Some of the topics discussed include opening the pathway to divinity, knowing when your soul is transforming and evolving, awakening your creative consciousness, soul contracts, life purposes, healing and transformation, soul groups and earth angels, the earthly birth, the soul and spirit, the higher self, soul growth through grief, soul growth through health issues, soul growth through relationships, soul growth through work and career, soul growth through superficiality, soul growth through emotional healing, the human influences on the soul consciousness, and much more!

Let more Light into your soul's life with the Metaphysical Divine Wisdom collection of books. Each cover a variety of distinctive themes connected to the spiritual and the practical interwoven and back around again. The Metaphysical Divine Wisdom practical motivational guide to spirituality series of books include Psychic Spirit Team Heaven Communication, Soul Consciousness and Purpose, Manifesting Fearless Assertive Confidence, Balancing the Body, Mind, and Soul, Increasing Prayer with Faith for an Abundant Life, and Universal, Physical, Spiritual and Soul Love.

Many mystics know that there are ways to predict death.

These ways or principles are all related. We can predict death with the analysis of auric fields, which are a manifestation of our emotions. But our emotions aren't just about how we feel. We tend to feel according to how we live, and we live according to how we perceive life.

Within this line of thought, even though we can't precisely say what will happen in the future without ignoring the power of freewill, as no fortuneteller can, we can work with the probabilities described by a person's state of mind.

We can say that it's possible to mention who's more likely to die in an accident, murder or by committing suicide, and who's very unlikely to end in any of these situations.

To a great extent, death can be predictable and even avoided. We know that we must drive carefully, but we see many people driving recklessly. We know that we should avoid having sex without a condom, but many still do it. We know that we shouldn't trust strangers and many people do, if seeing one with good appearance and manners. We know that we should be eating healthy, but there are lots of people filling their shopping bags with junk food.

We could then say that we have a predisposition to die, but this is also another manifestation of our emotional state of mind.

In this book, it will be described how these and other situations can be seen in a wider and deeper perspective, in order to help us predict death.

To do this, there are many real life examples that can show us the signs, which are usually known among sensitive individuals, whose skills anyone can develop.

These skills are related to the alteration of our aura into a more lively one, which may be a challenge impossible to deal with in many cases of terminal patients, but within the reach of those that still have the strength to change their destiny.

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How rich would you like to be?

Can you clearly say how much money you would like to see in your bank account?

Can you describe what kind of objects you would like to possess?

And, more importantly, what would you like to do to get all that?

Following with the previous questions, do you think you deserve all that? What would you feel if you had it all?

The answers to these questions are far more important than what may seem. This book will clearly show why, while describing how anyone can become a multimillionaire, even without anything to start with.

The amount of stories of individuals that, while sleeping on a friend's couch, have achieved amazing results in life, proves the relevance of this information.

What would you be willing to give for an idea that would make you extremely rich? What would you give for this information? Would you be willing to give more than the price of this book?

The secrets here exposed are worth billions for those that use them in a daily basis to make a living, while the rest consistently labors from 9 to 5, or more, in a full-time job, very likely inside a company created by someone applying them.

There are specific rules to obtain abundance and every single wealthy person in this planet follows them to maintain theirs.

The principles have thousands of years and are still being applied today as before, and in the same way they've always been.

In the following chapters of this book a path is shown to learn what only 1% of the population has realized, namely, how to magically attract wealth and become financially independent. And, based on the same laws, it will also be possible to notice the relation between fame, success and a wealthy mindset.

Famous individuals, rich business owners and successful musicians and writers have a lot in common. That's why it's becoming more common to see people with all these characteristics. They know something you don't.

The content of this book reveals their secret.

When somebody asks me “do you believe in God?” I have to answer “yes, but maybe mine is not the one you’re talking about”.

Some people get scared and others smile at this answer, which can be seen as either a joke or a warning.

What few people wonder is about what kind of God are they believing in.

They always assume that if my God isn’t the same as theirs, I’m the one worshiping the wrong God.

However, the question related to believing or not in a God, and in what kind of God we believe, makes a huge difference when we want to debate the question of “why does God allow suffering”.

This difference is behind the creation of millions of different belief systems, each one claiming that their God is the true God.

I’m not in favor of the opinion that all Gods are true, which, even if correct, would have to make us question about how many Gods do exist.

The main point is that it doesn't matter how many Gods exist, or if they are all different and true in their uniqueness, as they could only operate under one single system that could be common to all human beings on Earth.

Therefore, we can assume that maybe different Gods could have different purposes in different galaxies where beings are also different from us.

This book proposes to explore, and precisely describe, how a God, or Gods, operate in this planet in particular.

Maybe the rules described here don’t match the God of the reader, and that’s why I must say that this is all about my God, the one in which I believe.

Nevertheless, I must mention that I spent my entire life studying different religions with its leaders, and each one of them told me that my believe system was the same as theirs, at least until we could find something to disagree with, which was actually rare, because the deepest we go in any study of any religious philosophy, the closer we get to the universal truth behind the meaning of each one of them.

I always believed that my God is a good one, so I struggled for many years of my life trying to understand why I was suffering so much and without any mercy. And then I wondered why so many good people that I knew were suffering.

I lost my faith many times, and ended up searching for answers in opposite philosophies, namely, Wicca and Satanic. But I realized that their answers were just another perspective about the same reality.

In fact, my researches on the field of exorcism reinforced this knowledge with a more accurate analysis.

In the end, I was able to make my inner positive nature prevail, and as I continued my studies among different religious systems, and later in the temples of Buddhists in China and Hindus in India, I was able to get a much wider approach to suffering in life.

Today, it’s very simple for me to see why anyone suffers. It only takes a few seconds to realize it.

This skill has helped me make many people happy without many efforts. And they all said that I changed their life dramatically, with just a few very powerful words that they'll never forget.

The power of these words doesn't come from me, but the universal truth that God wants us to learn.

My life today is far happier than it ever was, although I can’t say that it's perfect. And even though I helped many souls reach a better insight about the meaning of their lives, there are still many others that I couldn't help, because they are not ready for the truth.

Even for me, it took quite a few years to understand how this truth works.

Today I know that it doesn't matter if I believe in it or not, because you don’t need faith to believe in a way out of the suffering. At least, it’s not the most important thing. But you do need to know why and how suffering works, to understand its meaning.

In this book, the way out of the suffering, as well as its reasons, are clearly described. But I must warn the reader that the answers aren't pleasant and most people can't accept them. So, knowing them won’t mean that we can help ourselves and anybody else. Even though what you'll read here are facts.

These facts reveal the way out of the pain, including in situations in which we've been suffering for decades and since we were born.

The challenges in accepting and applying them have to do only with our distance towards the lessons that God wants us to learn to get closer to him in the end.

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