English Word Exercises (Part 2): Choose the Correct Word

Manik Joshi
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Numerous ‘Choose the Correct Word’ Exercises for Improving your Vocabulary

Sample This:

Choose The Correct Word – 01 - 10
(Exercise 01)

ascertain, comply, diagnosed, entails, incessant, poured, rectified, submerged, terminated, whopping

01. Congratulatory messages ____________ in from all parts of the country.
02. He furnished a ____________ fine of dollar 1 million.
03. Heavy downpour ____________ buildings and vehicles across the city.
04. Power supply resumed after power officials ____________ the problem.
05. She was ____________ with having mild breathing difficulty.
06. They were ____________ from service after their certificates were found to be fake.
07. This offence ____________ a jail term of up to six months or fine or both.
08. Vehicular traffic in the hilly region was affected by ____________ rainfall.
09. We are trying to ____________ source from where the victim caught infection.
10. We have to ____________ with the laws of the land.

01. poured | 02. whopping | 03. submerged | 04. rectified | 05. diagnosed | 06. terminated | 07. entails | 08. incessant | 09. ascertain | 10. comply

Choose The Correct Word – 11 - 20
(Exercise 02)

clogged, conducted, disbursed, ensure, gauged, insistence, scarce, sustained, tolerated, triggered

11. ____________ that students do not use unfair means in the next exam.
12. Anti-party activities will not be ____________, however big the person is.
13. With coal and petroleum products becoming ____________ in the near future, scientists should venture into producing solar energy through researches.
14. He ____________ serious head injuries and is in coma.
15. Principal ____________ a meeting with teachers to resolve the issue.
16. It was at the ____________ of his four-year-old elder daughter, that he bought a car four months ago.
17. She ____________ a huge political row by saying she feared for her life.
18. Silt from overflowing rivers ____________ the pipelines.
19. State government has not yet ____________ the scholarship amount.
20. The effect of these steps needs to be ____________.

11. ensure | 12. tolerated | 13. scarce | 14. sustained | 15. conducted | 16. insistence | 17. triggered | 18. clogged | 19. disbursed | 20. gauged
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Manik Joshi was born on Jan 26, 1979 at Ranikhet and is permanent resident of Haldwani, Kumaon zone of India. He is an Internet Marketer by profession. He is interested in domaining (business of buying and selling domain names), web designing (creating websites), and various online jobs (including 'self-publishing'). He is science graduate with ZBC (zoology, botany, and chemistry) subjects. He is also an MBA (with specialization in marketing). He has done three diploma courses in computer too. ManikJoshi.com is the personal website of the author.

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46 ‘Multiple-Choice Test’ Exercises for Improving your Vocabulary

Sample This

Multiple-choice Test -- 01

01. Many motorists abandoned their vehicles and waded through knee-deep water which ________________ on carriageways.
(a). implemented  (b). consisted  (c). congested  (d). accumulated  (e). involved

02. Officials have cited ________________ of funds to complete normal maintenance work.
(a). inimitability  (b). distinctiveness  (c). paucity  (d). exclusivity  (e). creativity

03. _______________ to heat causes skin disease and other fungal infections.
(a). disclosure  (b). exposure  (c). revelation  (d). coverage  (e). reporting

04. Authorities imposed curfew-like restrictions and suspended mobile internet services to contain the ________________ situation.
(a). immense  (b). infinitesimal  (c). volatile  (d). steady  (e). unwavering

05. Do not hesitate to speak the truth, however ________________ it might be.
(a). unpalatable  (b). endowed  (c). inedible  (d). capricious  (e). perched

06. It would be ________________ to talk of victory, not to mention absolute majority.
(a). sheltered  (b). premature  (c). poised  (d). fickleness  (e). vacillation

07. We have an ________________ talented team of writers on social media.
(a). idiosyncratic  (b). ululation  (c). eglantine  (d). immensely  (e). experimental

08. A car tore through the security ________________ laid around the road by the police.
(a). boulevard  (b). concourse  (c). courtyard  (d). patio  (e). cordon

09. They need to take prompt action in this matter to ________________ the interests of students.
(a). annihilate  (b). safeguard  (c). obliterate  (d). corroborate  (e). gainsay

10. Media ________________ from speculation due to sensitivity and seriousness of the issues.
(a). persisted  (b). endured  (c). observed  (d). vanished  (e). refrained

