Skin Care Express: Know How to Take Care of Your Skin

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Get on the EXPRESS for "Skin Care"

Know How to Take Care of Your Skin

Can you guess what is the largest organ of your body? Nope, not your liver, which is the biggest INTERNAL organ nevertheless, but not the largest of them all.

Give up? It's your skin! Yes, that's right. It's an excretory organ on its own responsible for waste such as urea and sodium to leave your body through its sweat pores.

Just when you thought the skin was all about appearance...and that's certainly true, but it goes much more skin deep than that.

Your skin is your body's vital first line of defense. It protects you from all the tiny microscopic organisms in the air and toxin and other pollution within the environment.

Now on to the obvious of more or less why you want to take care of your skin: you want to appear and be attractive, increase your self-esteem and confidence, or get ahead professionally in life as people tend to favor better-looking people than those who are less polished in appearance.

Overall, you just want to have healthy beautiful skin because your skin is also an indicator of your health. They say real beauty comes from the inside out - well, the outside is the reflection of your inside. If your internal health is bad, that will show outwardly through your skin, and vice versa.

Now that you know how your skin is much more than about looking good and even why skin care is necessary, it's time to actually start taking care of your skin!

By taking the "Skin Care Express," your destination includes:

- How to figure out what's your skin type and how to take care of each one of them.

- How to clear up and rejuvenate your skin like brand new starting from the inside out.

- How to protect your skin from the daily stress of environment to fight premature aging.

- How to enhance your skin immediately when you want to look your absolute best now.

- How to maintain healthy skin for years to come based on your age and best practices.

- Also, personalized hands-on exercises and applications to put everything into action on how to take care of your skin.

...and much more.

Take care of your skin, and IT will take care of you.

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There are plenty of people who want to obtain knowledge, but now have less time than ever. Millennials and older folk are looking to learn more but don't want to spend their whole lifetime pursing.

Now, the old proverbial saying of “knowledge is power” is a true one, so how can this work?

KnowIt EXPRESS has found that applicable solution, with a foundation built on efficiency and resourcefulness in order to ensure that you’re utilizing your time wisely. They’ve published contents that contain information that are commonly sought after to get what you need, as quickly and easily as possible. By doing so, you’ll spend less time learning while still gaining a decent amount of knowledge on any area.

It’s a pretty simple method that has created results for hundreds of people already.

Regardless of your situation or location, KnowIt EXPRESS has made it so that you have access to the opportunity of increasing your knowledge in a steady yet effective manner. You’ll have the ability to pick up whatever you need to know, wherever you may be within a moment’s notice.

No wonder EXPRESS is in their name. All you have to do is get on board AT

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Get on the EXPRESS for "Survival Skills"

Know How to Prepare for Common Disasters at Home and Learn Survival Skills to Survive in the Wild on Your Own

What is the purpose of a human's life? We'll get to that later.

But first - would you know what to do when a wildfire sets ablaze, a flood happens, a hurricane strikes, a tornado hits, or an earthquake occurs...or when there is a world crisis of food shortage and everybody in your household is starving?

Or what about if you were in an accident and lost in the middle of nowhere, or worse...stranded on a deserted island on your own with no form of human contact or communication away from civilization?

Just how are you going to handle yourself in these situations?

Sounds extreme? Perhaps. But thinking it can't happen to you? Think again!

The biggest mistake is to assume such incidents can't happen to you because...they certainly can to anyone when least expected, and if you haven't thought about what to do by then, it may be too late and you won't survive.

The key to survival is to always be prepared and already possessed the foundational knowledge of basic survival skills.

By taking the "Survival Skills Express," your destination includes:

- How to survive out in the wilderness with bushcraft skills using only whatever you can find in your environment.

- How to live off the grid with homesteading for self-sufficiency and self-sustainability without ever relying on anybody else.

- How to manage natural and man-made disasters at home to keep you and your family safe and away from harm.

- How to do prepping the right way so you're always prepared to have what you need during any emergency.

- How to get your body to peak performance shape to strive in the most extreme living conditions and situations.

- Also, personalized hands-on exercises and applications to put everything into action on how to be a true survivalist.

...and much more.

