Peak Performance Junkie: How to Push Yourself to the Limit to Perform at Your Best when It Matters

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From the Desk of the How-To Junkie for the "Peak Performance Junkie":

Howdy friend, who wants "to push yourself to the limit to perform at your best when it matters,"

What if I were to tell you that you could enhance your performance in any area of your life right now at will? How?

First off, if you want to achieve anything worthwhile, you have to absolutely be on top of your A-game; however, not all of us can sustain our very best all the time. Whenever there is any sign of struggle or setback making you want to quit, that is when your limit is truly being tested. You can either give up...or push yourself past that threshold into a new peak mental state you never knew you had before, surprising even yourself.

Let's be honest, we all just want to relax and take things easy, especially during hardships where much-needed efforts are required; hence, we are lazy by nature. Yet do you deny that? OK fine, if you had a choice, which one would you opt for a.) soaking up sun on the beach in the Caribbean to the endless cocktails to your heart's content b.) returning to work Monday morning to the endless tasks ready to sink your teeth into? The answer is obvious.

Is all this because of a lack of energy, mental toughness, or motivation causing poor performances? Whatever the issue is, it no longer matters because what I'm about to show you will put you into a state of mental-hyperactive overdrive to perform at your peak when it really counts.

This is none other than the "Peak Performance Junkie."

By being a "Peak Performance Junkie," you will know:

* How to always push past your limits when you need to the most where failure is not an option.

* How to condition yourself to create new threshold limits to level up your performance each time.

* How to incite enthusiasm to increase efficiency and effectiveness to perform being in the zone.

*How to physically stimulate your whole being and pump up your energy level whenever you are tired.

* How to use this one powerful mental hack to trick your mind to keep working non-stop relentlessly.

...and full-satisfied junkie more.

If you want to excel at whatever you do, you need to learn how to trigger and channel your own inner peak performance whenever you need to. Push yourself further than you ever thought possible now!

Signing off. Your friend,

- The How-To Junkie

3 reviews
Krystal M
November 12, 2016
This book is a great read for anyone that feels they can’t meet expectations and are stuck in a rut. It is very easy to read and puts everything into perspective so that anyone can meet and set their own goals the best that they know they are capable of. I like how the author added his own experience so it feels as if I had my own life coach. This book has motivated and given me a new outlook on life because this book was written in a way that is very relatable and that my set goals are achievable. You are provided with many opportunities to enhance and apply critical thinking skills through examples explained in the texted through worksheets and activities. There are some helpful tips which helps encourage making smart use of small segments of time, tips on how to say no, and to avoid the stress when stretching your time. The author has taught me how to get the most out of a lecture in class, and how to remain focus during a variety of challenging lecture situations. Overall, this text was very refreshing and has realistic account of the challenges associated with implementing systemic change in enhancing peak performance, while at the same time instilling hope and optimism.
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ashley j.
August 28, 2016
“Peak Performance Junkie: How To Push Yourself to The Limit to Perform at Your Best When it Matters” begins roughly, presenting an attitude as fact. Here’s why that works: This is likely an outlook shared by individuals who would find themselves drawn to this book. Readers who see themselves as top performers or who, at least, want to be. Readers who see a top performer not only as someone who gets things done and gets them done well, but also as strike first, alpha being types… not looking to learn from mistakes but to avoid any capacity for mistakes at all These are the people we’re told that the world is made for in “Peak Performance Junkie…”. The need to be this sort of peak performer comes along with presumption of a certain amount of turmoil as reason to strive to be a “make it or break it” type, and the book offers examples such as receiving a pop quiz, an eviction, or an unexpectedly heavy work load. Even in the face of presenting life as inevitably difficult, “Peak Performance Junkie…” presents a positive concept in offering bad times as a platform to gather strength and work toward becoming a peak performer. Exercises and quizzes are provided; they tend to vary in effectiveness. In “Cosmo” quiz style, your scores are calculated by the amount of similar answer you provide to the yes or no answer format quiz. As a reader, I found issue in the fact that your answers will either determine you as motivated or not when the quiz doesn’t delve deep enough to actually tell you anything about whether you see your everyday tasks as menial (as the author suggests) or if they actually are menial. And it also discounts that the very real possibility that your energy levels may be off based on hormones or the schedule you keep (needing coffee multiple times per day hardly suggests a lack of motivation, as this book not only implies but says explicitly.) Another less than positive aspect is the presence of talk about having people envy you as something to strive for, a motivating factor if you will. This, of course, is not a way of thinking that originates here; however, it is a way of thinking that might turn certain readers off; many highly performing people do what they do with intentions far more noble than wanting others to envy their accomplishments. Again, this is a book for a certain type of person in regards to attitude and world views, and while some ideas may turn certain readers off, those same ideas are bound to attract other types and leave them wanting more. Further in, a tip on physically pushing yourself is provided (a good one) and it makes sense to me because the sort of attitude portrayed in “Peak Performance Junkie…” is one found in many athletes, or at least individuals who are committed to obtaining a perfect physique. Another listed tip, or more precisely technique, the “Give me five”, is something I’ve done myself, it works, but after providing readers with his technique, the author seems to offer encouragement to never take a break, a suggestion that can be dangerous. Numerous studies have arrived at the conclusion that (in mental tasks especially) giving yourself a little distance from an activity allows you to return to it with fresh ideas and do better than if you sluggishly pulled your way through. However, studies do agree with other tactics listed in “Peak Performance Junkie…” such as visualization at the beginning of a task, or using music of your choice to work yourself up. All and all, the topic of “Peak Performance Junkie…” focuses on an admirable goal: pushing yourself harder and working towards a stronger resolve to succeed, and it is worth saying that it is the tone, more so than the message, that can be a bit abrasive when giving this book a read.
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Christine Miller (Kiria Silverbow)
October 14, 2016
Performance issues are something I live with on a day to day basis. Whether it is the need to hit a deadline that a client has issued, or the need to make the best piece of jewelry I can. I am always worried about succeeding and this book helped me lay my fears to rest. Knowing I can always do better is one of my hurdles each and every day, as I have a fear of failure. However, I have no room for failure. I picked up this book to see if it would help, I have enjoyed previous books by Howie Junkie and I figured that maybe this one might help as well. I was not disappointed. The tasks and techniques laid out in the book have definitely helped me to raise my performance levels. They say that Enthusiasm Affects Efficiency and Effectiveness, well when you perform better your enthusiasm goes up and it just keeps going on from there. I have always tried to push myself to do better and better. The exercises explained within this book have definitely helped me to hone my current techniques for doing so, as well as gain new ones. After reading this book I believe I can bring my A-Game from now on.
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