01.  (d). accumulated --  (meaning)-- gathered together; amassed
02.  (c). paucity --  (meaning)-- shortage
03.  (b). exposure --  (meaning)-- no protection from harmful thing
04.  (c). volatile --  (meaning)-- unstable
05.  (a). unpalatable --  (meaning)-- unpleasant or unacceptable
06.  (b). premature -- (meaning)-- too early
07.  (d). immensely --  (meaning)-- greatly or hugely
08.  (e). cordon --  (meaning)-- barricade
09.  (b). safeguard --  (meaning)-- defend or protect
10.  (e). refrained --  (meaning)-- kept away from something; avoided
Numerous ‘Fill in the blank’ Exercises for Improving your Vocabulary | Enter Correct Word in a Sentence

Sample This:

Fill In The Blanks – 01 - 20
(Exercise 01)

01. Decision to expel them has put the lives of their kids in j _ _ _ _ _ _ y.
02. He dismissed s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s about his political ambitions.
03. He forced the Board to a _ _ _ _ _ n its working committee meeting last week.
04. She rushed to the spot after hearing the s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ g of car wheels and the commotion.
05. Intelligence agencies had failed to gauge the m _ _ _ _ _ _ _ e of the crisis and did not act in time.
06. It requires a lot of hard work to c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ e flowers since they have a limited shelf-life.
07. O _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ n of women is a universal issue that has nothing to do with a certain nationality.
08. Protestors have agreed not to e _ _ _ _ _ _ e their agitation for next 10 days.
09. Rainfall continued in many parts for the second c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ e day.
10. Roof of her house had weakened by the recent spate of i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ t rainfall.
11. Several appeals are pending and many convicts are l _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ g in jails.
12. Several localities received electricity for only a few hours and were p _ _ _ _ _ d into darkness for most part of the night.
13. Suddenly the tables started t _ _ _ _ _ _ _ g and paintings on the wall fell on the ground.
14. Tenders will be f _ _ _ _ _ d soon so that companies may be allotted the work by the next month end.
15. The prices of vegetables shot up e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ y in the recent past.
16. Their g _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s are being addressed by officials concerned.
17. There is a need to t _ _ _ _ _ _ _ m all the negativity into positivity.
18. Water-logging caused many low-lying areas to be s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ d under water, leading to traffic snarls.
19. We believe funds should be d _ _ _ _ _ _ _ d among those who really need it.
20. Wet and chilly weather h _ _ _ _ _ _ d relief work.

01. jeopardy | 02. speculations | 03. abandon | 04. screeching | 05. magnitude | 06. cultivate | 07. oppression | 08. escalate | 09. consecutive | 10. incessant | 11. languishing | 12. plunged | 13. trembling | 14. floated | 15. exorbitantly | 16. grievances | 17. transform | 18. submerged | 19. disbursed | 20. hampered
Table of contents
01. Conditional Sentences
02. Causative Sentences
03. Interrogative Sentences
04. Imperative Sentences
05. Beginning of a Sentence
06. Using Tenses
07. Collective Nouns
08. Reflexive Pronouns
09. Verb Forms
10. Prepositions -- I
11. Prepositions -- II
12. Idioms and Phrases -- I
13. Idioms and Phrases -- II
14. Idiomatic Comparisons
15. Repetition of Words -- I
16. Repetition of Words -- II
17. English Verb -- “BE”
18. English Verb -- “DO”
19. English Verb -- “Have”
20. English Modal Verbs
21. English Verb -- “Get”
22. English Past Verbs
23. Transitional Expressions
24. Common English Phrases -- I
25. Common English Phrases -- II
26. One-word Substitutes -- I
27. One-word Substitutes -- II
28. Complete the words -- I
29. Complete the words -- II
30. Complete the words -- III
31. Choose the Correct Spelling
32. English Synonyms
33. English Antonyms
34. Homophones
35. Compound Words -- I
36. Compound Words -- II
37. Compound Words -- III
38. Literary Terms
39. Informal Words -- I
40. Informal Words -- II
41. Phrasal Verbs -- I
42. Phrasal Verbs -- II
43. English Idioms -- I
44. English Idioms -- II
45. English Word Exercise -- I
46. English Word Exercise -- II
47. English Word Exercise -- III
48. English Word Exercise -- IV
49. English Word Exercise -- V
50. English Word Exercise – VI

Sample This:
01. Conditional Sentences

"Conditional sentences” express factual implications, or hypothetical situations and their consequences.
Match the two halves of the sentences:-