At the beginning we asked what is the purpose of a human's life. Have you figure it out by now? It's about survival, long enough for procreation.

You can never know all what life has in store or what is going to happen. Yet, the best thing you can do is be prepared. And that is what survival skills are for - in times of the unexpected when you need to survive. So be a survivalist, or be wiped out from the gene pool. Your choice.

Get on the EXPRESS for "Networking"

Know How to Network with People for Business, Career, and Success

The art of networking needs no introduction - you already know just how important it is and if you don't, you will eventually experience first-hand as to why it's so vital - but the inner-working of networking does need introduction because not a lot of people know how to do it, for essentially that's what networking is...introducing yourself and meeting people who could potentially help you.

To get what you want and be successful in this day and age, you need to connect with others, and to do must network!

If the thought of networking makes you queasy, perhaps you just never quite got along with people, didn't fit in back in school or only cared about being around those at the top of the popularity pole. For the sake of networking, you must put all these aside.

Networking requires you to take a mature acceptance of other people.

In the real world, you must try to get along with everybody. They could be your new friend who introduces you to the right people to jump-start your career, your new boss who offers you a better job opportunity, your new investor who bankrolls your business startup, etc.

You will never know who that one person might be to give you that lucky break, if you're unable to approach them with open arms to begin with. The issue then becomes how to network effectively.

By taking the "Networking Express," your destination includes:

- How to get into networking by navigating your professional map of all those contacts you have or can get.

- How to network online with all the tools at your disposal and what you should put up so you can sit back and relax.

- How to network offline with people by working the room with insider strategies and advanced step-by-step.

- How to craft your one-time elevator sales pitch to be used every time to get people excited and interested in you.

- How to follow-up and take all those connections made to a new level of rapport to get what you want.

- Also, personalized hands-on exercises and applications to put everything into action on how to improve networking skills and be a better networker.

...and much more.

It's no longer a one person's road to success. We're all interconnected striving for the same purpose of improving our lives. Let others help you get there and you help them as well by networking.

Get on the EXPRESS for "Dog Training"

Know How to Train a Dog

Hello dog lovers! Are looking into getting a dog or puppy, or are currently a first-time dog owner? Nevertheless, we already know you're a dog person, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this in the first place. (Sorry cat folks, but we're not talking to you right now.)

OK, now that we've addressed the obvious...why bother getting a dog?

Well, besides the fact that they're so cute and cuddly and who in their right mind could resist that adorable face when your puppy wants to snuggle in your arms, they're the most loyal companions anybody can ask for, always there by your side no matter what without judging you.

* Need some cheering up when you're feeling down? Your dog can do that. Need to get out of the house more and exercise? Your dog will force you off your couch to stay in shape.

They are indeed man's best friend. Sometimes dogs are just better than people, and that's why we love them so much!

But do you know what would make you love your dog even more? It's having a well-trained obedient dog that will listen to your ever command and even be able to do fancy tricks impressing those around, as a result of you training your dog.

Why should you train your dog YOURSELF, when you can get somebody else to do it? Because it's your dog! If you let somebody else train your dog, it will associate a stronger bond with the other person that you could have built, which far outweighs any new dog tricks. By training your dog personally, you strengthen the dog-and-owner relationship shared between the both of you. So be your dog's own trainer.

By taking the "Dog Training Express," your destination includes:

- How to determine which breed to get based off your experience and personality.

- How to take care of your dog: health, veterinary visits, grooming, exercise, etc.

- How to give your dog the must-haves: potty training and barking and biting control.

- How to teach your dog tricks and games such as magnetic fetch and aerial Frisbee.

- How to train your dog with the common basics: side, sit, stay, come, and speak.

- Also, personalized hands-on exercises and applications to put everything into action on how to train a dog.

...and much more.

"Dog Training Express" is very newbie-friendly and will get you up to speed in the simplest way possible. If you're a newly inexperienced dog owner needing to get your dog trained as a fast as possible or if you don't have a dog yet not knowing what kind to get, don't worry we'll cover all the basic need-to-knows for first-time or soon-to-be dog owners.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the fruits of your labor come into fruition with your dog giving you everyday joy and smiles that you can be proud of.

