Blood Bound: A Werewolf Romance

· The Cardinal Alpha Book 1 · Tay T.
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Can the prey really catch the predator? Or will the predator devour the prey?

When Maya, a dark sorceress, discovered an ancient scroll in her search for ultimate power, she kidnapped a lethal Alpha known for his ruthless and brutal ways, an Alpha known to be more beast than man.

Alpha Xavier Thaeos, the Southern Cardinal Lord. He ruled over others weaker than him and was considered a living nightmare. He was the Alpha of Alphas. The head honcho.

And Maya had succeeded in chaining him to the walls of her keep and bleeding him to activate the scroll's ritual, never realizing that she was walking face first into a trap big enough to bind herself to the cunning Alpha.


***This steamy werewolf romance contains explicit love scenes.***


“What is the purpose? Why risk your life and do something so very foolish as to cross me?” the daunting Alpha asked.

With a slight lift of her upper lip, the sorceress pulled the silver dagger out of her bag and approached the daunting Alpha. “Someone like you wouldn’t understand.”

“If you don’t tell me, how do you know I won’t?” he asked swiftly, watching the dark sorceress step into the barrier between safety and chaos. A feral smile emerged on Xavier’s lips. His primal urges awakened as the wondrous scent of spring blossoms curled around his senses and teased him with its delicious elements. 

Maya watched him with sharp eyes, suspicion collecting in the light depths. “First of all, why do you even care?” 

There was a little pause after her words, as if he were contemplating her question with the utmost consideration. All the while, his citrine-colored eyes stared directly into her own, molten and heated, in such an unbearable way that she had to remove her gaze. 

Maya hated the way he stared at her. It gave her this insecure feeling of being the lesser of the two, as if he were superior to her and would one day make her pay for her insolence. She loathed the feeling of being the prey when he was the mighty predator. It irked her to no end.

“Because you interest me,” he said. “You make me want to know more about you.”

His powerful statement caused goosebumps to litter Maya’s skin in sickening amounts. She had to stop herself from heaving in disgust. Her back straightened and her shoulders squared when she stopped but a foot from him, smiling sweetly, angelically up at him with those full pouty lips he wanted to map with his own. Then, she replied to him with a harsh stab of the silver dagger straight through his muscled forearm.

“Your interest is rather strange and unnecessary,” she replied offhandedly. “And I would prefer you keep it to yourself, or I will do it for you.” 

Maya heatedly watched as crimson blossomed on his skin and collected in the copper chalice she had conjured. The first few drops pitter-pattered in her cup, dancing a light rhythm, until she twisted the dagger sharply and caused blood to gush down and fill the cup.

“Don’t forget, Alpha, you are my prisoner. Cooperate and I will let you go. Retaliate and I will let you rot within the very depths of hell,” she threatened, crudely removing the dagger before digging it back into his arm to state how serious she was. “Mark. My. Words.”

In response to her violent caution, mirth filled his eyes instead of fear, anger, or pain.

Let him go?

He smirked at the quixotic thought. 

She would not be able to.


What the readers are saying about this book:

"The story line is truly captivating and absolutely thrilling. I love the fact that the main [character] is not some naive girl who knows nothing. She has character."

"This story is soo good! I enjoy how Maya isn't the usual goody two shoes. She's cunning and she's not afraid to do everything to save her mother regardless of the repercussions...She's so badasssss and maaan, I just love it! It is easily one of the most original plots I have read so far."

"This book is just like quicksand. You come here, knowing nothing, and when you realize it's got a hold of you, it's too late, you're addicted, just like the rest of us... This book is so fabulous. Best book ever!"

"This book is amazing 😍"

"I love the depth of the characters’ personalities, it made them seem real, and I loved how we got to know them. I recommended this book to a group of 7 friends because I really do just love it and think they’d like it too."

"It's a beautiful story. The amount of details just adds more life to it. I have read many other authors' books but this story and series has attracted me like none other. The amount of suspense, anticipation, love and hate just encourages me to read the story again and again. Every detail just increases a reader's love for the story..."

"I really like the story, how the characters developed and how the story progressed. I have read her other books and I can say that she's a terrific author, and I can't wait for her future books."

"Fantastic story by a great author. Love reading her books and enjoy how she brings the characters to life."

"[I] absolutely love this book.😍😱 I have read many werewolf books, but this book has a completely different take and it is written exceptionally well. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good read..."

"The suspense is perfect. The chemistry between them is off the charts and they haven't even properly bonded yet. They both are driven, which makes dynamics of their soon to be relationship interesting. Who will bend and how will they make it work? So far this book has captured my imagination right from the first chapter. Great writing. Thank you. I have no doubt that with your writing talents you shall be an established author in no time."

"I can vividly picture the story in my mind. The author is truly talented at bringing the characters setting and scenes to life! I’m aroused and excited at every chapter, even in waiting!"

"This story just began and I'm already craving it like a drug...I'm even writing a review, when it is something that I NEVER do! Before reading, you just need to know that it is dark, so if it is something you don't like, this story is not for you. But if you could care less, and you love romance, hot werewolf dominant men, and strong women, this story is just for you! The plot is marvelous and for those like me who read thousand of werewolf's stories, its originality is like fresh wind..."

"This story is far from the cliche werewolf stories out there. I’ve only read the first few but it has me hooked! The writer is so descriptive that I can picture everything in my mind. This story is a must read for anyone who loves a little mystery with their romance."

"Really, really, reeeeeally great story!! It's definitely a 10/10!!"

13 reviews
Me GotNoJam
April 12, 2020
I never regret coming here from inkitt. She so cunning and stubborn that I admire her the most besides the hot alpha. To the second book
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Emily Pennington
December 30, 2020
When Maya, a dark sorceress, is looking for the ultimate power and thinks she has found it in an ancient scroll. She needs powerful blood to activate her potion, so she kidnaps and chains Alpha Xavier Thaeos, the Southern Cardinal Lord known for his ruthlessness. Maya’s next step is to bleed the werewolf. His sly attitude would have scared off others, but she continued to feel that she was the one in control, even offering to let him go if he cooperated. But Xavier gives the impression that the joke is on Maya. By the time he is finished, will she ever be able to let him go? This story immediately brings to mind holding a tiger by it’s tail, not a good position to put yourself in because you know you’ll be in deep trouble once you let go! Maya has a similar situation with the powerful Alpha she has captured. Is he presenting that dauntless power to scare her? Or is she truly going to find herself in trouble soon? Grab your copy and enjoy the power struggle where perhaps both of them may win?
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Risna Pratiwi
October 4, 2020
Really love Maya and her strong personality, I'm very curious how Xavier will make her fall in love with him. Thank you Tay for the story, I came from wp, your fans there and just realized can buy your ebook via Google Play
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About the author

Tay T. enjoys writing dark, steamy romance in her free time while connecting with her readers. Her dream is to write and share as many books as she can with everyone willing to read and envision the worlds she builds. After publishing her first book, The Alpha's Breeder, she hopes to publish many more from The Cardinal Alpha series and The Breeder series. This year, she plans to head off into the darker world of Omegaverse and draft her own story.

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Twitter : @authortayt



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