PART – 1
01. Had the government taken action on that report at that time,
02. If anybody considers himself above the constitution
03. If given the opportunity,
04. If they fail to report to the department with a fortnight,
05. If we can engage with the great issues of our age,
06. If I had not had to do that extra work, and concentrated on myself
07. If there had been an engagement, it must have been a highly secretive affair and
08. They would socially boycott us
09. He could not have pitched tents inside graveyard
10. He said police need not upgraded his security and that he won’t blame it
11. I will not stop telling the truth,
12. If they require assistance,
13. Industrialists said if cash flow did not increase in the coming days,
14. If we went to the house of a worker and he was not present,
15. I can't turn off my email notifications, because my boss will think

PART – 2
(A). he would join the army and serve the nation.
(B). not only me but most of the others are unaware about it.
(C). even if you burn me alive.
(D). if something untoward were to happen to him.
(E). if we continued with our demand to raze the statue.
(F). we would not be caught in this situation today.
(G). even if he owned the land.
(H). I'm not working if I don't respond to him within five minutes.
(I). their service will be terminated.
(J). it might have been a different story coming into the final few days.
(K). more and more factories would have no option but to shut down.
(L). we can leverage the interest and attention of the millennial generation.
(M). we will provide immediately.
(N). then it is wrong.
(O). he can come at the camp for registration.

Answers to the Exercise 01:
01. (F) || 02. (N) || 03. (A) || 04. (I) || 05. (L) || 06. (J) || 07. (B) || 08. (E) || 09. (G) || 10. (D) | 11 (C) || 12. (M) || 13. (K) || 14. (O) || 15. (H)
This Book Covers The Following Topics:

How to Start a Sentence
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘AS’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘AFTER’ and ‘BEFORE’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘BY’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘FOR/FROM
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘IF’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘OF/ON/OUT’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘TO’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘IN’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘WITH’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘QUESTION WORDS’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘ING’ FORM of VERBS
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘PAST PARTICIPLES’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘-LY Words’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘PRONOUNS’
Start a Sentence – Miscellaneous
Exercises: 1(A) and 1(B)
Exercises: 2(A) and 2(B)

Sample This:

There are different ways to start a sentence in English. Using pronoun (I, we, you, they, he, she, it) is the most popular way to begin a sentence. But there are many other words which are widely used to start a sentence. They might be question words (what, where, etc.). They might be words formed from verbs, ending in –ing, -ed, -en, etc. Besides, words such as ‘to’ ‘in’ ‘with’, ‘if’, ‘after’ are also used to begin a sentence.
Here, you will learn various words and phrases to start a sentence with.

Important Note:
Starting a sentence with ‘and’ or ‘but’ is correct or not!

Using ‘And’ or ‘But’ to begin a sentence is generally considered grammatically Incorrect. But there is no hard and fast rule in this regard. So, you can use ‘And’ or ‘But’ to begin a sentence. But avoid excessive use of these words to begin a sentence. Use these words in the beginning of a sentence only when they really give strength to your language.

Note: It is said that a sentence should not be begun with a conjunction of any kind, especially one of the FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). But this is not hard and fast rule. Particularly in spoken English, starting a sentence with ‘And’ or ‘But’ is common.

How to start a sentence -- Using ‘AS’

As a matter of fact no notice was given to anyone.
As a policeman myself, I am aware of all the laws.
As against last time four days, the fair will last for five days this year.
As always, he won the match.
As an interim arrangement, we directed the authorities not to return the land.
As fate would have it, he crossed the international border.
As for David, he is doing fine.
As he got busy, she picked up his son.
As he grew older, he developed his communications skills.
As if the bad power situation in the city wasn’t enough, the hike in power tariff has come as the last straw for residents.
As in the past, party president distanced herself from the government’s unpopular decision.
As long as here is violence by unruly mobs, use of police force is inevitable.
As often happened, he forgot to send me reply.
As part of the deal, they will hand-over control of five west bank towns.
As penance, he vowed to never scold any kid ever again.
As per his version, nobody had got injured in the incident.
As per rules, the same bill should be passed by the two Houses of the Parliament before it is sent to the President for his signature and promulgation for implementation.
As sanitary workers are absent on most of the days, sweeping of that road is also irregular resulting in trash along the road.
As the bus was nearing, / As the bus neared him, he moved aside.
As the day progressed, over a hundred men protestors gathered at the office.
As the electric cables are hanging loosely, it may anytime lead to major accident if any passer-by comes into contact.
As the mercury levels are dropping each day, difficulties for the poor are constantly rising.
As the war widened, they had to leave the city.
As we progresses, it is going to become more and more difficult.
As you know, I have sent him a letter.
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