Get on the EXPRESS for "Feng Shui"

Know How to Apply the Ancient Art of Feng Shui to Get What You Want and Attract Luck, Love, and Money

Do you want to...

- Attract more money into your life or get out of financial debt?

- Find that one perfect soulmate or add more romance to your love life?

- Receive an unexpected promotion at work or land that dream job?

- Get into that dream school or program you've been wishing for?

- Improve the family atmosphere at home or relationship with friends?

- Obtain more happiness or find fulfillment within your life?

Well, now you can...simply by arranging or adding a few pieces of furniture at home or at the office.

Huh, what such nonsense is this? Sounds far-fetched doesn't it? Don't be hasty to jump to ignorant bliss just yet!

You know how people say that your environment can influence a person? Well, the Chinese believes there is much more to it...and that it affects your success, happiness, and health as well.

There are energies around us that govern events within our lives favorably or unfavorably; however, you can enhance the positive energy and repeal the negative one, thus turning bad fortune into good fortune. This is what the Chinese considers to be the work of "Feng Shui," which has been around for thousands of years.

What is Feng Shui? If this is the first time you've heard of this word, Feng Shui is basically a system of altering the environment harmoniously to one's being for the maximum flow of life energy - what the Chinese called "chi." However, this is not only a Chinese practice, but other cultures also believe in such art of geomancy with placing things in their most auspicious ways for the best outcome on one's life.

It's no coincidence that some successful people, businessmen, CEOs, and even politicians secretly turn to Feng Shui in designing their home and office, especially in real estate, and are consistently successful at what they do. And now you can to!

By taking the "Feng Shui Express," your destination includes:

- How to understand all the necessary Feng Shui basics and terms in order to start applying it immediately.

- How to get started for beginner's with the Western-Style Bagua version of Feng Shui to easily get your feet wet.

- How to do advanced Traditional Feng Shui step-by-step with all the diagrams and charts to calculate extreme accuracy.

- How to personally customize your Feng Shui for what you're trying to attract or problem trying to solve.

- How to increase the life force energy of chi using the Five Chinese Elements for a stronger and faster effect.

- Also, personalized hands-on exercises and applications to put everything into action to learn how to Feng Shui.

...and much more.

Feng Shui could potentially be the best well-kept secret that you'll been searching for to empower your life, soul, and spirit and to attract what you want.

Get on the EXPRESS for "Photography"

Know How to Get into Photography and Become a Professional Photographer

Welcome aspiring photographer! You are here because you have a love for or are interested in taking up the art of photography. Plain and simple. Well, good for you!

On the other hand if you're not...why should you get into photography?

- You can invoke powerful feelings that move and inspire people.

- You can develop your artistic side and eye to see beauty in all things.

- You can capture people's precious moments to create priceless memories.

- You can make a difference by telling the world's stories through imagery.

- You can make money doing something fun, exciting, and stimulating.

Whether you want to be an editorial photographer, fashion photographer, event photographer, portrait photographer, commercial photographer, landscape photographer, etc., there are so many paths you could go with photography - as a profession, hobbit, or just for fun.

But anybody can take a photo you say? On the surface, photography does seem like something anybody and their monkey can do; hence, you hold a camera, focus it, and hit the shutter button. And don't think just being able to apply Instagram filters is what makes a photo professional.

It would be an insult to the real professionals out there to say that anybody with a camera or phone is a photographer; however, at the same, anybody certainly can become a photographer. It's simply a matter of having the basic foundation down then building upon that to continue mastering your craft.

By taking the "Photography Express," your destination includes:

- How to select the perfect camera for you, not the most expensive nor best rated one that changes every year.

- How to master the basic and advanced photo-taking techniques that all professional photographers know.

- How to manipulate all sorts of lighting or none whatsoever with each camera shot and angle regardless of flash.

- How to polish up your photos to perfection during final post-editing with different editing options and software.

- How to take photography to the next level by being a professional photography in starting your own business.

- Also, personalized hands-on exercises and applications to put everything into action to learn photography for beginners. 

...and much more.

There is more to the art of photography than most people would ever imagine. All the nuances of a photo meticulously created takes skills and mastery. "Photography Express" will give you everything you need to get up to speed to being a professional photographer.

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